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Prophetic Words for 2020


We have once again gathered credible, trusted prophets from various cultures to hear from God for this God Said 2020 publication.  The prophets present all felt the same thing: God is requiring more from all of us. We need to act on His words and not just listen and wait.  The warnings in the book are for the intercessors to address. We are all commissioned to change the nations we live in; we are all called to prayer.

God desires change. He is allowing unusual situations to draw our attention. We have sat up and listened.  It is our delight and privilege to share with you what we believe God has said to His prophets at our annual Prophets Round Table.  God spoke weighty words and encouraged us with positive directional information for our country South Africa and the leading nations of the world.

There was a definite shift in the spiritual atmosphere this year when the prophets gathered at the Prophets Round Table for this 2020 publication.  We came together on two separate occasions, adding new prophetic voices to each group. We wanted to hear as accurately as possible and balance each prophetic voice with the other.

How can we ever think or believe that our God does not notice our dilemmas and the challenges we face in our nations, governments and homes? God is surely omnipresent and active on our behalf constantly. Our faith needs to be placed firmly on what He has said. We believe you will receive a spiritual witness concerning these words and receive them in the spirit with which they are published.

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him (2 Chron. 16:6 NKJV)

Prophets Round Table
September 2019



Economy and business are completely separate. Government keeps trying to pull the businesspeople into government issues, but business is not keen to hold hands with government; here and there, they are co-operating, but there is no fellowship or trust between them. 

Relationship building is important so that government understands business and business has a better understanding of what government is doing going forward. 

Government is secretive and not sharing much. Even though they speak transparency, they are feeding the public what they think they want to know, so it is still a mystery. The way forward for government is not clear, even to themselves. They are faced with an empty page, and they don’t know how to go forward. 

Economic Heartbeat

The economy looks like a heartbeat going up and down. It will continue like that for the next year. South Africans should not fear or connect their emotions to the economy. It will not always remain on the same level or in decline. There will be ‘ups’, giving the nation intervals where we feel we can ‘breathe’. 

During those intervals, new technologies will be developed. The government is invested in the technological revolution, and digitisation will be very important in terms of the economy for the next few years. Smaller businesses functioning in ‘niche knowledge’ will connect with government and flourish. New business ideas will lead to start-ups, which will grow quite quickly, and government will fund some of these businesses. There is hope for start-ups and  small and medium businesses in South Africa.

Economic Policies

Freedom is being declared over the economy in South Africa.  The stronghold of the past 40 years over the economy will be broken. Huge amendments will be made to South Africa’s economic policies. A whole new way of thinking is being established in the minds of economists and politicians responsible for the economy in South Africa. Alignment is coming as to how government sees the economy and how the economists see the economy. 

Economic Strategy

Government is busy preparing the foundations in terms of the path the economy needs to take. The economy is like a slow-moving vehicle; it will take time to implement all the strategies and plans because there are many needs to attend to, such as those of the Unions, but also the needs of ordinary citizens. Government is trying to implement these strategies but will need wisdom to prevent resistance from the Unions who have other ideas and agendas.

The economy will grow slowly during 2020, with early growth forecasts downgraded again. As government’s policies and plans start to be implemented, one will see more positive movement in the economy during the third and fourth quarter of 2020. Government will stimulate the economy by spending on infrastructure upgrades with the aim of throwing a lifeline to the construction sector in order to keep business ticking over. So, government will be the main driver of the economy until their plans and strategies gain momentum to turn the economy around. 

Economic Trend

The economy will still be failing in South Africa over the next 12 months, and the next 6 months will still be trying. Small businesses are suffering, but from mid-2020 onwards, business will start picking up.

The South African economy will start to pick up slowly at the end of 2019. This momentum will continue throughout 2020. Slowly but surely the pressure that has been on the consumer will start to lift. There will be an easing of financial pressure in terms of personal and business finance. The South African economy will start to see stronger and more pronounced growth in the middle of the year 2021.


Dollars are coming into South Africa in terms of financing. There will be opportunities in 2020 for an influx of dollars.

Gold Rally

There is a strong emphasis on gold in this next season; the gold price will soar and those who have bought and invested in gold many years ago will see their investments bearing fruit.

International Collaboration

The Lord is bringing international collaboration between South Africa and other African countries, and he wants prudent vetting processes to be put in place prior to the collaboration so that there is proper discernment before entering in to long-term contracts.


With regards to investments – do not invest in one area only – invest in a variety of areas, as the Holy Spirit leads.  God will show where and in which projects to invest and will provide the knowledge to do so. 

Minimum Wage Bill

The minimum wage will receive attention in this next season and will be very balanced. There will be outside investment as the nation begins to gain trust again. Also, start-ups will receive government investments. This will primarily happen in terms of training; there will be a great emphasis on training in this next season.


Coming Together

Business leadership, economists and government are meeting together regularly to have indabas, similar to what took place at the end of 2018. This will continue and new strategies will emerge. These three spheres are coming into agreement and will move together; these new strategies will become a very powerful force that will take this economy from its knees and put it back on track.

Growth in the business sector has been levelled out for a long time because of the pressure of the whole state capture drama within the nation. Government will give tax initiatives to help these businesses in 2020.

Creativity in Business

Creativity is being deposited in major South African businesses, especially in the area of technology.  These new ideas will make a great impact on society and will result in businesses being run in a new way.  

Some big South African businesses feel that their creativity in doing business is being stifled by the many rules imposed, and they are considering taking their businesses overseas.  The Competition Board should investigate as to whether rules should be amended or relaxed to retain these businesses in the South African economy.

Financial Anointing

A vision was seen of an anointing flowing over the nation, starting from President Cyril Ramaphosa, specifically on finance in businesses in South Africa.  

Help is Needed

Business consultants are needed to assist in setting up the infrastructure and bringing correction in most government departments, even in the municipalities and police. It seems that it is infrastructure that is lacking. One or two departments were managing but now it looks like it has fallen back.  The only way to go is up; building is needed in government infrastructure. A fresh start is needed with fresh connections. It needs to start from the bottom up.

Business environment

The businesses that anticipated a fall out and slower economy are the ones that are going to do the best. Some businesses have good bank balances, with healthy money in certain areas.  They have rejected certain projects and decided to wait and see. They are using that money to keep business afloat. Towards the end of 2020, we will see an increase in business. Until then, the economy will struggle along. 

New Platforms

A new platform for young entrepreneurs will be established where they will be exposed to business programs; new innovations have been brought in at school level. These entrepreneurs will step out in faith on this new platform.

Renewal of Old Systems

There will be a revival of old systems that were built in the past and that will be adapted for the current stream of businesses, almost as if there was an engine that had been used previously and had lain dormant for a time. The Lord is using the old systems and reviving them, but there are other things that need to be put in place for the current generation to understand the functioning of the old system to streamline it for use in current businesses.

Returning to the Basics

Business acumen will be polished; the Lord will take away the things where roots have grown outside of the scope of how he wants businesses to function, and he will plant new seeds. The Lord will remind business people of the strategies he employed previously that he wants to be put in place again. There is a need to go back to basics of what the Lord wants to do and how he wants business to run, using the original skills that he wanted to be transferred to other smaller businesses so that the economy can grow from the ground up. The Lord will bring a growth spurt in the economy in November. 

Small Business

Small business will focus on multiple sources of income; it will become the norm to them. A platform is being created where they will be innovative and come up with new streams of income; they will not only focus on one thing, but they will have to focus on multiple streams. Spending time with the Lord and seeking the Lord’s face will be important to decide which countries and nations to link with and in which streams of income. Some streams will be local but some of it will be abroad.

There is a voice coming from the Cape with revolutionary ideas about business and South Africa’s economy. His voice will be noticed in the coming season and his strategies will help South Africa.

Skilled Labour

In terms of business, there will be many opportunities, especially for skilled labour. Much skilled labour is still leaving the nation in 2020, but there will be new opportunities. A big drive will take place, not only from government but from business and institutions, to bring back skilled labour as the Lord is positioning South Africa for a growth spurt, for a turn-around in the economy, and it is part of God’s plan to use the skilled labour that has left South Africa. Many who attempt to leave will find the doors closed and the process difficult. 

It’s God’s plan to boost the middle class in this nation. Big business will take a conservative outlook to business and the economy and won’t strive to employ new staff, with some even reducing the number of employees. This will present opportunities for the middle-class to rise as God releases an entrepreneurial grace, with many small businesses implementing their plans in 2020. 

Small Business Funding

Funding initiatives from government and institutions will assist small businesses get off the ground. Many people have their business plans and are formulating good ideas; 2020 will be the year to step out in faith and implement these plans because God wants to boost the middle class. God will boost the economy not only through big business, but through the man on the street, through entrepreneurs and small businesses. 


Big corporate business becomes more intentional and focused on the use of technology and joining the first world nations in terms of how they run their business, expanding their services through cloud-based operations.


An uprising from unions will occur as the economy comes off its knees. There will be a breakdown between government, unions and economists; those that are called to this indaba will have to negotiate very, very carefully. The unions will lose their power and flavour in the nation.  A national awakening differentiating between socialism and capitalism will occur.  In the past, the media have promoted socialism, but the downside of socialism in terms of the economy will really be propagated and come to the fore. In contrast, the blessing and the benefits of capitalism will be recognised and cause a new work ethic in the economy. People will start to understand what drives an economy.



New bursaries for education in business will become available in 2020. 

Christian Schools

The number of Christian schools will increase as God brings a revival in the nation.  The government will support this growth and it will bring more security for families with   school- going children. Private education has been scorned but private education will be very intentional; the curriculum in private education will be above the standard of regular education because of international influence. Parents will start to prepare their children through private education for international influence.


In terms of education, there needs to be an open channel between those who set the curriculum and the teachers on the ground as they have first-hand knowledge and can see what is working and not working. Teachers must share their views as they will make a positive impact in guiding the policy and decision makers in assisting them to sharpen and refine the current curriculums.

Education Policies

A drastic shift in education and policies will result in child-centric education where the Lord wants to elevate an understanding of the individual child first in pre-primary schooling, so that children will have an understanding of self and an understanding of God and the path that they are taking before they reach primary school. It is almost like streamlining them into an education system that allows them to choose their careers timeously. 

Home Schooling

The Lord wants to put an elaborate system in place between home schooling and main-stream schooling and improve understanding between the two. Testing and assessment systems will allow home schooling communities the same assessment of their children’s progress.

Sport grounds should be established in main-stream schools that allow home-schooled children to participate and develop community-building and social skills in collaboration between the two streams. 

There was very slow change in education for many years and none of the great expectations were met.  The Lord will change the education system and new leadership will embrace a simplistic approach to education.  God says simplicity is the answer. All the “grand and new” strategies that have been implemented in the past, i.e. taking away the colleges, bringing back the colleges, changing the curriculum, adopting a new curriculum… none of that had improved the ability of learners to do maths and to read and to write.  God says:  Go back to the basics. 

Historical African Roots

There is a strong emphasis on a holistic curriculum adapted to all cultures, including African historical roots. All sectors of education are coming together to develop a curriculum adapted to all cultural groups. 

