Prophetic Words for 2016



Over the last couple of years renowned prophetic voices in South Africa have been gathering together to hear God’s voice concerning the coming year. From this the God Said Series was born. Since its inception, God’s instruction and words concerning South Africa and key nations were given. The accuracy of the words has been profound and given many a strategy to prepare. Truly the words of King Jehoshaphat have been proven true when he said to Judah: 2 Chronicles 20:20 “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”

The prophets gathered again in the beginning of August 2015 to receive the word of the Lord for 2016. We are encouraged to see that some of these words have already come into fulfilment. We believe that you will be empowered to pray and walk in victory in 2016 as God’s word for this year will enarmour and prepare you to stand. Ephesians 6: 11 “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Although the focus of the prophecy was specifically for 2016, we have seen over the years that they are not bound or limited to that year. Some words will overflow into the seasons set by the Lord and the ultimate fulfilment will be in the appropriate time as He has determined. Our prayer is that you, the reader, will be successful and prosper in 2016 as you align yourself with the word of the Lord as contained in this God Said 2016.

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The UK’s decision to keep the Pound, instead of the Euro, was wise. An unexpected decrease in the value of the Pound, that will shock the people, was seen. This will only be temporary as the Pound will regain its strength. Volatility between the Pound and the Euro will continue, causing uncertainty in the stock markets and affecting profitability in the banking and business sectors. This insecurity will cause industrial growth to stall. All avenues of growth seem to be exhausted. Inspiration is needed. Through the stall in industry, people will put their trust in God again and He will bring inspiration for the next season of economic growth.

The availability of steel will affect the manufacturing industries. This will cause disruptions in car manufacturing. Especially the luxury car segment and export markets will experience loss in profits. The economy has relied too much on tourism for income. Tourism will, however, increase through diversification. Unusual new avenues of attracting visitors will appear. Skiing will become one of the new attractions that will draw people to the UK.

Ship building, especially smaller ships and yachts, will become prominent. Highly skilled individuals in this sector will attract younger people with apprenticeships. Although still in its infancy, the development and manufacturing of computers will increase. This industry will attract creative people and be driven by the desire to make computers more affordable through local production and the elimination of import taxes.

Banking Sector

There will be no drastic growth or downturn in this sector. Local growth will be kept in check by the performance of the global economy. The performance will be as expected. There will be shift and changes in the banking industry during 2016. Some of the changes will be positive and others will be viewed as negative.


A few years ago, the minister of agriculture emphasised the need for the UK to produce more of its own food cheaply instead of importing it. His concerns were ignored. The amount of space required to grow and produce certain crops, like oats and maze, caused the government to cease the production of these crops. An issue will arise that will force the government to revisit this matter. There will be areas in the country that will become very successful in producing these crops. A vision was seen of non-GMO soybeans being planted. New policies and a stronger stance against the planting of GMO crops will be introduced.


Although this nation seems small and is a thorn in the flesh for other EU nations, God will use them to bring balance in decision making. The last elections saw the people reaffirming their Christian roots. This has fostered their ability to make wise decisions. There are certain members of government that are stronger and better equipped in dealing with specific situations and they should be allowed and trusted to do so. A faction that is working behind the scenes, trying to steer the government into the opposite direction of agreed upon policies, will be exposed and enjoy media attention. Controversy and instability, that could have been prevented, will occur in government leadership. Attempts will be made to use these events to bring division within the country. Intercession is needed in this regard.

A new season is dawning within government. The old guard will step down and new younger leaders will take centre stage. Foreign relations The UK government will develop a stronger voice on foreign events and policies. In the past the UK was often seen as following the lead of the USA. Now the UK will have its own voice, sometimes even in opposition to the USA. The UK’s relationship, with other countries in the European Union, will be very important during this time. The country needs to discern between real allies and those who are merely working together with them in anticipation of their downfall. God will expose those who are true allies and those who only pretend to have the welfare of the UK and its people at heart.

Public transport a new program or plan for the overhaul of the train system will come into place, especially for train lines between major city centres.


The significant role that the UK plays in Europe will make London the target of terrorist attacks and bombings. Stronger security, policing and a more vigilant public will be necessary. Natural disasters A vision was seen of flooding taking place in London.

Mad cow disease

A vision of a cow falling sick and dying, accompanied by the words “mad cow disease” was seen. The Lord is warning of the reoccurrence of this disease. A cure for, specifically the effect on the human brain, will be developed in the coming year.


Ireland and Scotland relies heavily on England. It is time for these countries to focus more on themselves and what they are able to do for themselves. There are problems in the relationship between Northern and Southern Ireland. Many parliamentarians are going to and fro and covertly negotiating a solution to the problems.


The US has been a nation built on biblical and Christian values. America has come to a cross-road: They can either choose to return to God or follow their current course of trusting in man and money. Like Peter, they have denied and betrayed the Lord. The Lord is exposing this spirit of betrayal by the national leaders.

A vision was seen of Mount Rushmore and cracks appearing in it. Mount Rushmore represents the first 130 years of the nation, its growth, development and preservation. Just as Mount Rushmore is cracking in reality and in need of repairs, so is the face of America cracking. The nation is falling apart because of the degradation of its values and what the country stood for over centuries. Intervention is needed to stop this process and “save face”.


The current president will frantically try to push through new legislation and policies before the end of his term. This will upset many and cause a lot of friction between senators and government officials. The president will undo the remainder of his good reputation that he built up during the first part of his presidency. Strongholds that were absolutely pro Obama in the past will turn around and shun him. A public event will reveal an attitude of the current president that will surprise the public. New information will be revealed about behind-the scenes events and the type of person the president is. The media will portray a society that is liberal but does not represent the general public. Society will become fed up with government attempts to force policies on the public that the people did not agree upon. The media will try to downplay this.

The attempts to unify the states in the USA under similar policies and laws will have the opposite effect. Different areas of the country will become more divided, and states will talk about ways of more autonomy. A strong move towards the Republican Party will occur as a reaction against the humanistic stance of the Democratic Party. Many eyes will be opened to the behind-the-scenes colluding and this will fire the fierce spiritual resistance. The Republican Party will remain strong in government in the season to come. Many senators and leaders in America are strong Christians. They were brought up with Christian ethics since childhood. These ethics will spill over into their states. More truth will be spoken by these politicians in future. In the past they were not seen as trustworthy. Action will follow their promises and credibility will be gained.

Presidential Election

As the people start to realise that the founding principles of the nation are being betrayed, it will cause a national desire for change. The focus of the election will change: A return to biblical values of the founding fathers, a call to “one nation under God”, forsaking all other gods, will once again be heard. The new president will be controversial but in long term will proof popular. The next president will be very different in character and personality from the current president of the United States and the country will need time to adjust.

Donald Trump will be a major mover and shaker in the coming election which will polarise the election. Trump has a heart to serve the nation and the Lord has seen it and will use him. Irrespective of his presidential success or failure, he will have a major influence in the next season of American politics.

Racial Violence

The American people have lost their sense of national identity due to the moral failures of their leaders and the betrayal of their own government. Because of this, racial violence will escalate as people try to find their identity in their ethnic background. Friction between ethnic groups will increase and be a cause for concern in the nation. A vision was seen of small fires of contention across the United States: fighting, looting and burning of properties. This is a warning to the government to prepare. If the leaders do not stop these little fires the whole nation will be engulfed in flames. The Lord is calling His church to take her place in re-establishing the nation’s identity.

Church in the USA

There is a fierce spiritual battle in the USA. The World System is trying to increase its hold through the financial and political systems. But fierce resistance is coming from the Body of Christ who has awakened to the present day realities. There is a great hunger for more in the American church. The church will not compromise on biblical truths; this strong stance will not be portrayed as in the past but with compassion and care for people and the community. The body of Christ will become fierce in all facets of the gospel and not in ego or opinion.

The Bible belt will experience a great revival and restoration of true Biblical values that will influence many. Prominent individuals (like sportsmen and business figures) will be emboldened by God to publicly speak out against some of the moral atrocities. Although segregation between state and faith is enforced, individuals can’t be stopped from honouring the Lord. God will use individual Christians to proclaim their faith. This will contribute to the restoration of the American identity. God is calling the leaders in the church to break the complacency of the institution and rise to a new spiritual level and commitment.

The dissatisfaction of the people will drive church leaders to burn-out or resign. God’s will is for the leadership to rise up to a new level so His church can take her rightful place in God’s ordained authority. Persecution of Christians will continue in specific areas of the USA. At the same time safe areas will develop for Christians. Many Christians will move to these safe areas where they can freely practice their faith in their everyday lives (in schooling, business, etc.).


Financial difficulties will cause a lot of Americans to adjust their lifestyles and cut back on expenses. God is using the arena of finance to deal with the unrepentant arrogance of the American people. Their financial abundance has been their greatest flaw as they have always flourished. The lower income groups will adjust much better than the higher income groups.

