Prophetic Words for 2017


We are excited to bring you this year’s God Said 2017! The Lord has once again given words of great encouragement, wisdom and prayer directives for the next season. The prophetic words received during our time of hearing God was as encouraging to hear from the Lord, as we believe it will be for you the reader to read.

Since the start, the Lord has given very prominent words for our home nation South Africa and many other nations in the world. The testimonies and feedback from these words have been a tremendous encouragement to us! We are astounded at how the Lord through the prophetic word directs the nations and His people!

This year without fail we are bringing God’s instruction and words concerning South Africa and key nations. We trust and pray that the Word of the Lord will resonate with your spirit and give you clarity and strategy to prepare for the next season.

Although we believe these words are prophetic directives for 2017; that was the focus of our prophetic gathering. As always, we want to remind you that no prophecy is limited to any year. Some words will overflow into the next years and seasons as set by the Lord. The ultimate fulfillment will be in the appropriate time as the Lord Himself has determined. Our prayer is that you, the reader, will be successful and prosper in 2017 as you align yourself with the word of the Lord as contained in this God Said 2017!

Prophets Round Table
South Africa

Those who attended: –
Anita Giovannoni, Paul Bevan, Jean Lung, Andries van Heerden, Janet Brann Hollis, Henry Motabang, Mary Stamatiou, Benny de Waal



SADEC Nations

G8 Nations
European Union


Man Made Disasters
Natural Disasters



The South African economy behaves similar to a young man with a lot of potential who is swaying back and forth while trying to discover his identity. We feel the Lord saying that over the next a few more years the economy will stabilize and become settled like a mature adult who knows his direction.

The South African economy will rise to great strength again. Current policies about mining and minerals will undergo some drastic changes regarding procedures and dealings in this specific field. The change will be so huge that it will catch the attention of the nation.

Foreign Aid

The Lord challenges South Africa in the area of providing aid to other nations as well. God is challenging individuals in South Africa to help other nations in areas of need, to step in and provide relief and assistance. South Africans should no longer refer to local challenges as a reason not to get involved in aiding foreign nations.

A Final Shaking

A final shaking will happen to get rid of the economic leeches that had a hold of the South African economy for a century. God will not allow a new generation of corrupt leaders to simply replace previous abusers, it will not be a changing of the guard controlling, manipulating and dominating the economy as they have done in the past century. Instead, there will be a complete purge of the spirit that had a hold in the economy. God will start positioning His people in strategic places. This shaking will take place in the next few years, after which a great change will be visible not just in the economy, but in the mindsets and mentality of the local people as well as foreign investors coming to invest in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

A New Way

The South African economy is stagnant; everything is on hold for the upcoming season. This will remain so until March/April next year; up to then there will be very little movement evident while in the background there is actually an enormous lot of planning going on.

People with very big ideas are submitting documents to the government with certain plans for specific areas. Many different proposals are handed in of a variety of plans that have been made. Many are just waiting for the right people to be in the right position to implement these ideas because they are unique and new and introduce concepts that have not been done before. It is neither a Western nor an African way, it’s also not a Chinese way but we will see a completely new way that the Lord has revealed.

The Lord showed us young dynamic men and women who are very bold and outspoken getting these ideas and putting them forward. They have prepared their pitch well and put their ideas in writing. Those proposals have been handed to different experts to give their input on and to create a wider support base for their ideas.

Business Networking

There is a new form of business networking rising up in the nation which is very community based. These networks are mainly focusing on very poor areas where people are suffering. This new form of business networking will be able to lift communities out of the cycle of poverty and assist them in finding new perspective. As this takes place, the government will face new challenges regarding missing funds. The church needs to pray against any fraud concerning these projects so that funds will not be stolen or channeled into the wrong thing.

Economic Centers

There will be centers in the Republic of South Africa where the economy will begin to thrive noticeably. There are even new metros being raised up which will bring a lot of attention to the world and a lot of investment as well.

