Prophetic Word for 2014

This is a compilation of Prophetic words and revelations received by several prophets during a special time set apart to seek the Lord for His word and guidance for 2014. The Lord has given us very encouraging and clear words which we believe are important to the nations.

We want to stress that although the words contained in this document were specifically received as we prayed for 2014 they are by no means limited to 2014. We believe that much of what was received and started in the previous year will flow over into this coming year but their ultimate fulfilment will happen in the time set by the Lord and is not limited to 2014.

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In last year’s word we declared that this year will specifically be a season of the benevolence of the Father and this will proceed. The Lord is opening a door and is speaking to the church to step out of the confinement it created for itself. There have been limitations in the minds and the way that people perceived and thought what Gods’ will is and the Lord is going to commission people in stepping into places and areas to really take them in. With the benevolence of God comes the responsibility to impact areas and regions for Christ and in this next year we will really the church stepping into that.

A Commissioning

The church will continue to experience growth and changes which is both necessary if we are going to be effective. Change is what the Lord is actually bringing in. The way the church is equipping will continue to change so that people’s hearts broaden to be ready for the calling of the ministry. Commissioning will be happening much more often. The church often prepared people but never commissioned them, and this is the year where the Lord is commissioning people in the local congregation. After the calling and training there must happen a commissioning similar to a sending out of the tent of Abraham. The Lord is opening a door to send people out into their callings. These people are fully aware of being commissioned by God to spread His fragrance in all the places God is sending them to. We will hear many testimonies of the growth of the church, but it will not just be numerical it will be really territorial

In 2014 we will see a process of the passing of the torch from Elijah to Elisha. This will enable the Elisha’s to continue with the work and the Elijah’s will be freed up to start breaking new ground. There is a deeper level of anointing and revelation that will follow when individuals step into their own appointed place in the body.

In the next year more people will be released to start their ministries. In the past when people started a new ministry it often resulted into them being a bit cut off from the house and the fathers and even some extend of division. This will change. There will be a return of hearts to each other, as people start their own ministries the family bond to their original churches will still be in place. There will be a bigger sense of family and the global church being one. There is coming a new level of not only tolerance of one another but genuine family love.

A Change of Leadership

What we heard last year in 2012, concerns the change of leadership and the handing over of the baton in the churches. It will go very smoothly and happen for the good. Those people who are handing over the baton are actually doing it gladly and effectively. There are just a few hiccups in those to whom they are handing the baton. It is as if they are handing the baton to their favourite people, instead of hearing God and handing the baton to the one the Lord chooses. The person the Lord chooses does not always suit the current leader’s personality type; sometimes it is a sandpaper relationship. Leaders will be greatly blessed if they take out time to listen to hear the Lord before they hand over the baton. There should be a fine tuning of their spiritual ear and not allowing their own opinions to come into it. In South Africa, I especially feel there are some very old leaders who are still the head of the church. There are younger people who are doing much/most of the work and they have not handed the baton over to them. So, there is a need for a spiritual push, to get that change-over of the baton through. The young leaders are becoming discouraged. The baton change is between the older and the younger leaders and many ministers are not able to come to grips with this change.

The resistance of the older leader in handing over the baton is because they can see the ineptitude and inadequacies in the next generation and they are holding onto the baton as a protection. It is not protecting the work, it is stalling the work. They have to hand over and let the next generation make their own mistakes. They may not be the same mistakes; they are going to be different mistakes.


Much has been said over the years about the fathering role in the church. The fathering role is more about letting go than getting control. There needs to be positional changes that still host fathering on a free and liberal basis. Younger people need the freedom to choose and also be afforded the opportunity to learn through their own mistakes. Some of their wisdom will only come through their experiential knowledge and there needs to be enough space for that to be able to happen. In this handing over process there are too many people with their hands too close to the panic button. It is true that some of the ministries will look as if they are deteriorating by growing smaller. The Lord is intensifying certain aspects of that ministry because the ministry needs the specific flavor that the younger leader carries. There are a younger generation people who are far less interested in the numbers and more interested in effectively seeing people practically living out what the Kingdom of God is all about.

The older generation will step out of execution and administration, more into fathering and mentoring roles. They will take up places of counsel, observing more than having control. It is time for the younger generation to take up leadership positions. God wants the younger generation to learn integrity from the older generation, but not the old way of doing things. God is instilling new understanding and wisdom in the younger generation to bring in changes in programs. These programs will be inclusive of all generations although the balance of influence will move to the younger generation.


A new younger generation will rise through the ranks. They will not be interested in money, power or fame but in making a difference and effecting change. Those who still want to build their own kingdoms and ministries will build their own fall. The new type of leader will blend areas of ministry, business and politics. Many of them will become effective councillors for people in influential positions. They will sit on the back of the stage supporting others instead of standing in front. God is bringing the entrepreneurial spirit into the church.

There will be many volunteers; ready to be trained and ready to help. It is like God is saturating the church with volunteers in this season. Congregations need to be ready to channel people into various projects and areas of influence (which God has shown them to be their inheritance.)

Churches will help start up new ventures and creating jobs. Churches’ will work with their hand in the ground sowing, harvesting and feeding the people, not just spiritually but in other ways also.

In this new season it is especially important for the younger generation to be exposed to the importance and significance of volunteering. This will open their eyes to new ways of functioning in their calling through ministry, business and community development. Out of this many new ventures and businesses will be birthed and started out of the church. In the same way that many of the greatest popular singers had their start in church choirs or worship teams, God will cause big businesses to be birthed out of churches and church activities that will grow and become well known organizations or businesses that will become very effective and famous. I see business courses been given by congregations.


The river of finance will have a steady flow through 2014. There won’t be abundance or lack but enough. It is time for the church leaders to show wisdom in how they spend money. Things that seemed important in the past will take the lowest rank. Spending will sometimes shift dramatically or cause some departments to close down, or be incorporated into other departments. Although this will happen there won’t be a lot of lay-offs, but a refocusing on how money is spent and why.

The financial supply that is available in the church environment will be available for everybody (those with good intentions and those with bad). Only when the seeds have grown and fully matured will the discernment come to see what is from God and what is not. Don’t be discouraged when you see both those with good intentions and bad intentions flourishing in the church environment because God will deal with each in the end.

God is bestowing generosity on generosity; where generous hearts are found, God is bringing the resources about to be generous through these channels. Many people will be picking up a spirit-attitude of philanthropy. Some people will be willing to give their lives to protect their God given areas of responsibility.

Church planting

Many wealthier churches that used to start new churches in other affluent areas will start planting churches in poorer areas, and bring training and resources into these areas that have not been available before. There will be cross pollination between the richer and poorer parts of society, bringing their best to one another and bring Christ’s humanity out of each other. Many first world churches will feel the call to plant projects and churches in other less fortunate countries.

There is a method change that is very closely linked to church planting. There will be a metamorphosis in the way church and church planting is done. It is not going to be in the usual way, like getting a building and starting a church. There is a new method of church planting. The old method of cell growth which then evolves into a church is going to change. Groups of people who are called will rather go and live in the community. They will get to know the community, before they try and draw them into Christ. This is important because usually the communities’ view the new church opening with suspicion. They first need to know the people coming into their community, before they accept them and the gospel they bring. Those who are sent first have to know the community before they can plant a church.

Church planting will start to take place more in rural communities. Primitive churches being planted in small communities will bring the community together. Through the church they will create other ministries for the people and teach them to serve and be creative. A vision was seen of massive waterfalls coming down. This speaks of the Lords’ provision in all areas from finance to various methods for whatever is needed.

Travelling ministries

Travelling ministries will increase a lot in the next five years so much so that it will be common to meet ministry teams on flights. Airliners and travel research will find that the Christian or ministry market will become significant and worthwhile to specifically market towards.

Reclaiming our city

Anger and frustration in many cities will cause people to search for answers at Gods’ feet for how they should respond. This will be a great season for planting of new seeds from God in the hearts of His children, because as they spent time to seek and get answers from God, God will start to plant seeds in their hearts. These germinating seeds will cause many Christians to become active in their communities in various ways. Many will join political parties to affect their influence on society. In Europe a great increase of Christians actively involved in politics and political parties will occur.

Although we might have already grown weary of reclaiming our city we need to start doing it again. Every city, every village must be claimed for Christ. We cannot be passively waiting for God to take the city, but we ourselves need to go back to basics claiming our cities. This practically means to continue once again to intensely intercede for our cities, as we drive past places, we need to claim the place in the city for God. It is not just going to happen because we but we have to put effort into it. God is looking to us as prophets and prophetic people first. We each need to begin where we are, Middelburg, Midland, Louis Trichardt and Val de Grace and Muckleneuk and Garsfontein, Moreleta and Faerie Glen; we need to start where we live, as a prophetic action. Each of us needs to plant a scripture in our own city. God will give us a scripture, and we need to plant that scripture in the ground in our suburb as a remembrance. The Holy Spirit is prompting us to pray. We have to relearn and re-teach prayer. We have fallen away from the old ways.

Churches and congregations (even poor congregations) will start taking responsibility for their area in cleaning up their parks and even beautifying areas. God will use this to impart His presence and His sense of love into these places. This change will be the mark that is left behind as a commemoration that the place has been claimed back for God. It will have multiple effects: practical help in communities will be intercession in action, the painting of an ugly wall or fixing a children’s playground in a park will be a prophetic action that will impart the presence of God into places. For example: By fixing up a children’s playground in a crime ridden park, crime will stop because of the spirit that has been left in that area. Reason cannot explain the change as it will be a spiritual influence that caused the change.

Investment into Churches

There is going to be investment into churches from the business sector. God is going to allow it so that the leaders can focus on what they have to do, and take their focus off raising funds for church activities. God is going to provide through other means, which will produce less pressure.

A Voice to the Government

The church will again be a voice to the politicians in their various nations. The voice of the church will be heard and respected. There will be a closer connection between government and church leaders. Government will turn to the church leaders for direction and advice. God will even move church leaders into their local government.

The Prophetic

There is a worldwide expansion coming for the prophetic ministry. Prophetic people are needed to kick-start people into having a relationship with the Lord. Bigger teams will be trained and equipped than we envision, especially in the prophetic and functioning in the gifts of the spirit. A worldwide eloquence in moving in the gifts of the spirit will occur because scripture teaches us that we must be led by the Spirit of God. God is going to use people trained and equipped in the prophetic as initiators in this process of getting people comfortable in the spirit realm. Across the world people are not comfortable moving in the gifts of the spirit, and the Lord wants people to be at ease in the spiritual realm so that they can do on earth what they see in heaven.


A lot of young people will get involved in worship even as young as high school students. The Lord is bringing newness in worship and newness in expression. For a lot of people worship has become very boring and they just get through it. God is really going to meet people in worship. The intensity in worship is going to change, specifically for South Africa but also in the global church. Worship has become a marketable expression of the church and it is going to change again to an experiential time with God.

There is a new David generation of worshippers coming up in the church and they will be reaching out into the schools. They will influence the schools even through arts and dance. God will release a lot of dancers to go and minister at schools.

Christian Media

There is coming a unity between the Christian media and the church causing them to work together. More and more opportunities for Christian organizations will come up. The Christian market will become more important.

Christian Market

God’s blessing will be on the Christian market, bringing in more finances. It is a new way through which God is going to bless us so that, even by spending, the Christian market becomes important. The industry will start to turn to the Christian market and get more information from them. There will be a cross pollination between the Christian market and business. There are countries, including specifically South Africa, where there will be certain themes popping up in churches that will flow over into the Christian media. There will be issues God wants to speak to the nations about and many of these themes will originate from the prophetic voice in the church.

The Ministry of the Evangelist

Resurgence of the ministry of the evangelist will occur. There will be an increase in street evangelism and people are going to be passionate about it. Powerful street evangelism is not about distributing flyers: there will be healings, blind people will see, the poor will get a job and things will start working out for them. The Lord wants to remind us that we should pray for evangelists to come and reignite the cities for God and bring the masses to the Lord. I sense there will be unique forms of evangelism too, but they will be a display of God’s love, His power and His care for people. I also feel the church needs to be supportive of these evangelists by training and releasing them. I sense many places want to hold them back until they are trained or have their degree as they feel they are not adequately equipped enough. It is in their immaturity and enthusiasm that miracles will be released on the street, such as the church has not seen in a long time.


Previously the “flock” was the focus in congregations but God is stirring and bringing focus on community. Many churches that have not been involved in community projects before will come out of hiding and will start such projects. Some ministries will be un-teachable and not open for input and thus will make the same mistakes others have made before them. But there will be churches connecting with other churches to inquire and ask for wisdom. The body of Christ will experience a comradeship between congregations.

Matthew 9:37-38:” Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.”


The South African church is on a good course and is moving ahead. There is a heart for missions in South Africa, which has always been good, growing to an even greater extent. There is a lot of supportiveness within the South African church at large, whether they are formal or informal groups. Churches will grow in swells and leaps and bounds. They endeavour to stay true to what the Lord has put in their heart and what their mission is. There must, however, be a warning about letting narrow-mindedness creep back in again, especially intellectualism. We have been through that phase and don’t need to go back to it. The Lord wants South Africa to carry on with the opening up to new things (relationship, doctrines, experiences, revelation). At times the church feels that they have to open up to such a degree that they are in danger of being violated. This is not always a violation; it is good growth and is really good for the maturing of the church. This can provide an example for the world-wide church to look to and to grow by.

The church it is entering a new flow, similar to the faith flow. There is a new belief coming into the church to get the church excited and motivated to serve the Lord again. It is not a new direction but the Lord is saying push through to the direction that I have shown you, do not be discouraged. Especially the young leaders should not be discouraged but receive what God has given them: Step out and receive the baton and carry it forth. As you step out you will experience grace multiplying into the field you are focusing on.

