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2014 – Global Church

There are many that would like to lead, however the Lord is saying that there needs to be less leaders and more workers.

The Lord showed me an African pastor and he is standing on a stage in a massive auditorium that is filled to capacity. It is a church that is being established in Africa and this man has a big influence in bringing people to the Lord.

More church planting will take place in the rural communities, which will bring people from remote areas together. Through this, church ministries will be created to teach the people to be creative and to serve. The Lord will make provision for this in all areas.

We as God’s children need to claim our cities. We need to remind ourselves that we have claimed them and they belong to the Lord.

2014 – European Economy

As Europe becomes more self sufficient and therefore more occupied with itself, Eastern countries, namely Japan will move in to take advantage of this and expand it’s trade, which will then in tern mobilize Europe to take action.

The United Kingdom will stand out in all of this, being a forerunner and the crown of the European Union in many ways.

2013/2014 Philippines restoration

A natural disaster will strike this country and there will be tremendous suffering, however I see that the people will pick themselves up and start over again. The Lord showed me the coffee bean, which I believe through the growth and export of this commodity this country will be restored and there will be new growth.

2014 – Australia Government & Ecomony

There will be division within the Australian government and as a result there will be resignations that will follow, which will leave some people feeling a little bewildered, however ultimately it will be necessary for these people to leave.

Economically Australia will become more effective and there will be a very powerful teaming with New Zealand, creating a power house as it were.

Two years ago the Lord showed me the country of Australia with gold veins spreading throughout and that speaks of high gold reserves. I see these again on a larger scale, which speaks of more output and a stronger economy.

2014 – Austria and Switzerland

A major focus will be on these countries as they step ahead in the area of environmentally  friendly designs. I see a motor vehicle which leads me to believe that there will be further breakthrough with regards to pollution free vehicles being designed and produced.

The emphasis being on clean and pure air, I see a phenomenal  increased growth in the areas of technology coming from these area.