Economically Efficient Employment

There will be a lot of violent protest because of the economy. Certain people and organizations will try to dominate and enforce mass employment of uneducated staff in order to try to keep their associates and members happy. The regulatory process will change in South Africa. There will be many court hearings regarding employment and mass employment as the judicial system will try to uphold the legal route in these procedures. At municipal levels, a reshuffling of the government will take place, unnecessary staff, which cannot be afforded, will be let go. Government structures allowing people to employ as many people as possible just to give employment and not to be sufficient will start to change. There will be a shift from an employment driven towards an efficiency driven focus. Unfortunately, this will cause clashes, we will see more mass actions in the streets of Pretoria, and people will burn things and places down. Those protests however are not changing the need for change. Ultimately, the system will have to become efficiency driven; otherwise, companies will have to shut down entirely.

This frugal season we are going into is very important because there has been a severe imbalance and a tendency towards overspending. People in powerful positions were blind to the reality. There will be a realization of how much staff and funds are really needed to run businesses successfully. Businesses that have become staff heavy will make drastic cuts in order to stay profitable. Unemployed people will have to start developing their skill set as well as trusting the Lord to get them through the dry period. This will become prevalent in 2017; be prepared for some tough and difficult decisions regarding employment.

Although less people will be employed in businesses, those employed will be receiving assistance in developing their skills and abilities. Businesses will strive towards creating an environment for growth and development to take place. There will be a mindset shift from staff quantity towards staff quality. There will be a focus on quality investment into the people that are employed to improve the business, investing into the personal development of skills and abilities of the staff will achieve that.

Economic Manipulation Exposed

A Vision was seen of a dark black bag being brought out in the open. The South African economy has been held captive by manipulation behind the scenes. Underhand agreements have been done in the dark and will be exposed. The negative control over the economy will be revealed which will cause a bit of a down turn and from there investment will be flowing back into the country.

Some of these agreements have hindered economic growth and developments in certain areas. Those involved wanted to benefit themselves and their own agendas. This will become known and their hold will be broken and in the coming year. The media and news will be flooded with economic related happenings.

Entrepreneurial Skills

God is releasing entrepreneurial skills in SADEC (Southern African Development Community) countries. Many entrepreneurs will be coming to South Africa to get advice, support, and the investment that they need for their ideas to come into fruition.

In Africa, many are looking to South Africa for entrepreneurial inspiration. Many entrepreneurial ideas will come from other African countries, but South Africa will become the springboard for those entrepreneurial ideas to be developed, funded and taken further.

The private sector in South Africa will get involved in the funding of entrepreneurial ideas; business people will see the opportunities, abilities and possibilities of these ideas.

South Africa will not only be an initiator but a facilitator and an accommodator for the entrepreneurial ideas God is releasing in Southern Africa, many of which will astound the world. This will be a beginning of a new drive to produce locally in Africa, a drive to develop and locally produce technology and many other products that had to previously be imported.


A new strategy in energy generation will become prevalent. Eskom’s stance on Independent Power Generation will soften. This will not be wind-farms and or solar heating, but a different way happening on a small scale and on individual level. People will be able to eventually manage these technologies and turn it into bigger scale ventures. It will start to pop up all over the country and will bring energy into private homes rather than businesses. The business sector will continue to use the Eskom power supply; this new technology is not going to harm the conventional power market.


Exports will increase and South Africa will be exporting new locally produced products, which have not been exported before.

Financial Tightening Continues

The gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider and people are continuing to feel financial pressure. There is a call to trust in God who will supply above your need. Individuals are called to assist and help the community. God will reward those generous givers with a higher return than what the individuals are giving out.

Because of these difficulties, companies will have to learn to be much more frugal in how they function and do business. This frugal season will bring forth some positive developments regarding streamlining businesses and the creation of new, more effective, business concepts and methods. The pioneers of new methods will be able to teach others. Eventually new methods developed here will be taught in other countries in the world. During this frugal season, God is trimming and pruning businesses in South Africa in order to prepare them for new growth coming in the near future.

Positive News Coverage

The press will receive the new business methods growing out of a season of frugal management positively. There are knowledgeable reporters covering economic development who have been waiting for this paradigm shift to happen. Early next year a few are going to start reporting about changes in management and business methods which will result in a positive kick start in many areas of the economy.

Help Coming In

A person coming from outside the country will be meeting with leaders of South Africa that are working in the area of finance. This person will provide special wisdom from the Lord and inspire strategies that will really strengthen and help the nation to improve.


Predictions of negative or non-optimistic growth will constantly be voiced in the media resulting in a negative sentiment towards South African economy and South African business, but a surprise breakthrough and turnaround will happen that nobody was expecting.