The South African church is at a maturing stage. They have the ability to look at themselves in a very mature way. The same cannot be said for large portions of the rest of the world. People need to be encouraged more than to be corrected. The long and effective way is relational over time versus programs. A large proportion of ministry is based on programs acquired elsewhere instead of getting to the core of their call. What are you called for? Why this specific community? Why plant a church in this area? What is the specific call of this church in this area? There are trillions of callings on the earth and God has designed them in a very specific way. Huge frustration occurs because things are not going as we think they should. This is because of our perspective. The Lord wants to bring a word of encouragement directing His people in the direction of their true call. Contrary to what we may believe, the job is not beyond our ability and we are being effective! We must not entertain a spirit of fear. God uniquely designed us without competition to fulfil our role and core design to live out our visions and our dreams.

Working Together

There will be a call for leaders, from various denominations and backgrounds, to get together and discuss various topics. These leaders will be “high calibre leaders” with much influence in their respective callings whose discussions will cause a cross-pollination to take place and an increase in anointing for each leader

Tent Makers

Ministers who are retiring from their calling will live twin track lives. They will support and sponsor themselves financially and continue to be active in the ministry. It is a new thing for South Africa. People have a desire to be in the ministry and want the church to support them.  There will be another group of people supporting themselves, having their own income and ability to support themselves. The church will lay hands on them and send them but they will finance themselves. This way there will not be any financial burden on the church. Often individual people could not be sent into independent ministries because of a lack of finance and thus some areas have not been reached with God’s gifts the way it should have happened. People need to be prepared to sponsor themselves. This will enable many more people to enter the mission field.

Into Africa

South Africans are not going into Africa on a level that God desires. We seem to be bored with Africa. South African missionaries want to go to other far-off nations, but not into Africa. God is going to push and urge them to go to the other African states. What we will find there will surprise us. Ministers will be well received and we will have a place to complete the ministry. South African ministers and missionaries must make a conscious choice again to take Africa for Christ and to use their expertise for that accomplishment.

Church and Business

Integration is coming between the church, business and investment, but this does not mean the church is a business. Due to the relational component that integrates these groups they are moving much, much closer together, to such a degree that you almost can’t see a difference between them. This has nothing to do with running the church as a business venture but rather the body functioning together in unity. The church will have an effect in the business and investment realm. This has already been happening in the last 8-10 years. The philosophy and underlying fear behind keeping church and state separate is failing. These realms are interwoven as is unity in the body of Christ. Fear-based ideologies should not stop these sectors moving closer to one another especially in terms of spreading the gospel to the utter most parts of the earth. This could be part of the engine and thrust to get to the utter most parts of the earth.

There is a big motor company in South Africa that is donating Minivans to churches in the rural areas. This is going to double. These Minivans will become multipurpose vehicles, for school transport and for the church. The church is going to take control of the management of these vehicles. They are going to transport school children and church people. This sponsorship is not going to come from well-known Motor companies, like Mercedes and BMW but lesser known Motor companies like TATA and Daewoo. Presently they are plunging much finance into advertising. God is showing us that these companies will have strategy meetings where they are discussing how to reach more people with their product. It will no longer be costly billboard advertising but an actual Minivan or vehicle with their logo on it. As they do their routes and pick up the School children and use them for church, their advertising will become effective and twofold. This will be advertising their product as well as helping the communities.

Various words

A Vision was seen of a man running up a flight of stairs, hoping to find the top but only to find that the stairs stop at a dead end. Deflated the man walks down. Again this man runs up, hoping to get to the top and see something different – but doesn’t. God is going to show Himself as quick to answer and bring breakthrough. Where the church is constantly getting stuck with certain issues; changing the road to the solution is sometimes the answer. A season of wisdom is coming to the church and a release of great many plans will be sown into the hearts of man. Who will let their seeds grow?

There is a certain church that will be known for their effective prayers when it comes to praying for storms and tornados to subside. This church will endure much scoffing and mocking but their “power over the elements” cannot be denied. God will pour our His presence on various meetings like a soft and gentle rain; softening hardened hearts. People will attribute it to many things like their own prayer teams, or leader’s anointing but it will just be because God wants to. Like soft rains over a long period where the ground gets penetrated and permeated; so will God reach through these hardened hearts and cause a hunger in people which only He can satisfy. I see congregations that have “lost their first love” to return to Him and a new excitement rising up in the body of Christ.



Agriculture will play a low-key role and there are certain strategic reasons for that. The Lord is putting a low-key plan in place and he is using a number of individuals jointly to start doing that. He is also using our farming skills and expertise in other nations in Africa. The national agricultural strategists will find this alarming. They are not sure how we are going to provide for food security in the nation. The Lord has a greater plan for South Africa in the long run in terms of the development in the other nations, so we mustn’t be alarmed by it. We must allow what the Lord is doing so that He can ensure a basket and a security for a greater area. The strategy is much greater than South Africa, and much greater regional area like SADC is to be impacted. We will not be able to impact here in SA as much as we will do across the borders. This will finally flow back into much greater food security for the entire region.

There are going to be entry level programmes being developed in order to attend to the physical ground that has been neglected. These programmes will be implemented in other African countries as well. There will be a five year program of this entree level programmes being implemented in Zimbabwe in future

Land Claims

The Lord is putting His finger on agriculture in South Africa and is addressing the whole land claim issue which has been lingering and is actually harming the nation. After the next election the Lord is bringing closure because it is keeping the nation from fulfilling its mandate. There are people involved who just want to keep the land claim issue open and the Lord is moving people who are actually standing in the way of finishing it up. This issue will be closing.


There has been lot of pressure on businesses to survive. The next year will be a breathing gap; there will be a release of the financial pressure that has driven businesses to the bone as the Lord is giving them grace. God helping businesses to catch their breath and although the year will not be soaring in profits they will go through it unharmed.

People specializing in their respective fields will have gain a new sense of pride, so much so that the business sector will start asking advice from government leaders – tapping into their expertise. Many in the business sector have fallen behind in their expertise since there was an expectation that government will not make it due to BEE. Since many in these BEE positions have had to work hard to make it all work, they have actually grown and sharpened their abilities. I see that in business word many have to stop slacking off and start actively sharpen their tools again.

New Ideas

There is a reservoir in heaven full of ideas for those who want to come and get it. God is bringing about new opportunities. At first there will not be an experiential framework to show how one should deal with these new opportunities. When these new opportunities come God will provide the inspiration, creativity and answers.

Building industry

The Building industry will have difficult times ahead. After finishing a job people will be laying down their tools and not be sure what the next job will be.


Mining will have another difficult time in South Africa. There needs to be a focus on investing into workers conditions. There is an unhealthy dependence on many of the mines from the extended families of mine workers. Because of the difficulties the mines are facing, many families of mine workers will have to let go of their dependence on the mine workers and find jobs for themselves. Housing improvements will start to happen in 2014 for mineworkers as well as infrastructure around compounds of mine workers. Government will have positive partnerships with mines in helping with this development.

The Banking Industry

The Banking industry will have a positive year in 2014. Debt will however have to be addressed amongst the public. People will struggle with their high debt and there will be many that will not be able to pay their debt in 2014. A drive to motivate South Africans to save money will get traction.


The economy, like last year, is going to stay on a very stable course; there won’t be any fiddling with it. The general direction is going stay the same. Equality and levelling off between the different people groups within the nation will increasingly become more visible. Excesses will be addressed in all groups and all people. That means that some people will have to prepare themselves for tightening of their belts, whilst the lower income groups and poor will receive marginally more. Some initiative is going to come into the unemployed sector, helping to remedy the unemployment situation. The percentages will not be huge but at least it is being addressed. This situation has deteriorated but now there is going to be forward motion through practical intervention. It will speak to the heart of the nation and over time bring a quietness and stillness into the nation. Economically there will be lot of opportunity – but the opportunities need to be broader based. There will be a lot more cooperative movement. The economy is not going to funnel to the individual as easily as in the past, yet it will still flow into areas of joint cooperation in terms of finances and skills. Lone rangers will have an increasingly difficult time and will have to learn to share their wealth and expertise resulting in greater equality and much greater reward.


There will not be in increase or explosion of human trafficking but there is a raise in female prostitution. Women will knowingly going into the sex trade, motivated by poverty as they need money for their children. The surrounding nations are letting them leave, knowingly and willingly. These countries they come from have no social grant. Pray that poverty is addressed in the neighbouring nations so that the women don’t have to take these steps to look after their children.


Election 2014

Next years’ election will have some surprises in store for people but I believe there will not be a major government change. There are new faces coming in and with the new faces there are new changes as well, for the better. Thabo Mbeki’s face is quite prominent behind the scenes and things are happening because of his influence.

There have been many pacts made between different Government parties and different people and also with the unions. There comes a time of regretting these pacts because people and parties are now stuck with what was said. They are almost trapped in the unlawful covenants they made.  Now is the time where they will be drawing a line in the sand saying: Change must come, we cannot walk together anymore. This will happen during the next year, probably just before the election. There is going to be a blow up and some things are going to be uncovered. It will be splashed on the front pages of the papers. People will see the face of the person and gasp for air because it is such a shock. We do not expect that person to be busy with this kind of deal. What happens in the dark will be uncovered and God is going to shout it from the rooftops.

Some provinces in South Africa will shine in 2014. There is coming a change for the better in Limpopo province and a project to rebuild what was torn down the past few years will take effect. Kwa-Zulu Natal will become a hotspot again before the 2014 elections. There will be a lot of tension and violence with a lot of accusations between political parties. The North West province will explode with scandals of corruption and waste of money and power play, similar to that of Limpopo two years ago. The turnaround will go much smoother than it has been in Limpopo and many responsible for crime and corruption will be relieved of their duties, many heads will roll. The ANC will show itself merciless against some of its members. A lot of propaganda will fly around before the elections. The people will however not make their choices according to the propaganda. They are looking at it and listening to the propaganda and they get motivated by it, but the motivation quickly subsides, and their driving factor will be the feeling they have about their daily lives.

A warning

There will be some conspiring during the elections. A vision was seen of different tick boxes on the voting forms, but in the background, they are actually connected somehow and are an attempt to fool the public.

With the election there will also be a women’s movement, women will be taking more prominent places in government.

A New Leader

A woman will rise up in the Eastern Cape, energetic like Helen Zille and she is going to shape up the whole Eastern Cape. She will become the Premier and bring changes and tighten things up. It is a very big ship to turn, so it will only turn slowly. When we see this woman elected, we must be positive and supportive in prayer because she is going to be very radical and not favoured by everybody. She will be aggressive like Malema and aggravate everyone, get under everyone’s skin but she is going to get the job done.

After the Election

After the election the government will start pushing South Africa to make the amount of provinces less. There is a change coming in our whole provincial situation and the government will try to consolidate. This will create a lot of retaliation in the hearts of the people who will feel they are forced into groupings they do not like. It is important that change be embraced; the Lord is actually addressing some mismanagement of funds this way. We must not throw the whole thing out. It is maybe not acceptable from the beginning but we must stay open to receive what God actually wants to do. There is change necessary in the way provinces are managed, but it is how it is done that is the issue.

Window Dressing Ends

South Africa is tapering towards the end of a period of window dressing by the government. In 2014 a phase will be entered whereby things will be less sinister. We will not have to ask what the ulterior motives are. The motive behind reducing the number of provinces will not be a sinister motive to gain votes; it will be a very practical thing. We should caution the citizens not to prematurely bad mouth things that are happening, but to firstly discern what the Lord is doing. Following the next election there will be an increase in people who have Godly motives in government. Some of them are current political figures, but a number of them, apparently a slightly younger generation, are waiting in the wings; it. It is a very slow start to a restorative process in our nation, but that does not mean that we must hold back from the mandates the Lord has given this nation in terms of Africa. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than anybody thinks and a lot of good, much more strategic planning and much more inclusiveness, is happening.


The Department of Education will be under scrutiny. There will be pressure to deliver on what was promised and fix the problems of the past years. Improvements in the educational results and statistics will start taking place from the lower grades upwards. Social issues in schools such as teen pregnancy, child abuse, violence and drugs will be in the news in 2014. There is an educational fraternity that has a heart to see the South Africa’s educational standards bettered and even placed on international standards from grade 1 up to post graduate qualifications. 2014 will be the year of ideation (the process of creating new ideas) and strategic development to give this fraternity the power and capacity to effect the change.

There will be a new breed of inspectors: Inspectors were stopped from going into schools to do check-ups but a new group is being brought in to inspect the schools. They are not going to be well received. They will be stoned and chased. The school gates will be locked. The pressure from the Education Department is going to get the breakthrough because of the need for schools to be inspected and overseen. Many people who should be out inspecting are sitting behind desks trying to just make phone calls and send e-mails. They are going to get out from behind their desks and have a visual look at what they should be inspecting. They are going to be given an increase in their salaries, risk money for what they do. That will make them field inspectors which are not going to be a popular job but it is going to be worthwhile and necessary.

There is a change coming in terms of the minister of education, after the election she will be redeployed to another department. The system has lost hope and the teachers have lost hope but the Lord is bringing in someone that will be able to lead and inspire. The people of our nation lost hope in the education system. We saw a vision of the Lord standing and blowing like a mighty wind over sails of ships which are all down. As He blows over them the sails are full, significant of new motivation that will arise and teachers being encouraged. They will receive new hope and will move forward again.

A vision was seen of many churches starting schools. Many of the smaller churches in the rural communities will also be starting schools.