Attention will be placed on the overworked individual in 2016. The Lord is calling in a new season for the restoration of family units in America. Focus will be placed on home life and the family. A strong work ethic will be balanced with family life. Families praying together (simple prayers around the dinner table and bed time) will re-emerge. A pioneering spirit will return to the nation. Technological advances will bring new areas of economic growth. Some of these new technologies will spark moral debate due their harmful effects. Increased focus will be placed on local state economies.

Governors of states will focus their attention more on the development of their regions than on national concerns. Plans are being made to eradicate poverty in America through wealth sharing. This plan, however, does not sit well with those who will have to share their wealth. Oil Wells The government has tasked scientists to scour the country for new oil rich areas that will break the dominance of existing sources that dictates pricing and supply. New abundant oil reserves will be found in unusual areas (including dessert areas like Arizona). Agriculture There is a call for people to return to agriculture, production and constructing things themselves. Instead of relying on cheap imports from places like China, focus will be moved to the local economy and producing local products. The production industry will proliferate in certain states while restoration in the agricultural sector will be seen in others. There has been a breaking away from the God-ordained family unit.


Natural disasters

The people of the nation will once again show their caring hearts during a natural disaster in the Gulf States of Southern America. This disaster will restore a sense of unity among the people.

A natural disaster on the West Coast of the USA was seen.

2016 will also see very strong tornados occurring in the USA. The central USA will experience a plague of locusts and drought which will require aid to be brought in.

Major flooding was seen taking place in an arid area of the USA, which will cause great damage to heritage sites and tourist towns.

Man-made disasters

A crisis was seen in the harbour of Seattle that will shake the nation and bring many together.

Flight safety concerns will be highlighted by numerous incidents in the aviation industry. Visions were seen of fuel problems, aircrafts burning and crashing. One of the incidents will involve a government aircraft carrying a group of officials. Policies to distribute members of the senate into various aircrafts will be put in place to ensure that all members are not stranded in one place at any point in time.

The hacking of government institutions and big corporations will increase. Many of the hacks will be perpetrated by groups that are exposing unrighteousness and illegal activity. Accusations of hacking between USA and China will find media coverage.

A vision of a space shuttle being launched and exploding in mid-air was seen. A NASA launch will occur that will not be successful. Prayer is needed for those involved.

Weather Patterns

Extreme weather patterns will be experienced on the East Coast with unusual temperature fluctuations occurring. Changing weather patterns will necessitate farmers to adjust. Crops that use to grow in certain areas will not suffice anymore. Other types of crops will need to be grown.


Germany is in a very stable country. They have many hidden resources and accrued financial wealth through wise investments in a variety of places. The nation and its people are frugal. The strength of Germany will continue. The humility of this nation has prepared them to hear God’s voice and receive divine strategy for Europe. Because of its influence and power, Germany has to choose their words carefully and speak with wisdom.

Church in Germany

God is hovering over Germany. It is a season to flourish and advance. The influence of the church in East Germany, before the fall of the Berlin wall, has benefitted West Germany and had great spiritual influence throughout the nation. The church in Germany has grown due to the people’s need for spiritual stability. Big churches and home groups have spread out all over the country. Many of these churches and groups seem to be invisible.

The Holy Spirit is doing a secret work. A dismantling of the traditional churches in Germany will increase. The relevance of these denominations will be questioned. Many polluted doctrines are infiltrating the traditional church that will make it crumble from within. Informal church and the charismatic movement will increase in the nation. Germans will find positive and emotional release in these kinds of church. A demonic force over the nation of Germany caused Christians to fear. But God is saying: “Don’t be afraid to stand out. Don’t try to conform. Be different, stand out and stand your ground. I am with you!” The liberal movements and other grouping want to intimidate many believers in Europe. But the Lord is saying: ”I am setting My people free and they will be My followers through whom I will reveal Myself.”

The following scripture verse was received for the free church in Germany: 2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” God will show himself strong on behalf of those churches that have placed their trust in Him. God has seen their faithfulness in standing for the truth against the homosexual movement and others influences.

The German values, that the people took for granted, will come under pressure due to the masses of immigrants entering the country. This will cause German people to turn and return to the Lord and the church. Seasons of prayer and all night vigils will become a normal part of the Christian life. The Lord says to Germany: “I have my eyes on you. I want to be known to you. You are magnificent in design.” A wave of desire for intimacy with God will spread across the nation.

Many ministers, imparting and portraying the Lord’s love and desire for intimacy, will be sent into Germany to assist in this process. The angelic forces are ready in mass to be the help they are designed to be, once the Nation starts inviting them in. The supernatural wants to overrun this nation. God wants to use the Germans to pour spiritual technology into many other places around the world. Their leadership will be broad-based. The supernatural will take precedence over reason and logical thinking. This in itself will be a miracle from God. And this new way of functioning will transform legislation in the nation.

God will show Himself strong, on behalf of His church, against the onslaught of Islam in Europe. The Lord is refreshing a missionary movement and evangelistic grace in the hearts of the Germans, to reach the immigrants flowing into their country. This will cause a renewed passion for the lost and many Muslim immigrants will turn to Christ in this time! Young and passionate evangelists will go to other European nations with a powerful salvation message. Many churches will be moving into Russia bringing the gospel, doing outreaches and establishing not just churches but places of fellowships where people meet together to encounter God. Meeting together will supersede any formal structures.

Germany is designed to be innovative and a leader. There are many heavenly plans and designs waiting to be downloaded into those people who are ready and seek God. Europe will see the fruit of the church in Germany and desire the same. There will be Godly connections with other nations, especially Holland, where the testimony of the German church will inspire Christians across Europe.

Immigration Crisis

The need for a stronger military will be expressed due to conflicts surrounding immigration. The nation itself will start to resist the forced immigration policies of the European Union and its own government. A forced policy, where migrants are dumped onto the German people, will cause big disruptions and strong reaction.

Protests will erupt. Immigrants will retaliate and street violence will be seen. God will be gracious towards Germany by insuring that outside forces will not gain control in the country. A renewed desire for freedom, stirred up by God, will rise in the hearts of German families and break the bondage of the past.

Helping Hands

Germany is a strong, resilient country able to withstand much and plays a dominant role in Europe. God wants the Germans to use their strengths not to focus merely on their own advancement and glory but in service to other nations. Germany will continue to support other nations and save struggling economies. Though Greece and Germany have been at odds with one another, a special fraternity will develop among them. Germany’s assistance towards Greece will go further than just financial support. Many will migrate to Germany due to the economic growth and stability in the country. The government will fund Germans to relocate to other countries (especially Africa) to mentor and assist those countries’ people in skills development.


Angela Merkel will request a third term. The people will protest against this as they fear that she has become too influential. No replacement has been mentored by her to continue the work. Instead she has kept the knowledge and experience she has gained to herself. The Lord has raised up a young man who is able to take over, but his father disapproves of his aspirations. Therefore God will appoint someone else in the interim until this young leader is ready to take up his position. Pornography has infiltrated into Germany. An increase in the prosecution of illegal pornographic material will occur.


Right wing attitudes will increase amongst the youth of Germany.

An unexpected earthquake will shock the nation.



The French economy will slow down. Wrong decisions of the past will start to have an effect in the coming year. Unresolved labour disputes will have a negative impact on the economy.  There will be growth in manufacturing (particularly the fashion and textile industry) and exports.

The fishing industry will have a good year. It seems that innovation is obscured and limited in the nation.


A Godly inspired innovative program will be instituted in French schools that will draw the attention of other nations. Arts There are many more skills and abilities in the French that God wants to unlock. A group of artists will create an unusual art form (possibly in photography).

A French film will win the Academy Award for best foreign film. This will place the world’s attention on the French film industry.

Church in France

The French mindset has been dominated by their love for philosophy. There is a half-hearted and ego-centrical spirit over the nation. Too much is permitted. This attitude will continue to be revealed in their political choices. The body of Christ is affected in similar ways. A cry needs to go out from the remnant of the nation for change. The Body of Christ needs support in prayer and training to break these mindsets. French churches have become weak through persecution from unbelievers, and atheists.

The number of atheists and Muslims far outnumbers the Christians. No message of hope is preached. God will send foreign nations (including Armenians and Georgians) as missionaries to France. They will bring a true gospel and change the face of France. This will take many years due to the stubborn pride and self sufficiency of the French, and their unwillingness to listen to foreigners. Many from other nations that live in France tried to help, but to no avail. The Lord may remove these helpers and send them to other areas in Europe. Some of those who were called by God to assist France will move outside the borders of the country, ready to step in and help the moment the French people request assistance.

Christians in France must prepare themselves for difficult times. This is a continuation of prophetic words of previous years. God will make situations to work for the good of the French Christians. Through the suffering, God will restore faith and joy in the believers. God is calling a season of restoration. The disunity amongst the French believers will be confronted. Groups and churches will only be able to survive if they work together. Forgiveness and restoration will be in the forefront. The Enemy wants to bring war to the nation and throw France into turmoil and instability, similar to what is happening in Greece.

