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2014 – France – A Return to the Church as the Answer

The French people are under enormous restrictions that they have put on themselves because of their forays into foreign gods and foreign religions. Each Frenchman, at this moment, is looking at what they believe in. Christianity has filtered through everywhere, not in anything specific, nor a specific church. They are looking at what they have done on their own, without God and it is not working. They are starting to look to the Lord. It seems similar to when 9/11 happened, everybody went back to church in America. This same syndrome is taking place in France. Things are so tight and restrictive in France. The French are starting to look around and then look at God and saying, ‘let us look at the church and find out if the church has an answer’. The church needs to lift itself up, and not judge the people, who were having these negative thoughts and influences.

2014 – Travel and the Middle East

I sense we have to be very careful travelling to the Middle East. You must know that you have been sent there. When booking cheaper flights that hub there, prayerfully consider whether there is not an alternative option. Due to fundamentalists and extremists, random incidents could occur, although it should not explode into a war. The Jihad extremists are going to take on civilian targets.

2014 – Scandinavian Pioneers arise

The Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The sense is that the Lord is specifically addressing the pioneers in these nations. They have always been there but He is awakening them again to pioneering in difficult environments. What they have done in the past is to focus on the soft target of America (USA) because the Americans are very pioneering and they find that they can live their dreams there. That is not what they were created for – they were created for difficult environments. They have to push through in difficult places and I see the Lord is going to rekindle this in a strong way, especially in the church. He is going to speak to the Scandinavian church and He is going to start questioning them, asking them why they are doing certain things and why they not more involved in specific areas. So, we will start to see more Scandinavian people branching out and going into really difficult areas where the recipient nations will experience a lot of input and good from them.

2014 – European Union

The EU will have to revisit their subsidies that they have for the different industries. A new way forward will be forged to create an export environment where European products will be developed into a unique niche that sets it apart from the rest of the world. More and more the EU will realise that they have to cut subsidies as it is not sustainable. They will reinvent what they have to give to the rest of the world. Research and technological advancements will become an export commodity. There will be a new emphasis on technologies and the development of it in Europe. Europe will start to take the lead in space exploration and science. Europe will take the baton over from the US in this regard. The motor industry is also going into a new phase of invention in the EU through production and profit. European car makers will have new technological advancements that sets it apart from other motor vehicle producers like America and the East. This will make them very successful in comparison with some other parts of the world. This new technological advancement in Europe will fuel a couple of industries in Europe and place them on a new level. Europe is going into a season where a new life will come in the economy because of this new direction and focus.


2014 – Netherlands

In the Netherlands immigration will become a strong talking point again and issues around it will flair up. The Dutch will go on with life in a manner that will make them wade through the troubles in Europe to the other side where prosperity is waiting. There will be courage and a determination to not be tossed and turned around by waves of problems. Many of their good work will go unnoticed by the rest of Europe.

2014 – Greece

Greece: A settling down after storms is taking place, although there will still be some stirring in the coming season. There will be understanding that things have changed and it cannot be avoided, therefore people will not resist the drastic change in their lifestyle anymore. Unions and the voices of the masses will be entrenched stronger into Greece and Greek lifestyle. More pressure will be placed on the rich and their lawlessness. Through this uneasy process financial stability will be won. The people’s voices are going to be heard: A new law or regulations will be introduced to protect the masses from exploitation by the richer classes. In the past the richer class had a level of impunity. This is going to change.