Clashes between the unions and the government will become more severe and corrective legislation will be brought in. Labour costs and disagreements are spiralling a bit out of control so that in the coming year we are going to experience a boiling point where the strikes between the government and unions will become excessive. This will leave the Government with no other option but to take decisive action and intervene.

Unions are painting themselves into a corner with the decisions they have made. Because of their unwise past decisions they will lose favour with government and their members. This will lessen the union power considerably. There will be a lot of wheeling and dealing to try and get power back, but the union model is growing old and is losing its substance.

A new modern union will take form and it will be started by the younger generation. This new union will be strong although it will be small in the beginning. It will grow very big in the next ten years. This new union will open the gates for new modern unions to appear in the future. They are going to be totally different from the present unions: their branding, the way they carry themselves, the way they handle negotiations. They will make the old unions look like they are archaic.


Next year ESKOM will draw a lot of focus and attention in the media again, not so much with the price hike but they will not be able to supply the electricity that is necessary.


There are sticky areas in government that people previously couldn’t do anything about; these will be influenced by intercession similar to people walking around Jericho and walls tumbling down. Some of the areas in government will crumble and tumble down because of the intercession of people. Churches will also intercede through worship, which will influence those sticky areas in government.


God is moving many things about in government departments; He will bring a split in certain departments so that more will get done. Now there will be two groups bringing about change and not just one. Where government wants to find new levels of favour with the people, there are new levels of transparency that need to be worked at. This will bring forth a new sense of patriotism which will bring solutions to the table for issues such as toll gate fees.


Regarding the police a vision was seen of the stripes on their uniforms being stripped off and the police members sticking together. The Chief the police is slamming her hands on the table and saying this is enough. The police force will be cleaned up, there is a lot of corruption happening that has to stop.

Social Grant

The government social grant given to low income families will be revised. This will have a huge effect on the social care and Social Development department in South Africa; especially in regards to teen pregnancies and those depending on the grant.


The government will be appointing a lot of new game rangers including people who were involved in the past getting involved again. There was some training that was done in the past and not used. It was put aside because white people were involved. The program will be embraced and used and become very effective. This approach is not a new program but rather embracing what already exists. The right people are sitting on the side line and waiting and the Lord is saying: Get involved! I have given in your heart a strategy. You have worked with this before and now it will be revamped.


Electric cars

There is a breakthrough coming in the whole fuel cell industry. At the moment it is not quite there yet, but there is momentum coming that will push it forward so that electric cars can move. The industry will be moving even beyond fuel cells.

Electric cars will come onto the market. There are a few around and the inventor of this electric car has made one that will work well in South Africa. There was a development called the Jewel electric car in South Africa that had everybody very excited. It started with a prototype and the company wanted investors. In a news article in the newspaper on 8 August 2012 it said this project was mothballed because it couldn’t get investors and because of various other problems. This was the potential of an electric car built in South Africa, creating a lot of jobs and with the potential of being very successful the international market. This is going to start up again and become successful. It is part of the plan that God has in this economy for South Africa.


Railway lines are going to be revamped with new carriages coming. Trains will be transporting people a lot more. This will be implemented quicker than a five year plan or a ten year plan. That is too far away, transport needs to be addressed now.

Attention is going to be placed on the railway system in South Africa next year. Great investments will happen. A new company or new brand will be created, that will be government supported and fulfil the need for rail transport specifically for goods. A new rail industry will be created for South Africa that will create a lot of new jobs. This new rail industry includes building of trains, maintenance, etc. that will create many new jobs. Great plans for the transport of people will also start developing in 2014, especially with railways systems to places like Durban, Cape Town.

A private company is going to be allowed to launch a railway line. There will be a stop at each country bordering South Africa. This way they will go to Botswana and just inside the border they will have a station. The train will just go into Mozambique and have a station there. Also, up to Zimbabwe and have a station there. That is how Africa is going to be opened up to trade, with these railway lines and the people traffic going first. There is going to be a semi-privatization to the railway system which will give it a new drive.


Research funders are re-evaluating their funding models. There is a real understanding of how important it is for this nation, so funds will be reallocated to this area and in a sense this will be an area of prosperity. Basic research and even applied research will have far more money available.

Research into gas driven vehicles– all the technology is in place for this research. There should be caution in using this technology because of misuse and abuse. Methods are being put in place to thoroughly protect this technology.

Pollution- New solutions will be found with regard to sound pollution in air travel. New ways of air travel are coming up. It is almost like a hot air balloon, but with an engine. It is something weird that people will be able to use to travel with from city to city and from suburb to suburb. It is something totally different from to the norm. It will be applicable to short distances, not long distances.

Specific research will come to the foreground in dealing effectively with garbage like rubbish dumps. This will be used to generate electricity in a viable way. It will start to be implemented on a small scale as a test first and then it will be implemented largely around South Africa.


In the middle of South Africa, in parts of the Karoo, up towards the Free State, there is a group of farmers meeting together. They are planning something that is not good. The farmers are saying “we will shoot, we will look after ourselves”. That it is not a God-made plan, it is a man-made plan and it will be a disaster.

There is a prominent African leader housed in SA now. He is not in his own country presently but in South Africa. He will end up in a wheelchair because of disobedience. He has been warned but he is stubborn, so he is going to end up in a wheelchair, as an example to himself and others that he did not listen to the warning.

In 2014 there will be many quite severe storms even in South Africa, storms that we are not used to. Especially people in the Free State will experience severe storms. Horrible winds like gushes of wind.



A Release of Joy

There will be a lot of infrastructure advancement in the African nations. The Lord is actually changing a lot to facilitate the spreading of the gospel. The African continent will experience seasons of not just release of wealth, but also a release of joy. The Lord is bringing joy. A vision was seen of an African choir singing and in the coming year the Lord is releasing a season of joy over the continent itself that they will be happy doing what they are doing. A lot of the motivation in the past was always monetary based but the Lord is restoring the joy of the African people, and that joy is like a sound that will impact the world.

Our focus must not just be on the negative. There was a lot of corruption and it has been degrading the moral value of a lot of the nations. The Lord is just raising the standards and morals again. Dark faces will become very bright as the Lord says: My people will have shiny faces in these nations, My people will shine. Africa will become radiant like a sun rising. With that rising there is also darkness will be dispelled during the next few years. Storms will be coming and going but the Lord is removing and moving in the nations. Africa should not become despondent or down hearted because the Lord is restoring the root. The gift in the African continent is joy; God is restoring joy to the world.

The Lord says we must start speaking differently over the African continent and strongly address it as the golden continent. The Lord says start speaking differently over the continent as the way you refer to it is important.


There will be a spirit of peace over the SADC nations and Kenya, even though they have a lot of internal turmoil. The Lord is saying that this is because of the mandate of those nations to be a safe haven. There is specific productive purpose for agriculture which is the feeding other nations and helping other nations to stabilize. From this peace will flow a lot of life in an incredible way. This life will be a major thrust that will affect many, many parts of the world. There is a lot of connection between South America and this region of Africa. The Lord is connecting specific people under the radar that will influence both sides making them extremely effective and productive areas, due to the spirit of His peace hovering over these areas.

China in Africa

The leadership of China had a very specific plan with Africa but they totally underestimated the Africans. They felt they could instil and install their plans and ways thereby harnessing Africa for their specific purposes, but they did not take the people of Africa into account. The wheels are coming off the Chinese leadership’s plans within the continent. They are realizing that the honour they are receiving is just lip service. They are presently re-evaluating their whole plan which has come into disarray. The Chinese will be less involved in Africa in the future and they will be more respectful of Africa as the Africa nations move away from dictatorial spirit. They were hoping, due to the dictatorial spirit in Africa, that they could just harness and pocket a few people and then run Africa. Due to the swell of democracy within these nations that has not materialized, they are viewed with suspicion within Africa and this has derailed their entire plan. Where China has been seen as a threat, they will increasingly withdraw from the African continent.

Dictatorship Ending

Africa has this constant emergence of a dictatorial spirit, which is waning; it is increasingly losing its power. Many dictators are window dressing, or trying to window dress their dictatorship as a democracy, but they are standing on very slippery grounds. The Lord says: “You will let my people go”. It is no longer “let my people go”; it is “you will let my people go”. Over time we will see the winds of change coming over Africa, although not immediately visible. There has been a change in the last decade that will continue. We need to look where we were ten years ago compared to now, so that we don’t get discouraged. The Lord wants to keep sending people that will push forward this mandate for the people of this continent. He wants them to realize who He made them to be. This continent has to take its position within the world system and world economy as it really is meant to be. God is transforming Africa although Africa keeps resisting this transformation by continuing in old traditional ways of violence, especially towards women and children (a rape and pillage mind-set). I feel God is changing their mind-sets so they can come to a place where they value their own products. It is a continent that must start gathering significance and purpose beyond survival.

Christian Persecution

Persecution of Christians in Africa, specifically Northern Africa, will increase. The Lord is warning Christians to be wise where they travel, persecution will increase but the Lord is still sending people to influence in the nations.


Up to now the focus was on infrastructure between countries in Africa and the world. I see new networks rising and an increase in bandwidth between and within these countries. Many from oversees are investing and I see even more money coming in; putting down better infrastructure. Most of these investments are very good investments and many will see a good return on their investments. God has a mission on His heart to light up “the dark continent.” Technology and Internet will be one of the means by which He will do this.

Foreign aid

Foreign aid and money coming through NGO’s into Africa will decrease. Much more thought will go into what money is given to whom, for what and how effective the aid is. The need to address the abuse of money will increase. African governments will be forced to take action against corruption. At the same time more attention and focus will be placed on foreign investment rather that foreign aid. Because of this a lot of investment from European and other countries will increase in African countries. Economic growth will become one of the most important factors in the elections and in government spending.

The African countries that always relied on outside finances to help relieve poverty will be forced to become self-sufficient since foreign finances will no longer be available. Nations that have previously relied heavily on being rescued are developing a pride in self-reliance. There are educated people returning back to their countries using their knowledge to the benefit of their own nations. There is a focus on crops that are being produced; resulting in a massive source of exports, where previously these countries were relying on welfare they are now providing welfare to others.

Imports and Exports

Eastern Africa will experience an economic surge because of the discovery of oil and other commodities. Then trade amongst the eastern African countries will increase. The transport between these countries will also increase. The needs that were always met through import will now be met by countries themselves. Neighbouring countries will share in the wealth of each other’s resources. This will cause big parts of Africa to become independent from imports and foreign products. Through these changes economic growth will be boosted and put Africa on a path of prosperity.

The dependency on foreign investments will decrease. God is starting this process through the unlocking of certain resources in the eastern side of Africa. A lot of activity and trade will start to happen between the nations from eastern Africa down to the southern nations of Africa. Instead of putting goods and products on ships and sending it to China and other places, trade will increase between neighbouring countries and boost the African economy.

God is placing a responsibility on the African nations as being the supplier of major resources for the rest of the world and pressure is being placed to step up into their supplier role. I see plant seed banks making investments into countries to start developing crops and doing the research to advance crop production.

The word breadbasket was heard. God is really calling Africa to be the breadbasket to the world, to produce and to be fruitful again. With this calling there is going to be favour to export, and to take it to the ends of the world.


For the north of Africa the words turmoil and more turmoil were heard, but there are also areas and spots of hope and peace. Turmoil in the northern parts of Africa will seem to be increasing. It looks like it is coming from the outside as well and not only from inside the countries themselves. The enemy’s plan is to flood the turmoil down into Africa, but it is going to be stopped. I see God sending down His angels into Africa.

A lot of people will be moving; a lot of displacement of people will happen in this African region crossing back and forth across borders. Draught in the northern African nation will become extreme this year and I feel that a lot of food aid is going to be necessary.

A Lying Spirit

Towards the nations north of the Equator there is a lying spirit that has been let loose and has been there for years. It is seen as clever to lie and scheme and deceive people for monetary gain. The Lord is addressing this and people are looking at themselves and are having guilty feelings about lying. They have seen that the fruit of their lies has not been good and now there is a new move to be truthful and face the consequences of the truth. They always thought the truth would cause them problems and would not give them what they wanted. The lies never got them what they wanted for in any case and the Lord is addressing that lying spirit in the people.


The southern part of Africa will be more stable. A lot of mentoring initiatives from South Africa into Africa will take place. Leaders in SA, specifically business leaders, will be connecting with different parts of the world in order to secure finance to mentor Africa. The finance will first come to SA; and there will be a South African “flavor” going up into Africa. God is saying that “Christian countries” or countries with a strong Christian influence will be stable. He will bring stability to areas where Christians gather in Africa. The mentoring initiatives into Africa will be accompanied by evangelism. The mentoring will take place on governmental and economical level and through that God will send His evangelists to Africa.

The Southern African nations are all looking at the mines and resources instead of the grace God has given the southern nations in agriculture. As soon as they would focus on that there will be a great wealth release over the nations. There is such a release from God in that area and there are people that wilfully resist this and I feel the Lord is going to deal with this.

The Lord is actually addressing SA and the southern African nations to sort out their agricultural problems. We will see a lot of politicians die because of their resistance. The Lord has placed a burden on SA and the southern African nations to produce for the people of the north to relieve their suffering. There are going to be scientific studies proving that pollution is directly responsible for draughts. This will cause the Southern African nations to reform their strategies in regards to the pollution they are causing.


A warning for Kenya and Uganda: I see them with their heads together plotting against the Asian people. They must not touch them. They have brought wealth to these countries along with their expertise. They must not try to oust the Chinese either because they are bringing progress to this middle belt of nations in Africa. The root is the spirit of greed which must be dealt with.