International Support

A businessman from overseas, an expert in his field but not well-known, will become involved in education. He does not want to receive attention. He will ‘put his finger on education’ and guide government, pointing out areas where change is necessary. This will bring about change. He will be investing money into alternative structures for education (and not necessarily in government education structures). 

Educators will connect internationally. Delegations will visit other countries to see how education is working and what is being implemented. Our educators are not isolated.

Minister of Education

People are very anxious in this season concerning education. People are depressed and negative about it. Teachers and educators are really struggling to be positive and look on the good side. 

The minister of education will be changed; the new minister will be a man who will lead. He will instil a sense of fathering and lead change amongst the scholars in our communities. This man will bring change where there has been hopelessness and no vision.

This change will result in teachers imparting skills to the children differently; discipleship, for lack of another word, mothering and nurturing in the classroom at different stages in schooling will allow children to grow up with a sense of direction, of being loved and valued.  

This will bring changes that the teachers can relate to. Their complaints or suggestions and requests will be heard and addressed and not ignored. For now, education is just ticking over.  

These big changes are coming and are being discussed in conferences. They are discussing what can be changed and adjusted to make positive changes to education. 

New Interim Course

Many school-leaving pupils are not varsity ready.  An interim course is being planned to prepare pupils for further education.

New Strategies

A three-tiered plan will be implemented: firstly correction, secondly bridging the gap(s) and thirdly, a focus on growth. Correction will revolve around basic skills like reading and writing, which will take prevalence. The initial step will be a long-term plan spanning over few years (five-year plan for correction). Some of the children will be ‘moved back’ a few years, not so much in government schools but at independent organisations. The children will catch up parts of the education which they ‘lost’.  

The intermediate phase of the plan (bridging the gap) is similar to a gap year after school, before commencing with tertiary education. Necessary gap education will take place on that level.  Troublemakers at tertiary education level will still try to disrupt education but it will not cause the level of education to decline.

Growth in technology for ‘alternative’ and elective education will take place. A system will be developed where bridge education and elective education will work together.

Online schools 

Online schools and online learning will become more prevalent in 2020 and beyond. It will become more accessible in rural areas .Where currently there is no fibre, for example, there will be more Internet access. Large classes where there were 45 children in a class will be reduced because of online education. These learners will be helped; where they were previously only a number in the classroom, they will receive one-on-one tuition.

The university curriculum will be adjusted to educate teachers regarding online teaching. Teachers will learn how to expand their reasoning, and how they can learn to facilitate the online process and become more tech savvy. Online education will make international opportunities accessible to students. For example, if somebody wanted to become an astronaut, no such programs are available in South African education. Online education will assist students to step into their destiny and calling that God has for them. Networking will take place once they go to university, and they will have a much larger education base than they had before. 

Pre-schools and Primary Schools

Government funding for pre-schools and primary schools will improve to increase the number of teachers per learners and to improve the level and quality of education.  Assessment of learners, the how and the when, will be considered afresh.  A more playful way of learning and assessment will be introduced at the lower levels of education.

Teachers will be expected to be accountable in a new way.  A new work ethic will be introduced.  There will be a greater focus on teaching and learning and less on administrative compliance.  

A new program is designed for the primary school level. It is intentional about the roles of fathers in the family and reuniting families again. In 2020 and in the latter part of the year, we will reap the rewards and the fruit of that educational program.

Retaining Teachers

There is a big need to retain quality teachers in South Africa as this has become a sought-after profession. Teachers and those completing their training to become teachers are being drawn away to other nations to look for greener pastures; however, it is not the season to leave but to stay in South Africa to help change and transform the youth and future generations.   


SADTU will undergo a change in leadership.  The Lord is raising up a leader in SADTU with a true heart for education whose focus will not be to use the education system as a vehicle to acquire higher political positions.  

School Counsellors

Teachers will not only be interested in teaching the assigned curriculums, but will be very concerned about the welfare of the students. Much counselling will take place and valuable input given. God will stir up the prophetic gift in the lives of teachers to assist in identifying troubled areas in the lives of students. God will use these teachers in a unique way to bring restoration healing to many children.

Churches will play a bigger role at school as Christian youth workers will start to assist counselling at schools and training young boys how to treat learners and girls how to stand up and respond to abuse.


Government and schools will acquire better security measures and systems; even parents and jobless persons will be employed by schools to beef up security on school grounds. 

Skills Drive

A major shift in the nation’s educational philosophy will start to take place. Much of the educational drive was philosophical and focused on transferring knowledge. A greater focus on skill development will commence.  A drive for skill development training for post matric will become a strong focus in terms of education.

This will be funded partially by coalition between business and government. A major driver behind this will be the high unemployment rate as people are not adequately trained for skill-required jobs.

Spiritual Apostolic and Prophetic Strategies

Leaders in education in various provinces will come together and meet with church leaders. Apostles and prophets will provide these leaders with strategies on how to wrestle the different principalities and strongholds in the various provinces. They will guide them and provide clear instruction on how to combat these forces. Many plans and ideas have been put forward, but the spiritual roots of these problems have not been dealt with. The church and these leaders in education will stand together, fast and pray in order to change the spiritual atmosphere in the different provinces. This initiative will assist in curbing the increase in drug usage and violence seen in schools.

Violence impacting Education

A strong focus on a value-based curriculum will emerge. Rape, murder, and the use of nyope and other drugs that have been infiltrating schools and have been holding the education system back will break because of strong values that will be raised through the curriculum. Teachers will step up and take leadership in the classroom. 

Witchcraft in Education

Witchcraft and traditional beliefs and the understanding of the worship of ancestors, which is very strong in certain sectors of education at this time, will lose momentum. It will lose impact and influence as a new minister comes into power. 


Family and Finance

There is currently tremendous financial pressure on families. Unfortunately, there will be continued pressure on families in 2020, which drives the children to violence and drug addiction as the parents don’t have solutions to their problems.

Family under attack

In 2020, spiritual attacks on families will increase with the enemy wanting to stir up racial conflict. News articles will report on such incidents in private and public schools. God wants to intervene, and the body of Christ really needs to pray for protection against these attacks on families. The church will play a very important role in assisting with the restoration of broken families and affected children.


Furthermore, 2020 will be a year where God really gets hold of the hearts of fathers and mothers, and many of their priorities will be changed. Previously, parents have focused too much on what the news has published and have been negatively affected by the various challenges facing South Africa, resulting in them forcing their children in a direction that God does not desire for them to go. Their hearts will change to focus more on what God has planned for their children. They will hear more clearly on whether their children should stay in South Africa or go overseas and what their children should be studying. No longer will their decisions be based on what the news media report.

Family challenges have become more prominent. Abuse and rape against women and children reflect how the people in the nation feel. They are not positive about one another, so they attack and abuse one another. There is much anger and frustration in families. Education at school level on how to treat one another and connect with one another is the only way to bring change. 

Churches have a huge part to play in restoring families and bringing families into the right way through teaching, training and fellowship. For now, there is a huge vacuum on facing these issues, even in the church. 

The Minister of Women and Children has her arms folded and her head is shaking. She is taking advice, but there are men giving her advice that are not skilled in psychology and the knowledge of family relationships. She needs to clean out the group that is advising her and consult those that understand family issues and education. The two are connected; families need to be educated and that must happen at school level.

Families in South Africa have been in crisis for some time.  Families have abdicated their responsibilities in terms of family life and discipline and surrendered these to the government.  Government must teach their children to be responsible, and schools must teach their children how to be respectful. 

Government, the church in South Africa and social society will take hands and address this issue in a holistic manner to raise awareness for responsible family life.   This will result in a moral regeneration that will be showcased in the media; advertisements will promote good family values and respect for one another.  A healthy family life will become the basis of education and will result in improved scholastic performances.  

Stronghold Broken

South African families are in trouble. There is a sixty-year stronghold that hangs over South African families. God is going to break this stronghold in 2020. Families will reconcile and those that have been separated due to the apartheid years and ‘broken down’ will experience healing. The role of the father will be restored. Some of those who went overseas will return to South Africa due to this stronghold being broken. 

The sixty-year stronghold caused an ‘overactive’ maternal structure in families and society. God is changing that; the change is starting in 2020. God will teach the fathers how to lead their families and how to bring up children. There was a lack of knowledge, which will be restored through the churches, schools and communities. This will lead to community projects, by which families will be helped and taught how to be families again.

The Lord says He wants to shut down the enemy’s whispers in the ears of families on how to qualify a father, how to qualify a mother or what makes that distinction in family life. He wants to elevate the role of the father; teaching on how to become a father will come in different streams, including employee-father relationship and pastor-congregant relationship. He wants to bring back the mother-daughter relationship with intentional love for one another, grooming each other and raising each other up and the sweeter, softer voice of women will be more evident. Women have gone the other way; they have gone to the harsher side because they feel their voice is not heard, but He wants to bring back the softer side, the maternal, back into family life.

Godly Examples

Leaders in government will set healthy examples for fathering and they will reunite and bring back Godly values in family life. 

Restoration of Fathers

The role of the father will be restored in families. God will raise up specific ministries that are passionate about this. Collaboration between government, church and school will bring this about, healing the role of the father in homes. 


The rape crisis has reached epidemic proportions in the country. In addition, 67% of families are single-headed households. Government is taking note, and they will prioritise solving the socio-economic problems in the nation. More funds from government will be made available into family and education in terms of training. Support from government towards women in the nation will increase. Government will initiate strong moves to address the femicide seen during 2018. There will be support, particularly for single mothers and their role as leaders in families.

 March for families

A parliamentarian is going to promote a march.  This man has a very strong family and a strong leadership ability. His emphasis is on family;  we will see him in the future, organising this march. Government and business with be coming together to address socio-economic problems, bringing a holistic revival in families in the nation.


Animators and Gaming

Animation and game design will have an African flavour that will be very popular from 2020 going on to 2021. App designers will be coveted because they will generate the economy for small business, and they will be in big demand. Even education facilities will advertise app design and game design programs to draw in the younger generation, which will also have a ripple effect on the generations to come. 

There will be an opportunity for under-privileged communities in media in 2020. Communities that have been totally untapped will be reached by modern media in 2020 and will birth a desire in the young generation who want to be part of the arts and the media mountain.

Arts in Schools

Art education in schools will continue. It will have a stronger role to play because of the need to develop creativity. Some of those creative people will, however, go overseas once they leave school, but others will stay. There is a young artist being raised up overseas as part of God’s plan for SA. There will be investment in artists in South Africa but there will be a balance in that regard. Specific businesses will start to invest more in arts – especially in young people and not so much in well-known artists. Bursaries will be available. 

A number of those who go overseas to be trained there will return as teachers. The return of well-skilled artists will go together with value-driven campaigns in order to impart good values into the arts.

More prominent actors will stand with one foot in Christian and the other foot in secular media. God is doing this in order to impart values that are on His heart into society and communities.  These actors will ‘push’ new values into society. 

Christian Arts

The Lord wants to have an identity of Christ in the arts in the way we worship, in the development of drama and movies. In a new broadcasting channel/house, dramas and series will be developed that are more Christ centred, teaching the values of family life in a gentler way and addressing social issues that we are not really paying attention to. 

