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2014 – USA Intercessors honoured

The Lord wants to honour a really strong group of the intercessory movement within the United States of America. I feel He wants to start bringing it into the public arena, even though they are quite prepared to keep working behind closed doors without recognition. This is not a small movement – I am talking about thousands upon thousands of people in America. They tap into what the Lord wants and speak those words of life. This is not done just for their own nation but for all the nations around the world. I see they endeavour to hear the Lords voice and to speak exactly as He says into those revealed areas. I see those things are going to start manifesting a lot faster than they ever thought it would. The Lord is honouring prayers over decades, not just prayers of several years; prayers that this goodness of the Lord will flood the earth. They have been pushing into the spirit about the goodness of God. The Lord wants to honour them for the really good, hidden work and to motivate them.

2014 – South America’s Gospel Heart

I see is a heart pumping in a relatively wide area of the South Americas and it is a heart that is ready to explode. They have been so contained within themselves that they have been too scared to explode. I see the Lord wants this heart, this life and this enjoyment of life to explode too many nations over the earth. The Lord is going to help this process; the heart is going to pump even faster and more viciously than ever before to take this gospel to many more places than they could ever have imagined. The people in those nations do not have an idea of what effect they can have on a worldwide basis, let alone in their own community. The Lord is restructuring, resurfacing and allowing them to grow. I see huge mistakes being made by those nations in terms of the church but the Lord is gracious towards them because they are doing it with the right attitude. He will keep bringing them back to his heart. He will keep bringing them back to the beating of their heart and the beating of His heart and we need to be patient with the people as they grow. I see the churches in those areas are lagging behind (in years) with what has happened in the North Americas or even in South Africa. God wants patient people to go there to keep on coaching them, pushing them ahead, equipping them and training them because a time will come when they tip over the edge and they will run like kids and frolic around the world in this enjoyable lively way of ministering.

2014 – The Bible Belt Changing and Revival Coming

Bible belt. This part of the USA will change. It was always the southern part of America. God has earmarked another area that is going to become very powerful in the Spirit. There is going to be a mini revival in this new area. It is  a long straight stretch of cities and towns. The whole area will become the “new” Bible belt. People will come from other nations to see what God is doing there. It is something different.

It will not be the same as past revivals. Not a Spirit revival but a revival of the Word, the Bible. People will learn to quote scripture, speak scripture. Something very unique is going to happen that has never been before. There is nothing new under the sun but this will be a real revival of the Word. There will be Bible schools that are going to start teaching the word. Church leaders have run away from the Bible school element of church and they will once again go back to having Bible Schools.

2014 – USA | Alaska

There is a sense that the average person is tired of fighting other people’s wars and a strong murmuring is surfacing.

I see that the African American still feels that there are shackles on them even though they live in the land of the free. I see these shackles coming off.

There will be more aid and assistance provided to the state of Alaska from mainland America.

2014 – Mexico

Many people from the country of Mexico have moved out over the years to other countries to seek a better life and prosperity. I see many of them moving back to Mexico and helping to rebuild this nation, there is a mobilization that will start taking place.

I also see the statue of the virgin Mary toppling over, which I sense represents Catholicism which will start to come down in this nation.

2014 – Travel and the Middle East

I sense we have to be very careful travelling to the Middle East. You must know that you have been sent there. When booking cheaper flights that hub there, prayerfully consider whether there is not an alternative option. Due to fundamentalists and extremists, random incidents could occur, although it should not explode into a war. The Jihad extremists are going to take on civilian targets.