We need to pray specifically against the warning in regard to oil and bloodshed in the Angolan and Democratic Republic of Congo region. It is a word of warning and we should pray in the purposes of God so that this may never come to pass. Specifically pray for the northern areas of Angola into the DRC and Brazzaville, Congo.

The DRC, Central African Republic, Uganda and Rwanda will experience further instability and fighting that will spill over their borders. Mediation will continue through 2014. A problematic faction in some of these conflicts will be dealt a serious blow.



The nation of Angola seems to struggle with the proper utilization of their resources. Because of the wealth of their natural resources, there have been numerous abuses of human rights and funds. Large scale theft has exploited the whole nation except the capital city, enriching Luanda whilst bereaving the rest of the nation. The Lord is going to use His church to address this problem. The church is going to start speaking and praying against the apparent curse on resources. Its root is a spirit of greed that needs to be dealt with. True repentance from greed will bring forth a change in this nation.

The nation of Angola has a lot of hunger and a desire for the things of God, but there is also a lot of corruption. God is going to infiltrate the government with wise leaders and people of integrity. There will be these pillars of people being raised up in Angola because He has put a lot of resources in that nation to benefit His Kingdom.


God is establishing a very good foundation and a good new work in Botswana. Botswana is going to be a place of great stability. An anointing for teaching is given to Botswana. Strong congregations and churches will be established there, grounded in the Word. People from many African nations will come to Botswana to get sound teaching and training and take it back to their countries. Botswana is going to become a type of university for many of the African nations, not just in Christian things but also in science, economy, politics etc. God wants Botswana to be a hospitable nation to equip and train people from all over.


In the country of Cameroon a revival will take place resulting in many people coming to the Lord.


More attention will be placed on the military rulers and their intentions. Many saw the military as friends of the people but that will change. In 2014 power struggles will continue. It will take a while for peace to return and mediation will be necessary to get all parties to agree but peace will come in the end. Egypt is going to be a bit of a battle ground, not just for Egypt itself, but for the way Muslim and secular society functions together. Egypt will be a testing and battle ground. Tourism and the economy are going to suffer because of this.

A leader is emerging and a vision was seen of an olive branch for peace, peace that will come over that country. Instigators like the Muslim brotherhood and others will have their mouths be taped shut, so these people will be silenced and that will help with the peace process that will come in Egypt.


The Lord showed ground that was dry and is now becoming fertile; there is water and growth in that country, a turn around, green fields, new shoots and new things happening.


The Lord is releasing a spirit of productivity and they need to take up this gift and move away from simply exporting raw material to develop own industry allowing them to produce more refined goods.


Kenya will experience lot of disharmony in 2014. Dissatisfaction amongst the people will increase and government will do blame shifting (blaming the colonial time) for issues. Tribal tensions will be stirred up by some to try and consolidate their power in the country. Witchcraft will take place to try and reach these means. Some bad things will happen to remind people of previous dictators and what people went through because of these dictators’ actions. This will spur on a new move for change in liberation amongst the people that will spread to other countries. It will even be called the African spring.

There are a lot of issues going on in Kenya that are not being addressed. The left hand is not telling the right hand what it is doing. There is much distress and poverty that the leaders seem to be unaware of. People are moving from Kenya to Uganda and from Uganda to Kenya. They are checking over the border with bundles of clothes. They seem to be stuck and not able of moving forward. There is a young innovative leader rising up in Kenya but for now he is being constantly silenced. Over the next two or three years he is going to make his voice heard. He comes from a spiritual background, but not from a church, he is in government. For now they feel he is too young, so they are silencing him. They are not going to be able to silence him for much longer. He is going to speak up and start communicating with those Nations surrounding Kenya. There are five nations around Kenya and they are going to come to an agreement. The middle ‘belt’ of Africa is going to have peace and the northern parts are not going to be able to enter Kenya.  They will try to come in and destabilize Kenya, but because of this young man and the plan that he has, the five Nations are going to stand with him and honour the agreement.

A vision was seen of water being pumped from deep underground. It is a new discovery or something like that in the area where there will be new resources found, but it will be deep in the ground, it will not be something that is normal in the nation.


Despite resistance and factional friction, there will be a steady progress made in rebuilding the nation and getting the economy on track. Government will take action to assure that natural resources will not be dominated by international companies or groups but that it will bring value back to the people. The Muslim government will have an understanding for functioning in a non-Muslim world. Libya will become an example for other Muslim countries of how they can operate. Although there will still be little wars and civil strife, God is going to do something good in Libya.


More production will be coming out of Madagascar, industries and manufactures like weaving will create more local job opportunities. The tourism industry will be developing positively in the island nation. As once a French colony the French flag was seen there again, France will start to contribute more to its previous colony.


A drive to make Muslim extremism the predominant belief in Mali will take place. Timbuktu will be at the centre again of these fights. To the surprise of the rebels and the extremist the surrounding countries will stand up against them again and stop the advance. The northern parts will experience the most turmoil.


The Lord keeps on saying the word Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco. A vision was seen of a whirlwind coming out of Rabat and that will affect the neighbouring countries. This speaks of drastic changes happening in the nation of Morocco.


The spirit of civil war will try to stand up in Mozambique again; this will cause old wounds to be remembered and old divisions to appear again. Good friendships of the past ten years will be broken up because of people choosing old divisions again. Good relationships in politics will be severed because of old divisions reappearing. God does not want this. Prayer and Godly input are needed. The influence of Christian leaders will help to bring it back to a place of peace.


A vision was seen of hands stretching out towards Namibia- there is a food crisis at the moment in Namibia and the Lord is speaking to the neighbours to help.

A vision was seen of oil pumping out of the ground and then turning into blood. There will be an oil resource that will cause a major conflict after being discovered. The discovery of this resource will need to be handled with a lot of wisdom.


There is peace coming over the nation. There is a lot of prayer going over that country and a lot of intercession for the nation. A lot more churches will be planted within Nigeria.


A warning to the government

South African farmers have been moving from South Arica up into Africa – also to Botswana and Zambia. Because of the farm murders in South Africa many farmers will sell and have sold their land and move elsewhere in Africa. They are not leaving Africa. There is also a warning in that: Because of the fact that government is ignoring the farm murders, it is as if a hole has been left in South Africa that must be filled. God is telling the government to “turn back”, acknowledge the farm murders and do something about it, otherwise there will be a hole in South Africa. The country needs the farmers and their knowledge to produce food to send out into the rest of Africa. The South African knowledge in farming will spread into Africa and South African farmers will bring knowledge and new technology to the rest of the continent; especially in Botswana. New ways of farming are constantly developing, with the people taking the new technology and applying it to their own country.


A stalemate will occur between these two countries bringing no solutions to their problems. South Sudan will open its borders towards other neighbours and develop other trade routes independent from Sudan.


A vision was seen of people dancing and waving flags including the Zimbabwean flag and they seemed very happy. But as the vision started to focus in on the people they were all suffering from malnutrition and they were all having these big bellies and thin arms. Zimbabwe is giving everybody the idea that they are doing well and that all is well with the nation, but in fact the humanitarian problem is going to become very prevalent next year, it will almost reach epidemic proportions.



A vision was seen of light houses popping up right across north America and the people rising up against the lies that the enemy has placed them under. There is a freedom of Christianity that is starting to move and an old value system that is being re-installed.

A vision was seen of North America standing vertically and the anointing oil dripping down from Canada down to America and I feel it is like a healing anointing and healing revival that is going deep and healing wounds that are not easy to heal like cancers and other diseases that resist. A very deep and solid healing anointing is going to flow freely.


In the foreseeable future the economy of North America will still be the biggest economy in the world. There will be much clambering for all kinds of other markets for the fear of this economy toppling, but that too will subside. People are going to concentrate more on what they have to fix at local levels. The entire economy is going to be very vibrant and retrace its confidence in the next year or two.



A Return to Christ

There has been a major turn away from Christianity over the last ten years in Canada but there will be a specific event taking place like a public mockery of Christ and Christianity which will result in the hearts of the people turning back to the Lord.

Statistics show that in Canada most Christians don’t attend church anymore, but that there will be a return of the hearts of the people back to the Lord. Catholicism has been the strongest faith group in the nation which will start to change. The Lord is drawing people to know Him and not know religion but know Christ.


Economic difficulties will cause the nation to struggle a bit. New developments in the area of medical research will have a great impact on the economy.


The Lord is raising up an intercessory movement. Intercessory groups will start to rise from small churches. It will become the heart of small churches to stand up and pray for the nation.

Heavy Snow

The Lord is warning the nation of Canada against a harsh winter and to be prepared for record levels of snow.


Obama care

A vision was seen of the statue of an angel in Central Park, New York. In the vision the statue breaks open and out of the statue comes a real angel. But the real angel that was inside the statue does not look like the angel on the outside. It is the angel of America. The angel was captured in a pre-conceived mould of people’s mind-sets: what they think the angel is supposed to be. God is releasing the angel of America to be revealed for who he really is. The angel then rises up into the heavenly realm. He receives his orders from God and starts moving on His command.

Historical information concerning this statue:

According to Wikipedia, the bronze, eight-foot statue, also called the Angel of the Waters in Central Park, New York, depicts a female winged angel touching down upon the top of a fountain. It was designed by Emma Stebbins and unveiled in 1873. This was the only statue in the park called for in the original design. Beneath the angel are four four-foot cherubs representing TemperancePurityHealth, and Peace. The statue refers to the Gospel of John, Chapter 5 where there is a description of an angel blessing the Pool of Bethesda, giving it healing powers. In 1842 aqueduct terminated in Central Park from where the water was distributed from a reservoir to the Croton Aqueduct opened, providing the city for the first time with a dependable supply of pure water. The city: thus the angel carries a lily in one hand, representing purity, and with the other hand she blesses the water below.

The vision speaks of God wanting to bless America with His hand of health, peace and purity. But the nation of America is moving away from what God wants to give and digging their own wells of supply through such endeavours as the controversial “Obama care” legislation.

During the next couple of months this controversial healthcare law will cause much difficulty in the American nation. It will seem to get very dark all over America, but the light (of true believers shining) will be revealed in this darkness. The media will show a blatant disregard for the Godly and good during this time. A lot of frustration and hopelessness can creep in because of the darkness that will be seen, but at the same time God will bring hope as the light will get much brighter than it has been. God will provide a way out of this crisis but much intercession will be needed.


In the USA there is a lot of negative prophetic typology, not recognizing their privilege and forgetting to look at the detail of their progress because of their connection to the Lord. I feel America is still in a good place and the doomsday utterances are not going to come about. There is a fibre in the American people that will not allow certain of the things to come about that they are so fearful about and I feel the government will be under increasing pressure to line up with what the American people really want. They want an ethical, moral, solid, functioning, workable government that functions according to Christian ethics. The north and north-eastern parts of America are known to be more liberal but conservatism will come to those areas. What they will call conservatism is really a gospel related move. There will be a huge amount of growth which is already taking place, but there is going to be a shift in the psyche and thinking of the American people and they are going to return to the spirit of their constitution which is based on very godly principles.

New York: Wall Street. There has been a sifting of the rules and the legislation of the Stock Exchange. Also a sifting out of the people/companies that have listed their companies that are not authentic and have illegally plumped up their profits and losses. Some names are being scratched off the board and new names will be added. This is like a revival on Wall Street that is going to filter down to the economy. This will revive businesses and the economy in the whole of America. Big companies coming in will list themselves and prosper. There are prayer warriors walking around the buildings on Wall Street. They are walking up and down. They are walking up and down Wall Street, around the block and speaking life into Wall Street. It has been proclaimed in the spirit and we will see these manifestations in the natural.

There will be many young start-ups. The Lord still wants to father the entrepreneurs but because of the fathers actually exploiting the young entrepreneurs (because of their lack of experience), many young men and women would not be open for input.

Because of this, a slower release of high calibre new technologies and design will be seen except where fatherhood is done right or has been restored. A quicker release will come again. Big innovation in many areas will come, but to bring it to production and get it market ready, will take a few years.

A Warning to the prophets

God is warning the prophetic voice in America not to look at money. God is saying He wants the prophetic voice in America to turn their hearts and their minds and their beings to God, hearing the voice of God clearly. The Lord is giving many warnings to the nations through the American prophetic voice. There are a lot of things been planned against America and many of those plans will be cut off because of the prophets listening and interceding. There are lots of warnings that have to go out from them and in order to do that; they need to be separate from government and separate from any financial influence. They must speak what God is saying. If the prophetic voice is entangled in government in some way or another, God is warning them to get out of there in order to be able to speak. It is important not to be “entangled” with anything on the inside, because God is going to create a new thing through the prophetic in America.

The prophetic ministry in America is going to speak into the economy; God is going to bless businesses people and raise up prophets in the business area in America. Business is going to start to function in a totally different way. That is part of the reason why the prophetic ministry should not focus on money, so that they are able to discern God’s will in the business area. Prophets can and will be involved with business, but it must not be their sole focus, otherwise it will not work. The prophetic voice will have an influence on Wall Street. Some people at Wall Street are prophets. God placed them there and through their prophetic words and actions Wall Street will be changed “from the inside”.

A vision was seen of national prophetic and Christian leaders starting to come together and creating a national forum giving credibility but also speaking to the hearts of the nation. Many of the prophetic words released over the nation have been laying there as potential and must be taken in. The Lord is calling leaders to stand together and declare those words but also encourage the nation. The nation is discouraged and the Lord wants to encourage them to put their trust in Him.