While some companies from abroad will pull out their investments, opportunities will open up for new investors and new kind of investors. Some of the current investors in South Africa have hawked and dominated certain spaces with deals and collusions that made it impossible for other investors to come into the South African economic niche. Because of the fear of negative growth and the resulting withdrawal of some big players, a new type of investors will be able to come into South Africa who had previously not had that opportunity.

A vision was seen of a coin that was being split in half; the meaning of this was that our income would actually go further than what we thought.
In certain sections of the economy, people are under the impression that funds have run out. A vision was seen of an empty container, but there is a reserve people are not aware of, another container, which has been protected. The right people are looking out for the money, so that there is money available.

In the coming year there will be lot of growth in investments, much finances will be flowing into the economy. There will be specific growth in the areas of construction, building of factories producing a variety of products. Many of the current producers need advisers to assist in getting their products into the markets. This will bring a turnaround in their business.

Islamic Influence

There is an underlying Islamic influence in the economy, which is dangerous. It is rising although still behind the scenes. God is warning the church about it. The Lord wants to bring a change here because through the economy Islam is entering the country like a snake. While Pravin Gordon is doing good job at the moment, there is going to be another change to remove that Islamic influence in the nation. Pray fervently and God is going to bring a turnaround.

Keep It Simple

Simple is the new clever in the economy. There will be grace for facilitators in the economy, people who are able to generate and practically implement ideas to kick-start the economy. It is as if though they have been held back and kept in the background because nobody saw the need for those facilitators when everything was running smoothly. However, during the coming season there is a real empowerment from the Lord on those people to take simple things and make them a success. Small projects will follow each other quickly.


NGOs will step up the plate and help communities. NGOs are right there in the field doing ground level work; they understand what is going on in the community. There will be a lot more churches that will reach out. Churches are used to give material aid without necessarily physically going and helping in those areas. In the coming season a lot more churches will be helping and assisting with the distribution of food parcels and clothes and the teaching of practical skills. It is through the involvement of churches on ground level that the skill level of the very poor is increasing. Courses in cooking, sewing and proper child rearing will help increase the quality of life in many communities. Hospitals will also be getting involved. A network of nurses is coming together who are going to teach the communities how to do basic medical care skills. They will teach basic first aid like caring for a wound to prevent infection and other necessary health care skills. Knowledge is strength; people who are more skilled will have more confidence in themselves and be prepared for the surge ahead that will come. In 2018, there is going to be a real visible surge in the economy and this is preparation for that. 2017 will see a lot of preparatory groundwork being done for the surge in 2018.


During the coming year large chain stores will be closing some branches in South Africa. There will be a strong focus on the optimizing of staff. These changes will initially have a large impact on employment but in the end will secure many more jobs. Scaling down is not always shutting down; there is wisdom to scale down to the right proportions. Currently things have blown a bit out proportions in some areas; the Lord is giving wisdom in pruning of unnecessary branches.

Rewriting Economic Policies

There is going to be a rewriting of policies and procedures to be more applicable to South African conditions. Be warned of some resistance, when people want to hold on to a way of doing things like they are used to from the past. Change is not getting rid of that what is good, but a revision of those portions that have become ineffective or even counterproductive.

Safety and Security Increase

The government is going to increase national safety and security. For the last years safety and security in the nation were on a downhill slope. When the government puts its focus on these areas, it will cause stability in the economy, which will also provide better investment opportunities for foreign countries.


There will be great development of parks and resorts coming on the market. There has been hard work done behind the scenes; people have been planning this for many, many years and it didn’t materialize but at this time everything is falling into place and people prepared to build and create these parks and resorts.

Instead of trying to imitate foreign ways and styles, we should focus on the unique South African flavor, which will provide a different sort of invitation of getting tourists to come to our country.


A change needs to happen, moving from a union type structure to a more performance-oriented structure that God wants to bring about in the nation. As certain metros are taken over by different parties, the unions are rising up and resisting the change. Many demonstrations will take place as unions refuse to give up their powerbase and power structure. A lot of prayer is needed because obviously internationally this will bring a lot of negative attention to the country. Those uprisings threaten to harm the economy, resist them in prayer.


