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2014 – USA Economic and spiritual outlook

The economy of the entire North America will still be the biggest economy in the world in the foreseeable future. There will be much clambering for all kinds of other markets for the fear of this economy toppling, but that too will subside. People are going to concentrate more on what they have to fix at local level. The entire economy is going to be very vibrant and retrace its confidence in the next year or two. In the USA there is a lot of negative prophetic typology, not recognising their privilege and forgetting to look at the detail of their progress because of their connection to the Lord. I feel America is still in a good place and the doomsday utterances are not going to come about. There is a fibre in the American people that will not allow certain of the things to come about that they are so fearful about and I feel the government will be under increasing pressure to line up with what the American people really want. They want an ethical, moral, solid, functioning, workable government that functions according to Christian ethics. The north and north-eastern parts of America are known to be more liberal but conservatism will come to those areas. What they will call conservatism is really a gospel related move. There will be a huge amount of growth which is already taking place, but there is going to be a shift in the psyche and thinking of the American people and they are going to return to the spirit of their constitution which is based on Godly principles.

2014 – USA – Problem with Foreigners Taking Advantage

They have a big problem with foreigners coming in to the USA. There will be new rules and legislation being placed around America, like a belt, encircling them and tightening up the borders and stopping the influx of people who come and take the resources that are there. They are extremely generous people, they just want to give and share and because of that they have been taken advantage of; they are closing the doors on those who have taken advantage of them.

They will stamp a white paper and when that stamp is on the white paper it is going to stop the influx and stealing of resources. These visitors are not grateful and do not leave a good footprint. They come in to take and to steal. Because of the generosity of the Americans hearts the Lord does not want that for them.

I feel that there is still a very large Christian population that trusts the Lord for a turnabout. God has heard their cry. More of them are for God than those who are against God and because of that He has heard their cry and is going to bring a turnabout.

2014 – Haiti – In a Desperate State

There is desperation over the island. Other nations made them promises when they had their disaster previously but they have not lived up to these promises. There is a hopelessness that has settled on the people. When they turn to God and if they turn to God, they will receive help. There are many churches helping but the government is leaving this to the volunteers. The government of Haiti needs to strengthen itself and become the answer to the people.

2014 – Chilean resources

There will be an increase in the crop industry for the country of Chile, which will in turn boost trade.

There will also be wealth in natural mining, I see it all along the coast of Chile.

There will be a new leader coming in who will lift the country and there will be a lot of growth for this nation.

2014 – Columbia – New Reputation and New President

Government is going to subsidize farmers. They will then earn the same as when they planted marijuana. They have seen the destruction from marijuana but they planted it, to make a living.  Government will now subsidize them and give the farmers seed and help them to plant different crops.

They are tired of the reputation they have. Their heads are hanging from discouragement and they are weary. The Columbians want a different reputation. The Lord has heard their cry. There are many very spiritual people there and the drug cartels are the minority, a small five percent. They have taken over Columbia in recent years.

The authorities are tightening the rope around them and changing the system from the ground up. There is a lot of money being pumped into the nation. They will get a new type of president. The new president is going to be friendly to the poor and he is going to start assisting the poor from the ground up. Before this man became President, he knelt before the Lord and make God a promise, saying “Lord if you make me president I will do x, y, z”.  He is determined to do this. He has received much opposition because others want the money to flow into the country.  They do not care about the other nations but he has made a promise to God and he is going to keep his word.

2014 – Integration: Church, business and investment

Integration is coming between the church, business and investment, but this does not mean the church is a business. Due to the relational component that integrates these groups they are moving much, much closer together, to such a degree that you almost can’t see a difference between them. What it is really depicting is the body functioning together in unity and it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with running the church as a business. It’s got to do with the effect of the church in the business and investment realm. This has been happening in the last 8-10 years. The philosophy and related fears behind keeping church and state separate is failing. These realms are interwoven as is unity in the body of Christ. Fear based ideologies should not stop these sectors moving closer together especially in terms of spreading the gospel to the utter-most parts of the earth. This could be part of the engine and thrust to get to the utter-most parts of the earth.

2014 – SADC: The Safe Haven

I sense such a spirit of peace over the SADC nations and Kenya, even though they have a lot of internal turmoil. The Lord is saying that this is because of the mandate of those nations to be a safe haven. There is specific productive purpose for agriculture- feeding other nations and helping other nations to stabilise. Out of this peace will come a lot of life, which is almost indescribable. This life will be a major thrust that will affect many, many parts of the world. There is a lot of connection between South America and this region of Africa. The Lord is connecting specific people under the radar that will influence both sides making them extremely effective and productive areas, due to the spirit of His peace hovering over these areas.

2014 – Russian Influencer

Russia: I sense that there is going to be a very big change of heart towards the gospel in one of the very senior leaders in Russia. I feel the person is already struggling with the issue as he is feeling the tug of the Lord on his heart. This is due to many prayers over this leader, not only by the church in Russia, but especially by the church in America (USA). I see strong intercession in America (USA) of which few are aware. There has been a move of a core group of intercessors praying for this leader resulting in him sensing the pull toward our Lord. This will be seen as subtle changes in the way in which this very prominent leader will start doing things. God is going to use him to influence the way in which the entire Russia functions, releasing an even greater opportunity for the preaching of the Gospel. This will be so influential that it can be likened to a stack of dominoes falling, “toppling” large numbers of people.  Look for the subtle things. The Gospel will be able to enter Russia more powerfully than ever before.

2014- Barak Obama

Barak Obama will retain a lot of support but the dissatisfaction amongst the people will increase. Negative publicity against Obama will increase. A lot of eyes are already looking past Barak Obama’s tenure. There is a leadership void and seemingly no suitable person to take up the baton after Obama. This void will persist in the peoples minds for the next two years. People will start looking at alternative ideas in decision making  and leadership and the power invested into leaders. This period of void is to be a wakeup call for Christians to stand up and start praying in the new leader. Don’t wait for the election time to start praying for a new leader. A reviving movement is going to start on the west coast of America. There is a blessing of God over this area because of so many foreigners that has been received there and getting their revelation and training and equipping from God through various ministries. Not just foreigners will be blessed by this move but the unsaved and lost in the cities and areas will be moved by a touch from God stretching from California to Washington State. This will be an area of Gods great light.