The Lord wants to honour a really strong group of the intercessory movement within the United States of America. He wants to start bringing it into the public arena, even though they are quite prepared to keep working behind closed doors without recognition. This is not a small movement – but thousands upon thousands of people in America. They tap into what the Lord wants and speak those words of life. This is not done just for their own nation but for all the nations around the world. They really endeavour to hear the Lords voice and to speak exactly as He says into those revealed areas. I see those things are going to start manifesting a lot faster than they ever thought it would. The Lord is honouring prayers over decades, not just prayers of several years, prayers that this goodness of the Lord will flood the earth. They have been pushing into the spirit about the goodness of God. The Lord wants to honour them for the really good, hidden work and to motivate them.

Areas of Revival

The Bible belt is going to change. It was always the southern part of America. God has earmarked another area that is going to become very powerful in the Spirit. There is going to be a mini revival in this new area. It is a long straight stretch of cities and towns. The whole area will become the “new” Bible belt. People will come from other nations to see what God is doing there. It is something different. It will not be the same as past revivals. Not a Spirit revival but a revival of the Word, the Bible. People will learn to speak and quote scripture. Something very unique is going to happen that has never been before. This will be a real revival of the Word. There will be Bible schools that are going to start teaching the word. Church leaders have run away from the Bible school element of church and they will once again go back to having Bible Schools.

A reviving movement is going to start on the west coast of America. There is a blessing of God over this area because of so many foreigners having been received there and getting their revelation and training and equipping from God through various ministries. Not just foreigners will be blessed by this move but the unsaved and lost in the cities and areas will be moved by a touch from God stretching from California to Washington State. This will be an area of Gods great light.


In 2014 there will be a renewed focus on space and NASA. NASA and the space program will be a lot in the news.

The Current Presidency

The American Presidency will be continually humiliated in the next couple of months. Although there will be an active program to lift Barak Obama’s image through media programs like Oprah, character flaws will have a crippling effect on decision making in the nation.

Barak Obama will retain a lot of support but the dissatisfaction amongst the people will increase. Negative publicity against Obama will increase. A lot of eyes are already looking past Barak Obama’s tenure. There is a leadership void and seemingly no suitable person to take up the baton after Obama. This void will persist in the people’s minds for the next two years. People will start looking at alternative ideas in decision making and leadership and the power invested into leaders. This period of void is to be a wakeup call for Christians to stand up and start praying for the new leader to be found.

Don’t wait for the election time to start praying for a new leader. Pray now.

Christian Media

The Christian media is like a knife cutting through the nation and touching areas which have previously not been touched, specifically abortions and abortion clinics. Through media hard hearts will become open to the gospel.


There will be breakthroughs in the medical field especially in the area of heart research. Integrity will return in the medical community where doctors are placing boundaries on what they are willing to allow in the operating theatre. There are policies on what is seen as necessary and unnecessary being written and this will lead to great change in the near future.

Racial Tension

There will be pockets of racial conflicts arising which will cause instability inside the US at a point it will become a major difficulty to handle.


Before 9/11 a specific vision of an angel of death passing the USA was seen, a similar vision was seen again. The Lord is warning the American people against another 9/11, specific prayer and intercession is crucial and will be needed to bind the strategies of satan against the people of the USA. There are some terrorist threats which are not being taken seriously. Pray that the authorities will take them serious before it is too late. There is a serious onslaught that is coming and the nation has to be proactive in resisting it, through proactive prayer, proactive measures, it is not like something that has happened before. The Lord is specifically warning the US in that regard.


Illegal Immigration is a big threat to the USA. There will be laws and legislation being placed around America, like a belt, encircling them and tightening up the borders and stopping the influx of people who come and take the resources that are there. The American people are an extremely generous people, willing to give and share and because of that they have been taken advantage of. Now they are closing the doors on those who have taken advantage of them. There will be a paper drawn and when that paper stamped with a seal it will be effective in stopping the influx and stealing of resources. Many visitors are not grateful and do not leave a good footprint. They come in to take and to steal. Because of the generosity of the Americans hearts the Lord does not want that for them. There is still a very large Christian population that trusts the Lord for a turnabout. God has heard their cry. More of them are for God than those who are against God and because of that He has heard their cry and is going to bring a turnabout.


New discoveries will be made in terms of resources in Alaska. Specific discoveries will draw attention from the US. This state will experience a wide range of environmental and climate changes, changes in the seasons of winter and summer, changes in the environment which will affect agriculture, and they will need help.

A vision of new church buildings was seen; the Lord is sending ministries; new areas will be taken in by the gospel.

The tourism industry will be rapidly increasing in this region and the true value of this state will become known across the USA.


God’s Spirit is hovering over the island; He is waiting to move over that state. The Lord is warning the people of Hawaii to move away from their idolatry. A vision was seen of crops being trimmed- the Lord is pruning this nation.



A vision was seen of a heart pumping in a relatively wide area of the South Americas and it is a heart that is ready to explode. They have been so contained within themselves that they have been too scared to explode. The Lord wants this heart, this life and this enjoyment of life to explode too many nations over the earth. The Lord is going to help this process; the heart is going to pump even faster and more viciously than ever before to take this gospel to many more places than they could ever have imagined. The people in those nations do not have an idea of what effect they can have on a worldwide basis, let alone in their own community. The Lord is restructuring, resurfacing and allowing them to grow.

Sometimes huge mistakes are being made by those nations in terms of the church but the Lord is gracious towards them because they are doing it with the right attitude. He will keep bringing them back to his heart. He will keep bringing them back to the beating of their heart and the beating of His heart and we need to be patient with the people as they grow. God wants patient people to go there to keep on coaching them, pushing them ahead, equipping them and training them because a time will come when they tip over the edge and they will run like kids and frolic around the world in this enjoyable lively way of ministering.


A vision was seen of people dying from side effects of a type of genetically altered maize that is being used to plant. This kind of seeds will be the cause of the disease and it will be exposed this coming year. People have had struggles with their health which is caused by a genetically altered seed that they have been using that has serious side effects. This will be in the media a lot.


Human trafficking is happening out of South America from of places where mission trips are a regular occurrence. The churches in these areas are getting more and more frustrated that human trafficking is endangering their mission fields. The problem is becoming more personal to the church in general; the church is going to take up the fight. There will be a lot of safe places that are being provided and people are taking hands across religious boundaries to invest in the safety of these survivors.



Agriculture is going to explode in the nation in the next year, it is going to get big and we are going to hear about a lot of advancements in those areas.

God is bringing new revelation to people in spiritual hotspots all over Argentina. Argentina will become a powerful influence in Latin American countries. Current establishments and new ones will experience a download from God through their ministry, teaching, equipping and training. This move in Argentina will spill over to Chile.

A Warning

A vision was seen of a mudslide in Argentina and Brazil with many people being swept away by the muddied flood. The Lord is warning these countries that the right preparations must be made. It is as if certain communities have for the past years constantly ignored good and effective preparations and the Lord is actually admonishing the leaders in those regions to take care of their people, prepare properly. It is not a new occurrence but something that has happened constantly.


In the next season there will be economic difficulties in Brazil. Spending in government will become a huge issue amongst the people. A lot of riots and strikes will start taking place which is abnormal for Brazilians. There will be turmoil especially before the soccer world cup.

Many businesses that started living lavish lifestyles will get back to basics. The foundation of the economy is good but there needs to be a breaking down of certain areas to rebuild correctly. A new industry in space technology getting Brazilians into space will come to the fore in partnership with other countries. The development of much cheaper and more cost effective satellites will start to take shape.


God is going to provide wisdom and wise leaders to improve the organization of these countries to increase their productivity. There will be a lot of joy poured out on the church and church communities on the Caribbean islands will be established.


A great emphasis on poverty will take place in Chile. Government will assist the communities to address the poverty issue with the help of foreign investment that was released because of the natural disasters that occurred in the country over the past few years.

There will be growth in their trade with crops, and wealth in natural mining, all across the coast. A new leader will lift the country up, there is going to be a lot of growth in the Chilean nation.


The fight against corruption and drugs will deplete the power of the drugs lords even more and a new morality and boldness will appear in the people. The fear that the people have will disappear and they will start to fight back. The fields that used to be planted with marijuana and drugs will be cleared and new crops will be grown. The season ahead will provide a chance for the people to start cleaning up their act.

Government is going to subsidize farmers. They will then earn the same as they did when they planted marijuana. They have seen the destruction from marijuana but they planted it to make a living. They are tired of the reputation they have. Their heads are hanging from discouragement and they are weary. With the government now backing them, the farmers are able to plant different crops. The Columbians want a different reputation and the Lord has heard their cry. There are many very spiritual people there and the drug cartels are the minority, a small five percent. They have taken over Columbia in recent years. The authorities are tightening the rope around them and changing the system from the ground up.

There is a lot of money being pumped into the nation. They will get a new type of president. The new president is going to be friendly to the poor and he is going to start assisting the poor from the ground up. Before this man became President, he knelt before the Lord and make God a promise, saying “Lord if you make me president I will do these things for You”. He is determined to keep his promises. He has received much opposition because others want the money to flow into the country. They do not care about the other nations but he has made a certain promise to God and he is going to keep his word.

The nation will experience a revival and receive a lot of assistance from the church in Brazil. Church structures themselves will be revived and new things will be coming in. Where there have been church leaders involved in illegal and criminal activities with the drug cartels, God is going to remove them from the churches and He is going to give churches new leaders. He wants to bring forth a David generation. There is going to be a big influence from Brazil’s church into Columbia. Even in remote places people will experience the Holy Spirit.


Cuba will place a greater focus on modernization. It will be a new era of development. A lotofforeign money will come into Cuba to assist in this modernization.


There is desperation over the island. Other nations have made them promises when they had the disaster previously but they have not lived up to these promises. There is a hopelessness that has settled on the people. If and when they turn to God they will receive help. There are many churches helping but the government is leaving the distribution of aids to the volunteers. The government of Haiti needs to strengthen itself and become the answer to the people.


A lot of people have moved out of Mexico to become prosperous, and are now moving back in again, building the country up. The people in Mexico will mobilize themselves to bring change.

A vision was seen of the statue of Mary. Catholicism is still very big in Mexico, and in the vision the statue of Mary was toppling over signifying a decrease of Catholicism in that nation.


There will be an event at the Panama Canal causing a leadership crisis. Conflict with other nations will ensue.


The Lord says that the song of the Lord will be heard again in this nation. There is going to be a revival, a move of His Spirit in this country. He will give them new ideas to be an influence even to Europe and America. The things that He has put in their hearts will come to pass. There will be a revival of industry in Uruguay and also Argentina. I feel God is going to return the many people that have left. They will come and bring new life into these places.



There will be a returning of people who have left Europe from all over the world. They will be bringing with them new skill-sets which they have gained elsewhere and start to implement it in Europe. New developments in technology will come more and more from Europe and there will be “silicon valley” type of places established.

New ideas with many new patents will come from Europe. Unlike in the past they won’t be taken over by the USA. These are ideas are given by God to Europe and they will belong to them. The European Union will bring in policies and even rewards to keep those patents and not to “sell themselves out” to other countries.

The Lord is going to raise the focus of the nation’s back to their roots which will cause nations to look back to Europe for specific solutions. The Lord has given the European people the grace to address some technological difficulties which will help people advance. There will almost be an explosion in technology coming out of Europe.


There will be a great expansion amongst the military NATO forces and NATO will become much more involved in world affairs in the next year.

The European Union has a stronger role to play in the Middle East crisis; they will become a bigger mediator in that regard. Europe will become a much greater mediator in global affairs in the next year, especially with NATO and the NATO forces- the role of mediating between nations and factions will become much stronger.


There has been a secret gathering and discussion within the EU where it was decided that they are not going to import as much anymore. They are going to focus on growing their own produce, preparing their own proteins and breeding their own animals but they are having a problem doing it. It is not going well but they are determined to stick to it. Laboratory technicians and the people making these decisions are making quality decisions about what they are going to produce, how they are going to look after the animals and the poultry and what they need to feed the nation. I just saw this small group saying that they cannot import everything into the EU. There will be fluctuation of import of produce into Europe.

In the next year European exports will increase exponentially especially out of nations like Germany and the economic climate in Europe will be experiencing a lift. Some security measures will be relaxed even in normal aviation regulation.

Various import and export agreements will come into place between Europe and Africa, with European countries targeting certain countries in Africa such as South Africa. Europe needs raw material, not just gold and diamonds. There are also agreements about food. There will be a number of import and export agreements and single agreements between Europe and Africa, for example France with South Africa or Italy with Gabon. Europe will use that in the innovation of new products. That will bring new development into Africa and out of the import and export new business will develop in Africa and in Europe.

Human Resource

The greatest export of Europe is their people. There is going to be an increased need for them in other nations. There will be people from Europe who feel the call to go to other nations although they are not necessarily going to be welcome there. There is going to be an increasing number of Europeans that will settle in other nations. There is an emphasis on well qualified people – just one person will have huge effect on continents such as Africa again.

People will start to travel more between Africa and Europe and a European flavor will be starting up in Africa. Smaller business people with imports and exports will be moving into to Africa, starting new branches all over.

This is not the start of colonization again, but rather God bringing a release in people’s hearts to pour out blessings. They are struggling with many things because they feel that they don’t have the ability to pour out their lives in other nations and other places – it is as though they have been impeded, among other things, by politics yet they have this real desire to pour their lives out on other nations. Human capital, being their abilities, their intellectual property will be the greatest export factor in the coming years.


The EU will have to revisit their subsidies that they have for the different industries. A new way forward will be forged to create an export environment where European products will be developed into a unique niche that sets them apart from the rest of the world. More and more the EU will realize that they have to cut subsidies as it is not sustainable. They will reinvent what they have to give to the rest of the world.