There will be collaboration between painting artists in the mainstream and prophetic painters. They all display different arts in a soccer-field-wide space and explain what inspires them to draw people into the love of painting again.

There is an attack on Christian artists, musicians, or anybody who sings worship songs, and even on those in secular music who sing in the name of the Lord. We need to stand in the gap for them and lift them up before the Lord.

2020 is the time for Christian media to ‘get their house in order’. New plans will not work unless that is done. God is going to the roots of Christian media. Christian media has to adhere to legislation, pay taxes, get structures in order and should not try to get away with tricks, or try to ‘trick’ councils, governments and spiritual bodies overseeing them. It is time to ‘walk the talk’.

God is removing the roots of preconceived ideas and agendas.  It is time for God’s agenda in Christian media. New people will be employed with a focus to ‘turn back to God’.

Church and Media

The Lord is raising up a louder more distinctive voice in media emanating from the churches. It is almost as if the Lord has put aside specific and consecrated a people that He wants to teach how to speak Christ into the masses in the media sphere. He is launching them out in 2020 to be a louder voice that drowns out anything else that the enemy is putting into the media, and it will draw people’s attention to the mandate of Christ.


Media credibility is under attack, especially in South Africa. Any news released is questioned. Credibility must come for the sake of the serious journalists, media and arts people who have given their lives to do this. They are very earnest about the integrity and credibility of the media and arts and want credibility to return. 

Film Industry

 A boom in the film industry specifically from an international influx in Cape Town will have a South African theme to it and a South African story that needs to be told. A South African film presented at the Cannes Film Festival will put South Africa back on the map. 

There will be a surge of work due to the international film influx in 2020, but they will also discover hidden gems like Mpumalanga for filming instead of the usual sites that have been used in the past.

God and secular media 

God wants to go to the roots of secular media as well. There are journalists that are not covering news as they should. Much has been going on beneath the surface that has not been covered by the media. Some have been bribed to stay silent, while others are too scared to talk.

There have been two camps in the media and the arts: Firstly, the charlatans, the risk takers, the chancers, and the people that don’t care, who just want to be seen and heard. The second group are the serious journalists.  There is a huge schism between the two camps. Efforts are being made to root out the charlatans and those giving bad reports. There is almost a war on against fake news and against issues in the media.

A big media house will have a decline in market share due to the ‘roots’ of that media house not being in order. Only once the roots of the media are tackled in SA will the media grow stronger. 

Government and Media

The Lord is raising up people in government media departments who will respond to journalists in a more ethical and unbiased way. They will present the real state of affairs and not try to cover up things.

In the past, there have been complaints about the costs of concerts that are held in the nation whenever there is a special day; musicians and speakers are invited, and everybody dances and sings. However, these events are cathedrals of joy, drawing people and bringing them together into unity. 

Informal Filming

Informal cell-phone filming with 5-minute, 7- minute or even 20-minute clips of families talking or doing their daily chores are being released onto digital platforms and will impact communities.  The story line is excellent, and schools will be putting them up on screens to show what the children have filmed about happenings in their community. 

Information Minister

The new information minister is a person of vision and a person of the future. Digital television will migrate at a faster pace than anticipated. For now government is delaying it, but there will be a quick migration. The minister will see a need for the education of actors. The private sector will become involved with the funding. A new television station like a DSTV platform with family shows will start with broadcasting one hour a day and grow till 12 hours a day. 

Interactive Media

Media will become more interactive.  There will be options through newspapers and magazines for interactive reactions from readers.  Informal videos will be created through this interactive process that will unite communities and bring unity across community borders.

Local Flavour

A local person with a vision to bring local stories to the media will emerge. God has already birthed this in the person’s heart. A very well-known or recognised Christian-based movie production company in South Africa will be on par with international standards that will impact not only this nation but nations across the borders as well. Media will be used again in education to impact that sphere and the nation with discipleship values and grounding that God wants to release. 

New initiatives will develop the arts as there is a great wealth of good local and African content, writers and actors. This talent will come to the fore with many performing in Johannesburg and Cape Town. New dance productions will bring out the hidden gems in South Africa that will assist the artists in gaining access to international stages in America and Europe because there will be talent scouts looking out for new talent. 

Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for local artists, some will look for opportunities elsewhere. Prayer for the industry is needed so that South Africa does not lose these talented artists because God wants to make use of their stories to inspire the youth.

More local bands will receive exposure on radio stations. Some will be invited overseas to open for famous artists, which will provide good exposure for South Africa’s music industry and the talent therein. Production companies will send scouts to music festivals as they look for new talent or the next ‘big sensation’, focusing on artists from underprivileged backgrounds from ‘third world’ countries in order to promote inspirational stories. So, 2020 will be a year of great opportunity for those who have been sowing for many years. Many of these artists have wanted to give up, but in 2020 they will receive recognition and fame.


Poetry, especially poems written in indigenous South African languages, will bring change to communities and to the nation. Poetry will have solid connections with different social media platforms, but poetry books will also be published again. 

A new move of poetry, more specifically Christian poetry, will bring about a crossover of mainstream poetry and Christian poetry. There is a hunger for expression of who God is and the identity of people that the Lord is drawing together. Mainstream and Christian poetry will flow together; one will be asking the question and the other one providing an answer. 


Propaganda vs Truth

In 2020, two streams of media will become more prevalent, with one pushing propaganda and another trying to publish the truth, but they will face much persecution. We must pray for them that God will give them courage to continue exposing the works of darkness.


Publishing has become a very slow media outlet, with mostly educational material being published.  A surge and release of indigenous Zulu and Xhosa stories written in English will appeal to the South African market. Very good authors and good quality publications and material will be released. 

The demise in the magazine trade caused magazines to migrate to digital resources, but this  is no longer working either; to distribute their material, they will put their magazines on Face book and Instagram. Much of the material is life changing. The stories need to be heard because they help people understand the situation they are in by hearing someone else’s stories (like group therapy digitally).

A Wits professor is working with the media and arts department on material that South Africans can relate to and he is very serious about it. He has written many papers on it and talked to many people about it, but he gets blocked. Every time he wants to release something, it is blocked. In 2020 he will have an open door to go ahead and do this. He is not alone but has a group of two or three people who have the same vision to release material that South African people can relate to (as opposed to foreign material that we enjoy but that does not tell our story).

More authors will be positive about publishing. Many unwritten books in draft form have not been published. There are piles lying on editors’ desks. God is going to give them a unique idea on how to manage these unpublished works. Books will be sold on a flash stick that can be plugged in to a computer and read. It will be easy to get hold of these books because authors are desperate to get their stories read. Their calling is to write the stories.  Some have dreamt the stories. Some love to put things down into words; words are what they work with and words need to go out into the nation to bring about the changes that we need.  The preaching, the church, and the economy use words. The authors of the stories are going will bring about huge change.

The Lord is igniting a passion for writing family-based books to teach children different things from a very young age, with pictures and drawings and arty little things that draw their attention while giving them a life lesson or a God lesson in between.

Very young people in their teenage years are using that platform to start their businesses writing books for children and writing books for each other, expressing the flavour of their era and their environment.

Many small books and short stories will be published; some will be in print, but many of them will be digital. These stories will also be value driven.


There is a rap artist from the coloured community who is very successful and who gives funny political and social commentary.  He has a great following among the youth.  He will change the way the youth in South Africa think about their country.

Two icons in the music industry in South Africa will come together and create and develop a programme with the aim to foster unity across social divides.  



Despite the problems that the SABC is facing, government has taken a decision to retain it.  Great changes are coming for the institution.  The current board has gone to great lengths to implement the Auditor-General’s report, and they are intentional in turning the institution around.  The SABC will be intent to bring a balanced view to its viewers on politics, society issues and finances; even in employing people, it will ensure that opposing views are catered for.  

The SABC will become the pinnacle of state-owned enterprises.  It will be an inspiration for other state-owned enterprises.  The SABC will be known as a responsible institution and its coverage will also be responsible.  They have a great impact and reach viewers that cannot afford more expensive options.  

With regards to media, there is a very large African or international media company that has its eye on the SABC. The main purpose for them partnering with the SABC is to gain access and make use of its established infrastructure to produce and expose new, upcoming talent.

Large corporations such as Google and Facebook launch bursaries and initiatives, specifically in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These large corporations have identified the continent of Africa as a key growth area for their businesses and they are poaching and copying the talent and ideas of young technologically savvy entrepreneurs in this nation.

Social Media

Social media platforms will be utilised so much more in 2020.  Many institutions and communities will utilise social media platforms as places of activism for their respective plights.

Our perception of social media will change. Content-on-demand will not only grow as it has been doing on paid-for platforms but also on general social media platforms as people will get fed-up with information being in their faces constantly.  

Special Recognition

An African will win some kind of Nobel Literature award and this will put Africa back on the map. He will be from South Africa, but he might not be an indigenous South African.

A strong demand will come from Europe for South African arts, particularly in terms of school choirs, and different forms of music that will unite music and all the art forms.

Sports and Arts

A marriage as such is coming between sports and arts.  When a sporting event is being hosted, half of the event will be dedicated to art such as music, singing, or dancing.  A focus on cultural arts will bring cohesiveness across different cultural communities.  It will establish an appreciation for different cultures.


There is a new sound and new voice of YouTubers with a South African flavour; real-time live YouTubers will grow amongst the younger generation. It will bring multi-generational unity that will work together well and because of that growth, business and even pharmaceutical companies will sponsor with advertising and sponsorship. This will break forth a brand new phase for media in South Africa.

Untimely Deaths

Attacks on artists as they are raised up to a certain level, often resulting in deaths, will continue. This has something to do with witchcraft against these artists because of jealousy against them, the money that they earn and the fans that they have. A picture was seen of one artist elevated, surrounded by hundreds that are looking for that same platform. There is a projection against these artists and we really need to pray against this witchcraft so that it would stop.



The ANC is still in trouble internally; there is much deal making and breaking behind people’s backs, including much anti-Ramaphosa talk. He will, however, continue to do what he must. There is a woman in the ANC with a loud voice and she is influencing people around her against Ramaphosa. God will silence her.

The power struggle within the National Executive Committee of the ANC will be ongoing and one of its members will resign as a result.  This power struggle will have an impact in parliament and opposing voices will be heard from the ANC within parliament as a result of this power struggle.  


A warning — multiple assassination attempts were seen; prayer for the local and national political parties is needed. The national leaders have good security guards, but the local politicians don’t have such stringent security around them; assassinations will be prevalent in 2020; pray for the safety of our leaders.

There will be deaths of high-profile politicians by accident, particularly in Mpumalanga.

Cabinet Changes

There will be a cabinet shakeup early in 2020. Many cabinet ministers will be moved around or receive different political portfolios. 


The Lord says that the level of crime statistics in South Africa equates to war.  There will thus be an increase of pressure on the National Minister of Police and he is as perplexed as to what to do.  The pressure will become so great that in a cabinet reshuffle, he might not survive.  

Unlicensed weapons will come under scrutiny in 2020.

The National Police Commissioner will also come under great pressure.  The Lord says that if he is not able to make the police force effective, he might not be the right person for the job.  He will be granted a grace period to achieve this objective.  In the absence of an effective police force, communities will increasingly take the law into their own hands.