The church needs to stand strong, pray and fight. Believers need to rise up to a new level of prayer. For this reason God will send a Spirit of Prayer to awaken the church leaders in France. Congregations will unite in big prayer meetings to pray for the nation and stop, or minimise the enemy’s work.

Strong missionary networks will form between France and African countries. NGO’s in health and social care will have a significant impact on both sides of the Mediterranean. France will invest into black empowerment and innovation projects through this network.


A Vision was seen of a terrorist bombing occurring in transport systems and churches. This will cause the nation to move away from its pacifist lifestyle and become more militant. FRANCE

Many fires were seen in the French countryside with a devastating effect on the inhabitants. A vision was seen of vineyards being attacked and burnt down. Some of these vineyards are hundreds of years old and part of the nation’s pride. The heart of the nation will be cut to the root and a cry will go forth for the restoration of the French identity. Afterwards, restoration will come.

A vision was seen of buildings burning and collapsing.

Weather Changes

Unusual weather patterns will occur in different regions of France. Certain crops will be bumper crops, while other crops will be complete failures. Unusually high temperatures will be experienced in parts of France while other regions will experience a very harsh winter in 2016.

The government must prepare for water shortages in some areas and avalanches and flooding in other regions.


There seems to be a carefree lawlessness amongst the people with no concern for the consequences of their actions. Because of this they will be brought down to their knees.


The Italians are burying their heads in the sand. Major problems are increasing in their economy. Despite the crisis in Greece, Italy is not awakening to the problems in their own economy. Difficult decisions needs to be made by the government to avoid a disaster. The time is running out. On the surface everything seems calm, but below the surface it is rotten. Tax evasion and corruption needs to get serious attention.

Italians need to tighten their belts and curb spending. The nation will ask for international assistance. Banks will be under strain. Long queues of people were seen outside banks. There will be a strong police presence on the streets of major cities. Unrest, riots and deaths on the streets will occur. A lot of job losses have occurred that have not received any media attention.

The government is slack and uninformed about events and the image they are portraying to the outside world. This will change. Improvements will be made to what is seen by the international community.

Italy has a lot to offer to the world. There is great spectrum for growth in export and trade. Due to the mentality of the people, their ability to see these opportunities is limited. God wants to release their entrepreneurial flair. The Italians are resilient and don’t need much to get by. Do not underestimate this nation’s inherent abilities. Surprising innovation (especially on the culinary front) will come from them. There is an inherent fear of God, even though often misdirected, that carries them through. The tarnished reputation of the past will be restored and Italy will again be respected amongst the nations.


Where, in the past, the Italians spent a lot on goods, clothing and holidays abroad, they will now opt to stay home and spend vacations in Italy in order to secure their economy. Infrastructure Greater planning and development of infrastructure will occur in the next year to bring order to chaos.

Attempts will be made to enforce traffic rules and educate the population to minimise bad driving and unnecessary accidents that strains the economy. Insufficient building regulations will be revised and proper building inspections will be implemented. Outdated labour laws will also receive attention. Not just big city centres but also small municipalities will be targeted.


Property registration will become an issue. Some are selling property to the government without any legal proof of ownership. Many inhabitants have no deeds to their land and property. It has been handed down from generation to generation without any legal documentation in place. A moratorium on the sale of properties might be put in place until this issue is resolved. Bringing Order

The younger generation undertake their education in foreign countries and bring new methods and understanding back to Italy. The older generation resists any form of change. They complain about new methods and ideas. Many will fight the changes, but the majority of the people will support the younger generation’s attempt to get Italy’s house in order. Innovation God will remove the dullness and passivity towards innovative technology. An awakening will take place towards innovation. Bright minds that have become dull will awaken to produce new helpful technologies. The nation will realise the potential of its natural resources and begin to see how it can be utilised to export new products to other countries and strengthen the economy.


Italians know how to live off the land and they don’t see it as a special technology. People wanting to glean from them must approach them directly. As a nation they do not struggle with pride and are therefore very approachable and ready to share. Their niche seems to be sustainable agriculture and not highly profitable commercial units. They understand lifestyle farming. Much could be learned from them in joint ventures especially within African nations.


The Italian people are not outspoken or bold about their faith. But when things get difficult, their faith and resilience are shown. Italy will not succumb to Islamic threats or invasion of their land. The Lord has given the people the ability to occupy their land. They will not be removed by foreign forces. The immigration crisis will cause the resilient hearts of the people to shine


The amount of migrants that has crossed the Mediterranean ocean towards Europe in the past few years, will seem insignificant in comparison to what is still coming. Desperate people will use all means possible to cross over. A vision was seen of the Mediterranean ocean turning into blood. Gruesome atrocities will occur on the waters: People drowning, being thrown overboard and murdered. Italy needs to take a stand against the unrestricted arrival of ships on its borders. Immigrants are being exploited by ship owners for financial gain. God will judge these people.

A drought in the region of Venice, Italy was seen. Due to health concerns from pollution, the authorities will close down the island for a period of time.

A vision was seen of an ash cloud emanating from a volcano in Italy that will cause air travel disruptions. Three signs of nature will occur in Italy: Large thunderstorms, a volcano spewing ash and an earthquake shaking the country. Intercession Some spiritual movements will imitate Christianity and mislead Christians into following them. This will lead believers away from the truth of Christ and isolate them. There are not many intercessors in Italy. It is of utmost importance that prayer warriors stand in the gap for what is happening in Italy.


God will save the Japanese from natural calamities in 2016. There will be relative success and calm while many countries around them will experience the effects of climate change and destruction from natural disasters. It is a season of favour for Japan.

Church in Japan

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” As the people turn from their idol worship, God will awaken, within the Christians of Japan, a desire to study His Word and abide in His Teachings. They will know the power of prayer and separate themselves for His service.

Churches in Japan are small and poorly financed. The manner in which the gospel is preached is ineffective. They need to change their methods. If they pray and ask God, He will show them a new plan. Although Japan is a small nation the Lord is saying: “My favour is on you. I have called you and I have blessed you. I am restoring you in the eyes of the nations as a people of prayer that will follow me.” For many years the church in Japan has been seen as an infant. The church has, in fact grown to maturity. Mature ministers will arise and be known across the global church. A strong connection between the church in Japan and the rest of the Body of Christ will form.

Unusual miracles will take place in the Japanese church. These events will be publicised internationally and will result in many being saved. People from other nations will come to Japan to experience the move of God. The church in Japan will be transformed because of this.


There will be serious economic challenges in Japan. People will struggle to make ends meet. God will carry them through this difficult season.

An economic reformation is on the cards for Japan. Influential individuals in economy and government are discussing the plans for the next 50 years. They understand that drastic change needs to take place if the economy is to grow and succeed in the next half century. The greatest change since the 1980’s will take place in economic policy. They will build on the success of the past thirty years. The new direction will necessitate change in the culture of the Japanese. Many old CEO’s and directors will resign or be replaced to facilitate this change.

The younger generation is ready to think in a new manner and work in a new way. Previous young generations have adopted the ways and ideas of their predecessors. But the current young generation is ready to think differently. Many Japanese children will be sent for further education to the West in order to gain understanding of the western culture and get exposure to international ideas and influences in order to implement them in Japan. Strong economic ties will be established with China. Big deals and agreements will be signed between these nations.


A massive recall of Japanese exported vehicles will cause an economic downturn. The economy will stabilise again and make great gains. While other Asian countries will experience economic pressure, the Japanese economy will be growing.

Japan will continue to have a great influence on the Asian markets. The issue of over-fishing will become a serious global discussion and Japan will have to answer to the international community for its fishing practices. Accusations regarding fishing in other nations’ waters will be lodged against Japanese companies. Japan will introduce stricter measures in the policing of their own waters to curb illegal fishing.

The high pricing of quality technological products developed in Japan will be reduced to compete in the international market. Western countries will cause an increase in the Japanese printing and publishing industry due to its cost effectiveness. Business There has been an erosion of trust amongst Japanese businessmen due to the escalation of bribery.


A vision was seen of the Japanese sitting in sackcloth and ashes. The world will pity Japan and ask why such an unfair thing should happen to them. It is because of the people resisting God. The Lord wants to bring breakthroughs and reveal Himself to communities, but they are resisting His work. An inland disaster will occur. A big pillar of smoke will rise and the fire will not be easily quenched. The cause is not obvious at first. It may be a gas or fuel pipeline.

A specific warning of an earthquake which will result in a tsunami was received.

In the vision a chemical factory burnt down due to the earthquake. The fire spread over a large portion of the area. Safety regulations, with regard to the treatment of volatile chemicals in danger zones, need to be revisited. Despite the Fukushima nuclear disaster, there are still many companies that are not following the necessary protocols to prevent future catastrophes.