Research & Technology

Research and technological advancements will become an export commodity. There will be a new emphasis on technologies and the development of it in Europe. Europe will start to take the lead in space exploration and science. Europe will take the baton over from the US in this regard.

The motor industry is also going into a new phase of invention in the EU through production and profit. European car makers will have new technological advancements that set them apart from other motor vehicle producers like America and the East. This will make them very successful in comparison with some other parts of the world. This new technological advancement in Europe will fuel a couple of industries in Europe and place them on a new level. Europe is going into a season where a new life will come in the economy because of this new direction and focus.


New innovations in agriculture, food production and streamlined processes will increase in Europe. A lot has already happened in research and development and the creation of new ideas. In 2014 it will be the year of exporting these new ideas and implementing them. A great focus will be on bettering third world countries. The high-end technological developments will make life in Europe more convenient.



A lot will come out of Austria and Switzerland. I see a vehicle, and I feel there is a development in the motor and naval industry coming out of there linking with environment and pollution. The Lord showed me that a lot of things concerning cleansing and purification will come from these nations.


The Czech Republic had some political scandals and there will be even some more that will be exposed and shake the nation. The Czech nation as a whole will start to feature in their ability to produce, they are not an engineering nation but a producing nation and there is a lot of richness in the nation and its people- the world will start to notice it in the coming years. The scrutiny that they were under will lift, specifically the scrutiny that experienced because they were part of the Russian block and under Russian control. The Lord is lifting the scrutiny that was on the Eastern European nations.

As a nation they are now at a place where their produce will start to influence Europe and the world, people will start to take note of the Czech people.


New developments in the area of food preservation will be made in Finland. This development will play a crucial role in the years to come.



The French people are under enormous restrictions that they have put on themselves because of their forays into foreign gods and foreign religions. Each Frenchman, at this moment, is looking at what they believe in. Christianity has filtered through everywhere, not in anything specific, nor a specific church. They are looking at what they have done on their own, without God and it is not working. They are starting to look to the Lord. It seems similar to when 9/11 happened; everybody went back to church in America. This same syndrome is taking place in France.

Things are so tight and restrictive in France. The French are starting to look around and then look at God and saying, ‘let us look at the church and find out if the church has an answer’. The church needs to lift itself up, and not judge the people, who were having these negative thoughts and influences.

A Muslim Threat

There will be a Muslim movement that will become very strong in France, this will force the nation to relook their strategies, and re-dig their Christian foundations. It is as if they have stood back a bit, but the Lord is going to shake them and He will even use these Muslims to do that.

The Church

The church in France is going to need a lot of outside help and they are going to be open for it. They have got very stuck in their philosophies and their philosophical way of thinking. By themselves they can’t get out of that box, so the Lord is going to speak to increasing numbers of people to come and break open the revelation of living in Christ for them.


A new freedom

Germany will experience a greater freedom from the European Union pressures than before. As a nation they will be experiencing a season of rest. It is as if the people are tired and have borne a heavy burden but the Lord is lifting the burden off and there is a season of great restoration coming. The European Union will start to publically recognize the great role that Germany has played in the salvaging the financial crisis.


Germany will receive orders for train lines and trains. This will raise the level of their exports. This is being discussed in the boardroom by the buyers and they are unsure if they should speak to Germany or China. China is a country that is in competition with Germany. This has become a huge problem for Germany.

In terms of cameras and camera lenses a German company designing lenses (Zeiss) are trying to design cheaper products, so that their market share will not be lost in competition with China, but ultimately the drive for high quality will become the deciding factor. Germany will continue to be looked at as a high quality country producing high quality products and that will continue to be their main focus.

Food Advancements

A vision was seen of chickens dying. Currently in Germany and worldwide there is a mass slaughter of male chicks instead of using them for the food market because of the type of breed used. There will be a change in the chicken industry, especially in terms of the culling of male chicks; as a breakthrough in the breeding industry will change this status quo. As this is corrected the nation will become more self-contained and not be dependent on food sources from other nations. Germany is already very self- contained. They are aiming to provide what they need for themselves and not look to the other European Nations. Germany can support its own nation.


A settling down after storms is taking place, although there will still be some stirring in the coming season. There will be understanding that things have unavoidably changed, therefore people will not resist the drastic change in their lifestyle anymore. Unions and the voices of the masses will be entrenched stronger into Greece and Greek lifestyle. More pressure will be placed on the rich and their lawlessness.

Through this uneasy process financial stability will be won. The people’s voices are going to be heard: A new law or regulations will be introduced to protect the masses from exploitation by the richer classes. In the past the richer class had a level of impunity. This is going to change.

Influential people will stand up like fathers coming together saying that the nation can’t go on the way it is going. They will gather and discuss a plan for a way to bring stability again in the economy.


There is an inner arrogance in the people saying: “We have been here for centuries so we are just going to continue eating, drinking and being merry”. This is going to cost them dearly.

Italy will go through difficult times. There will be stubbornness to effect drastic change. The Italians will try to do things in their own way and not be told what to do. They will make life difficult for themselves.


Netherlands immigration will become a strong talking point again and issues around it will flare up. The Dutch will go on with life in a manner that will make them wade through the troubles in Europe to the other side where prosperity is waiting. There will be courage and a determination to not be tossed and turned around by waves of problems. Many of their good work will go unnoticed by the rest of Europe.


Fuel, gas or oil, will be found off the coast in the deep sea. In fact they have already discovered it but they have not released the news. They are very excited about this discovery. When they start building their oil rigs, they will announce the find. They do not want people to descend on Portugal and try to hijack what they’ve got. They have already discovered it but it is a secret that will be revealed in the next year, 2014.

The Lord is bringing an awakening in Portugal, a pioneering and discovering spirit that they had long ago. Together with the establishing of smaller businesses and enterprises throughout the nation it will become a springboard to go to different places and establishing themselves. God is rising up a foundation from which they can work.

A reawakening of Catholic churches and also of evangelical churches will start in the next year. More and more the evangelical churches and the Catholic churches will start moving towards one another. God wants to move Portugal into a unique direction that will be different from its neighbouring countries. In the past Portugal was seen as the last of the European countries and it was not bringing something new to the table. This is going to change, God is calling the pioneering spirit back to the nation of Portugal and this will happen in conjunction with the spiritual awakening. God will increase the call for His servants to minister in Portugal.


The UK has been and still is a nation that facilitates research and new development. The words were heard: “The change of the guard.” There is going to be a change in leadership and a change in the structures.

A vision of the sun breaking through clouds was seen- the people have really suffered through some difficulties not just economically, but the people in the UK have really been under a heavy cloud. They have been hidden from focus and the Lord is going to bring a bit more spotlight on the UK and on their role in global affairs. The United Kingdom will be standing out.


The Lord is specifically addressing the pioneers in the nations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They have always been there but He is awakening them again to pioneering in difficult environments. In the past is they have focused on the soft target of America (USA) because the USA is a very pioneering environment and they find that they can live their dreams there. That is not what they were created for – they were created for difficult environments.

They have to push through in difficult places; the Lord is going to rekindle that in a very strong way, especially in the church. He is going to speak to the Scandinavian church and He is going to start querying them, asking them why they are doing certain things, why are they not more involved in certain areas. So, we will start to see more Scandinavian people branching out and going to really difficult areas and those nations experiencing a lot of good and other input from them.

In the Scandinavian countries there is coming a new call from God to go into missions, sending them out to these different places where they have gone long before. A new wave of missionaries will go out again with a very dedicated and sharp understanding of what to do and where to go, with an understanding of culture. The Lord will be enabling them to go into places to bring the gospel in a new way


A vision was seen of a very dark cloud over the nation. The Spanish financial crisis will go on, so imports and exports will be under pressure in Spain and this will be a negative influence into the whole EU financial system.


Coming out of Switzerland is a medical breakthrough. Something big will be discovered that will have a great effect worldwide. It is one of the big sicknesses for which a cure is being found in that area.


The focus on human trafficking is not the priority in the country that God wants it to be. I see that God will allow this issue to hit home in one high ranking official’s own family and this will actually spur much action and bring the focus to trafficking as God is calling for.

Some are called to deal with this injustice in this season but do not want to be involved and get their hands dirty. I see God moving the people close to them; suddenly they start to talk and care about human trafficking which was not even on their hearts before. This way God will place the topic constantly under their noses.
There will not just be a clean-up effort within the country but this effort will reach into other nations “to bring their own back“. There will be many different efforts in this struggle but in a few years’ time I see that Europe will be an example which other nations will follow.


In terms of the environment and pollution Europe has led the way by cleaning up Europe but they have polluted many other areas of the world and they want to start addressing this inequality. It is almost like a moral regeneration.

The weather and climate in Europe will be full of contradictions. There will be areas where there is not going to be a lot of rain but in the south eastern parts of Europe a lot of flooding will take place. The climate is still going to change. In Europe new products will be coming onto the market because of climate changes. A lot of new skin products will be developed in Europe with agreements between France and Switzerland, specifically with regard to skin products. New ways of farming are going to pop up from Europe because of changes in climate.

God is bringing His favour over the country and the signs will also be seen in the weather.  Weather changes will be favourable for the planting/growing of different kinds of crops that have never been planted in those areas. There will also be a migration of people from professional occupations to farming because of this opportunity. Some will attribute this climate change to global warming when in fact it will be because of God’s choosing. He is still in control.


The Catholic Church will be coming under scrutiny. There are some policies that are changing and the changes will be criticized because it is against tradition. Catholic churches outside of Europe are especially going to be critical, but the people will be behind the changes. The changes coming in the Catholic Church are not necessary bringing revival but definitely opening them up for the flow of the Holy Spirit.



Over the whole Asian continent Christianity will have an impact that it didn’t have before. There will be an impact by the love and grace of God and also worship music will be coming to the forefront from Asian nations which will be different and fresh. A lot of this music will be coming from some specific churches in Asia and have a big impact.

For Asia including Russia, India and all the other nations it is now more than ever the time to place an emphasis on the Gospel. The church firstly has to pray for missionaries to start going to Asia as it is difficult. Secondly, people need to ready themselves to go there and as the body of Christ we need to be sending people into those areas. Part of the word that we got for the year 2013 was about the importance of the poor worldwide and that is going to be an area of impact God is going to use. It sounds like foolishness because we feel we need to reach the influential people. This is going to be difficult and is not the route the Lord wants to use. He wants to reach the poor and He is going start giving us as a South African nation and many other pioneering nations the heart for the East. Take the simplicity of the Gospel into China.

There will be pockets where the gospel is starting to get entrance. This will also happen through efforts towards cleaning up the environmental pollution in Asia. Initially these may be small areas, but they are going to grow and expand as the actual gospel becomes prevalent in entire regions of the Asian continent


There is coming growth spurt in the tourism industry of Asia. Small and unknown places in Asia will be visited by tourists who are not looking for well-developed resorts, but places that are more rural and less known. These will become more attractive and accessible to travellers. More flight routes to Asia will open even to remote places and this will create a positive tourism influx into these areas.


There has been a lot of hype focusing on Asia in an over emphasized way for future business markets. For some or other reason the business people are not seeing that it as a finite market. They are seeing it as an infinite market where there is just continual increase. Those that have ears to hear need to hear that the market is not as massive and as relevant as everyone is making it out to be. They are missing things right under their own noses, in their own nations and in the nations around them because they are focusing on some far off wonder and jewel that are really not as precious and huge as they think it is.


Human trafficking will be exposed much more next year. Shockingly it will come to light that national leaders have been involved in human traffic rings. People who are lying concerning human trafficking will be caught out. There are a lot of people speaking out of two mouths. They are on the one hand judging human trafficking but are actually involved in human trafficking. Specific leaders will be caught out who are actually opening up ways for human trafficking, especially in India, Japan and China. Human trafficking in these countries will be excessively exposed.

The Lord will release wisdom to the victims to rise up and, since they understand the industry, expose what is happening and how the traffickers operate. God will divinely speak to these survivors: most of them not even being Christian. This will bring a lot of deliverance for trafficking survivors. There will be a hunger from others to find out more about the source of their “inspiration” or “moment of enlightenment.” Much deliverance from trafficking will come from within the Asian continent.


A great scare of a new strain of SARS will happen in the Asian population, it will be a global scare with that will originate from specifically from Asia, and some health changes will have to be brought. It will affect the airborne industry, air travel and so on.



There will be further conflict and strive amongst these neighbours regarding borders, rights to lands and small minority groups that are resident within these different countries. The threat of civil war and strive will be simmering. Prayer is needed in this area as well as mediation from outside sources.


A spiritual hunger and move will take place in these countries. Great miracles and visitations from God will happen. This will cause a new awakening. Together with this awakening will be a counter-reaction through witchcraft and indigenous strongholds. It will be a battle as the enemy will stir up violence and fear. A spirit of intercession will rise up in the people. God will touch leadership with compassion and great wisdom to handle difficult situations that will bring unity amongst fighting parties.

SRI LANKA (former Ceylon)

The small island south of India once called Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has disappeared from everyone’s thoughts. Once they were a force to be reckoned with in the area of imports and exports. There will be a disaster near the island, a shipwreck or an aeroplane crash. This will place the focus back on Sri Lanka. There has been mismanagement and misuse of funds in the government. The people have seen it and they have tried to get the attention of the world because of this but no one has taken notice of them. This disaster will get the attention they need and they are going to be seen again as a grouping and as a people. Many of the challenges in India will spill over to Sri-Lanka but the Sri-Lanka government will learn from the Indian government’s mistakes and will take a different route. This will cause the country to start moving into a productive direction. Many years of turmoil and strive in Sri-Lanka will be laid to rest and a good environment for sound practices will be created. The people will become instigators for economic growth. God is bringing a spirit of ingenuity and business amongst the people. All the economies in Sri-Lanka will be renewed with new thinking and become profitable and productive again. Exports will increase.