Stringent crime control will be placed on South African border posts for those leaving South Africa. This control is specifically focused on highjacked or stolen vehicles that have been broken up or taken across our borders. The military and police will work together as a special task force that will have greater authority. The HAWKS and police were seen working together with a very similar strategy. Currently, they fall under different domains but will link arms in 2020. Leaders from different sectors are coming together and listening to one another instead of condemning and accusing each other


There is a power struggle in the DA.  A scandal will be revealed and once it is addressed, the issues in the party will normalise again.  Within the ranks of the DA, there is an individual that is an exceptionally good strategist.  His advice will be very valuable for the DA leadership on how to take the DA forward. The power struggle relates to different visions for the party.  The Lord will correct the vision of the DA to what the Lord had intended for this party when it was first established. The power struggle will not derail the plans of the Lord for this party. 

The DA will have an impact in  the next local government elections. There will be a gradual shift within the DA to the original vision that will cause them to regain lost support. 

DA- Mmusi Maimane

Regarding Mmusi Maimane, there is a call almost like the call of Abraham on his life, a call or promise where he will not necessarily see the fulfilment of those promises, but as he accepts this grace and the challenging call on his life to stand for righteousness, he will sow seeds that will change generations to come. God has really got a hold of Mr Maimane in the night watch, stirring in his heart to stand up for righteousness. There will be a change in his role with him becoming more of an activist for righteousness. The vehicle that is currently been used is the DA but this will change, as this is not a permanent fixture for him.  There are those who have different ideas and views and do not align themselves with Mr Maimane. They have hidden agendas, but God will protect him and his family as they try and push through these political agendas.

Department of Health

The Lord is drawing attention to the Department of Health where a lack of care for the older generation and younger children has been prevalent in the different provinces.                      A quicker response is needed in implementing the corrective measures, or there will be riots from the people that are not satisfied with what is happening in the health department. New doctors will be brought in from other countries who will put systems in place that will allow the government health department to run more smoothly.

In terms of politics, the Lord will call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to change those who are currently advising him in some capacity. He has taken their advice up to a certain point and that is sufficient, but he needs a group of people with a different kind of wisdom to take him to a new level.

Economy on Track

Great focus will be placed on Minister Mboweni’s plans for the economy.  These plans will not be derailed by either the unions or other voices in South Africa.  This is like a train that is on its tracks and it will keep going forward.


The EFF will come under pressure.  Chapter 9 Constitutional institutions will be used to silence the division being spread by the EFF and its leader, Julius Malema.  Communities will look differently at the EFF because of this, and there will be a decrease in membership. 

The EFF is connected to a crime network across South Africa involving, amongst other, drugs and weapons. These crimes are being funded from overseas, mostly from the Chinese.  The EFF is functioning like a smoke screen in general, drawing attention away from real issues. They are being paid to do that. We should focus on the real issues and not what the EFF is dishing up. The party will still make a lot of noise, but it is like a lighted match that is going to be put out – God will (at the right time) put his finger on it, saying, “No more, this is it!” They will become irrelevant over time.


The Lord says, “Government of South Africa, you are on the way!”  The president and his team have decided on the way and this is currently being implemented.  President Ramaphosa is reactive to issues currently; he is seen at the right places at the right time and he makes sure that he sends a clear message in relation to the issue at hand.  Behind the scenes, government is also proactive in relation to certain focal issues and policy changes will be affected in these areas. 

Government will be forced to act against corrupt leaders in the ruling party in 2020. Many leaders seemed to get away with the corruption they committed, but this will ultimately not be so.  As people will be arrested and stand trial for misdeeds and corruption, many out of fear will leave their positions within government. 

Hot Spots


A vision was seen of parliamentarians shaking their heads about the issues in the Cape; they don’t know what to do about the drug issues. They bring the army in one area and they quieten it there, but the drug lords just move to another area. The issues there are coming from the sea. The ports are one of the entry points for the drugs that are causing the problems in the Cape, and more harbour points should be patrolled more earnestly.

Free State

A new premier will be elected for the Free State.  Illegal issues will be uncovered and settled and will bring peace; the people will be content. The financial books will balance.

Social services will have a big shake up. Bloemfontein is being singled out for a complete reshuffle of the whole department, with new social workers and new systems. 

KwaZulu-Natal Riots

Riots in KwaZulu-Natal will occur as a revolt against certain people entering government. It will be an ethnic uprising but will be quickly dealt with. There are leaders in KwaZulu-Natal with clear strong voices that will speak over their communities and bring calm. They will not allow the riots to take on the proportions they have in the previous years, stirred up in the communities through false rumours and false stories. People are becoming angry because they feel they have been forgotten; they don’t have the roads, airports, schools or dams they want.  Many requests from KwaZulu-Natal are not being met. People are feeling neglected and are being stirred up.  

North West

Violent protest actions in the North West province will be ongoing as government does not address the dissatisfaction of communities with service delivery issues.  The vision of the premier of the province will be realised within the five years of his premiership.  The turn- around strategy will be visible by the end of the term of the premier.  Peace and satisfaction from especially the rural areas will become evident and there will be great stability in these areas.  Local governments will serve their communities and the communities will be satisfied with the service delivery.

There is an element of witchcraft in Rustenburg. A woman that is based in Rustenburg has ties in government. God will cause the person who is opening the door for her into parliament to be removed. This will bring a great breakthrough in government and the political sphere of our nation.

Human Rights Commission

In 2020 there will be a greater focus on the work of the Human Rights Commission as one of the Chapter 9 institutions as well as the Equality Court.  Their voices will be heard more and more.  They will bring a balanced view to issues that easily divide South Africans.  


There is a great need to pray for the leadership of the IEC to change because of the corruption that took place in the last election.

Independent Candidates

The Constitutional Court will rule in favour of independent candidates and this will change the whole political scene. 

Illegal Practices

The government and some banks are in corruption together, which causes ungodly control over money, leading to money not reaching the beneficiaries it was intended to reach. Some overseas companies will discover these plots and withdraw their investments. 


There are Josephs that God is calling into government and some of these people will cross President Ramaphosa’s path; he will notice them. These Josephs will come from different communities and political parties. God is placing Josephs all over South Africa to make a difference as he has a Joseph-plan for the country. The Josephs will be placed at different governmental levels, forming a hidden structure the extent of which will only be known by God Himself. New people will serve with those that had served before. Those that served previously will be able to counsel those around them.  God has placed this Joseph anointing on South Africa through using individuals that He can trust. They won’t necessarily know of each other. God is doing the work with the aim to impart a new value system into government.

New Leaders Emerging

There is a very young and dynamic person, a political leader in the ANC, who is being groomed to take over leadership in about ten years’ time and will walk in the footprints of the greats. He will start featuring in 2020. He is a people’s person and as he speaks, people from all cultures will stop and listen. He was born in South Africa and has a heart and passion for the people and the many cultures of our nation. He will be our number one person when he comes to power.

Party Politics

The emphasis that was on party politics in the past will change. Many value-based politicians and parliamentarians that have a heart for the country will rise up. Great change will come to political parties and the division between all these parties. There will be much floor crossing. Relationships will be formed between these parties and a new sound will come from our parliament

Party Splintering

There will be a split in a top stable party where a split will be necessary to bring change. It could be the ANC, but it may even be the DA. The split is very necessary to allow a breath of fresh air that is currently been suppressed. When this break-away happens, there will be new life in the party and over our nation.

Political Landscape

2020 will be a year of great shaking within South African politics. Party leaders will be in the spotlight more than ever before. Great changes within leadership structures will take place within the prominent three political parties. Many faces from the past will be seen again. Many new faces will also be seen in parliament as many parties will address and deal with exposed areas of wrongdoing.

Much of what was prophesied over the last three years in South African politics will come to its fulfilment in 2020, with major leaders creating and stepping into new parties; coalitions never thought possible will stun people.  The political sphere will have muddy waters and it will be difficult to navigate and make decisions in this environment, but it will still be possible. 

A drive in 2020 with special gatherings to address the needs and challenges that communities are facing will be fruitful. Communities are every frustrated with the lack of the fulfilment of promises, but government is encouraged to not give up as these meetings will bear fruit in the communities.

The political landscape is in a slow transitional period. People should not lose heart during this process. Some policies will be difficult to pass, especially those that are aimed at boosting the economy. A real struggle between socialistic and capitalistic views will occur, but a balance will need to be struck between them and this will need to happen quickly so that the leaders can make changes to stimulate the economy. Pray for protection for high-profile ministers such as Mr Mboweni, Mr Gordhan, the president and those aligned to him.  There will be attempts at character assassination through the media, bringing false accusations against them with stories that are not true. For 2020, job creation will be the buzz word for government and they have already put things into place, but the targets that they have set are not realistic.

President Ramaphosa 

President Ramaphosa’s position will be challenged at the next electoral conference; a great shaking was seen coming there. The Traditional Leaders Bill will also be amended, and this will bring an uprising from these traditional leaders because of the threat of them losing their position. The land question will be raised again and instead of violence erupting, there will be amicable solutions and agreements. A major split will occur in a party and a fourth political party will come out of this. This a fourth party will rise very quickly and we will be amazed to see who joins that party, who becomes the leader of the party and the way it will push South Africa forward into a new era of politics.

Until now, President Ramaphosa has had people around him that steered him in different directions; the word “shatter” was heard, and he is reaching a point of saying “no more!” He needs people who will guide him in a specific direction. He needs to streamline those that speak into his life. He was seen partnering more with men of God who will speak into his life and seeking them out more often.

The president will be seen taking an extreme stance against leaders who have been accumulating ill-gotten gain.

A vision was seen of President Ramaphosa’s face becoming very stern.  He will address the raging division and corruption within his own party, the government and the nation in a very serious tone. His stance will make many uncomfortable within his own ranks.  They will be leaving in droves with many excuses, but the fact will be that they fear exposure.

The president stands throughout the last two years of his tenure and will be justified by the fruit in 2020.


The Lord is drawing on the country’s security cluster and making it more prevalent and understandable to them why they are called the security cluster. For a season, there needs to be a pulling together of these departments with a more cohesive way of addressing crime and current upheavals in the different provinces. 

There needs to be a stringent collaboration between Home Affairs, DIRCO and the State Security Agency. The intelligence that comes from the State Security Agency needs to be implemented within the Home Affairs and DIRCO departments respectively. Crime intelligence within SAPS and SANDF will have a stronger collaboration on how to deal with drugs and xenophobia. 

Steadying the Ship

Politics and government work hand in hand because political parties are ruling the country for now. Government is trying to steady the ship, keeping a low profile and saying very positive things. They are quiet about issues that need to be addressed. 

When there is trouble anywhere, government officials go to the hotspot and make promises to investigate it. They are trying to keep things quiet and balance things. Behind the scenes, they are having many meetings and discussions on how to progress. Many debates and ideas are being thrown around, but there are no decisions on what to implement. Plans are in the infancy stage. Many routes taken before have been terminated and now looked on in a different way.  No drastic changes will be made. 