Some exotic foods enjoyed by the Japanese will cause controversy. Government will introduce policies to curtail the consumption of these foods.


Church in Canada

The church in Canada is growing and sets an example in humanity for others to follow. Many leaders and people in government are Christians. Pastors in business follow Biblical principles that are a testimony to many. A strong teaching anointing will become visible all across churches in Canada. Miracles in the church will draw the attention of other nations. A strong prophetic ministry will be experienced. Training in the prophetic as well as prophets will rise out of Canada like never before. The church must intercede for their leaders (especially for protection for their health).

Canada is producing many high quality Christian musicians that are not yet well known.


Canada is a sleeping giant. They purposefully do not draw a lot of attention to themselves. Their economy and business is unassuming but strong and prosperous. The strong economy will boom even further, attracting Americans with business opportunities. Overlooked and undeveloped areas in that land will see new construction and infrastructure development which will create new economic hubs.

Highly skilled individuals from across the globe will congregate in Canada and boost its economy. A downturn in the US economy will invigorate sectors in Canada. An increasing amount of export products will come from Canada as opposed to the USA. Many of the materials used by US and Mexican companies for the production of goods will come from Canada.

Blackberry will launch a new innovative product that will revolutionise the business arena and cause the company to be recognised again.

Tourism will increase in Canada due to the popularity of their holiday resorts and eco-tourism.

Closeness will develop between the French and English speaking cultures which will spearhead development and create a flurry of economic resilience.

Medical Advances Medical advances will be coming from Canada in the next year. Less invasive and simplified treatments will be invented in areas such as heart and eye operations.


Although great economic advantage will be gained from the energy sector in Canada, there are fears of a recession in the economy due to its reliance on oil exports to the US. Stimulation of the economy will not come from the oil sector but from new mines. A mineral in a mountain will be discovered which will catapult them ahead in the technology surrounding this mineral group.

Canada will import new technologies in mining that has been successfully used in Russia to be implemented in the mining industry.


Canada has turbulent times on many fronts that will challenge the heart of the nation: Attacks, mental health problems, crop failures, natural fires and floods. This will want to feed a spirit of fear but the total opposite will happen. The nation will bounce back with great solutions. Pressure is placed on the Canadian government to follow the policy changes of the USA. The government, however, will learn from the mistakes of the Americans and institute different policies than those of the US. The military might of Canada is under-estimated. Canada is very proficient in peacekeeping operations and should generally lead these operations. Canada will become very outspoken about atrocities around the world and people will listen.


There will be two natural disasters; an earthquake and a fire in Canada. There will be a threat towards their national parks and wildlife. Security will have to be stepped up. Severe cold weather in certain areas will bring things to a standstill. The activities of a serial killer will be made public. Victims’ bodies will be unearthed. This will cause fear amongst the public and security will be stepped up. International assistance will be requested to hunt down the perpetrator. CANADA


The EU is like a teenager trying to find its true identity and the direction to go into. The uncertainty and insecurity will continue for a time before maturity will follow. Psalms 102: 13,17 “You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favour her, yes, the set time, has come. He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, and shall not despise their prayer.”

There is a hopelessness that has come over this region. God will extend his compassion over the EU nations for the next 3 years, answer their prayers and bring restoration.


The EU seems fine from the outside, but inside its influence is weakening. Trust in the EU has been eroded. Many weaknesses in the EU have been highlighted and fuelled the dissatisfaction of people within its constituency. Representatives are struggling to implement policies to move forward. Factions and diversity of opinions are constantly stalling any definite resolutions.

New resolutions are complicated and difficult to implement. Simplification is needed. Some countries will discuss more autonomy from EU regulations. Factions between countries will become clear with some supporting Greece’s actions and some even following Greece’s example. A new multi-nation political grouping will come to the fore, inspired by the Greek debacle. Further discussions regarding the exiting of Greece from the EU will continue, the problems around Greece will not dissipate soon.

A vision was seen of a multi-headed creature. One of the creature’s heads was chopped off. Germany will receive a lot of criticism for the way they dominate policy and enforce it on other countries. Some EU countries and politicians will seek the help of other international financial institutions against the German financiers and banks.

New Groupings

Smaller nations in the EU will start to group together to have a stronger voice and collaborate with votes on decisions within the council. This will upset nations such as the UK and Germany. The larger nations will have to take more notice of these countries’ grievances in the next year. Allowing the poorer and peripheral nations into the EU has opened up the other member countries to the powerful criminal elements within these nations. Many basal threats are being made in the corridors, especially in the offices of officials. “We have your address and we will get you if you do not oblige”. Contamination of good and bad and wrangling is taking place, decreasing effectivity.

The intelligence community of the UK and Germany will have to become involved to curb these criminal threats. Money laundering will be uncovered and made public. It will become a matter of pride for EU member states to show their solidarity and assist the weaker members. Resources and knowledge will be shared to strengthen the group. Leaders are consulting churches and pastors for help and prayer on various matters. They realise that only through unity will they succeed.


Different factions are contending for a slice of the financial pie. Some are paid too much while others are paid too little. Favouritism seems to abound. Leaders are jostling for positions and recognition. Restructuring will take place within the EU to alleviate resource and money problems. Certain individuals within the organisation will be punished for their conduct. The legislation and complex regulations within the EU is suffocating the nations. Too much centralised control has been given to the EU. Legislation will be relaxed to give the individual nations more freedom to decide on certain policies.



Spain will become vocal about austerity measures. They will make a power play against the austerity policies they had to agree to. At the end they will cower and not follow through on their threats. At first it will seem as if Spain takes Greece’s side and fans the flame of discord.

But the Spanish government will backtrack because of threats and the negative consequences that their rhetoric will have in relation to influential EU countries. Divisions in Spain will increase with areas of Spain demanding to become autonomous. Referendums will be called out. Conflict will arise around the legality of these referendums. The attempts for autonomy will not cause a split into new countries but will introduce new policies in the governing of Spain. These new policies will not satisfy those who want autonomy but will appease them for a while.


Immigration issues will become a serious talking point amongst the population. The Dutch will become stubborn with regard to immigration policies even though other countries would disapprove of it. Right-wing political parties will advance in popularity. Very charismatic and even crass political leaders will find favour and sensationalise politics in the country. The Netherlands will continue with its ingenuity and development of new methods of farming and new technologies.


The country will still suffer economically because of the past seven years of austerity. There will, however, be a gradual turnaround; it will be slow but stable. Most of the population feels that there is no way of fighting against the EU policies. The people feel insignificant in comparison to the rest of Europe. Many will seek work in other countries and leave for other Portuguese speaking nations. Angola will be talked about in the streets and the opportunities there will seem like an escape route for certain businesses.



Russia has made many enemies in the world and seems not to care. The country is misunderstood. The media has an agenda with Russia and often newsworthy items are fabricated. The Lord is very busy with the leadership in this nation. They do not want to flaunt their military power as they are aware of their image as a warring nation. They want to leave a legacy of life. The population of Russia is much more positive and supportive towards their leaders and the decisions they make than the international community recognises. The Russian’s mindset differs completely from that of western nations. Because of this, the population is critical towards the demands and threats made against them by the governments of the West. Russia has many allies, some more surprising than others.

Two separate groupings will start to take shape in the international community: those who are against Russia, and those whom will associate themselves with Russia. The BRICS grouping will play a prominent role in this.

Church in Russia

Decades of underground work by Christian missionaries is now starting to bear fruit in the nation. The decades of Christian persecution are bringing forth torrents of life to the general populace which, in time, will transform the society. This is a slow and laborious process due to the broken trust within the nation. The nation’s foundations have to be recast and built from the bottom up. Russians will make use of protest theatre on the streets to comment on the condition of their society. These theatre pieces will even be performed in churches. This will break the silence over people, instilled in the populace since the communist era.

Many Russians will leave the traditional and Orthodox churches in search for something new. The harvest field in Russia is ready. Those in top levels of government are characterised by aggression and harshness. But the average Russian has a sincerity that the Lord will use for the moving of His Spirit. Believers are genuine and sincere in their service to the Lord, following Jesus and touching the heart of their nation. People are prophesying, speaking in tongues and embracing God in true worship. Throughout insignificant rural areas and small gatherings God will move in the hearts of people and transform them. Worship in local churches will become prevalent with spontaneous songs and new songs that will birth new music.

God will send many leaders from across the globe into Russia to assist and strengthen the local church. Prayer meetings and prophetic and church conferences will multiply across Russia. The church in Russia will see big open-air crusades by unknown evangelists of up to 50 000 people. It will start a move in Russia that no-one will be able to control.

Abuse Broken

Women have been abused and misused in Russia for a long time. An incident will occur where two men who abused a women, will be set alight. This will cause the Russian communities’ eyes to open and realise their mistreatment of women over the years. RUSSIA


The Scandinavian Church

Although the Scandinavian countries started off in paganism through their Viking traditions, there is a strong Christian foundation based on God’s Word. The church in Scandinavia has seen many spiritual giants in the past that laid the foundations for their faith. Since then there has been a lack of such figures. This has caused a despondency amongst believers. God will raise up new spiritual giants from the younger generation that will inspire many through their lives.

