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2014 – Austria and Switzerland

A major focus will be on these countries as they step ahead in the area of environmentally  friendly designs. I see a motor vehicle which leads me to believe that there will be further breakthrough with regards to pollution free vehicles being designed and produced.

The emphasis being on clean and pure air, I see a phenomenal  increased growth in the areas of technology coming from these area.

2014 – Weather Changes to Favour New Crops

God is bringing His favour over the country and the signs will also be seen in the weather. I see the weather changing as to be favourable for the planting/growing of different kinds of crops that have never been planted in those areas. There will be a migration of people from professional occupations to farming because of this opportunity. Some will attribute this climate change to global warming when in fact it will be because of God’s choosing – He is still in control.

2012 – Italy and Greece

Many natural disasters in these areas.

God wants to teach us as the prophetic people that we have authority over the elements of nature. We can petition (on the command of God) to bring a drought or bring rain. God is busy training us to speak into nature what He has purposed to happen. Sometimes God will make the earth move and shake to speak to the people. He’s purpose is never to kill, steal or destroy.