• Some pharmaceutical companies will experience severe financial difficulties in South Africa; some of the larger chains will need some help, as they will be in a difficult spot.
• There is a warning about the spirit of apartheid, a spirit of divisiveness. That spirit has jumped ship and it is very shroud and looking for whomever it may use against other groups and other nations. Therefore, what ethnic group, what color you are is actually of no consequence to it. Leaders should be aware that this is a harmful spirit. In the economy, this divisiveness can keep things back when people are motivated to try to proof a point to other groupings. The church and the intercessors are going to address it and create a spiritual shift, just like in 1994. They are going to address apartheid in economy now again, and they are going to have to talk and get rid of the influence of this spirit because it wants to kill, steal and destroy but the Lord wants to take us into a much more prosperous season. He wants to open our eyes to the potential and to writing procedures and policies that fit into the new vision that He has for us and for a new generation.



Leaders will be held far more accountable by the people than they have ever expected, they will not be allowed to get away with things. Many people in high positions have planned to exploit the state, but they will be stopped in their tracks, they will be party to eroding their own power base to the point of self-destruction. This will happen across the board from ward to municipal level right up to the cabinet and the president including the heads of all departments.

People on the ground are becoming more educated around politics and how the government functions, which will cause some uprisings and some uncomfortable questions that, will be asked to government in the future.

A vision was seen of government running around like a cat on a hot tin roof, running back and forth actually not knowing what to do. People who have been sitting comfortably for a long time will suddenly have to get up and try to get the job done. That will cause them actually exposing themselves and the fraud that has been going on which that will cause an outcry. Eventually different people will move into those positions and things will start running smooth again in the future.

New faces will come into government and leadership positions. God is bringing a younger generation into government that will bring fresh wisdom end new energy to it.

A Functioning Government

The government looks like a person that is sitting down with all these gifts and things that he has to do. God is calling the government to get up. He will bring a revival and proper activity where the government will no longer just complete half of less of its tasks. God is calling the government to function in 100% of its mandates and to work on the fulfillment of their promises doing what they were elected for by the nation.

A Hidden work

During this season of entering into 2017 there is no confidence in the government at all. A lot of negative press has given the people insight on all the negative things going on while behind the scenes an enormous amount of positive developments are happening in the government.

Those doing the positive work in government, in parliament and in the different wards are working very quietly while trying to fly under the radar. They do not want to be seen opposing those with a network of negativity and fraud. They all seem to know each other. They are building their own powerbase and structure- they have their own people they trust work with for the good of the nation.

These people are making many inroads, some of the members of council and different parliamentarians have gone to other nations very quietly, it has not been in the media, but they have been learning Governmental skills to try to manage on their own because they were not given the skills to do the job properly. Everybody government are stuck in their own segment with no cohesion between their individual departments. The big ship of government cannot turn, it cannot move forward it is just in the water with the engines running and not going forward.

In 2017 there, many new plans will emerge and many changes will be implemented. Red tape will be removed and forms are being changed. Application processes will be simplified. Where previously fifty forms from six different offices where needed one form will suffice and online applications will become the norm. Government forms will become standardized and uniform to make paperwork less confusing and fault prone. People will be paid a lot quicker when they do work for the government. Businesses, airlines, hotels and companies will receive their payments quicker because there is a uniformed system has been put in place.

Unbeknown to many there are capable people implementing these plans and putting this infrastructure in place. They are people with vision, people with purpose. They might not have big names or lots of news coverage but they are quietly getting on with getting the job done.


Different political parties will start working together; they will actually consult and start helping each other.

Internationally South Africa is seen as an Africa powerhouse and that will continue.

God is bringing a new level of unity amongst the leaders of this country; this unity will not be based on political colors or interest. This unity is based on a different spirit God is bringing forth in people, superseding many other political interests. There will be the most unlikely people coming together to seek the solutions for improving South Africa because of what God will work in their hearts.

Engaging Communities

The government has ignored the community leaders to their detriment, they have steamrollered over them and just made decisions based on what they thought best, almost treating those local leaders like children. In the future, they are going to have to engage with community leaders throughout the whole nation in order to continue with any activities in communities.

Political Landscape Changes

The political landscape of South Africa will change drastically in the next two years. What seemed impossible four years ago will become a great possibility in two years’ time. Collision between business powers and political figures will be dismantled in the next two years and will cause powerful figures to fall from grace. The next two years will also see young faces in politics to become known and influential.

