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2012 – Rugby to Help Cricket and Soccer

Rugby is going to be a bastion in the sports arena. They will not try to be prominent but will just get on with their mandate. After 2012 these rugby administrators will be approached to help rectify the problems within the cricket, soccer and other sport administration arenas. Soccer is the next political arena to be targeted. Rugby was targeted politically in 1994 and they have subsequently reformed and taken complete leadership in terms of how sport should be run. They are not trying to criticise or interfere in other arenas; they are just doing theirs really well.

2012 – Upliftment in the Communities

Change will take place in sports structures. There will be a tug of war between sports governing bodies and the government. A lot of discussion will take place about the right of government to interfere with the different sports structures in the country and to what measure government must get involved. 2012 will be a low point (politically) in sports.

There is coming a dismantling of the Bafana Bafana through infighting and wrangling. Because of this a whole overhaul will take place. People are going to be allowed back in that were kicked out unceremoniously in the past. These people will be of the old guard that was involved with the structures in the 90’s. 2012 is going to be a disappointing year for soccer in South Africa.

More individuals in sport will get involved in sport upliftment in the communities. Ordinary community members will also play a role, no longer waiting for the government to do something but volunteering their time to train a community sports team or school children. This willingness of individuals to do the volunteering and work themselves in sports will start to inspire people to do similar things in other areas of the community and not wait for government to do something.

New kinds of sports that never had the spotlight in South Africa as well as new kinds of sports that has never been seen in South Africa will start to flourish. Africans will start excelling in these new and unfamiliar sports like never before and it will take the South Africans and the world by surprise. A lot of foreign investment is coming into the country to fund and support these new sports. This process has already started but it has been continuing in secret. Nobody will take notice of this development until everything has been established. South Africa will have some of the the best facilities in the world for these new sports. These new sports will build into the community and develop the people. It will not be an exclusive sport. Sport events that use to be only for the privileged few will become available for the masses. A new strata of people and abilities in Africans will be revealed through these sports that the world wasn’t aware of.

Examples: Indoor Olympic cycling.

Some of the world’s best people in sport will come to South Africa to train here and make use of our training facilities. A greater awareness of social upliftment and investment will start to take place amongst international athletes. They will come to South Africa to train for their international season but they will combine it with investing into community development and social upliftment. This awareness of upliftment was started by the Hollywood celebrities and is spilling over into the sporting community. It will become fashionable amongst sporting stars.

A greater connection is coming between entertainment and sports. Greater interaction will take place between the public and the sports stars (like current ventures where the public can choose the team that is going to play). Example: Mock games that will be played before the main event for entertainment value where celebrities and young people participate. A greater aspect of electronic integration will take place. Example: Integration of computer games and a physical game that is played will happen in the future.

Some of the entertainment will not be received well by all in South Africa as it might be seen as American or Indian ‘bling’ being introduced to the sports. Example: African style gumboot dance with soccer balls taking place on the field before the game. More and more live sports games will be displayed in cinemas.

2012 – Sport Programs

Implementing sporting programmes in the schools will happen a lot more than has been done before. The love for sport is going to come from the children, start from primary school. In 2012 many schools that had no sporting programme will have one. Simple things such as athletics, running and netball will flourish.

2012 is an important year for developing children in sport. This is not for the worship of man but for the development of a generation in skills. God says less hot air and more building of substance.

Pray for the people with the skills to develop children in sport, for the people that will stand up and train them. There was a whole group of equippers that were trained in the 1980’s and 90’s that have disappeared off the radar screen. We must pray for them to return.

Individuals in sports are going to stand up and start making a difference in community projects. Where everybody was looking at the government to implement projects, eyes are going to start opening up realising that we can do it ourselves. Local community members who are either sports fans or who were involved in sports to some degree or other will start to getting involved. They will volunteer to teach the children these skills. They won’t even be famous, but there will be an action among the community that says: “we can do it; we don’t have to look at government.” This will flow over to other parts of the community and broader society.

South Africans will increasingly realise that they can’t look to government to get things done, but would rather stand up and start making a difference themselves.

2012 – Sport

The Lord is cleaning the table and in all sports. This will be a clean sweep. We will see a lot of new faces, a lot of new talent and new sporting disciplines coming in. In 2012 this arena will go through a lot of shuffling and then it will settle for a long season.

South Africa will develop in new areas of sport and a lot of financing will be released for that. There are people that have been trained by God over many years but they’ve been standing on the back burner. This is the year of release for them.

There is going to be a greater emphasis on natural talent and the development thereof in the next season.   Some of the chemical enhancements that is currently being allowed is going to be frowned upon, and it is going to start with the kids.