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2012 – Investment from Brazil into Africa

In 2012 there will be huge increases of investment from Brasil into Africa. Brasil seems to be a country that slumbers, but in reality is amazingly awake. This makes them look to invest in places that are slumbering. They have the ability to see potential in places. They will be specifically involved in South Africa, Mozambique and Angola and at a later stage in the DRC. This flood of investment will be very very good and should be warmly accepted. The only warning is that their modus operandi is completely different to ours. Their way of working is not negative but rather extremely positive in the African context. We must follow their lead and not try to bully them because “we’ve lived in Africa and this is how it works”.

We must follow their lead because they have a very specific gifting from God with regards to ways of operation with people that is productive.

2012 – Italy and Greece

Many natural disasters in these areas.

God wants to teach us as the prophetic people that we have authority over the elements of nature. We can petition (on the command of God) to bring a drought or bring rain. God is busy training us to speak into nature what He has purposed to happen. Sometimes God will make the earth move and shake to speak to the people. He’s purpose is never to kill, steal or destroy.

2012 – Lord Really has His Hand on America

We are not done with the USA. The Lord really has His hand on that nation. They will go through a difficult stage in which a lot of things will be stamped out, but we will see a resurgence of this nation. Their vibrancy will return and will be especially evident in their love towards God. There are few nations that have such a combined passion for the Lord. They’ve had this from their inception as a nation and that constitution will not be moved to one side. God will see that these constitutional things are established as they come through many witnesses over many centuries. This move will come toward the latter part of 2012. There will be a lot of reason to doubt and to falter but we need to hold on to what the Lord has said about the USA. We must also speak positively about that nation because that nation is important to the stability in the world. A lot has been spoken of the earthquake in the California area. This has a duality in terms of economy and structure. The feeling is that a lot of this western part of USA going down south and including Texas will have a whole new way of thinking and doing things.

2012 – Australia is on the Verge of a Revival

There is a sense that Australia is on the verge of a revival. There is something happening in the underlying spirit realm and we will see the start of this dynamic becoming visible in 2012. This will amaze us because we think Australia is not very spiritual. There is a very strong link between us and Australia as well as South America.

The Southern Hemisphere countries are becoming increasingly important in terms of the targeting of the Gospel and the carrying out of the Gospel. The European Union countries are very important to us and God will be sending more and more people from South Africa and our region as well as Australia and the South Americas into the European Union. We need to start preparing people for increased travel into the European Union.

2012 – Further Weakening in the Government

There is coming a further weakening in the government of America. People are relying on the government to care for them. This will be part of a process to facilitate change in the American population’s mind-set.

I saw a vision of the western coast of America (especially California with cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco) breaking off of the rest of America and becoming a separate island. This might mean that this part of America will differ from the rest of the USA when it comes to planning, strategy etc.. There will be a different voice speaking for that part of America than the voice speaking for the rest of America. This might indicate an economic and/or geographic breaking off for that area. Economically it could point to the economic crunch in America which will not affect the West coast economy.

2012 – The Church is Morphing

The church is as we know it is going to morf. It is about metamorphism – changing shape. We are in a similar season as when Martin Luther changed the whole way in which the church functioned – it may not be as dramatic, yet similar. It does not hinge on one man this time but on the whole Body of Christ moving into a newness. 2012 is a year for existing organizational structures – which we call “church” – to re-evaluate where they are at. The Lord will speak to the Church first as to the implementation of change as they are to lead the realms of business and government.

The issue at hand is: How are we going to equip the Church effectively? Laborers need to be sent out – it is not about warming the pew. It’ s not about getting people into the structures, it’s about getting them out and getting them out in their droves. South Africa is one of the greatest missionary nations on the face of the earth and this demand is going to increase and not decrease. There is a whole support structure that must come into place behind this. This is why the Lord is speaking to the business community in parallel – a wider concept and participation than just keeping a community afloat is at hand.