Skills Incorporation

Contractors that have been doing work for the government in the past as outside contractors will be swallowed up by the government and will become part of the expertise of the government. This will save money but also introduce great skills into different departments of government. Even foreign employers will be introduced to the government to pioneer processes and prepare new growth.

A Split

A real split in the ANC will become evident in this coming year. There is going to be tremendous strive in the air in the next year and many of the hidden practices that are taking place in government will be aired by opposition parties. The press is going to be very busy and it is going to erode the whole powerbase of the government. Because of this, the government will lose its ability to move forward and this is God stirring it up for the 2019 elections. The lack of momentum in the government will be making way for other parties to rise up.

ANC Shaking

After the local (2016) elections, there will be a great shaking in the ANC and polarization will come between the leaders in the party itself causing animosity and great distress. Government will be forced to reshuffle its structures, which will cause a lot of unhappiness in the hearts of people. Employments in governmental offices will be relooked. There was a very specific vision of communities depending on the salaries of government employees. Local economy will struggle this year specifically because of some of the changes that will have to be brought. The massive control of the government where they just stated and people had to simply give way will change. People will start to speak back and government will have to engage in a lot more negotiations than before. The government will need the smaller parties and there will be more coalitions with smaller parties to try to establish and keep control in municipal levels. The rift between personalities in the ruling party will become very clear in this coming year.

The government will have to dig deep to contain themselves and to run their business. There are many loose cannons in the government and they will have pull the reigns in on them. Some of these loose cannons will even lose their jobs and a lot will go out of government. God has kept a remnant inside of government to keep it running, there are people with a passion, there are people who really want to govern the nation correctly and they will come more to the forefront because they keep everything running.

The Presidency

Our president is still looked up to by the man on the ground, he is still has a broad support base because he pumps in a lot of money to keep that support especially paying leaders in rural area to ensure their attention. People are starting to see through this strategy and this will influence how they vote in the next election.

The President will be facing health challenges and God is challenging the churches to pray for him in that regard. (As prophesied in 2015)


A Standoff

A standoff between schools, the Department of Education and parents will occur because of exorbitantly high school fees. There has been a hike in school fees, which has caused the parents to become unhappy in their hearts, they do not bear with the difficulties that they have to face with the school anymore, and the high prices for it.

Amalgamated Schools

Many smaller schools are closing down and merging into bigger schools. There will be plans to make more lodging and boarding schools available for the children. Initially this will look like a good idea but it will not be received very well. It will rather be better to build more schools in different locations than centralizing and merging into bigger schools.

Community Building Initiatives (CBI Projects)

Companies with CBI projects focusing on schools will host many winter schools. This addition to the government educational program will enhance the level of education. In the past, it was government driven from the top down. Now it will be the other way round. God is sending many people with wisdom to educate the nation through the CBI projects. Retired teachers will be one of the resources they will draw from.

Change of Education Minister

A change in education minister; both the minister of basic education and tertiary education will bring a new outlook into the nation the way education is viewed. Better education and better resources are necessary to improve weak exam outcomes. Local and national government changes are necessary for a change in education.

The Minister of Education has been seriously blocking new ideas and new people; as soon as she is replaced, there will be a new fresh breeze. It seems that while she is in office she has kept a strong hold, controlling the system, not allowing anything else but her own will. There is a great humiliation lying ahead for the Department of Education that will force a change of minister to take place. As soon as the minister changes the whole environment will experience a transformation. The animosity between the education unions and the department will change. Certain service providers unduly benefitted from the old structure because of corruption. Fraud and corruption will be exposed. As the minister steps out and a new minister is appointed they will be exposed to a level that will cause a shudder that such fraud could have happened in front of their own eyes. This will bring a lot of soberness in the department; it will bring perspective that transformation is necessary.

Churches and Education

Regarding churches and schools reaching out to each other, we see churches planning beneficial programs for schools; they are developing systems like a curriculum for schools. This is, however, not necessarily the way to go. The mandate of churches lies in the area of teaching values to the children and developing their character. Worship is going to play a big part in church outreaches to schools. Worship teams and worship leaders need to be made available to go into the schools. Different teams are getting together with worship teams and going into the schools with their program. Christian organizations other than churches and the media will be linked with those churches in order to bring Christian values into the schools. This will not be done under a religious banner but will just be done as a cultural event although the actual mission will be to bring God’s word into schools.