Political ‘fires’ will still occur across South Africa and unions will make trouble. Government must put contingency plans into place. These actions will not stop immediately but they will also not cause harm as intended.  It must be handled by government and not feared. 

More people need to be employed by the police force and SANDF in general. Government must look at their salaries. Because of low salaries, people do not wish to work there anymore. Salaries in the defence force and education need to be increased.

Worsening in Politics

The political situation in the nation will become worse before it gets better.  More finances will be poured into the NPA and the processing of cases will speed up. A very strong second tier of judges will rise that have been trained and have really been directed for this season; much  more will be heard from these judges. They are going to become household names.


About xenophobia and the borders – it is in God’s will that people from other nations should be able to come into South Africa. It is part of God’s plan, so we must go with it.


South Africa is in a very good place with their agriculture. The infrastructure for agriculture ensures good food security, and crops have storage places. A big order for our grain will come from a foreign nation, and we will be able to fulfil some of that order but not the whole order, because some of the grain will be stored for South Africa’s use. Imports and exports will be balanced.

Many misconceptions in terms of the value of agriculture in South Africa will be addressed in 2020. The value of this industry will greatly increase in the coming year. This will force government to implement new policies in terms of agriculture.

Dormant Land

There are many dormant farms on the agriculture minister’s radar, and they are under discussion. Although privately owned, they are not working farms, and no one is living on them. Huge patches of ground are not utilised.  The agriculture minister is in discussion over this in order to expropriate the land that is not used.  Every time expropriation is mentioned, there is a huge uproar. Discussions will be held on how to handle this with wisdom so as not to cause people to become anxious and distressed. People are being encouraged to decentralise. 

Cities are currently overpopulated.  Plans are being made to attract people to rural areas and build villages close to major cities, like mini villages where they can build schools and plant small crops and gardens so that people do not need to flock to cities to earn a living.

The major five cities, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and two others, are groaning under the large number of people. There are just too many people for the roads, the clinics, and the schools. The intention is to decentralise and bring people out of the cities.

Employing Local

More local people will be employed in the farming industry. 


In 2020, there will be a decline in exports to the usual places. Some regular export destinations will dry up, but an increase in new destinations will allow exports to continue. There are scouts out at the moment and salesmen moving around to different countries, finding markets especially for our fruit. Exporters of fruit and fruit products, dried fruit and juices, will find new markets because they have a sense of the old market points changing.

Farmers will have to attend to the needs of the nation first before they export, and a high-quality product should be placed on the local market at a higher price. Basic food groups will be in high demand in 2020.

Brazil will be purchasing much of our produce.  There will be greater international relations between Brazil and much of South African’s wheat will be released into Russia.

Farming Communities

Faith is rising amongst the farmers. They are standing together in community-based events. Many inventions from the agricultural sector will streamline things and make it easier for our farmers to have advantage in what they do. Some of these inventions will be underground watering and the drip method; a compost composition will win a national award.

Farmers will have to cluster into smaller groups and have better security measures in order to protect their farms and families.


Drones will be used for security for farms over larger regions. The drones will be a part of preventative action for security forces to see more clearly what is happening. Different communities will link arms, finances will be available, and government will back the program financially to combat crime and farm murders.

Free State Premier

The farmers in the Free State have really been praying for the premier to be replaced. The new premier will upgrade the roads and farming in the Free State will become more secure and free.

Government Aid for Drought-Stricken Farmers

Government will step in to give financial relief for the drought-stricken area in the Northern Cape.  The drought will gradually be erased in 2020.  It will start off with little rain and will then gradually increase to regular rain and agricultural land in the Northern Cape will normalise.  

The greater agricultural community in South Africa will be more prepared to assist communities struggling with these types of disasters. 

Minister of Agriculture

The agricultural minister will be replaced. The man that will replace him will be a man of vision who understands about food security and science. 

Agricultural Schools

Because of him being put in place, training and agricultural schools for the next generation will be established. 

Targeted Attack

There has been a targeted attack against farmers to stop production, specifically in the area of dairy. This will change, and the agricultural minister will bring fresh ideas and a fresh approach to agriculture. 

New Initiatives

An initiative will take place between the big commercial farmers and government. Some initiatives are already in place and have started, but there will be an increase. This will see the big commercial farmers extending their expertise to the smaller farmers and communities. Government will support this initiative and tax incentives and special funding will be made available to help boost the growth of farmers in 2020.

New Innovation 

New innovations from lecturers and students from the University of Pretoria working together on implements for ploughing and harvesting will be presented to farmers that will save them time and money.

Alternative farming methods for cities will be researched in order to bring food closer to people. There is a search for overseas specialists to help with that. However, the specialists are not overseas but here in South Africa. 


The rainy season will be late, although enough water will be available for agricultural purposes. There will be localised flooding in some areas and the ground-water table will rise significantly. A cloud covering the whole of South Africa was seen, almost like the 14-day ‘perske reën’ (peach rain) of old.

The next season will not bring very consistent rains. Heavy rains will be followed by patches of dry periods, so the farmers will have to be careful with the water. More dams are needed on farms as catchment areas for the water. Rainfall will be sporadic, and care will need to be taken in terms of catchment areas and dams in order to save water for drier seasons.

Food security for 2020 will be good and the fruit trees will bear fruit in great abundance. The mealie crops will be excellent, and all the crops will yield very well if farmers are wise and look after the water that does fall when the rains do come. 

Farmers must be forward thinking, not only about the present season, month or year. They must think ahead past 2020 and 2021. Some fields need to lie dormant so that they can catch up with their nourishment and they need to be prepared before more crops are planted.

2020 will be a hot, dry season with very high wind and wildfires. Farmers must have fire breaks in place, keep them maintained and not let any shrubs grow over the fire breaks. The prevention program does not only refer to the natural but also to the spiritual: to guard their hearts, to trust in God, and to be aware of those strong winds.

Redeeming of the land

Farmers are in fear concerning their land. A vision was seen of farmers walking over their land. This is a commission from the Lord to walk and pray over their land and have communion there. There is a redeeming of the land. 

There will be a division between those who have redeemed their land and have a much stronger crop and those that have only prayed.  Farmers redeeming their land through prayer and communion will have bigger crops.  It is as though they will be walking in their jubilee year and will have more than enough. 

Renewable Energy

Large areas that have become unproductive due to adverse weather conditions over the years will present opportunities for renewable energy such as solar and wind farms, and farmers should be open to exploring this.

Various Agricultural Products


In the next few years, there will be a demand for apricots internationally. It is now time for farmers who are considering planting fruit trees to consider apricots and apricot-related products.


The South African beef industry will continue to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming year.  South African beef will become a major contender in the international industry and will be exported at greater levels than ever before.  This will bring an increase in finance and funding within this industry in South Africa. 

Many cattle farmers have suffered much in drought-stricken areas. The release of this finance will also bring relief for many small- and medium-scale cattle farmers as the industry will be seen stepping in to aid them. The compassion that will be seen will become a testimony across the nation. 


A demand from businesses outside of South Africa to provide livestock from the farming industry will benefit stock farmers. Truckloads full of cattle will be going up into Africa. The cattle industry will continue to grow, and farmers need to investigate exports to African countries.  


The South African fishing industry will become very prevalent in the next year.  

Many fishing communities are in crisis with government in terms of licensing; allocations of fishing quotas through mediation will remove the stalemate in the industry. This will give new momentum to the fishing industry and unlock great potential in South Africa. Many small-scale fisheries will seem to pop up overnight and become a substantial employer in the South African agricultural job market.


Hunting and tourism will partner in 2020.  Many international tourists will come specifically for hunting trips.  Farmers will also branch out and offer farm holidays where tourists experience and participate in regular farm life.  


There will be a good demand for all types of berries, and the pricing will be very high. For berry farmers, this will be a very good year and care should be taken of their crops to maximize their output production, for they will receive good pricing for berries in 2020.


Hybrid corn seed is being grown in a scientific lab; not the current seed of this season but a different kind of hybrid corn seed that will be able to carry us for the next couple of years


A vision was seen where maize fields were full, resulting in very good harvest with a surplus of maize in 2020. There will be enough for export but also much is to be retained for the local market for the season ahead.


Nuts will also do well, and the nut industry will bloom in this next season.  Nuts will be cleverly used in foods.  

 Protea Flowers

Protea-exporting businesses will experience a wonderful flourish in protea sales. A UK contract for exporting will become available.


Wine and tea production will increase trade; the wine and grape season will yield huge harvests that will increase business inside South Africa and internationally. 


In the Western Cape, one of the wines will receive an international award, which will be celebrated.


Three warnings:  The fish industry will be negatively impacted by a hot and cold sea stream that is out of the ordinary; many veld or bushfires were seen in KwaZulu-Natal and farmers need to be diligent with maintaining fire breaks. An illness will break out among pigs.

2020 is a season of trust. There is a promise that where two farms are next to each other, one farm will prosper and the other one will not. Where there is trust and faith in God, He will make farms prosper. That is a promise for farmers for 2020.

Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions will be experienced, especially in the Cape, and farmers will have to take care in protecting their crops from these high winds and hail.

Unfortunately, there will be areas that will experience low rainfall and some farmers will go through difficult times. Some farms will need to be consolidated; some farms will have to become smaller and farming communities need to come together and pray and support one another, especially for smaller farms as they will become unsustainable.


A Voice to Society

The South African church, with all its cultures and denominations, has become very prosperous and this has caused the church to have a voice in society. They are influential and can speak out and dictate in certain areas what is needed and what is not. Influential people across a broad spectrum of society are meeting privately with pastors for Biblical advice on their marriages and families to keep the anonymity.  They are influenced by spiritual men and women who speak into their lives, marriages and financial issues. 

Business and church

There is a businessman who wants to sponsor a school in a church. He will pay for the school, but he wants his name on the school.  The pastor is in a dilemma because he does not know whether the name of the businessman or the Lord’s name should be on the school. Many of our pastors and Christian leaders are at a crossroads as to what they will allow and what they will not allow. They are finding it difficult to choose because of pressure from business people. 

Cell Groups

There will also be a continuous growth in cell-based or home churches and God will use this for the good so that they can make more of a difference in their communities. Various initiatives will take place in these home-based churches where they will be community and family focused, reaching out to the poor, and in many instances being more effective than the bigger churches currently are in South Africa.

City Transformations

Churches will be involved in city transformation in the future. The church’s influence in the nation will not decrease; it will grow stronger and stronger because  more evangelism will take place. There will be a move back to evangelism and the preaching of the pure undiluted Word of God, and we will see more signs and wonders. Prominent leaders like gang leaders involved in drugs and prostitution are having complete encounters with God.  There will be a strong emphasis on evangelism and revival.

Financial Strain

The church is growing spiritually, but many ministers have been impacted negatively by the economy. Some of those ministers are leaving full-time ministry and going into business. God is sending ministers into business because He is placing them next to business leaders. People will say that those ministers are after money, but that is not true. God is sending the church to business Those whom He will use in this manner will have to focus on God’s Word. The Lord will place prophets next to those ministers in business, therefore more prophets will be used strategically in this way. Some of them will be directly involved in business while others will provide advice.

