2012 – A New Voice

During our time of prayer the Lord gave a specific word: There is a group of important people together shaking their heads in confusion. They are leaders of the Nation that rely on advice from each other, but are all in confusion. The person *Moeletsi Mbeki has clarity. He has an open door with this group of leaders. He will bring an accurate clear word of advice that is not very long.

At the moment this man is an irritation to the powers that be. He is just planting seeds, but those seeds are going to start developing. He has a more balanced opinion that has to do with the ability of the different groups to be able to submit to one another. He already has a strong support group. This is still in a hidden phase.


*Moeletsi Mbeki was born in 1945; he is a political economist and Deputy Chairperson of the International Affairs, an independent think tank. He is the younger brother of President Mbeki, himself an ANC leader, whom he frequently criticized. He has already written two books that are very critical of the condition of Africa and the condition of SA.