The result of participation in this process is that the local community will be in a far, far stronger position financially than they have ever been. The Lord wants them to see if they can be trusted with this outreach. Somewhere the funds have to culminate in a joint vision. The term missionary does not just refer to a full time career choice but refers more to the heart thereof. Previously a lot of time was spent on “getting people in”, whereas now the focus is the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry. A lot of energy was also wasted in trying to keep people “in” the church structure – this was not by design of God but carnal. What “church” may not understand is that the more they get people out functioning, the more people are going to come in. There is a huge prosperity for the church of through flow or through-put of people in 2012. For those who take God’s Word seriously and equipping the saints seriously, this will be true. God is going to nip control in the bud. We will see groups diminish where there  is too much of a control factor over the people versus a releasing factor. The little church on the corner that has not been there for a long time but has the heart to equip people and send them out will suddenly explode in growth and onlookers will be amazed. This growth comes from the Lord and the key to it is the releasing factor.

The fear of man will also be addressed. 2012 is not going to be a comfortable year for the church because it was never designed to be a comfortable place. The Lord has spoken to many people over the years to start moving and they haven’t done it. Some of it may have been because the season was not right, but that season is changing very rapidly. Fear has hamstrung many people and it will remain so unless they make a decision to move. Two sides of the same coin are, on one side, hospitality at home and the other side the ability to move. We will be utterly amazed at how many people are prepared to take on the call and walk out in this vocation. We have a responsibility to encourage the weak and tottering ones in their endeavors to walk out their call. The Lord is not looking for mature believers to do this, He is looking for the willing. Maturity has nothing to do with this equation and is not an excuse for either those needing to release or those needing to move. Our natural tendencies will be to draw the immature back to first be trained whilst not realizing that they are being trained in the school of practical experience. We will have to revamp the way we judged people with regards to this previously because the Lord is training them. We should not stand aloof but be an encouragement to them and give them some of our tools that can help them along their own route of discovery.

The flip side of the uncomfortable times the church is going to go through is ENJOYMENT. The warning is against rigidity. The church has been exposed to too much rigidity throughout the years and people who think they have got systems down to a tee. The Lord wants to bring in an enjoyment factor that could almost seem unholy to us. This is the Lord’s way of rewarding the church through the uncomfortable decisions they are going to have to make. An example: People are going to feel sent to a place to minister. This is a sacrifice to them, but when they get their they are really going to enjoy it. It’s not going to be through discipline, it’s going to be through enjoyment. If we bring in the discipline factor too soon in the youth we will utterly destroy their spirit.

2012 – Churches to Shrink due to Economic Constraints

Departments at churches are going to shrink due to economic constraints and for functional reasons. Big worship teams will also shrink out of necessity and also because of something God is doing.

Pastors start looking to doing business. Thus not just full time pastoring anymore. God is moving many pastors into business because He is preparing them for a whole new way of functioning.

If the church does not become training centered and community centered in 2012 it will lose its effectiveness.

More churches are going to start to work together to share resources. Rural congregations will start to receive training that usually were only available in the big city churches in the past.

Seeing more dilapidated churches in 2012. The reason for this is: congregations closing down and some churches not using their facilities as much as they did in the past.

A greater spiritual hunger in, especially, the rural community than before even though churches will be closing down.

People will start looking at other technologies. Churches will start to change their strategies. Churches will start television programs. Internet radio stations will become a viable option to reach people in a cheap and effective way. More internet resources will be used in 2012 to reach people. A lot of individuals will get their spiritual sustenance through these new medias than having to be at a church service every Sunday or having to go to a church facility for teaching.

2012 – Church in Europe

God is doing a secret work. There is a much greater need and searching for God than there has been for a while. There is a hunger for more in life than they have experienced. There will still be small groups but at conferences with foreign speakers the gatherings will see hundreds and thousands of people. Only then will you realize what God is doing. It is also a season in which Europe is much more open to receive foreigners to come and equip, share, minister and impart into the European believers.

There are individuals and people that propagate themselves as the fathers of the church but they haven’t got the heart of fathers. Many are propagating themselves as the apostles of the church. Some of them tried to force the ‘apostolic mandate’ (or what they believe it to be) onto other people in the body of Christ by telling them how (they think) things should function and by doing that they are actually controlling and manipulating people.

In 2012 God is going to start dealing with this situation by exposing the self-proclaimed apostles through what is happening behind the scenes. A dismantling of many apostolic networks will start taking place and only the true apostolic will remain that will portray the true apostolic heart as it supposed to be.