2012 – Called to Equip and Send

God is speaking to the church first about her function to minister – we need to equip effectively so that laborers can be sent out.  He does not need more people coming in as pew warmers. The focus will not be about getting people into the church, but about getting them out. South Africa is primarily one of the greatest missionary nations on the face of the earth. That is not going to decrease, it is going to increase.

There is a whole support structure that must come into place behind this and that is why God is speaking strongly to the business community. The wider concept of church and the sending out of people is going to be addressed. It is more than just trying to keep the local community afloat. The result will be that the local community will be in a far stronger position financially than in the past.

It has been very difficult for people to give into a joint vision. Missionaries are not the only full time people.  Many, who have a heart for it, are just regular people. God wants to bring people into a congregation, but not keep them there. The church is morphing and changing into a place where growth is determined by the degree to which the saints are being equipped to do the work of the ministry outside the church.

Huge prosperity will come to the church in terms of those who allow a through-flow of people and take what God is saying about equipping the saints very seriously. There will be a total, complete influx.  The Lord wants control to be nipped in the bud.  Groupings will diminish where there is a control factor and not a releasing factor. The little congregation on the corner where the leader has been releasing people and they have not been seen to grow will suddenly start exploding. People will ask where the growth has come from – it comes from the Lord and the key to it is the releasing and equipping factor, equipping and releasing.