There have been forays into diplomacy with China. There has been such a wall between Eastern thinking and Western thinking, that the West still does not really have the key for China yet. The Lord will show specific people a subtle way to get into China. The Lord will use the gospel to reach the people. It is the gospel that is going to turn the hearts of the people back to something else besides their own nation and country. They have turned themselves and their nation into a god and they will see that there is another God. Only the gospel can set them free.

People are fearful of going into China with the gospel. There is an innate fear in Christians about China. They do not easily become missionaries to China. The Lord is busy dealing with that in people’s hearts and He is going to divinely call people to China. They are going to do simple things like teach cooking, sewing, English and maths. These simple things will bring the gospel in. They cannot enter China as preachers; they have to go in a practical way, to be able to get the gospel to the Nation. China is a sleeping giant that needs to be woken up and it will not awaken easily. Billboards and advertising cannot shout about this need to turn. It needs to be subtle and will take many years.

The nation has given the illusion of change from its strong communist roots but in this next year will show a strong return to its communist roots. Behind the scenes some of the leaders have been holding the reigns across the nation and that will be exposed in the next year. China will return to its communist roots strongly. There is an open door for the gospel to come in, although the Holy Spirit has moved across the nation a lot of wisdom is needed not to create a feeling of threat. People involved in missionary work in China have to be very sensitive in how they handle these matters especially in regards to diplomatic documentation.


China is still going remain closed; they are not going to give us a glimpse into what is going on inside the nation. They will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. They are involved in many different arenas like mining and export. The Chinese nation are involved in a broad range of industries and nations around the world (cantering on export), neglecting their own people. In the push to export and bring money into the country to build infrastructure they have lost focus of providing for their own people. The money they receive for infrastructure is not been used for what it is gathered in for. They are taking the actual money and are reinvesting it because they want to do something big. It is something in terms of the space race. They are busy building something big and unique in China.

In 2014 China will see more dissatisfaction from the people towards their conditions and government. International media attention around these issues will also increase. It will seem like the people of China are getting a stronger voice. The Chinese government will also take more heed of the people’s complaints. The government will, however, attempt to strengthen their control over the people, but it will have a reverse reaction as to what they expected. Corruption in the government will be exposed even more. An uncertainty in international relations will take place. Human rights complaints will increase against the government that will cause strive and discussion in and amongst countries. Many more people will stream out of the borders of China because of desperation for more; it will be a hunger for truth and significance that will drive these people. Big contracts that China had with importers will be cancelled.

There will be sort of a tremor in the economy and it is almost as if it is going to give people a shock, but it is not too serious, it is going to be like a wakeup call to the rest of the world, that the economy of China is not as strong and stable as everyone thinks.


A vision was seen of Jesus standing holding His hand over India and a lot of leaders emerging from among the people. There are a lot of Christian leaders going to start to emerge from the nation. We will hear much about miracles and God’s work even in the worst circumstances, although India’s hardship will continue, changes will also continue. The government is trying to address poverty and issues. New and more effective leadership will be coming in. Many churches around the world have been investing in India. In the coming year the fruit of these efforts will become visible.

India will experience great pressure and criticism on their government in this new season. Old traditional and cultural principles and ideas will start to be challenged publicly by the young generation. Scandals will cause many well-known and influential people in India to lose face in public and this will add to the outcry for change.

A vision was seen of people that are very poor coming out of the slums. There is going to be a turnaround for the poor population. Leadership will arise that is concerned for the poor and willing to help them become self-sufficient. This will cause an economic turnaround as well.

There will be conflict on the borders of India, especially in the area of Nepal. A vision was seen of a red line going around the borders of India; the effect of the conflict on the economy will not be good; pulling it down. The Indian government is trying to implement strategies to keep the Indian people inside the country in order to grow the economy, but it is not working. It is as if the conflict in the areas surrounding India is spilling over. This is causing immigration between India and Europe. The Indian government will try to keep Indian people in their country and European governments do not want the Indian people in Europe. Yet still an increasing number of Indians will be going over to Europe and Indian neighbourhoods will be rising all over Europe. Out of that a future new economic system will develop, which will be positive. The process has just started. In future, the governments will lift some of the measures that they put into place in order to expand that economic system, which will lead to a positive turn in the Indian economy.


There is a release of the power of the Holy Spirit. Indonesia has been a place where the Spirit of God has moved and again there is going to be an explosion, almost in the same sense as when there was a move of the Spirit with Mel-Tari that happened long ago. There is such openness in the spirit in these nations.


The Japanese nation will be going through continual turmoil and shaking as the Lord is addressing the spirit of tradition and control within the nation; which has placed a performance pressure on the people. The Japanese people experience pressure up to unbearable levels and the Lord wants deliver them from this spirit. We will see national figures in Japan just stepping down from their posts because of pressure, which will start to open up a door to people from the outside. Outside ministries will come in and speak to the heart of the nation, and cause an opening to the closed nature of the people of Japan. The country will be strengthened in many areas.

The sun is rising over this nation and there is a new flow of technology and a flow of strength causing a change in their ability to produce. There is again favour on Japan, together with an invitation from heaven.

The Lord is giving a warning to the nation against another a huge tsunami; the enemy has a plan to destroy the nation and God wants to save the people of Japan. A turn to the Lord and intercession for this nation is needed.


God is highlighting Mongolia and calling people into that nation to go and bring the gospel to them.


There are going to be some disasters and crises in that area and they will shut down tourism to the Himalayas. Nobody will be able to climb Mt. Everest. This will affect the economy of the people on the ground. God is going to use that to get the peoples’ attention. They are looking everywhere else; to the Americans, to the North, the Europeans, the Swedes, and the Norwegians. These nations do a lot of climbing in the Himalayas. They are looking to those people to pad their economy.

They have resources within the nation that they are ignoring and are instead relying on tourism. They need to pick up again on their resources that are within their nation. Clothes, weaving and carpentry are some of the products coming from this nation. They will use animal hair to do something unusual; some new products will be made with the animal hair. They will weave with Angora hair and this will be an example of using the resources that they have in the nation.


The North Korean nation will try to show its teeth in 2014. Empty threats will be made that will cause frustration to other countries. More media coverage will take place regarding the lives of people in North Korea and the conditions of the country. This will give a new realistic understanding for the outside world of what is going on in North Korea. The outside world will even see positive things in North Korea that they were not aware of. The government in North Korea will use this exposure as propaganda to improve their image, but the opposite will happen. More people will become concerned for the people of North Korea and a great number of people will be moved to see change happening in that country. A vision of a big idol-like statue was seen in that nation starting to crack and readying itself to fall.


There will be a lot of turmoil and an increase in turmoil around this nation. This will cause a strong leader to rise who will be a person that will bring unity and peace. There is also a connection between America and Pakistan that is not good and the Lord will expose it and bring judgment and clarity.

Pakistan and Sri-Lanka will experience lots of storms and disasters to unbearable levels. The Lord is addressing idolatry and people will begin to turn away from their idols and ultimately we will start to see a great turn to the Lord Jesus Himself. People from these nations will the call on the name of the Lord and be saved.

The scripture we received over this nation is Rom. 10:13: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”(NIV). From the heart of the people in these nations there is going to be a call unto the Lord and we will see Jesus really being lifted high in these areas of Asia.



Music was heard coming out of Russia. Many artists are gathering together and hearing a new sound, not even necessarily a Christian sound. They may be Christians but these musicians and artists will receive worldwide fame because of unique paint strokes, operas and symphonies. Russia is seen as a rough country but out of this roughness will come this sophistication of music and art.

Human trafficking in Russia

In this coming year there will be a lot of protesting and marching, people standing up for their rights with internal fighting occurring. The Lord kept on showing us women being sent out of Russia through human trafficking. The Lord feels very strongly about this and He wants to put a stop to it. He is looking for people to act out His will in bringing an end to this.

The Government

The Russian Government and leaders are in confusion. They are not sure where they should focus. Must they focus on manufacturing, sport or agriculture? This has caused much confusion. They decide on one area, talk about it and then push money into it. When it does not appear to work and does not bring in the income to feed the nation, they drop it and try something else. The nation has grown faster than the economy. There is a huge level of poverty in Russia, much more than we are aware of. There are people who are desperately poor, with one set of clothes and no food in the cupboard and no seed to plant in the ground. Seventy percent of the nation is desperately poor and that is also being hidden from those outside of Russia.

We need prayer warriors to pull them out of that mind-set poverty and give them Godly ideas. God will increase an entrepreneurial mind-set over the people. Especially in remote rural areas people tend to think that it is hopelessly difficult to start successful business ventures. The gospel will set people free to be bolder in discovering their potential of providing sustainable incomes for themselves and others even in areas that seemed hopeless.

There are many possibilities for new exports and imports and links with other nations waiting to be explored. Many opportunities exist but have to be birthed in the spirit.

The Move of God

There is going to be a very big change of heart in one of the very senior leaders in Russia, especially towards the gospel. This person is already struggling with the tug of the Lord on him. Many prayers have gone out over this leader, not just by the church in Russia but especially by the church in America (USA) as well as worldwide. Unknown to the public there has been strong intercession by core group of intercessors for Russia in the USA. We will notice subtle changes in the way that this very prominent leader is going to start doing things. God is going to use him to influence the way Russia functions and there is going to be an even greater opportunity for the gospel, as well as business related change due to the subtle changes in this leader. This is going to have a domino effect on larger numbers of people. The Lord is going to work in a totally amazing way but we need to look for the subtle things. The Gospel will be able to enter Russia more powerfully than ever before because of this leader.

God is changing hearts and preparing a generation to be open for His influence. I see a lot of communities previously being overlooked as insignificant which are now growing and developing and being self-sustainable. Without anybody noticing they are building their own sustainable economies.

There will be drops of revival all over the country. It is not going to be out in the open, but starting small and growing bigger as it progresses. Leaders are going to give their hearts to God. That will not be visible at first, but people will start to follow them. These little drops of revival will start to all over the country and some of the missionaries will come from Europe, facilitating these drops of revival. A strong unseen structure is being built, connecting various parts of Russia. There will be of spiritual movement in Russia and a focus on the Holy Spirit, with things happening and people moving in the Spirit, like the prophets of old.

Russia and Israel

An escalation of conflict between Russia and Israel concerning some issues in the Middle-East will come as Russia will try to protect Iran. Russia will position itself much stronger towards the enemies of Israel specifically in regards to Iran, which will cause Israel and Russian relations to suffer. But the Russian people will enter a phase of prosperity. The Russian people, and specifically the gospel will flourish, it will become visible that Christians are in Russia, the gospel message will become visible to the world.


Russia and Siberia will see an increase in tourism, and uplifting will happen because of tourism. God is doing new things to improve people’s lives there.


South Korea will be frustrated in their attempts to bring stability between themselves and North Korea. A duality in the leadership will take place. The South Korean economy will be strengthening. As they continue what they have been doing, their economy will increase in influence especially with regard to import and export. Some of their products will go all over the world and they are going to become a force to be reckoned with over time.


More export products from Vietnam will start appearing in places like Europe and even South Africa. There is a quiet development taking place in Vietnam; the richer classes will increase rapidly. New found riches in the country will increase this process but, this will cause strive with neighbouring countries and in some instances even internally.

The Lord is addressing a homosexual spirit in Vietnam. There is a population crisis coming and it will be coming in the news, they will become dependent on a lot of expertise from the outside. It is like the nation of Vietnam has stopped growing and there is a selfish spirit that has come into the hearts of the people- they all live for themselves. Vietnam is not living to its potential. There is a lot of hidden potential in the nation, but the focus on the individual is a problem and the Lord is going to raise up people who influence the nation from the outside; from the US and also from some other nations.



The delivery model for missions ischanging. Older models will not be removed but rather, the Lord is adding to an initial model. The model is going to be redefined and emerge as a model of combining missions with business and investment. This method will also give the gospel access to nations in the Middle East and other regions that are antagonistic to the gospel. The purpose is economic upliftment and training of the people. Where we previously had mission stations that were purely focused on going into the bush and trying to preach the gospel, they are now, through business and investment, bringing employment, entrepreneurship, business and investment opportunities to the local people. Through this the gospel, whether it is in hidden form or being allowed to be preached openly, will be funded in those nations. This will happen because of mind-set changes in the foreign sending nations. The traditional countries that have been sending missionaries for many decades are going to re-evaluate due to their own problems at home. Their own churches are struggling for survival in the present model. A whole generation is going to emerge that will be affected on a greater level through the combination of the business and church model.


The United Arab Emirates will experience another financial shaking that will cause them to clamp down and hold the reserves, putting the world into a place where it is manipulated to buy oil at their price. Wisdom will be needed to side step that.

There is a summit coming together from the Middle Eastern countries, like a United Nations. The Arab Nations will be coming together to strengthen their countries. They want more economical power. A vision of a fuel tank was seen. It seems these nations are uniting and this banding together becomes a noose around the neck of other nations. Increased control over the fuel distribution to other nations will not pan out to their benefits because other nations will be going to Africa. It will make the nations turn to other areas to seek alternative oil resources.



A vision was seen of the hand of the Lord over Israel and His protection resting on them. There is a lot of protection over Israel even with the turmoil and things happening in Egypt. God will expose potential dangers.

There is an armament happening around Israel, although the dialogues are all scaling down there is rearmament happening in the surrounding nations. The Middle East crisis will continue to be a crisis which will not be solved so quickly. The whole situation around Israel will remain to be a thorn in the flesh of the Arabs causing them a lot more anger.


