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2014 – Europe’s greatest export

Europe’s greatest export is their people. There will be an increased need for them in other nations. They may not necessarily be welcome in these nations but they will feel the call to go, resulting in an increasing number settling in these nations. There is an emphasis on well qualified people – a single person will have a huge effect.  They will be coming to continents such as Africa again. This is not the re-emergence of colonisation again – so everybody can relax. God is bringing the release in their hearts to pour themselves out in these nations. They feel that they don’t have the ability for this – it is as though they have been impeded, among other things, by politics.  Their being, abilities and intellectual
property will be the greatest export in the coming years.

2014 – France – A Return to the Church as the Answer

The French people are under enormous restrictions that they have put on themselves because of their forays into foreign gods and foreign religions. Each Frenchman, at this moment, is looking at what they believe in. Christianity has filtered through everywhere, not in anything specific, nor a specific church. They are looking at what they have done on their own, without God and it is not working. They are starting to look to the Lord. It seems similar to when 9/11 happened, everybody went back to church in America. This same syndrome is taking place in France. Things are so tight and restrictive in France. The French are starting to look around and then look at God and saying, ‘let us look at the church and find out if the church has an answer’. The church needs to lift itself up, and not judge the people, who were having these negative thoughts and influences.

2014 – Portugal – Oil Discovered of the Coast

Fuel, Gas or oil, will be found off the coast in the deep sea. In fact they have already discovered it but they have not released the news. They are very excited about this discovery. When they start building their oil rigs, they will announce the find. They do not want people to descend on Portugal and try to hijack what they’ve got. They have already discovered it but it is a secret that will be revealed in the next year, 2014.

2014 – European Economy

As Europe becomes more self sufficient and therefore more occupied with itself, Eastern countries, namely Japan will move in to take advantage of this and expand it’s trade, which will then in tern mobilize Europe to take action.

The United Kingdom will stand out in all of this, being a forerunner and the crown of the European Union in many ways.

2014 – Austria and Switzerland

A major focus will be on these countries as they step ahead in the area of environmentally  friendly designs. I see a motor vehicle which leads me to believe that there will be further breakthrough with regards to pollution free vehicles being designed and produced.

The emphasis being on clean and pure air, I see a phenomenal  increased growth in the areas of technology coming from these area.