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2014 – USA – Warning: Hurricane to hit East Coast

A hurricane will hit the east coast of America and it is going to cause huge destruction, similar to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It will bring the American people together. They are going to rally around the victims and it will bring out the good side of the people; they will be able to manage the disaster themselves.

2014 – Warning: For Prominent African Leader

There is a prominent African leader housed in SA now. He is not in his own country presently but in South Africa. He will end up in a wheelchair because of disobedience. He has been warned but he is stubborn, so he is going to end up in a wheelchair, as an example to himself and others that he did not listen to the warning.

2014 – Karoo – Farmers Planning Something Bad

In the middle of South Africa, in parts of the Karoo, up towards the Free State, there is a group of farmers meeting together. They are planning something that is not good.  The farmers are saying “we will shoot, we will look after ourselves”.  That it is not a God made plan, it is a man-made plan and it will be a disaster.

2014 – Popularity in Australasia

I have a word of warning for leaders about the populist movement in Australia and New Zealand. I feel that the Lord wants to say to them that He did not put them there is to be popular, He put them there to be a leader. Even though their perceived leadership season may be very short lived, they must see to it that they stick to the clearly defined mandate that brought their ascend to the leadership podium. They must not worry about the persecution and the popular opinion which will remove them from that throne or seating. They are there to do what they have to do. There will be some longer “throne” seasons than others, but it seems that most of these seasons will be very short lived. Get done what must be done; it won’t be easy; it is not something that will be popular. It is something that needs to be done for the good of the entire community and even the entire nation that they are serving.

2014 – SA Church moves ahead

The South African church is on a good course and is moving ahead. I see the heart for missions in South Africa, which has always been good, growing to an even greater extent. This support is within the South African church at large, whether they are formal or informal groups. Churches will grow in swells and leaps and bounds. They endeavour to stay true to what the Lord has put in their heart and what their mission is. There must, however, be a warning about letting narrow mindedness creep back in again and especially as evident in intellectualism. We have been through that phase and don’t need to go back to it. The Lord wants South Africa to carry on with the opening up to new things (relationship, doctrines, experiences, revelation). At times the church feels that they have to open up to such a degree that they are in danger of being violated. I sense that this is not violation; it is good growth and is really good for the maturing of the church. This is also really good for the world church as they need an example to look to so that they too can grow.

2014 – Travel and the Middle East

I sense we have to be very careful travelling to the Middle East. You must know that you have been sent there. When booking cheaper flights that hub there, prayerfully consider whether there is not an alternative option. Due to fundamentalists and extremists, random incidents could occur, although it should not explode into a war. The Jihad extremists are going to take on civilian targets.

2014 – Oil and Bloodshed

Problems, including bloodshed, due to oil reserves may occur
in the Angolan-Democratic Republic of Congo region. This is a word of warning encouraging us to find out what the Lord’s purposes are for this region and to release His intervention so that this may never come to pass. I sense that this region encompasses the northern areas of Angola into the DRC and Brazzaville Congo.

2012 – Italy and Greece

Many natural disasters in these areas.

God wants to teach us as the prophetic people that we have authority over the elements of nature. We can petition (on the command of God) to bring a drought or bring rain. God is busy training us to speak into nature what He has purposed to happen. Sometimes God will make the earth move and shake to speak to the people. He’s purpose is never to kill, steal or destroy.

2012 – Farming

South African farmers who is watching the world/government events trying to discern weather or not to plant now or keep their money in the bank or even to immigrate until it is more stable; I feel that God is warning us to keep planting and keep working in 2012 or else there will be a 3 year “famine” within 8 years. We have a choice in 2012 whether it will come upon us or not. Do not hold back and use the opportunities God provides.

Because of the development taking place in agriculture in South Africa, there will be new discoveries in medicine. This will cause an increase in the export of medicine.

2012 – God is still Transforming North Africa

God is transforming North Africa and he is not finished yet. Although the Libyan leader has fallen and there have been other problems there, there are other northern nations that God is bringing down the sword and the hammer of the Word and he will have change.

He has warned, He has rebuked, He sent prophets in, He sent intercessors in, they buried scriptures in the sand, in the rocks, I see caves in big walls where the intercessors have gone and they have buried the word. The word in 2012  will come to pass.

Another North Africa nation is going to rise up and overthrow their longstanding leader; (We think it is Morocco, we will test the word.)