Jordan is going to become much more vocal in the politics than they have been in the past. God is going to raise up leaders that will not stay quiet and go along with everything like it happened in the past, but be very outspoken concerning injustices and specific regional issues. Jordan will take a stance in regards to Syria, the Gaza strip, Israel and the current instabilities in Egypt. They will be much more vocal and thus bring balance in Muslim conflicts. This will benefit the whole region. A person who has been an authority in Jordan for a long time will now stand up and start voicing that authority for the betterment of the nation.


Turkey is going to experience a visitation from God. The result of this visitation will be a new sense of awareness in the community their own assets and in return the world will take note of Turkey. The nation will see a turn around and even in the leadership people will turn to the Lord. Through this there will be a strengthening of the church in Turkey.


God is sending many missionaries to Yemen. Previously many women have gone out to prepare the fields and have done an excellent job and now God will be sending many men. Much prayer over Yemen is soon to be answered. God is also sending angels to physically appear to influencers who are not necessarily leaders, whose hearts have hardened in this country. There will be an uprising of women which will cause blood to flow in the streets. This first wave will be a horrendous sight which will bring exposure and awareness. A second uprising will start to bring about the necessary changes. God has been speaking to the country, but it does not hear because of pride. Those who are hearing God’s voice are the women who have very little pride in their hearts.


The pacific islands, Australia and New Zealand, have strong bonds that are going to strengthen even more. There is an admiration within the Australian and New Zealand population for the Pacific Island citizens and these guys are gospel power houses. The Lord has raised them up for a special task. The people from these small insignificant islands will sweep across these nations with the power of the gospel. They have been especially designed by the Lord in this way to be able to influence these nations. It is not going to be a little trickle, but it is going to be a tsunami that will continually wash over them. I see these Islanders already having a vision and mission in their hearts as far as Australia and New Zealand are concerned. It is a massive vision and mission that will affect every single corner of these nations.


The Lord speaks about Australia and New Zealand as a slumbering giant in terms of Christianity and the gospel. There are far too few Australians on the mission field as the Australians somehow stayed confined to their own nations, not entering the mission field. In the coming year God is going to start addressing this and we will start seeing Australians on the mission field where we haven’t seen them before. We are going to see their impact on pioneering. It is going to be coarse and rough but it is going to be effective. This is because they are an essentially strong nation and God is going to use that to open up areas that nobody else can open. They need to heed this call to mission.


In the coming years we will see a new, strong youth movement which is coming up in the churches of Australia and New Zealand, with new music coming from the youth. A new group of young, trained youth ministers are coming to the front that has been exposed to bible training and the ministry since childhood. Some of them are 18 now and others are even younger. God is calling and releasing them into the ministry. They know what they are doing and God has planted knowledge in them. Other countries will be able to learn a lot from Australia by the way youth ministry is done.

A vision was seen of a lot of youth missionaries going out of Australia to other areas and universities. Some people in the business sector in Australia and even in New Zealand will sponsor some of these students to study in other countries in order to go and do missionary work.


In the coming year there is going to be a sense of economic doom for Australia and New Zealand as things are not working out the way they should. A degree of fear will grip the nation because the economy is not lighting up again, but it is going to be very short lived. There will be improvement coming again. It is just a dip that they are going to go through. It is a very necessary dip because it is going to make the nation, the whole industry and the people take stock as to where they are going. Then, a second wave will let them gather their breath enabling them to move on again. The Lord has sent very creative people to Australia and New Zealand. They have been restricted by the legal system and politics. It is as though this slump in the economy will make them come to the fore again and now the government and legislation will look favourably on them because they now need the new approaches and technology they are bringing in.


A warning is spoken to the leaders about the populist movement in Australia and New Zealand; the Lord wants to say to them that He did not put them in position to be popular; He put them there to lead. Even though their perceived leadership season may be very short lived, they must see to it that they stick to the clearly defined mandate that brought their ascend to the leadership podium. They must not worry about the persecution and the popular opinion which will remove them from their seats. They are there to do their job. Get done what must be done; it won’t be easy; it is not something that will be popular. It is something that needs to be done for the good of the entire community and even the entire nations that they are serving



The people in Australia are known for ruggedness, there will be a redefinition of the nation. It is almost as if the fineness and the sophistication of the nation have been hidden by the rugged environment. The Lord is going to bring the hidden potential and value within the nation to the foreground. The Australian people is going to come to the front the as a blessing to the world.


A vision was seen of taps being closed in Australia speaking of a closing in the flow of resources but also of drought. This is going to cause many in the nation to look to the Lord for help and rain. God will stir a desire for Him in the nation.

Huge advancement into ship building will become prevalent, and it will become a globally known fact that if you want a good boat Australia has got a great manufacturing company.

The TV industry in Australia will prosper. Local entertainment will become more popular and even be more successful than Hollywood or US productions.

The Government

The nation of Australia acts modern and open to everything but they are not. They have many rules within themselves. They are a controlling state that has put restrictions on people. Too many rules are infringing on people’s freedom. The nation desires a return of the freedom that they have lost. The founding spirit of Australia is entrepreneurial. This spirit has been crushed too much regulations. The government will revisit their constitution which is going to cause a worldwide uproar. Some of the very strict rules will be relaxed which will especially benefit the launching of new businesses, giving people more freedom to be creative and inventive.

The Australian government is going to take more ownership over their country through change in regulations. The government has made controversial decisions regarding immigrants in 2013. Even more regulations will change for the benefit of the country itself, sometime to the frustration of other nations.

A division in the government will become evident and there will be some resignations that will leave people reeling a little bit, unexpectedly but ultimately it will be necessary for those people to leave. Australia will become more effective, economically stronger. Australia and New Zealand will be teaming up and become a very powerful panel.

Change in land Legislation

Too much of their land has been given to foreigners. There is a lot of murmuring in Australia about this. People are expressing a lot of dissatisfaction about the amount of land that belongs to foreigners. Rules will be enforced regarding property purchases by foreigners, stipulating and limiting the amount of property that can be purchased. The Australians are going to claim back their land.

The Church

Australian changes in government will be accompanied by a new freedom in the spirit. I see the church booming in Australia. New developments in church practice and fresh ideas will draw many people of other countries in search of “the new”, even having world conferences.

The light is going grow brighter and God will release more and more in different places. A lot of the foreigners from the islands surrounding Australia who live within Australia will start going home having a major gospel impact in those areas, especially in addressing the spirit of witchcraft. The Lord has given the Australian Church the ability to speak the word and resist witchcraft, and that will become a major move of the Spirit into the smaller islands all around Australia.


The mining industry, especially the coal mining industry, will have a fall. It will seem that exports are waning. This will awaken fear in the people regarding their future. But the fear will quickly be displaced by action. They will make decisions that in the past they were not willing to make. They will not look for answers through what other countries are doing but find their answers and ideas inside their own country.

There will be cooperation between mining in Africa and Australia on an operational and investment level. This will start in Australia because of new developments in mining there and not necessarily pan out on governmental levels.

The central part of Australia is almost barren, but is dotted with mines. There will be a rock fall in one of the mines. The rest of the world will rush to try and rescue the miners; it is going to be a rather serious disaster, which will need worldwide expertise and help. They will need a lot more than the resources and expertise that they have presently. Help will come particularly from America. They will help to rescue the people. This disaster will have some workers underground for a while, but not many lives will be lost.


A bigger strive for excellence with regard to education will come. New educational systems will be developed in the schools. Schools will be getting together and saying: “We are going to do it this way in this area and we will try another way in another area.” Out of that new educational systems will develop that can be reproduced in other countries.

A creative spirit will arise in universities and educational institutions that will develop new ideas which will be implemented in the economy in Australia. Many will try to copy and implement these new ideas in other countries but with limited effect. What works for Australians will not necessarily be successful in other countries or cultures. Many regard the Australian mind-set as similar to the US, New Zealand and other English countries. But increasingly Australia will define itself separate from the other English countries, developing their own identity.

Racial tensions

Cultural differences in Australia are coming to the foreground in 2014. In the past these problems were pushed to the background and ignored but now it is time to face and resolve the issues.


There will be a focus on returning to agriculture in the nation, old family farms that were abandoned with all the implements still on the farms will be reused. People will be moving back from the cities to agriculture developments.

There will be a disease crisis in the sheep industry in Australia but people will group together and sort it out. The result will be a slump in the industry which will recover.


Australia will make a major investment into their military capacity in the next few years. They are going to gear up their military strength. The Lord has given Australia a mandate to play a role in the military world globally. The new leadership of Australia is going to pick up on that.

The business environment in Australia has been very hard and very tough and people found it difficult but the government will create initiatives for the people to help establish themselves in the current market.

A Pacific Policing Force

Australia will be raising up a Pacific police force targeting human trafficking, and we will hear a lot of human trafficking policing coming from that area of the world. It will be close to the heart of the new leader in Australia. We will soon be hearing of successes in the area of human trafficking being targeted.


The Lord has hidden New Zealand from the eye of the world for a season. A lot of ministers and ministries are going to come out from New Zealand and impact the region. Their impact will be felt in the Philippines, and some of these smaller islands Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. There is going to be a major influence into those island nations with a lot of testimonies coming out. A lot of youth ministries and other ministries will flow out of that which will also influence other parts of the world.

Farming will continue to be very fruitful in this nation and exports to other nations will increase.

In New Zealand quite a big home schooling movement will come to the fore with new innovative ideas coming from there as well. New ways of teaching are being developed in primary schools specifically – from the basic levels up to children of the age of 13

A vision was seen of the island of New Zealand with cracks going through the island. This might signify that earthquakes will still continue to happen. People will settle within these shifts and changes and not be moved by fear anymore. This constant shaking is removing all fear. This moving and shaking will result in a great and enduring stability in the people and in the country


In 2014 Papua New Guinea will receive more media attention because of deforestation and the importance of its natural habitat.


A serious natural disaster will hit thePhilippines, there will be a lot of people suffering, and they will be picking themselves up after that and starting from scratch. The Lord has shown a green bean, the coffee bean. There will be restoration in growth and exporting of coffee, which will lead to the people building them up, but they are first going to go through a very trying time.


Building Ships

This nation will begin construction of ships but not big ship liners. They are going to take orders to build yachts and smaller boats. They seem to have already begun building smaller boats and ocean liners and the industry will increase. The harbour in Hobart is where some ships will be built. The Tasmanian people are a skilled sea fearing nation with an understanding of the sea and the products that need to be built. There is one innovative family picking up on this; they will expand and have a large quantity of exports.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture will be developing more and more in this nation. There is a unique character to the Tasmanian people that is going to come out in their arts. A new form of music, a new sound, is developing. The new sound will flow over into the Christian community and it is going to be incorporated into their Gospel music

New products

Tasmania is a small island but it’s got great products being developed there that will fill the niche markets across the world. Tasmanian products and especially food products will increasingly be associated with quality and exclusivity and will become popular in Europe and other markets. A new pride will emerge in Tasmanians. In the past inhabitants were ashamed to tell anybody that they are from Tasmania. This will change. There will be great pride in calling yourself a Tasmanian. God has blessed this island with wealth in their great soil.



Air travel

With regards to air travel we feel that certain airlines will be grounded due to finances and will not be able to fly anymore. A big airline will be grounded until private funding is coming in to take over. Air travel is going to change. Over the next couple of years we are going to see radically different ways of travelling, maybe for short distance travel, and maybe even longer.

Be very careful travelling to the Middle East. You must be certain that you have been sent there. Before booking cheaper flights that hub there consider prayerfully whether there is not an alternative option. Due to fundamentalists and extremists random incidents will happen, although it should not explode into a war. The Jihad extremists are going to take on civilian targets.

In the next year we will hear of unfortunate crashes of aircrafts and it will be quite frequent. These disasters will result in an abnormal high rate of loss of life in the air travel industry.

A crisis will occur involving a Brazilian aircraft or airliner.

Ship wrecks

Another shipwreck will occur in the south of Italy with many people drowning. This will be much worse that the Ocean liner incident- many more people will be lose their lives.

A vision was seen of a massive cruise liner sinking.


A vision was seen regarding a disaster or crisis in the North Sea or the Norwegian Sea concerning an oil rig.

A vision was seen of a miner wearing a hard hat and we feel cautioned to pray for miners as a lot of difficulties are up ahead.

A stadium was seen where something like a football match is being played. Something will happen inside that stadium which will lead to a stampede or disaster.


A hurricane will hit the east coast of America which is going to cause huge destruction, similar to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It will bring the American people together. They are going to rally around the victims and it will bring out the good side of the people; they will be able to manage the disaster themselves.

In China natural disasters and earthquakes are going to happen.

A natural disaster on the western coast of Italy will occur with very rough seas.

An unusual earthquake will happen in Europe around the border between France and Germany. The quake won’t be high on the Richter scale but will shake the people.

There will be pockets of drought, but it will be a motivation for people to turn to the Lord. There is going to be dryness in South Africa, pockets of drought and dryness, even in the Spirit.


Globally there are going to be some very drastic weather pattern changes. In certain areas weather will occur that has never been or never occurred before, for example a massive tornado happening in an area that it has never had tornados before. People must be prepared for some unusual patterns.


  • Jason says:

    I had a brief trance this morning 9 Aug 2014 and saw Godan in Iran. I saw a link to the Busher nuclear reactor. I felt there was the possibility of a dangerous earthquake in this region.

    I saw Godan on the map in the far south eastern corner of Iran (Godan). I confirmed the location on Google Maps and was precisely as I saw it in the vision. I have never heard of Godan before.

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