“Stop groaning and start to grow.” It seems that churches have been groaning and God is saying, “Stop it. The time for groaning is over; it is a time for thankfulness and thankfulness will open a lot of blessings for the church.” Churches are taking hands. Those who never would have taken hands in the past are now taking hands and starting new community projects. That is part of the “stop groaning and start growing”-process.

Focusing on Social issues

Outreach teams will be aimed at women’s ministry. Youth and drug rehab facilities will be touched significantly in the year 2020. The church will bring a balance in xenophobia and women abuse. Ministries will facilitate the process of peace and unity. The church will be more proactive and jump in before issues can arise and disrupt our South African community and culture.

The church will bring a solution to human trafficking. There is a specific church leader that either has experience or came out of human trafficking and they know key figures in government. This leader will bring a strategy and proactive solution to human trafficking. Your time in Egypt is now over; the time of slavery is now over. In 2020 we take authority for the church in South Africa to walk in a season of freedom.

Greater Purity

God is calling church leaders to greater purity, integrity and righteousness in how they run church and how they lead their people. He is looking at their hearts specifically.  There is a warning and if they don’t rise to that, they won’t be able to continue. God is going to challenge church leaders and stretch them and grow them in this next season.

Healing for the wounded

Mature church leaders will step in to father those that stumble; there will be no judgement and lots of love.  Across church boundaries, people will be helped to get back on track.  Acceptance of the differences between churches will lead to a focus on what is really important and common to them all: Jesus.  Unity and cohesiveness is coming for churches in South Africa.  Churches will have a great impact in society, business and government.  The church is called to bring changes to nations, and people from South Africa will be called to bring a fresh new voice from the Lord to different nations.

Kingdom Culture

Kingdom culture will infiltrate business and family life; kingdom culture will be increasingly cultivated within church practises and will infiltrate into the community and further afield.


Many church leaders’ marriages are under strain and in some cases, there are even mental breakdowns.  They have become program based; there is not enough prayer in the churches, and leaders have become too task orientated and not spending enough time in prayer for their own personal lives. Prayer would enable them to see ahead of time what the enemy is bringing against them.

One Voice

Churches all over the country have the same theme-type of teaching and God is saying that this is Him honouring all the prophetic voices that have gone out and spoken out His word over the nation.  The churches are hearing it  and the pastors are picking up in the spirit that it is time to preach the same message all across the country.

Orchestrated Attack

The church in South Africa is generally doing well and because of that, an orchestrated attack is launched against the church by the enemy.  This attack will come in the form of media reports of strange occurrences portrayed as the Christian norm.  But the Lord says, “It is My time for My people and My church, and I am building it and it looks different in different areas.”   The message from the Lord for both the organised church and the informal or house church is the same, namely “Outreach! Outreach! Outreach!” 

This is not in the sense of missions, but in being equipped within the church and then conquering the different mountains.  God’s Kingdom work will become increasingly visible outside the church walls.  Both the organised church and the informal church are hearing the same message from the Lord; they are aligning with one another, and they will go out and gain ground for the Kingdom.

Realignment of vision

Mega churches will be forced to change their vision and structure because they have lost their cutting edge and become numbers based instead of hearing the Word of the Lord through the prophets and apostles. They will realign their vision and their structure to what God has for that particular church.

Some networks will also be changing their vision and structure to become more effective; those that don’t change and won’t adapt will fall away, and their influence will dwindle.

Rural Communities

Many churches in rural areas are involved in their community and helping the poor. Even these satellite churches and small churches are having a huge impact in communities in South Africa. The Lord has caused even the smallest and the largest to have an impact, so the church in South Africa is in a very healthy place. 


In 2020 there will be further sifting within the church where more scandals will come to light and more charlatans will be exposed.

Sponsorships of Churches

Schools will build new buildings through receiving sponsorships. One church is receiving a new foyer, built by a company, while another is receiving a crèche.  Secular society is relying on the spiritual threads from former generations throughout the nation.  The spiritual threads may look weak and ineffective, but their impact is making a difference in the lives of the people that are involved in them.  Business has been affected by the Word coming from the church. The level of honesty from the pulpit has had an effect on business and influential people. 

Strategic Partnering

Churches are rising to a new status by partnering with government; their voice will no longer be silent and they will have far greater influence over the leadership of our country.

In the past, media reports have focused on people that did strange things in their churches. There will be a definite distinction between darkness and light in this coming season and the light will be very bright and impact the world, and the darkness will be seen for what it is.   God will no longer allow those two to overlap.


The word “there is sweetness over the churches” was heard, and honey was poured out over pastors, ministers, apostles and prophets and over all people.  It almost feels as though we are sucked into a honeycomb, and it is very exciting and feels very loving.

The Lord says that in the next couple of years, he wants to bring a new revelation of scripture where the move of the Holy Spirit is much stronger. This is so that pastors have to discern and hear him more clearly when they hear scripture and prepare their messages.  They will deliver the new revelation and not repeat messages that they previously delivered.  Listen carefully  for the differences between the two.


God is bringing teachers back to the church to restore wholesome doctrine as some sensational teachings have been taught, and he is bringing correction. Many churches have built up large congregations and things look rosy on the outside, but spiritually some have become like a wasteland, bearing no fruit. This is a word of warning for these ministries to correct themselves and change their ways or risk closure.

The Body of Christ has become more disgruntled and unhappy in their churches as they feel very unutilised. God has given them a vision and mission in their hearts and in this season, there will be a push to really equip the saints to go outside the church and make a difference.


There is a real stirring in the hearts of the saints to bring transformation in their respective mountains. 


* A warning for the mega churches in South Africa to not fly too high, because they are messing with God’s people. God’s timing is perfect, so do not run ahead of your time; your season will come. 2020 will be a year of great harvest, so do not expand too fast.

* The Lord is giving a warning to the millennial generation: you have become very independent, self-determined and self-sufficient in the way you are doing church in the present time. This is a warning for you to not neglect the older generation because you think you do not need their influence. The millennial church is turning into an entertainment-based church and God is saying He is wanting you to become holy, with the emphasis on people and not entertainment. Lives must be changed and not only entertained . Continue to build partnerships with the older generation because of the wisdom and stability.


Church in Britain

A fire is seen being lit under the churches in Britain.  In the heart of people, there is a great desire to hear the Lord and to see Him move.  It is not true that nothing is happening in churches in Britain; the Lord says, “I am very busy there.”  The church in Britain will be a very demonstrative church; they will not be shy about the way that they experience God and the things that they hear from Him; they will be obedient to the voice that they hear. They will have prayer meetings in government buildings and business areas, and they will be making prophetic declarations.  They are a church that is proud of what the Lord is doing for them, and there is a willingness from the church to step out and be obedient.  

There will be a movement of faith within the church that will impact society and their economy.  

Many small churches in Britain are very active and the Holy Spirit is working. The State Church is taking a knock, but the Holy Spirit is working in the people and in their hearts, especially in the small churches. The Holy Spirit will move powerfully among the people who love Jesus. The power of influence of these Christians will grow tremendously, and they will influence people around them through the Holy Spirit. God is allowing the decline in nominal Christians; He is choosing those He is going to use and will empower them with might to reach the nation.  Churches from other nations will have concerts and outreaches that will ‘feed’ the church, especially those that do not have a structure where they fit into.  

2020 is a time for the church to get creative – God is going to start with a new way of doing things which will originate from the church. 

The Lord is breathing a fresh breath into the church that will cause a younger generation to respond to the love of God. Demonstrative arts, flags, drums and visible worship of the Lord that carries a prophetic voice will be very prevalent in the young adults of the church. The Lord wants them to raise a different flag on His behalf and raise up the voice of the prophetic in the church.

Revival is coming to the churches like a flood and they will come through third world nations; people from those nations will  bring revival and a pure gospel to those parts of the world. It will be as an army marching through Great Britain and bringing this revival to the country; it won’t be immediate but it will be rolled out slowly and all over the country.

New young charismatic leaders will arise that will be able to meet the next generation and win them to God. There is a desolation in the next generation because they don’t know about God and some of them don’t even know who Jesus is. A loud and clear message from these young leaders that will be rising up and winning the hearts of the people will draw the hearts of the young generation.

The church is very community and family orientated and there is definitely a spiritual inheritance for Great Britain due to the seeds that were sown by great reformers like Smith Wigglesworth. A great stirring was seen in the hearts of the believers, especially the youth, for the power of God. God is raising up a young apostolic evangelist. The name Jason or James was heard, who will have meetings and great miracles, and signs and wonders will take place.


A shaking midyear in businesses will force a relook at the foundations and conducts in the business sphere. There will be two different groups: those that want to remain in the status quo because it is seems as if it is working fine for them, and those who see the flaws in the status quo and want to change it to what the Lord wants it to be. This will affect the economy for a brief period while this transition takes place.


The economy is teetering, and it will get the attention of the politicians. They will be forced to collaborate because of the economy; they will have to come together and talk to each other instead of shouting in the media and running each other down.

There is a huge frustration in the middle-income group because their livelihood is insecure. Many of them have their own businesses and they are wondering where business is going to come from. This has caused the whole middle class to be frustrated, insecure and unhappy. There is a large amount of murmuring and moaning. So, come against the naysayers in Jesus name; in England, God rules and reigns. There are people that are praying and standing in the gap and the devil cannot win and have his way.

The struggles of the economy are igniting the spirit of the British people; there will be a new visible creativity and style returning.  In this struggle, the entrepreneurs will rise up and become more creative, they become more stylish and they draw many people to the island. Many tourists were seen coming. Tourist season will no longer be limited to a specific season; it will be all year round. The economy will struggle along till the middle of 2020; then there will be a slight upturn. By the end of 2019, some solutions will be in place but the effect will not be visible till mid-2020. 

There will be a boom in the economy in the latter part of 2020 for import and export, but it does come with a warning of an influx of refugees and illegal immigrants from Calais. Many trucks were seen coming into the UK, which is wonderful for the economy, but truckloads of illegal immigrants will place a tremendous financial strain on the economy.

In terms of the economy, there will be no great growth in 2020. The primary reason for this is the stalemate regarding Brexit; because of this, business will be taking a more cautious stance in terms of investment, growth and employment.

International Agreements

There will be new agreements between the European countries. Political leaders will benefit from Chinese funding. 


Politics is in a real big transition now and there is much insecurity all over Wales, Scotland, and England.  There is much political infighting. There is no real leader,  although there is a prime minister in place. Several people are trying to be in charge. 

The current struggle in politics is all about parliament, the prime minister and the monarchy.  The citizens of Britain are apathetic about politics.  They discuss politics at home, but they do not publicly speak their minds about it or express their wants and needs in relation to politics.  What is currently going on in parliament is a wake-up call for citizens and suddenly there real issues are being debated, like ‘Do we need a constitution? Is the monarchy outdated?’  This is a key season for Britain with regards to politics; what will be decided now will determine the impact on their future, the business world, the economy, the citizens and what is regarded as a normal life for them. This is the time for citizens to become active, let their voices be heard and not to let a selective few decide on behalf of everyone.  

News anchors in the media will start influencing discussions in Britain, and these discussions will steer the politics and the minds of people.