Scandinavia is a powerhouse for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord wants to infuse them with energy and wisdom to start leading again. Their traditionalist tendencies need to be shaken off so they can enter into a greater understanding of what they need to deliver to the world in this season. A new vibe and enthusiasm will be released from the Scandinavian countries into the global missionary field. God will teach them to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and not be influenced by their own opinions.

The Scandinavian nations will produce men and women of integrity that will have entrance to the communist world and the hearts of the people, to touch them with the gospel. The Lord will send many into China with business intentions, to be used by Him to affect the nation.

Innovation Export

They need to export their technology to the developing world, creating a new wave on to the mission field encompassing both business and technology. The Scandinavian people are their best export product and they must rely on their IP (Intellectual Property) as their greatest asset. They will travel extensively to carry their skills to other nations. Their smallest contribution will have a huge ripple effect in the nations. Many Scandinavians will move to the southern hemisphere, to warmer climates, to start new ventures and become involved in up-liftment and innovation projects. A transfer of skills will take place from an older generation to a younger generation. The children’s hearts will turn to their father’s and vice versa.

Skills in boat building will be transferred in this manner, to the younger generation.

A new style of music will emerge that will become popular and impact the entire world.


Parts of the coastal waters off Scandinavia will be poisoned. This will have an effect on the economy of the affected countries.

A great winter storm will take place next year and very cold weather will be experienced.



Norway is technologically advanced with a strong skill-set in this industry. Big corporations are not needed for them to develop innovative ideas that can be marketed worldwide. They will encounter economic difficulties that will be kept quiet. There’s a lot of uncertainty about the prospects of economic growth.

Most young people leave the country to work elsewhere, leaving behind an elderly population that has no-one to mentor in order to replace them at retirement. Skills and abilities are lost in the Norwegian workplace because of this.

The design industry has stalled for a while but Norwegians are becoming creative again. They will find their inspiration from the Great Creator.

The use of ferries and other means of water transport are commonplace and a vital part of transport in the nation. The current ferries in use are outdated and need to be replaced. A near calamity will occur on a ferry as it is about to leave the dock. This will focus attention on the need for more trustworthy transport.

The liberal stance of the people has created complex issues within relationship, marriage and the family unit. These issues are placing a further burden on society.

Norway has strong Word-based churches with a strong sense of family and community that creates an atmosphere for physical healing and restoration of people’s hearts.


Young people in Sweden, who are currently living in cities, will move to the country side in search of a simpler life.


There will be a great hunger for the Lord in Denmark. A significant revival will take place and a lot of people will come to the Lord. The entire nation is stretching out its hand and seeking Him, more than it has in the past.

Political parties and groupings that have had a lot of influence and power over a long period of time will experience a shake-up that will change the status quo in the future. Immigration will become a very important issue in Denmark.

A vision was seen of shopping trolleys of immigrants being taken away. A clamp down on expenditure on refugees and immigrants will happen. The Danish Krone, will strengthen against the Euro.


Finland is, and in the future will continue to be, known for its innovation and as a breeding ground for new IT technologies. More investment will flow to this sector. The younger generation is very positive about their future in their country. The mind-set of the youth is geared for opportunities presented to them. Not many will immigrate to find jobs elsewhere. A high level of satisfaction and job opportunities were seen.

A new Finish company will become internationally known, like Nokia did in the past, and will be very successful.


The words “atomic bombs” and “devastating earthquakes” were received. Disasters, war and violence will continue in this region. End-time prophecies concerning Israel will come into fulfilment. An earthquake will occur in the southern parts of the Middle East.

A vision was seen of the earth cracking open and, out of the crack, a fierce dragon appearing. The dragon moved towards Israel. Along the sides of the crack in the earth, flowers started to blossom: Despite the fear and the trauma created by this dragon, an unexpected blessing will come forth. The refugee problem will still continue.

Many will leave the area of the Middle East due to hardship and pain.


Greater pressure will be placed on this land, through foreign political influence by Arab countries (in league with certain western countries), to change their stance on many issues. The stubbornness of Israel will cause these attempts to backfire. Consequently the dishonesty of the Arab countries involved will be laid bare in the media. The threat of attacks from neighbouring powers will increase in the coming year.

Constant escalation and deflation of tension between Israel and Iran will continue. People are expecting a fall out to the one or the other side, but this will not happen in this coming year. At first it will seem as if this nation has gone into cardiac arrest but a steady heartbeat will emerge. A fresh new breeze will blow through Israel. They will be expanding their construction into new areas with new buildings and rebuilding of damaged structures.

A vision was seen of a person planting an Israeli flag while another person tries to remove it. This will be a continuing struggle. Political rivalry and disagreements, within the nation, will place stress on the political arena and build up to a specific point. Border policies will be simplified making it more convenient for people to enter and exit the country.


Rebuilding in the nation will occur. A vision was seen of a lot of construction taking place and buildings going up everywhere.


The strength and compassion of the Jordanian people is the glue that keeps the Middle East together. The government has attempted to stay neutral to ensure good relationships with other countries. Although the government is autocratic, women have been elevated in the nation. Many attempts have been made by outside nations to manipulate Jordan but they have stayed the course and remained neutral and compassionate.

Good decision-making has secured a strong economy even though searches for oil and gas within their nation have not been successful. Saudi Arabia Plots against leaders and a struggle for power is taking place in Saudi Arabia. Secret meetings are being conducted that will cause a strong leader to emerge from their ranks. The oil price will decrease and cause financial concerns in the nation. ISIS Many Arab countries will take a stand and fight against ISIS. The NATO alliance, the UK and US military will get more involved. Nations will be caught out funding ISIS in the hope of securing future resources. Terrorism will continue to plague the Middle East in the next year.

North Korea

The general population is gravitating to the capital city, Pyongyang, looking for an exit strategy. People are overworked, oppressed, compliant and merely trying to survive. 2016 will see a failed rice crop which will cause a food shortage. It might be caused by severe weather conditions and flooding.

Military Build-up

A military build up is occurring in North Korea, more than previously seen or heard. This is not done to ready for an attack, but to defend themselves from threats and to secure the country and prevent citizens from leaving. The media will show encounters of North Korean military commanders meeting with representatives of surrounding nations and shaking hands.  It will seem like the North Korean regime is negotiating peace, but the opposite will be true. The saying: “in the time of peace prepare for war”, holds true.

Keep Praying

In time to come change will occur in the leadership of North Korea. New leaders will gradually emerge that will bring change in the land. There are many people praying for this nation, especially from within. The Lord is hearing their prayers and eventually the borders will come down. God is encouraging the Christians in North Korea to keep praying and interceding.

A vision was seen of a tsunami wave being held back on the southern border of North Korea. The attempt to hold it back will eventually fail and this tsunami will flood the whole of Korea from its southern border to the northern border and fill up the whole country.


A very cold winter is coming which will have devastating effects on the nation. Many people will freeze to death. This disaster will leave the government no choice but to request foreign aid. The call for aid will open the door for other nations to show grace to North Korea. The influx of assistance will have significant implications on the local population’s perceptions of the outside world and greatly affect their lives. Much prayer for the suffering of the people in this nation is needed.

Nuclear threats will escalate around North Korea. The nation has secretly continued developing nuclear weapons and it will be made known to the world.


There is a strong pull of witchcraft in this nation and this has to be dealt with. This fear factor creates an environment for spiritual contamination: God is worshiped while fearing and appeasing witchcraft. This keeps the nation in limbo. They are supposed to be a jewel, but they are not seeing it. Pray that people will be sent to reveal this. Wise help is needed.

Lesotho does not realise the innovation potential within their own country and people. Indian business men seem to dominate industry, but the indigenous population seems to be paralysed into passivity. The population is lax in developing their land to its full potential. Agriculture has the potential to become one of the esteemed areas of development. God wants them to become aware of the new things He is doing within the country.

Isaiah 43:18-19: “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth. I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Church in Lesotho

The country moved out of Gods spiritual covering a couple of decades ago. Church and spiritual leaders are moving closer to God again and therefore He will re-establish His covering over them.

This process will work through to government and when that happens there will be a turn in the economy. The words “seasons of tears are ending and seasons of joy will come” was heard, especially for the church. God is going to do a great work. The Holy Spirit is raising up men and women in Lesotho who will bring this gospel of joy. As the people receive the message of joy, God will remove their tears and be their light, bringing hope for the future. Churches have the opportunity to get involved with projects to support the nation in developing their potential. Partnerships will develop between the church and small corporations to transform the minds of the community and society and move them from poverty into a prosperity mentality.


