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2014 – Chilean resources

There will be an increase in the crop industry for the country of Chile, which will in turn boost trade.

There will also be wealth in natural mining, I see it all along the coast of Chile.

There will be a new leader coming in who will lift the country and there will be a lot of growth for this nation.

2014 – Columbia – New Reputation and New President

Government is going to subsidize farmers. They will then earn the same as when they planted marijuana. They have seen the destruction from marijuana but they planted it, to make a living.  Government will now subsidize them and give the farmers seed and help them to plant different crops.

They are tired of the reputation they have. Their heads are hanging from discouragement and they are weary. The Columbians want a different reputation. The Lord has heard their cry. There are many very spiritual people there and the drug cartels are the minority, a small five percent. They have taken over Columbia in recent years.

The authorities are tightening the rope around them and changing the system from the ground up. There is a lot of money being pumped into the nation. They will get a new type of president. The new president is going to be friendly to the poor and he is going to start assisting the poor from the ground up. Before this man became President, he knelt before the Lord and make God a promise, saying “Lord if you make me president I will do x, y, z”.  He is determined to do this. He has received much opposition because others want the money to flow into the country.  They do not care about the other nations but he has made a promise to God and he is going to keep his word.

2014 – SADC: The Safe Haven

I sense such a spirit of peace over the SADC nations and Kenya, even though they have a lot of internal turmoil. The Lord is saying that this is because of the mandate of those nations to be a safe haven. There is specific productive purpose for agriculture- feeding other nations and helping other nations to stabilise. Out of this peace will come a lot of life, which is almost indescribable. This life will be a major thrust that will affect many, many parts of the world. There is a lot of connection between South America and this region of Africa. The Lord is connecting specific people under the radar that will influence both sides making them extremely effective and productive areas, due to the spirit of His peace hovering over these areas.