There will be disunity in politics with finger pointing, blaming and shaming. Social media and politics will be used in a negative way and much prayer is needed for the leaders of Great Britain.

The Labour Party will lose seats, and Jeremy Corbyn will be replaced. The country will have a new election.  England lies in the balance politically as to the Muslims and the influence in the nation, and parliamentarians are debating as to how much the Muslim voice should be allowed in parliament.  The UKIP party will rise and will win many seats. The whole political mandate and vision of the nation is going to change. The country is weary of Brexit and is in need of a new leadership.

There will be a real stalemate in politics as neither party will have a great enough majority, making it difficult to make decisions. None of the politicians in Britain want to be bold enough to decide concerning Brexit and when it comes time to vote, various leaders will ‘jump ship’. Regarding Brexit, no amicable agreement will be made, and the EU is going to force the hand of Britain.

Sporting Event

Britain will bid for a big sporting event, and the bid will be successful.  They have had many unsuccessful bids in the past, but they are going to go ahead and bid and be successful because it is something that is very close to their heart and they have the entire infrastructure to do it wisely and safely. The safety of the people that attend the sports event is key; the British people know how to keep the people safe and secure. The event is three years from 2020, but the bidding will take place next year.

The Royals

Public opinion of the royals will change as they let go of the old ways and embrace the new.  One of the younger members of the royal family is involved in something underhand at the moment; the exposure will cause a scandal and he is going to be asked to step down from his royal duties.


A bomb threat will occur in London close to Harrods, close to where the high street and the subway are; there should be heightened security in 2020, especially in London.


American Church

The American church is not very popular in other nations; the way that America does church is not the way that the rest of the world does it. They appear very light-hearted and frivolous to  everyone else and to the rest of the world, but they are actually very serious about God. So, we must not look at what we see; we must look at the heart of the American people towards God.  For many years, they have been the champion evangelists. 

God is raising another nation to be a missionary nation; it was Britain, then America and now it will be another country. It seems as if a country wears itself out sending people to other nations and then God must raise up a new nation that is full of fresh zeal and excitement to do the mission work. The next nation could be Eastern people doing mission work and ministering to the lost nations.

The church in America is almost a big brother; it has roots that go down deep and has influenced how many others do church. God honours the steadfastness and ability to reach out to other nations. A new legacy will be established as God wants to use the church in America in a new way. 

It was in God’s heart for the American church to leave a legacy; this legacy will continue for many years to come. There were many older church leaders who were faithful to God’s Word and been obedient to what God told them to do. Their legacy will continue for generations to come. 

The church is standing up for Kingdom values and bringing the Kingdom voice and balance back in government again. The ties between America and Israel will continue to strengthen and bring great favour financially to the USA; good fruit will come from that connection and understanding and unity that they have. 

A traditional leader with a TV ministry will be involved in a scandal that will be exposed. This will have a major impact on that church group.

A New Start

The Lord says he has a new start in the church in America, where he is raising up a new and younger generation with a new heritage. There will be no carrying over from the previous generation. He is starting a completely new thing from the ground up that will carry on for a few years.


Bethel Church in Redding California will have a time of multiplication and a season of growth in 2020 where they will need to expand. The seams of a garment were seen being pulled apart as they outgrow the area that they are in. Even though they come from a small city, they will expand and grow to reach more nations. Nations that were previously closed to them will open their doors to them. Their people will go on outreaches and raise up a next generation in other nations. Their voice has started small but will grow exponentially in 2020.

Focused on the USA

The church will become very active in working with government and working with leaders and leaders of states to help pass  new laws and policies. The church’s focus will move away from sending people out as they will be focused on America. Just as President Trump is very focused on America, the church will be more focused on their communities, taking a stronger stance against school shootings and violence against women and children.

Literacy Program

A church in New York will develop a literacy program that will be launched in the poorest of poor communities where there is much trouble with gangs and crime.  This program will make a huge difference in the lives of children and it will be so successful that government will copy this program for their school system.

Building Regulations

A big fire in a large shopping centre will burn most of the building to the ground. This will cause them to re-examine their fire controls, which have become a bit lax.  New, stricter fire laws for shopping centres will be legislated. They will squash out bribery for those who try to obtain fire certificates in this way.

Change is coming in the way buildings are being built. There is a tall building that has not been built yet; the infrastructure and the bricks are not there, only the twenty- or thirty-storey frame. This whole frame will collapse. This collapse will bring about changes in building practices. Building cheaper and cutting costs and time will be secondary to safety.   Building regulations will be revisited and corrected.  This will happen in the west of America, specifically in California where these laws are loose; the laws were tightened a few years ago, but they need to be tightened once more. 


In terms of the trade war, Trump’s views concerning China will remain the same regarding the trade restrictions, resulting in a continuous battle in 2020.


The economy in America is strong and the businesspeople are very happy.  Rumours of a recession in America will continue. Although there won’t be great growth, there will be consistency in the economy and America will overcome all the challenges they face in 2020. In terms of employment, America will post good news with unemployment; their figures are improving and this will have a positive effect on the economy during the latter part of 2020. 


Ford has developed a car using a new type of energy.  This car will be able to compete with other cars in relation to performance but will be much cheaper.  It will come on the market within two years; it will take the market by storm and everyone’s eyes will be on Ford. 

Gun Control

School shootings have made people very aware of guns and gun control. Previously, everyone thought they should have a gun, but now school shootings have made people aware of weapons.  Many Americans have discarded their weapons. They have been buried in the ground and thrown into dams and wells. They don’t want them in their houses or on their farms anymore.  

More attention will be given to the safety of children in schools, with new laws and policies being put into place. 

Health Issue

A health issue will start off small, like a virus that doesn’t seem to go anywhere, but requires an expedient response because it will escalate into a big issue if not attended to.


Hollywood will produce more positive programming.  Much of it will focus on development of local talent.

Leadership Vacuum

Although there are leaders, it seems there is currently a vacuum. This is due to the fact that the Lord is starting to do something new with the new generation. He is starting with the little ones because He is going to leave a new legacy. There is a focus on God’s heart for the little ones from toddlers up to ten years of age. God wants to teach them and have them flow in the Spirit. The focus is to be on those little ones now and not leaving a legacy right now because the (first) legacy is already there.

New Air Traffic Systems

A vision was seen of many aeroplanes in the air and a new system being developed to navigate flights at all the airports. The new system will be birthed out of a season where there will be a near-miss collision and security will be jacked up again. It won’t be a repeat of 9/11; this is a different threat on a different level. The Americans are wise and prudent, and they will come up with a new concept to enhance airport navigation.

Pharmaceutical Scandal

A huge scandal will be revealed in giant pharmaceutical companies.  It seems they are fiddling with the information on the packaging or the information slips.  The scandal will lead to the closing down of one of these giant companies and many retrenchments will result from that. 

Politics and President Donald Trump 

Controversy in politics will take place with everyone either for or against Trump; there is no middle way in 2020. Controversial legislation will be passed with a season of total change for America. An attack on Mr Trump’s life was seen at a later stage during his term, but it will not be successful. He has very good security around him.

An assassination against him is being planned; international leaders were coming together with plans against him, planning to take his life. It is believed that many of these plans are already in place, but the warning is for the seventh year. He will especially need to sharpen the security around him at that time. In particular, a man from New Orleans that is opposed to President Trump will to try to assassinate him. His re-election has something to do with successful campaigning against Brazil and the war on drugs.

Donald Trump will be re-elected for a second term. The third year of his second term (the seventh year that he will be president) is going to be a very difficult year – a year of turmoil.

The American people really do love their president and are happy with most of the results that he has achieved. Even though the media are presenting a different picture, President Trump will remain president and stand for a second term.

Schemes Exposed

The Lord is going to expose a group of people who are in a room together sending out emails and fooling people; they are tricksters, liars and charlatans trying to make a living from the misfortune of others. A government law will be passed to stop this practice. The responsible people will be jailed and some of them will be deported back to their countries.  The group is made up of people from different nations.


There will be transportation issues, specifically with train or rail transport (a malfunction in the gridlines). Servicing that should have been carried out in a particular way was skipped.  There was incomplete work done; the trains are unable to run on time and people cannot get anywhere. It will put a whole working week at a standstill until everything is put back together.

USA and Israel

There will be problems in the Middle East, and Trump and his alliance with Israel will bring tremendous fluctuation in the oil price. Conflict will persist in the Middle East with Iran, and America will be very involved in it. 



In France, there will be new developments in agriculture. New agriculture schools will be opened and others expanded to accommodate more people as people go back to nature and the land. People have grown tired of city life, and like to be out in the country and because of that children are going into agriculture and back to the land.

Wine farms will become popular and will have bumper crops. On farms with unusual fruit like persimmons that aren’t regularly grown, growers will take risks and try to propagate something different than what has been planted previously. They will have bumper crops.

Crumbling Buildings

A vision was seen of some old buildings crumbling.  This depicts certain issues in government that need to crumble so that they can be replaced and new things can be established.  This crumbling is currently taking place and will become evident from 2020  onwards.  However, government is pro-active; they are aware of the problem areas and there are already talks of how this can be addressed and new systems put in place of the old.  Certain changes are coming for the government of France in 2020.


France’s economy will flat-line in 2020 with not much happening. Some industries will perform better than others, but their economy will be flat. The minister of finance will pass new tax incentives to help boost business.

French Church

The church has become an underground movement; it is not as visible as before. In the background and undercover, it has been effective.  Fifty per cent are serving God and fifty per cent are not, although it looks like only twenty per cent. People may not be in church and serving visibly, but they are. They know God and have given their hearts to him. The traditional church is not as strong as the underground church.

Bad Fruit

God is rooting out some of the ‘bad fruit’ in the church of France but the good plants will grow; it as if roses have been cut almost to the ground but still bloom in season. He will let His church flourish; it is not visible right now, but it will change. God is bringing change about by allowing the church to fade. It will however not die but flourish again.

Home Based Churches

Many home-based churches will be established, with a number of these churches forming in the outlying areas such as the farming communities. God will touch the hearts of many people and raise up believers in these smaller communities where there will be a revival. An outpouring of His Spirit on the farming communities and the smaller communities will lead to a manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles. Many healings will occur. God wants to work through those people because they haven’t been tainted by all sorts of higher education or populist beliefs. As the people are simple at heart, they learn to trust God as farmers, living on the land. That is why God can work with them because they have a degree of faith.

New Worship

Young people will compile new worship music in France. This will start in 2020 but only ‘surface’ in public later. Over time, the music industry and the number of worship songs will grow. Through the music industry, many people will come to the Lord, get to know Him and start to join life-giving churches. Most of these churches will, however, be hidden at the start.


The word restoration was seen. Restoration will take place on multiple levels, including the church. Where previously churches stopped functioning and closed their doors, home churches will start popping up in various regions. It will be on a much smaller scale than before, but it will be much more effective and start a fresh revival.


Revival is coming to the church in France.  A new flow of the Holy Spirit will flow through the churches in France. There is much redemption. One of the important messages from the church in France in the coming season is purity, both in spirit and in flesh.  This will change society and revival will come.  Miracles and healings will take place, and it will have a great impact on the church.

