2012 – Changes will come

We believe that there will seem to be a move to greater transparency in 2012, but this “transparency” is only going to be window-dressing.  In this process a lot of issues will come up that the Government did not want to address in the past but will be forced to address now. This will be a grace period from the Lord for the current leaders of the nations. Those who correct their ways in this season will receive the grace to lead in the next. A new understanding will come in the Government’s role to serve the people and not rule over them.

We believe that we are two years into this process and there will be at least another five years before the “window- dressing” period will end. The nation will have a greater clarity over time, but we must not get impatient during the process. A balance in our diversity has to develop – each group has to re-acknowledge the gifting in the other group.

A vision was seen of the people in government. They were seated. Certain people were removed and in a type of spring action, they would suddenly just reappear somewhere else after being removed. They are not really being removed – it is only window-dressing. It is deceptive. They are being shifted to other positions.

A vision of a three lane highway becoming a two lane highway, of which one lane forked off from the main highway, was seen. We believe it represents the current Government coalition. The current government coalition of the ANC, SACP and COSATU will come under increasing pressure. Ultimately there will be a breaking away of one of these parties from the current coalition.

There is going to be turmoil in the next election. People will be discouraged. Every time they choose a leader they will try to remedy the situation. There is going to be a lot of movement and turmoil in politics, bringing change for the people in SA. People that are disciplined will just re-appear later in a different position. They are just being shuffled around. There will be a lot of shuffling of people, but it will have no real effect. We need to pray specifically for the decision-makers in exposing the level of corruption as the Lord requires.

People are making wrong decisions because they are not effectively informed. We should specifically pray that the Lord will expose the works of darkness to the Light within the current political system. Much of the witchcraft within the present system will become blatantly obvious and may even be flaunted. This is no cause for alarm as it is being exposed. The exposure of the witchcraft must not cause a flurry of prayer activity – further such exposure is what is required hence the word “exposure.” The heart of the Father is to expose the works of Satan so as to make it powerless.