2012 – The Flip-sides of a Coin

A vision of the two sides of a coin: the one side of the coin is the discomfort that the church is going to go through in 2012; the flip side of that coin is enjoyment. ¬†Beware of rigidity; the church has been exposed to too much rigidity throughout the years and people who think they’ve got systems organized. God wants to bring an enjoyment factor in that would almost seem unholy to us. It is His way of rewarding the church through the uncomfortable decisions that they are going to make. People are going to make a decision to travel somewhere because they feel they need to minister and it is a sacrifice to them. When they get there they are really going to enjoy it. It is not going to be through discipline, it is going to be through enjoyment and through the enjoyment the discipline will factor in. If we bring the discipline element in too soon, we will utterly destroy the spirit of the youth.