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2014 – Small Communities Development in Asia and Russia

God’s focus is resting on Asia and especially Russia, were God is changing hearts and preparing a generation to be open for His influence. I see a lot of communities that was overlooked as being insignificant and too small and now they are growing and developing and being self-sustainable, and without anybody noticing they are building their own sustainable economies.

2014 – Kenya and Uganda – Warning: Don’t Touch the Asian People

I see them with their heads together plotting against the Asian people. They must not touch them. They have brought wealth to these countries along with their expertise. They must not try to oust the Chinese either because they are bringing progress to this middle belt of nations in Africa.

2014 – Ceylon: (Sri Lanka) – Back on the Map

The small island south of India; Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has disappeared from everyone’s thoughts. Nobody thinks of them anymore. Once they were a force to be reckoned with in the area of imports and exports. There is going to be a disaster near the island, a shipwreck or an aeroplane crash something terrible is going to happen there. This will put Ceylon (Sri Lanka) back on the map, so once again others will see what is going on there.

There has been mismanagement and misuse of funds in the government. The people have seen it and they have tried to get the attention of the world because of this but no one has taken notice of them. This disaster will get the attention they need and they are going to be seen again as a grouping and as a people.

2014 – China – Building Something Big and Unique

China is still going to be very closed. They are not going to give us a glimpse into what is going on inside China. They will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. They are involved in many different arenas like mining and export. Everything is about export for the Chinese. They are neglecting their own people in the push to export and bring money into the country to build infrastructure. The money they receive for infrastructure is not been used for what it is gathered in for. They are taking the actual money and they are reinvesting it because they want to do something big; something big like the space race. They are busy building something big and unique in China.

2014 – Russia – Artists Hearing Something New

I heard music coming out of Russia. Many artists are gathering together and hearing something new, a new sound, not necessarily a Christian sound. They may be Christians but these musicians and artists will receive worldwide fame because of unique paint strokes, operas and symphonies. They will receive the world’s attention. Russia is seen as a rough country but out of this roughness will come this sophistication of music and art.

2014 – Russia – Leaders in Much Confusion

The Russian Government and leaders are in confusion. They are not sure where they should focus. Must they focus on manufacturing, sport or agriculture? This has caused much confusion. They decide on one area, talk about it and then push money into it. When it does not appear to work and does not bring in the income to feed the nation, they drop it and try something else. The nation has grown faster than the economy. There is a huge level of poverty in Russia, much more than we are aware of. There are people who are desperately poor, with one set of clothes and no food in the cupboard and no seed to plant in the ground. Seventy percent of the nation is desperately poor and that is also being hidden from those outside of Russia.

We need prayer warriors to pull them out of that poverty and give them Godly ideas, so that each person can become an entrepreneur like they do in the east. In Bangkok everybody has a job they all cook and feed each other, everyone is doing something. There is a hopelessness in Russia. They look around them and see nothing. No big city nearby just a small little village in a rural area and there is just a hopelessness that has descended over Russia that needs to be lifted and it can only be lifted by the entrance of the gospel.

2014 – Nepal – Shut down of the Himalayas

There are going to be some disasters and crises in that area and they will shut down the Himalayas. Nobody will be able to climb Everest. This will affect the economy of the people on the ground. God is going to use that to get the peoples’ attention. They are looking everywhere else. To the Americans, to the north, the Europeans, the Swedes, the Norwegians,. These nations do a lot of climbing in the Himalayas. They are looking to those people to pad their economy. They have resources within the nation that they are ignoring. They are relying on tourism. They need to pick up again on their resources that are within their nation; clothes,  weaving and carpets. They will use animal hair to do something unusual. I don’t know what they are making, lamp shades or something similar, but they are doing something new with the animal hair. Angora is a goat and it is this hair that they will use. They will weave with Angora hair and use the resources that they have in the nation.

2014 – Integration: Church, business and investment

Integration is coming between the church, business and investment, but this does not mean the church is a business. Due to the relational component that integrates these groups they are moving much, much closer together, to such a degree that you almost can’t see a difference between them. What it is really depicting is the body functioning together in unity and it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with running the church as a business. It’s got to do with the effect of the church in the business and investment realm. This has been happening in the last 8-10 years. The philosophy and related fears behind keeping church and state separate is failing. These realms are interwoven as is unity in the body of Christ. Fear based ideologies should not stop these sectors moving closer together especially in terms of spreading the gospel to the utter-most parts of the earth. This could be part of the engine and thrust to get to the utter-most parts of the earth.

2014 – Africa and China

I feel that the leadership of China had a very specific plan with Africa but they totally underestimated the Africans. They felt they could instil and install certain of their plans and certain of their ways thereby harnessing Africa for their specific purposes, but they did not take the people of Africa into account. The wheels are coming off the Chinese leadership’s plans within the continent. They are realizing that the honour they are receiving is just lip service. They are presently re-evaluating their whole plan which has come into disarray. My sense is that the Chinese will be less involved in Africa in the future and they will be more respectful of Africa as the Africa nations
move away from the influence of a dictatorial spirit. They were hoping, due to the influence of a dictatorial spirit, that they could just harness and pocket a few people and then run Africa. As a result of the swell of democracy within these nations this has not materialized. They are viewed with suspicion within Africa and this has derailed their entire plan. Where China has been seen as a threat, they will increasingly withdraw from the African continent.