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2014 – Business asking Advise from Government

God is moving many things about in government departments; He will bring a split in certain departments so that more will get done. Now there will be two groups bringing about change and not just one.

People specializing in their respective fields will have a new sense of pride, so much so that the business sector will start asking advice from the government leaders – tapping into their expertise. Many in the business sector have fallen behind in their expertise since there was an expectation that government will not make it due to BEE. Since many in these BEE positions have had to work hard to make it all work, they have actually grown and sharpened their abilities. I see that in business many that have to stop slacking off and actively sharpen their tools again.

Where government wants to find new levels of favour with the people, new levels of transparency needs to be worked at. This will bring forth a new sense of patriotism which will bring solutions to the table for example the toll gate issue.

There will be some conspiring during the elections next year. I see different tick boxes on the voting forms, but in the background, they are actually connected somehow and is an attempt to fool the public.

2014 – Many Volunteers

I see a man running up a flight of stairs, hoping to find the top but only to find that the stairs stops at a dead end. Deflated the man walks down. Again this man runs up, hoping to get to the top and see something different – but doesn’t. God is going to show Himself as quick to answer and bring breakthrough. Where the church is constantly getting stuck with certain issues; changing the road to the solution is sometimes the answer. A season of wisdom is coming to the church and a release of great many plans will be sown into the hearts of man. Who will let their seeds grow?

God is bestowing generosity upon generosity; where generous hearts are found, God is bringing the resources about to be generous through these channels. Many people will be picking up a spirit/attitude of philanthropy. Some people will be willing to give their lives to protect their God given areas of responsibility.

Previously the “flock” was the focus in congregations but God is stirring and bringing focus on community. Many churches that has not been activated before, will start to come out of the woodwork and will start community projects. Unfortunately many will be unteachable and not open for input and will make the same mistakes others have made that have gone before them. But I do see churches connecting with other churches to inquire and ask for wisdom. The body of Christ will experience a camaraderie between congregations.

Matthew 9:37-38
Then He said to His disciples, “ The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

There will be many volunteers; ready to be trained and ready to help. It is like God is saturating the church with volunteers in this season. Congregations need to be ready to channel people into various projects and areas of influence (which God has shown them to be their inheritance.)

2014 – New Exitement

A certain church will be known for their effective prayers when it comes to praying for storms and tornados to subside. This church will endure much scoffing and mocking but their “power over the elements” cannot be denied.

God will pour our His presence on various meetings like a soft and gentle rain; softening hardened hearts. People will attribute it to many things like their own prayer teams, or leader’s anointing but it will just be because God wants to. Like soft rains over a long period where the ground gets penetrated and permeated; so will God reach through these hardened hearts and cause a hunger in people which only He can satisfy. I see congregations that have “lost their first love” to return to Him and a new excitement to rise in the body.

There will be a call for leaders, from various denominations and backgrounds, to get together and discuss various topics. These leaders will be high calibre leaders with much influence in their respective callings. These discussions will cause a cross pollination to take place and an increase in anointing for each leader.

2014 – New Networks for Infrastructure

Up to now the focus was on infrastructure between countries in Africa and the world. I see new networks rising and an increase in bandwidth between and within these countries. Many from oversees are investing and I see even more money coming in; putting down better infrastructure. Most of these investments are very good investments and many will see a good return on their investments.

God has a mission on His heart; to light up “the dark continent.” Technology and Internet will be one of the means by which He will do this.

2014 – Uprising of Women in Yemen

There will be an uprising of women which will cause blood to flow in the streets. This first wave will be a horrendous sight but will bring exposure and awareness.

Then a second uprising; it will start to bring about the changes necessary. God has been speaking to the country, but because of pride, it does not hear. Those that are hearing are the woman; whom has very little pride in their hearts.

God is sending many missionaries to Yemen. Previously many women have gone out to prepare the fields (and have done an excellent job) and now God will be sending many men. Much prayer over Yemen is soon to be answered. God is also sending angels to physically appear to influencers (not necessarily leaders) whose hearts have hardened in this country.

2014 – Slower Release of new Technologies

There will be many young start-ups. The Lord still wants to father the entrepreneurs but because of the fathers actually exploiting the young entrepreneurs (because of their lack of experience), many young men and women would not be open for input.

Because of this, a slower release of high calibre new technologies and design will be seen except where fathership is done right or has been restored. A quicker release will come again. Big innovation in many areas will come, but to bring it to production and get it market ready, will take a few years.

2014 – Victims Will Rise Up

God is releasing wisdom to the victims of human trafficking; many victims will rise up and because of their experience will be able to bring exposure and awareness.

God will be speaking to victims – most not being Christian. This will cause a hunger to find the source of their “inspiration” or “moment of enlightenment.” Much deliverance from trafficking will come from within the country.

2014 – Anti-trafficking becoming a Priority

The focus on human trafficking is not the priority in the country that God wants it to be. I see that God will allow this issue to hit home in one high ranking official’s own family and this will actually spur much action and bring the focus to trafficking as God is calling for.

Some are called to deal with this injustice in this season but do not want to be involved and get their hands dirty. I see God moving the people close to them; suddenly they start to talk and care about human trafficking which was not even on their hearts before. This way God will place the topic constantly under their noses.

There will not just be a clean-up effort within the country but this effort will reach into other nations “to bring their own back”. There will be many different efforts in this struggle but in a few years’ time I see that Europe will be an example which other nations will follow.

2014 – Weather Changes to Favour New Crops

God is bringing His favour over the country and the signs will also be seen in the weather. I see the weather changing as to be favourable for the planting/growing of different kinds of crops that have never been planted in those areas. There will be a migration of people from professional occupations to farming because of this opportunity. Some will attribute this climate change to global warming when in fact it will be because of God’s choosing – He is still in control.