A lot of companies are standing outside the nation and looking in, seeing the potential and opportunities for business. But the people of Lesotho communicate despair and defeat, de-motivating foreign investors from entering the country’s economy. In the future this will change. A vision was seen of huge trucks entering the country, building of mines and water purification facilities. The unique local crafts of Lesotho will receive international attention.

New Discovery

New mineral discovery will open the Lesotho economy for greater riches and a better life. Caution is given in the mining of these resources: Government must not sell their birth rights to foreign conglomerates. South African expertise should play an important role in the process and decision making for mining.


Attention will be drawn to the amount of theft and crime perpetrated within government. If government does not plan ahead transportation will cripple the business sector in the future. Wisdom is needed to plan the upgrade and diversification of the nation’s transport system. Leadership Vacuum Lesotho is struggling with a leadership vacuum. Existing leaders do not serve the people but further their own agendas. Leaders in all sectors of society have to develop a unified vision for the country. God has heard the prayers of the saints. He will send a leader whose heart will be for the people. He will implement strategies and plans to benefit the population. Although he will not be the president or vice-president, he will have influence in decision-making from a managerial position in government. The Royal house has a vision for the nation but they are being undermined. This has to be dealt with.

Outside Influences Political instability will occur. Interference from South Africa will become an issue. These influencers will attempt to force their ideology on the people of Lesotho which will not suit the population. Tension will increase amongst the people resulting in fear about the future of the nation. In the end these influences will not last. A vision was seen of the map of South Africa. Lesotho started to blend into the Republic of South Africa. A stronger integration with South Africa seems possible in the future.


God will address ethnic conflicts in the nation and bring unity amongst the people.


Definite Divide

The global church will see a definite divide develop in Christianity. Institutionalised Christianity will become more militant in their views and opinions of what they believe to be the truth. This will be a reaction against relational Christianity. Persecution will start to occur within and between churches and groupings. Certain denominations will preach and speak against specific groups of Christians and incite persecution towards these fellow believers.

Matt. 7:21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.”

The division between true and false will become increasingly clear. The true Body of Christ will be revealed and draw the people towards Jesus.

Ripples of Unity

A unique unity is forming within the global church. Different Christian groups are gaining understanding of one another. Their differences are set aside to acknowledge the work that people are doing for the Lord. Churches are combining their conferences and meetings by making use of digital resources. Meetings from across the globe will be digitally interconnected to one another to share in each other’s services and expose one another to the diversity within the Body of Christ.

Revelation of Love

Through opposition faced by the church, it will come to realise that the love of God, and expressing His love, should be the unifying force in the Body of Christ.

Unprecedented Growth

A great number of people will turn to Christ and cause the Body to grow globally. Most churches are not ready for the unprecedented rate of salvations that will occur in the next season. Those who follow Christ with a true heart will become clearly visible to the world. There are still areas in the world where the gospel has not yet reached. The Bible will be translated in previously unknown dialects that will open up these unreached areas for the Word. Exponential growth in converts will be seen.


Beware of deception: A strange fire was seen being kindled in certain parts of the church. God will cut off a dead anchor weight that will free the church to move into the next level of His plans with them. Old structures and religious institutions will start crumbling. Many members will leave in search of the new and cause these institutions to become unsustainable. Instead of turning towards the Lord, these churches will embrace false doctrines that they believe will bring the people back. The Lord will lift the blinds off the people’s eyes. He will clean out these churches. God is warning those that are in charge over His people to consider their actions and how they are leading.

The Christian families’ values have been compromised because of the self-centred, busy lifestyles of parents who do not watch over their children to protect them from the influence of the enemy. Instead of parents teaching their children biblical truths, the media is educating the next generation.

A huge scandal in a powerful and influential church grouping in the USA, with a New York head office, will be revealed. This specific church has become too dictatorial and influential. The scandal will cause them to lose a lot of their influence and power.

False Signs Luke 21:29 “Then He spoke to them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near.”” The system of the world order has infiltrated all aspects of life, even churches. The Body of Christ needs to discern the signs of the time to know what is of God and that which is not. Even if signs in the sky would appear, Christians need to have discernment whether the ‘miracle’ is of God or not.

A vision was seen of three satellites that were aligned to project a three dimensional image in the sky that resembled a burning fire. Technology seems to have developed to such an extent that this would be possible. The projection of sound is, however, still a work in progress.

Following the Lord

The Lord says: “As long as you keep your eyes focused on Me and are led by Me, I will guide you to walk in truth, and give My angels charge over you. Though tribulation may come and all these signs are happening, do not be anxious, but trust in Me with all your heart.”

A vision was seen of dark and white cloths of deception, covering parts of the world. A stream of water came from the North that cleared away these cloths. A spiritual covering has made many parts of the world (even the Christian world) blind. The white cloths seem harmless but, in fact, are just as dangerous as the dark coverings. God will use the internet, like a stream of water, to clear up a lot of misunderstandings and deception. There will be attempts from many groups (even churches) to try and stop this move because of what they believe, but they will not succeed. Through the internet a great number of people will be reached and come to faith.


Because of its organic nature, many have tried in vain to get accurate figures about the underground and persecuted church. The persecuted church has managed to stay invisible. Those who persecute them have tried to intimidate believers through publicised beheadings and torture but these constant scare tactics have lost their effect.

A Call to the Supernatural

A new awe and inspiration will be birthed in the Body of Christ and western society, for the things of God, but also for a more serious walk with God. Many people in the West will feel called by God to walk in increasingly supernatural ways. We will hear of martyrs, (not only of Middle-Eastern or Arabic decent) but even from European countries that will lay down their lives for the purposes of God. Supernatural spiritual ‘networks’ will occur, enabling persecuted Christians to engage and communicate with other Christians from around the world. Believers will meet up in heaven and be translated to different places on the earth. Some will travel in their dreams and participate in healing, ministering and encouraging individuals and groups of people. These translations and supernatural demonstrations from God will be experienced worldwide.

Elijah’s arising

The nations will shake as they start to see the Kingdom of God rising from areas where persecution occurs and where men and women of great faith are found. Many Elijah’s (men and women who have grown under persecution) will arise and be able to demonstrate the power of God.

Supernatural Protection

God orchestrating Nature There will be great supernatural occurrences and works of God in this next season. God will call upon believers in the global church to intercede for their persecuted brethren in far-off countries.

Prayer warriors will enter heavenly realms and perform prophetic actions that will have physical outcomes on the earth. Through these actions, natural phenomena like storms, whirlwinds and dust clouds will manifest and deliver persecuted Christians from their enemies. Many miracles will originate from these prophetic actions. This will become key in helping those who are persecuted.


Although persecution will continue there will be more victories and miracles. God is raising up armies of angels which will be sent to Christians in areas of persecution. A vision of an angel with a sword drawn was seen. The Lord will send His Word and give His angels command to protect His people. Those that are in persecuted nations and places have not to fear for the Lord is with them. Now is the season for the supernatural to be manifest in ways that hasn’t been seen for centuries:

Supernatural warnings will be given for Christians to flee at the right and appropriate times; people will be translated out of danger or will become invisible to the enemy; entrances will be found where they never existed and exits will be visible to be taken just in time; visitations will take place and those who are martyred will fan the flame of fellow believers. The persecution as well as the amount of converts to Christianity, that has not received much media attention, will be made known through testimonies and first-hand accounts of supernatural interventions. This will inspire the western church and the Body of Christ in Gods great work amongst muslims.

Underground no more

There will be a new tolerance for one another and less persecution by non-Christians. Those that live amongst these Christians will see the goodness of the people and how the gospel has changed them for the good. In some incidences of persecution, God will step in and cause an end to it. Many Christians that were part of the underground movement will be able to reveal themselves due to the relaxing of regulations in some countries. Wisdom is still needed to discern the right actions, as certain countries will still execute people for being a Christian.

Many Muslims that have been saved over the past few years, and have been living a secret Christian life, will become bold and proclaim what has happened to them. They will refuse to be silenced and speak out against the suffering of their fellow believers, joining in their cause.

New ability and understanding

Much spiritual technology (ability) and revelation of the underground churches will find its way to the Free Church and will bring greater understanding, abilities, excitement and adventure into these churches. These new revelations will become foundational to the momentum of ministry to come.

The Church in China

Buildings, consisting of residential apartments, will be converted into churches. Each apartment will cater for a different part of the church community: ministry in healing, pastoral care, training, etc. Evangelism A unique form of friendship evangelism will have a great impact in the cities and rural areas in China. By developing friendships with unbelievers the gospel will be preached through the actions/behaviour of the Christians.

An explosion of converts will take place. The older generation, that has not been open to the gospel in the past, are now seeking and willing to listen. The new leaders are pliable and ready to hear the gospel. They will search for answers to the problems in their political system. Their search will lead them to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Idols and statues that were once worshiped and considered as gods will be destroyed. Temples will be converted and rededicated to the Christian God. Although the times will not be easy, believers will persevere and be used by the Lord.

