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2014 – Small Communities Development in Asia and Russia

God’s focus is resting on Asia and especially Russia, were God is changing hearts and preparing a generation to be open for His influence. I see a lot of communities that was overlooked as being insignificant and too small and now they are growing and developing and being self-sustainable, and without anybody noticing they are building their own sustainable economies.

2014 – Europe – Catholic Church

I see the Catholic Church coming under scrutiny. There are some policies that are changing and the changes will be criticized because it is against tradition, catholic churches outside of Europe are especially going to be critical, but the people will be behind the changes. The change coming in the Catholic Church are not necessary bringing revival but definitely opening them up for the flow of the Holy Spirit.

2014 – New Ministries

I see churches releasing people to start their ministries, in the past it was almost a cut off from the house and the fathers and more division being the result that anything else. There comes a return of hearts to each other, as people start their own ministries the family bond to their original churches will still be in place. There will be a bigger sense of family and the global church being one. There is coming a new level of not only tolerance of one another but genuine family love.

2014 – Mantle of Elijah

I see in 2014 the process of Elijah and Elisha, how the torch is being passed on to the next in line, from Elijah to Elisha, the point being that the Elisha’s can continue with the work and the Elijah’s are being freed up to start breaking new ground, there is a deeper level of anointing and revelation that will follow when individuals step into their own appointed place in the body.

2014 – African Countries Back to Self-Reliance

I get a sense of the African countries that has always relied on outside finances to help relieve poverty, were the outside finance are no longer readily available and how the people are going back to being self-sufficient. There is a pride standing up in nations that has previously relied heavily on been rescued and now people are going back to self-reliance. There iseducated people returning back to their countries and using their knowledge for their own countries. There is a focus on crops that is being produced that is going to result in a massive source of exports, where previously these countries were relying on welfare they are now providing welfare for others. God is placing a responsibility on the African nations as being thesupplier of major resources for the rest of the world and pressure is being placed to step up into their supplier role. I see plant seed plant seed  making investments into countries to start developing crops and doing the research to advance crop production.

2014 – Human Trafficking in South America

I see human trafficking coming out of South America, out of places where mission trips are a regular occurrence and how the churches are getting more and more frustrated that human trafficking are influencing their mission fields. The problem is becoming more personal to the church in general, and how the church is going to take up the fight. I see a lot of safe places that are being provided and people that are taking hands across religious boundaries to invest in the safety of these victims.