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2014 – Eastern Africa

Eastern Africa will experience an economic surge because of the discovery of oil and other commodities. Then trade amongst the eastern African countries will increase. The transport between these countries will also increase. The needs that were always met through import will now be met by countries themselves. Neighboring countries will share in the wealth of each others resources. This will cause big parts of Africa to become independent from imports and foreign products. Through these changes economic growth will be boosted and put Africa on a path of prosperity. The dependency on foreign investments will decrease. God is starting this process through the unlocking of certain resources in the eastern side of Africa. A lot of activity and trade will start to happen between the nations from eastern Africa down to the southern nations of Africa. Instead of putting goods and products on ships and sending it to China and other places, trade will increase between neighboring countries and boost the African economy. This is a process that will take place for the next ten to twenty years.

2014 – Brazil

In the next season there is going to be economic difficulties in Brazil. Spending in government will become a huge issue amongst the people. A lot of riots and strikes will start taking place which is abnormal for Brazilians. There will be turmoil especially before the soccer world cup. Many businesses that started living lavish lifestyles will get back to basics. The foundation of the economy is good but there needs to be a breaking down of certain areas to rebuild correctly. A new industry in space technology and getting Brazilians into space will come to the fore in partnership with other countries. The development of satellites that will be much cheaper and much more cost effective that other countries can do, will start to take shape.