Men of Excellence

God will raise up individuals within the Chinese church that will have the wisdom of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They will bring new revelation that will bring many into the Kingdom of God.


Many angelic visitations and supernatural manifestations will occur in the church in China. Jesus will appear to individuals and teach and train them to become leaders. Missionaries Going Out Chinese missionaries and apostles will start to emerge from the nation. God will send them to other countries where they will bring a clearer understanding (lacking in the Western, European and African churches) of the truth, faith and a walk with God. This will revolutionise many churches in the nations.


The Chinese government will clamp down on churches in 2016. Many church leaders will be arrested, questioned and interrogated by the Chinese authorities. Underground routes in China will be rediscovered and used to take people to safety.

Printing companies are going to play an important role in spreading the Gospel. International funding, brought in through foreign trade, will be utilised to assist the persecuted. They will print secret ‘codes’ through images designed to look like regular graphic design. These encrypted designs, spread through leaflets, will provide information to Christians all over China. A new missionary language will be developed in this way, which will flow over to other persecuted nations.


The South African Church

The church in South Africa is in a very healthy place at the moment. There is a shifting and a changing of how church is done and the leaders are following Gods direction.

Season of Sifting

A vision was seen of a pot of judgment against falsehood being stirred by the Lord: “I will pour out my wrath over the false, the wicked and those who continue to do evil.” The Lord is bringing a season of division in the nation. The true followers of God will be clearly discerned. Those in the church with hidden agendas will be exposed. God is cleansing and pruning the church in South Africa to rid it from that which is wrong, skew and wicked. Many prominent figures in the church will be phased out of churches and ministries during 2016.

A New Season

A new season of humility is coming into the church: A return to the basic principles, caring for the people and seeking the Lord. Preachers are studying the Word in earnest and leaving the inconsequential things behind. Practical instruction in living out the Word of God will be preached. A pastoral heart and a concern for the flock is increasing.

Dreams and Visions

A re-awakening and excitement for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will stir in the hearts of believers. An increase in dreams and visions will occur. Many who have never dreamt before will receive inspirations from the Lord. Believers will move into a closer relationship with God and have a new clarity in hearing His voice. A greater dimension of the angelic will be experienced. This re-awakening of the Gifts will reveal the motives of people’s hearts. Those with false motives will be removed.


Local congregations will experience a new era of unity. Distinctions of race, ethnicity or social standing will disappear. The operational structures in church will be ‘flattened’. Not all leaders will appreciate this change. There is a call from God for leaders to be adaptable. Responsibility for areas of church life will be handed over to faithful members. With the flattening of structures the boundaries between churches will become more unclear and a new sense of unity will develop.

Churches that stood alone in the past will unite with others. People that previously called themselves Baptist or Apostolic will not do so anymore. Each congregation will have just enough resources to do the basics. This will cause churches to work together to cover more than the basics. The Lord will provide financially. Partnership amongst congregations will make members realise that they are all part of the same Body of Christ.


Community involvement will intensify. Decisions will be inclusive of the participants and domination by specific leaders will recede. Decisions will be increasingly collaborative in nature. A vision of a dark cloud becoming very bright was seen. The church will be a beacon of hope for its members and communities, contributing to the needs of the people in difficult times.

Non-Governmental Organisation’s (NGO’S)

An increasing number of churches will move away from self-centred projects and programs to impacting the community at large. Many churches will start up NGO’s to facilitate this process. God is especially going to use women in forming these NGO’s. An online platform to facilitate the work will be created.

A Voice to the Government

The government will show greater willingness to consult the church on controversial issues. The church will seriously engage in these matters and not compromise on the truth. The prophetic voice of the church will be heard in government more than ever before.

The Church and Agriculture

The Lord will awaken the church to pray and intercede for the land and agriculture in South Africa. God wants the church to take spiritual authority and responsibility for the earth and the weather. Through prophetic declarations and actions the believers will exercise their authority over the ground and the elements to the benefit of all.


A New Perspective Soberness of thought is starting to prevail and many leaders are poised to make wise decisions to move the country forward. These decisions will not necessarily be made along party lines. Behind-the-scenes the influencers are meeting and thrashing out the outworking of the blueprint for the nation. A stronger stance will be taken on service delivery and fulfilling promises that were made.

Agents of God

God has secretly placed His strategic agents in government. He has prepared them through prophetic words and instructions for higher positions. But for the time being they need to be under the radar and learn to walk in integrity and obey God, not to function out of a place of demand, need or political wrangling. These people are already being used as mentors, guiding, training and teaching the younger generations in preparation to take their place in government.

Government and the Church

God is moving in the lives of leaders in government by placing their homes and families strategically next to Christian neighbours. Those who do not go to church will be reached by God through everyday people in everyday places. Leaders will receive visions and dreams which will be interpreted by Christians. Those in government will run to the church to receive help and advice from God when things start to fall apart.

The public view

A vision was seen of corners of the government’s foundation being so eroded that it cannot carry the structure of the building anymore. The corner of the building is crumbling. A part of the system of government will fail, in view, for the public to see. There is a loss of confidence in the South African government. The media merely focuses on the negative, but it is not as bleak as it seems.

A change of policies in public relations will cause positive feedback of successful projects to receive media attention, thereby bringing a more balanced view of government activities. The Lord will install new hope in government.


A vision was seen of a vehicle running out of fuel: The motivation of hard-working people in various government departments has suffered over the years due to the negative portrayal through media. God will reward those in government who diligently serve the country through their hard work.


A greater clamp down on corruption will take place within government. Fellow employees will expose illegal activity.

Coalition Breakup

A lot of pressure will be placed on party relationships within the coalition. The current fractures within will be amplified and more groupings will split off before the next election.

Public Services

Plans have been in place for the rejuvenation of the public services for many years but, because of constant changes in political office, there has been no continuity. This has been recognised. Gradual change will take place from department to department and provincial section to provincial section. Modernised systems will be put in place. Loop holes for corruption and bad service delivery will be closed.

Municipal Boundaries

Changes to municipal boundaries will take place in 2016, and play a decisive role in the upcoming municipal elections. Some communities will be revived due to the change while conflict over such changes will occur in other communities. These conflicts as well as dissatisfaction over service delivery will escalate to extreme violent protests and actions.


Terrorist activities that have been going on in other nations are coming to South Africa. Terrorists are planning to strike right at the heart of the nation. The government thinks they are ready for it but they are not. They need to be vigilant and realise that they have been targeted. The city of Johannesburg has to plan against a possible attack. Be sensitive to the unction of the Holy Spirit and don’t go to Sandton City (a Johannesburg suburb) if the Holy Spirit tells you not too.

News headlines will tell of young men dying because of botched circumcisions at traditional initiation schools.

A vision was seen of a newspaper article about the mutilation of a young girl- heinous sexual mutilation of young women and girls will be exposed . God will not allow the perpetrators of this crime to go unpunished. The church should pray for the protection of children and the vigilance of parents to prevent such tragedies.


American Trends

The world seems to follow trends emanating from America. In the season to come, a clear divide will take place between the following of American trends versus the trends followed by other parts of the world. The enforcement of the acceptance of gay marriage and gender change applauded in media, as well as the decline of morality in entertainment, is bringing many countries in the world to a place where they will no longer accept what comes from America by default.

America will start to marginalise themselves internationally in their stances regarding certain subjects. Politicians propagating these issues in the international arena will be embarrassed by the lack of agreement and response from other countries’ officials (similar to what happened in Kenya during President Obama’s visit in 2015).

Self-Sustaining Communities

Financial Crash

The current world and financial system is not sustainable. The collapse of the system is imminent. Before this system can collapse, an alternative has to be put into place. The time for putting the alternative forth to the world is close. This new system will look good and give people hope. It will be implemented gradually but will not advance or be popular. Many will still hold on to the old system and put their hope in it. In the future the world system will be in disarray. It is then that the alternative that has already been put forth will be presented as the answer.

Everybody will grab onto the new system with great gusto. They will, however, have to sacrifice many of their own freedoms to be able to become part of this system. This is where the turning point will come and the great divide will start to happen: Those who are totally co-dependent on the system will have no other choice but to submit to it.

Those who have prepared themselves and have come into community and learned the importance of living self-sufficiently will be the ones that will stay independent.

Community Living

With regard to community living, five words are important: develop, create, survive, overcome and prosper. God wants to warn His children that it’s time to put their Christianity into practice. It’s time for community. Community living will be the safe way to prepare oneself for what is coming. We need to be self-sustainable. Arable land is important. It’s time to move back to the countryside and re-familiarise oneself with farming and living off the ground. This entails a simpler lifestyle that is not so dependent on modern conveniences and networks.

People will return to more primitive ways like wood-oven stoves, livestock and vegetable gardens in the backyard, own water sources and the simplicity of the old farming days. This will not only happen in Christian circles, but everywhere. People will come together in lifestyle estates and in small groups, developing certain areas for themselves. Lifestyle communities will expand and grow into self-sufficient and sustainable communities.

