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2014 – Agriculture in Australia

There is a focus on agriculture in Australia, I see old family farms that were developed with all the implements that are still on the farms, everything was abandoned and how people are going back to their old natural resources instead of flocking to the cities. People moving back from the cities to the agriculture developments.

2014 – Australia – New Rules for Foreign Land Purchasers

Too much of their land has been given to the Asian people. There is a lot of murmuring in Australia about this. People talking to each other express a lot of dissatisfaction about the amount of land that belongs to foreigners. They will institute rules for property purchases by foreigners, stipulating and limiting the amount of property that can be purchased. The Australians are going to claim back their land.

2013/2014 Philippines restoration

A natural disaster will strike this country and there will be tremendous suffering, however I see that the people will pick themselves up and start over again. The Lord showed me the coffee bean, which I believe through the growth and export of this commodity this country will be restored and there will be new growth.

2014 – Tasmania

Tasmania is a small island but it’s got great products that is developed there that will fill the niche markets across the world. Tasmanian products (especially food products) will increasingly be associated with quality and exclusivity and will become popular in Europe and other markets. A new pride will emerge in Tasmanians. In the past inhabitants were ashamed to tell anybody that they are from Tasmania. This will change. There will be great pride in calling yourself a Tasmanian. God has blessed this island with great soil wealth.