French Fashion house

One of the famous fashion houses will go through financial difficulty and move out of Paris. They will move to a new region and pump finances into that region, which will help revive the local economy and cause job creation.


A solution is coming for the immigration issue. There was a workable solution, but it was ignored because it was not politically correct. France is trying to pretend that it is not a problem. 

They will migrate many immigrants back to their own nations; not only Turkey but another North African country are taking in refugees and those refugees will help rebuilt this country that has been war torn. So, the solution is coming. Legal immigrants  have made themselves useful and become part of the workforce, but there are many that can’t be absorbed into the general workforce in cities because they don’t have skills and some of them don’t have schooling;  the French government is working on a solution for that.

Investing in Africa

France will be investing in previous French colonies in Africa. The reason for this will be an attempt to stem the tide of immigration from Africa. More of these investments will help build and strengthen some African nations financially.


There will be a strong alliance with Algeria. Agriculture will be coming forth from Algeria and they will grow delicious fruit, even though it is a barren land. The nation of France will make an impact there, resulting in trade between the two and agricultural growth.

Jewish Exodus

A mass exodus of Jews from France back to Israel will take place because of continual attacks on them and the isolation of the Jewish population. 

President Macron

Contrary to popular thoughts, President Macron is on track and he is bringing about the changes that need to happen. He has a very strong cabinet around him; everything he says comes from debate and discussion with his advisors. So, he does not do anything independently. He goes to his team before he goes public with anything.

In terms of politics, Macron will keep forging ahead with his plans and policies, and there will not be any major surprises or changes in the political sphere in France. His plans will be implemented even during strong opposition, and he will continue networking and building relations with other nations in the EU block, such as Germany.

France is allied with Germany and they are trying to rule over and dictate to the rest of Europe; they are trying to be a strong team together.  They don’t want to be seen to be in unity, but they are. There are schemes, many negative, behind the scenes to keep other countries in bondage to them.


There is a cycle of revolution in France because they have not dealt with their roots of the French Revolution, particularly in the economy and finances. One of the causes of the French Revolution was the economy; less and less money is available in France because of the population growing and because of socialism. There is less money for future generations and this is putting tremendous pressure on the young and upcoming generation, resulting in these revolutions that are taking place on a regular base.

Terror Attack

A terrorist attack on a railway network will take place. The rail networks will be under tremendous attack and pressure. Prayer for protection is needed in 2020 as various terror attacks are being planned for the busy tourist months of May and June. Attacks are being planned at large outdoor events; specifically, mass shootings similar to those seen in America.


Tourism will slow down in France in 2020. This will be important because it will give the local people time to catch their breath and get their cities in order and enjoy their own country. It will be good for the French people to not have tourists around in abundance. Tourism in France will embrace a season based on the theme similar to the film “Eat Pray Love.”

The charm of the old will come back, and the graffiti on the city walls will be replaced with real art. A new sound, specifically rap, will come out of in France. 


Invitations from other countries to do business with France will be received. They need to be stringent about who they agree to do business with prior to signing any agreements. A collaboration with South Africa in wine and tea trade will be formed. Precious stones trade will pick up in smaller businesses.

UN Security Council

France is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and they have the right to veto certain decisions. They will use this right in one of the coming sittings of the United Nations Security Council that has something to do with nuclear weapons and war.


The Lord is saying “Germany, you have been forgiven; you may regain your status as a forward-thinking nation. You must get on track and forget the past and move forward.”


Germany seemed to be  ‘God-less’. In God’s eyes, Germany is now ‘God-more’. More and more Christians are going to return to God. Whole regions will be saved.  It will spread like a fire from one region to the other.

The Spirit of God is moving in 2020 and in every different church. Senior pastors will have a similar idea that culminates in one-day meetings with different churches coming together and worshipping and praying. The Lord says he is setting the stage for what He wants to do next.

Free Church

There is a spirit of religion and tradition over the country. Government is keeping this religion and tradition alive, but there will be favour between government and the Free Church. The Free Church will be given much more freedom and a lot more say; the voice of the Free Church will be heard.

Prayer Movement

There is a huge prayer movement amongst the men in the country. They are standing in their rightful place to block any forces coming against the church.  The traditional church has been very effective in raising up schools and colleges, so the work of the traditional church is not over; they are still effective, and they still make an impact in the nation.


In terms of the church, believers have a real love and passion for the Word of God and because they are so meticulous in studying and dissecting the Word, God is raising up a group of revelation teachers that will be sent out to the nations to teach a fresh word from God.

Daniel to The Government

There is a very influential businessman in the car industry that the Lord is raising up to be a Daniel to government leaders.  He will speak into the lives of the leaders in Germany and it will change the way that they view many things.  This is his calling and the fruit of his counsel will be good.


The economy is very stable now. A vision was seen of a safe full of gold; they have their reserves in order and everything they need to move forward. In 2020 there will be an increase in exports.

There will be growth in the local economy with a bit of a boom taking place in Germany’s real estate sector. Germany will really be a pillar in 2020 to the other EU nations; their economy will stay strong and be stable. 


A gas pipeline between Germany and Russia will come under threat and President Putin will give some directives to keep gas. The price of gas will increase and this will bring controversy and instability in the German economy.


Germany has a very good and stable education system that will bring very innovative leaders to the forefront. Various young men and women with many innovative ideas will be visible in engineering, medical science, telecoms as well as sustainable power production. These innovations will be used to help poorer countries, with Germany becoming a shining light in Europe.

Family Oriented 

Germany is already family-orientated but there will be an even higher family-orientated structure. Government will start to provide finance towards family stability and education in order to have stable families.

German Government

Changes are coming for the German government, but the Lord says these changes are good.  The changes are all in his plans because the foundations that have been laid are very secure, so whatever the changes are that are coming the Lord is behind it and it will be for the good.

Health Care

There is excellence in health care in Germany.  New discoveries will come in this area.  One of the discoveries will be a new approach against cancer that will spread like wildfire across Germany but will also have impact also across the world.

March turns violent

There will be a festival in Frankfurt that will be disrupted by the youth. There will be a peaceful march when the festival is on, but the youth will rise up and the clash will cause much devastation during that time.

New Innovations

The engineering force that we know so well from Germany will bring a brand-new innovation in 2020. Germany will be a hub for businesses from all over the world. There will be an influx to Germany from neighbouring countries and further afield. Everyone will want to do business with them, and they will have to facilitate those processes.


Germany will be a peacekeeper in a multinational dispute. Contrary to their culture and contrary to the way that they are, they will be peacekeepers of this event.


People involved in politics are policing each other. Each one is aware of what the others are doing and they are not allowing any negative decision to be made. They also have a policy whereby they work together as a team; they don’t make independent decisions or choices. 

The big tech companies like T-Mobile, BMW and Mercedes have groups of people that make decisions so there are no independent decisions. These collaborations have protected them and caused the economy to go forward and become as stable as it is today.

Changes in Legislation

There are great legal minds in Germany that are busy with changes in legislation.  These amendments will be good.  They will also develop a new way of drafting legislation.  It will be much simpler and other countries will copy this methodology of drafting.   

Change of old guard

There will be a change of the old guard in politics, and it will be a good change. Old and new leaders will bring in new ideas for business as well as ideas to solve various problems and challenges regarding the refugees.

Telecommunications Reform

The German telecommunication industry will be going through a reformation; it is outdated. It will move to fibre in the rural parts, and 5G will become the norm.

Vehicle Industry

The German vehicle trade industry should not focus on designing and producing the best electrical motors. They need to focus on new alternative and additional developments to it; they need to look further and add to the new developments that have been done. If they focus on an ‘electric vehicle race,’ unwise decisions will be taken in terms of trade and trade deals. Those deals will have a negative impact on the economy.



God’s word to the Chinese church is that they will grow and will see many more signs, wonders and miracles, and supernatural healings. Churches will have supernatural visitations of Jesus in their midst and God’s word for them is “stand strong”.  He is going to visit the church in China.

Concerning the church in China, the believers are on fire for God and really serving God with all their hearts with a mighty move of God taking place in the underground church. God is sending Chinese evangelists in order to revive and stir up the western church, which has become complacent and has left her first love. The Chinese evangelists are sent to really stir up the church to sincerely serve and love God.

Chinese Believers

The Christians in China are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and they are also very courageous.  They are willing to make great sacrifices for the Lord.  The Lord will honour their obedience and the courage that they display. There will be a gradual increase in the church and then suddenly, a release will come, and the church numbers will increase dramatically.

Chemical Explosion

An explosion that has something to do with a chemical factory will occur in one of the cities. This chemical factory exports chemicals and the explosion will affect the economy of the whole city. 

International Relations


The Lord says that he was very intentional in creating the relationships between China and other countries, specifically with the African continent. There is something that He wants to birth out of Africa going out into the rest of the world; they might see it only as an economic relationship, but the interactions that they have with Spirit-led African people in those meetings is what will touch their hearts to take what the Lord has for them back to their country.


The DRC will stay important to China because of its natural resources.


The relationship between Russia and China will strengthen because of Russia’s natural resources. Some of those resources will be cut off to Germany because of the relation between China and Russia. 

South Africa

A vision was seen of money that flows from China through the Ukraine to the South African gold mining industry.  This will be great for all three countries. In South Africa, the Cape Town harbour is important to China, with illegal drug trafficking as an aim.


Turkey will be important to China. Turkey will be used as a ‘launching pad’ for Chinese interests in nations close to Turkey. China will provide Turkey with finance in order to go ahead with their plans.  


China is pro-Brexit; there will be some disruption in Europe. China has underground plans about the geo-political waters that are going to upset some of the European deals that are being put in place.


China will have heavy rains again in 2020 that will cause landslides, mudslides and flooding, and emergency services will have to be well-prepared in the rainy season to cope with these disasters. 

Trade War

Business will expand on other continents, but there will still be a concern about the trade war, which will continue. The local economy will struggle a bit, but business will continue to look to expand and grow their business relationships on other continents such as Australasia, Asia, South America and Africa.


China is not the threat that we think they are; they are involved all over the world because they see a need. They are visionary, and they know how they can help. They go to other nations with their people, their resources and finances because they want to help and uplift these nations. Their heart is in the right place.  Most of the Chinese are very hard-working people; they are not afraid to put the shoulder to the wheel and do the work that is needed. 

 They are not looking for soft living; they don’t think in terms of luxury, time off and holidays, but they are visionaries; they always have a plan and they always want to go forward with their plan.



* South Africa:  2020 will be a year of rough seas around South Africa and fisherman will have to be careful of freak waves and rip tides around the coast.

* A gift-wrapped bomb was seen; people need to be vigilant and not open or accept gifts that they don’t know the origin of; it will be fatal. Please pray.

* Small groups will go around South Africa, instigating riots for any reason; stay clear from these areas and pray that the perpetrators will be apprehended quickly.

* There will be a malicious use of accusations of racism. Please pray for the courts to be fair and see the real intentions.

* An increase regarding violence in schools was seen, specifically in certain areas. This is a warning that prayer will be needed, and measures must be put in place to curb violence in schools and monitor what the children are bringing into schools.