The sooner we start functioning in synergism with one another, the sooner we will come into the realm of abundance. If we wait until we are forced into community for our survival, the result will just be survival. Technology God will inspire Christians through dreams and visions to develop a digital system or platform that can be utilised by communities that live far from economic centres.

The Pope

The Pope has hidden agendas behind initiatives he is involved with. These initiatives will, however, not be successful but fall apart and cause many nations to remove their support for him.



Get out of debt! Make this your first priority. Start a culture of saving. Live under your means not above it. This should be the culture of Christianity. As long as you live above your means you are in slavery. Take stock of your life: of what you have and what you really need. Do not conform to the culture of this world. Do not trust in the strength of the arm of man. Turn your trust to God. He is the answer to all your needs. Don’t invest all your money in one place. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify, no matter how small.

Clear discernment regarding the financial systems that we buy into is necessary. A financial system in the form of a discount card, that provides three times more than the average discount on purchases, is being developed with the aim to put money in the coffers of Satanists.

Man Made Disaster

  • Aircraft related problems will increase, including: fuel, tyre, wing, electrical problems, etc.
  • Various small aircraft and helicopter accidents will occur. This will cause the introduction of stricter control on pilot licenses.
  • A pet-food scandal will occur: A specific pet-food will be toxic. The problem will be discovered too late and many pets will die.
  • Various derailing of trains and underground trains will occur in the next year.
  • Small villages disappearing into sinkholes will be heard of.

Natural Disaster

  • A volcano will erupt in the Northern Hemisphere disrupting the lives of the population.
  • Unusually large amounts of snow will fall in the northern hemisphere.
  • A deep-sea earthquake will occur, far from any land, which will cause a tsunami.
  • Some areas of the ocean will be contaminated with toxins that will make sea food toxic. A red hue was seen in the sea.
  • News channels will have regular reports from various parts of the word of beached whales and peoples’ attempt to save them.
  • A vision was seen of people getting sick from eating fruit that seems healthy but is toxic or contaminated.


  • A spirit of murder, saying: “it is easier to kill than to explain”, wants to rise. Serious intercession is required to prevent this from happening.
  • A vision was seen of a fire spreading through the whole of Africa. The fire was burning wherever witchcraft was taking place. God is bringing judgment to witchcraft in Africa and to the results of witchcraft, especially relating to violence and atrocities done to others.


United Kingdom

  • Pray against attempts to bring division within the country’s leadership.
  • Pray against terror attacks, bombings and hostage-takings in London and UK malls.
  • Pray for security, police services and the public to be vigilant and prepared.
  • Pray that Christians will be focused in prayer to discern the strategies of the enemy and disarm them.
  • Pray against possible flooding taking place in London.
  • Pray against the reoccurrence of mad-cow disease.
  • Pray that researchers will find a cure.

United States of America

  • Pray for the Gulf States.
  • Pray that God will have mercy on the people during a possible natural disaster.
  • Pray about a possible natural disaster on the West Coast.
  • Pray for the people during their tornado season.
  • Pray for the Central regions against a plague of locusts and drought.
  • Pray for about possible flooding that may take place in an arid area of the USA.
  • Pray that damage to heritage sites and towns will be minimised.
  • Pray about a possible crisis in the harbour of Seattle. Pray for Gods protection over the lives of people.
  • Pray for the safety of people on US flights during 2016.
  • Pray that no lives will be lost.


  • Pray against the Islamic invasion of Germany.
  • Pray against violence because of the Islamic immigration crisis.
  • Pray for the right person to come to the front in German politics.
  • Pray against an earthquake causing serious damage.
  • Pray against the increase of right-wing extremism in Germany.


  • Pray for the Body of Christ in France: That God will set them free from philosophy mindsets that make them half-hearted and ego-centrical.
  • Pray that God will send them teachers that will bring change in their way of thinking.
  • Pray against the Enemy’s attempts to bring war and throw France into turmoil and instability. Pray that believers will rise up to a new level of prayer.
  • Pray against possible terrorist bombings occurring in transport systems and churches.
  • Pray against fires in the French countryside and arson attempts on vineyards.


  • Pray that the military and law enforcement agencies will be strengthened.
  • Pray against the loss of life and gruesome atrocities that might occur on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Pray that God will protect migrants and stop the exploitation of those trying to make their way to Europe.
  • Pray about a possible eruption of a volcano.
  • Pray that God will protect the people.
  • Pray against spiritual movements that might mislead Christians away from the truth of Christ.
  • Pray that God will raise up more intercessors in Italy.


  • Pray that God will teach the Japanese church more effective ways of reach their nation with the gospel.
  • Pray for the protection of the leader of Japan.
  • Pray that any assassination attempts will be stopped.
  • Pray that God will protect him from any violent attack.
  • Pray that the Japanese would not resist the move of God. Pray that God will break through and reveal Himself to communities.
  • Pray against any earthquakes and possible resultant damage and loss of life.
  • Pray that the nation will be protected from any natural disaster.


  • Pray against any earthquakes or run-way fires.
  • Pray against any threats towards their national parks and wildlife.
  • Pray that any possible activities of a serial killer will be stopped and that the perpetrator will be caught and face justice.
  • Pray for the families of victims.


  • Pray against the possible poisoning of coastal waters.
  • Pray that no loss of life will occur.
  • Pray that no loss of life will occur during a severe winter.

North Korea

  • Keep on praying for North Korea.
  • Pray that God will strengthen the Christians in North Korea to keep on interceding for their country. Pray that God will give them hope.
  • Pray that the Tsunami of God will break through the walls of the country and flood the whole country with His deliverance.
  • Pray against the loss of life during a very cold winter.
  • Pray that the government will allow foreign aid in to help those in need.
  • Pray that the opportunity for foreigners to come into North Korea will enable the gospel to infiltrate the nation.
  • Pray that the leadership of the nation will become more open towards God.
  • Pray against any nuclear threats from North Korea.


  • Pray that God will set the people free from the fear of witchcraft.
  • Pray that the nation will be set free from a state of limbo and that their eyes will be opened to realise that they are a jewel of great price.

The Global Church

  • Pray against deception and impurities that are infiltrating the church.
  • Pray that God will set the church free from its influences.
  • Pray against false doctrines and that the saint’s eyes will be open to discern what is true and what is false.
  • Pray that Christian leaders will walk in submission to God and with reverence towards their calling. Pray against the degrading of family values.
  • Pray that parents will spend more time with their children and teach them biblical truths.
  • Pray against false signs and wonders that would bring fear into people or lead them astray.
  • Pray that the Body of Christ will be able to discern the signs of the time to know what is of God and that which is not.

The Persecuted Church

  • Pray that prayer warriors and believers across the world will function in the heavenly realms.
  • Pray that they will be inspired by God to intercede for those persecuted for their faith.
  • Pray that God will enable these intercessors to perform powerful prophetic actions that will assist and protect their fellow believers from harm.
  • Pray that God will perform many miracles to save His children across the world from their enemies.
  • South Africa
  • Pray for the soil and the land of South Africa.
  • Pray for rain.
  • Pray that God will raise up spiritual warriors that will take authority over the land and the elements to bless the land and the soil and the produce from it.
  • Pray that God will give Farmers wisdom what crops to plant and when.
  • Pray that God will bless them and that they will be able to supply food for many in South Africa and the rest of the continent.
  • Pray against any terrorist activities in South Africa.
  • Pray that God will uncover any terrorist cells or groups.
  • Pray against any terrorist attacks in South Africa.
  • Pray that God will make the government and security forces vigilant.
  • Pray that no lives will be lost. Pray that those involved will be caught and brought to justice.
  • Pray against the death and mutilation of young men at traditional initiation schools.
  • Pray against the mutilation of any young girls.
  • Pray that any persons involved in such acts will be brought to justice.

Current affairs

  • Pray against the derailing of trains in the next year.
  • Pray for Gods protection over people.
  • Pray about the disappearing of small villages into sinkholes.
  • Pray that God will protect the inhabitants.


  • Pray about the eruption of a volcano in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Pray that no lives will be lost.
  • Pray against any loss of life due to a tsunami or earthquake.
  • Pray against any deaths occurring due to toxic sea-food or fruit.
  • Pray against a spirit of murder or an attitude of “it is easier to kill than to explain”.
  • Pray that God will judge and deal with witchcraft in Africa.
  • Pray that God will protect people from violence and atrocities done to them because of witchcraft.


  • petro says:

    I was blessed to come across your book 2018. I would like to know what do the Lord say about malemha, And you are saying that Cyril Rama Posa will stand as a Christian, will the Lord save him in time to come, because he said to some of his leaders to go to the graves of their dead to ask what they must do.! Then lastly my husband lost his farm in Zimbabwe, their was something that they will pay the farmers out, then that changed again. Thank you for reading my letter, and hope to hear from you. Petro

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