Cooperation will happen between churches and local schools. Teachers are coming to churches asking for help, strategizing together with pastors how to be more effective in the classroom. God is connecting churches to local schools. This is a local level movement not depending on national impulses but local initiatives. Different churches will come together for the benefit of local schools influencing and supporting schools in rural areas as well. The teachers themselves who will reach out will initiate this; it will not be the church going out and getting permission from the headmaster but instead the teachers approaching the churches to do some events at their school.


Corruption the school system in South Africa will be revealed and cause a great outcry in education, business and society. The Department of Education will be placed under great pressure to address the corruption, resulting in them having to cut ties with unhealthy partners and agreements.

There will also be a tendency to introduce American style policies into South African schools that will not be conducive to the South African environment. A lot of conflict will be caused by this and in the end, the American policies that are placed on the South African education system will not bear any fruit.

Direction Change

Direction in education will start to take change from theoretical knowledge to practical skills. There is a great need for new training courses that address modern day practical skills. The focus of the courses will not be another degree but rather instilling very practical know how which can be implemented immediately in the working environment.

Education System Changing

There were a lot of technical schools and training colleges doing good work in the past. These will be resurrected alongside the whole system change.

A whole work group around education will be coming together to rethink what education in South Africa should look like. Instead of adopting policies from Europe or other countries, these committees will look at the specific needs of South. Too many people are pushed into academic studies and getting degrees in law and economic studies. Some new ideas will receive criticism from high-ranking officials because they have a very rigid view of academic success based on overseas models. A new pioneering system for Africa by Africans will take place. There will be many politicians trying to change things their way but eventually many new ideas will indeed be implemented to the benefit of South African pupils. New courses focusing on skills and personal development will help students successfully fit into the South African workforce after finishing their schooling. Those skills will empower the students to bring their contribution for the betterment of the whole of South Africa and be a positive factor in the economy of the nation.

Elite Schools

Elite schools will face increasing scrutiny and criticism. The staff and governing bodies of these elite schools must learn how to deal with this. They are seen as role model for the rest of the nation, setting the bar high. There needs to come an understanding that those schools will forever be a cut above the general standard and it is unrealistic to expect every school in the country to have the same standards. These schools have to keep the bar high and setting examples of excellence in order to pull the education system to a higher standard. Without their leading role, the education system is set to become stagnant.

Employing Qualified Teachers

The window dressing period will be ending; people filling positions on governmental level in education without proper qualifications will be removed. They will have to be forced out and will not move out willingly. It will become a public discussion acknowledging the lack of qualification in teaching staff, and this will force many teachers not prepared to qualify themselves to resign their position. Expertise of outside contractors will bring in specific training and skill development in education.

Fees must fall

The fees must fall campaign will be rekindled. The disappointment in the government will be worse than before. A lot of intercession will be necessary so that bloodshed would not happen on these campuses. There will be retaliation against this campaign on campus sites, which has the potential to turn into a racial battle. The church needs to pray and bind the spirit of death, a spirit of murder, amongst the students.


Children are losing hope in schools; even at primary level, children are getting more frustrated, arrogant and lax. Many do not believe there is a future for them anymore. Old teachers will be coming back to help with tutoring, linking themselves with schools in their private capacity in order to help students pass their exams and study more successfully.

Home Schooling

Home Schooling is going to experience increased growth in the next season. Experienced and successful homeschooling parents who are willing to share their skills and expertise with other interested families will create a movement of support. This movement is going to get much momentum even in poor and squatter camp areas. In places where no one would expect this to get a foothold, this movement will encourage well to do families assisting poorer families in their homeschooling projects and challenges so the whole level of education can be lifted.

Help Co-opted

There is a new openness towards bringing in people to change how education is done. Even people who are already on retirement are coming back in to assist in practically improving the education process. Experts will relook the work load children are subjected to, and the load will be lightened. In the rural areas, there will be stricter controls in schools to keep order. Law enforcement will be much more involved in helping to keep schools safe. People from the outside who have a heart for the children and want to make a difference will start publishing reports about those schools.

A Vision was seen of a container of quality book being distributed. These books have been sitting for quite a while in storage not being used but will be taken out and not be wasted. There are people in high government positions who will start trying to make a difference; they will pass down legislation to eventually bring about change for the better.
Infrastructure Sharing

Rival schools will be getting together to share infrastructure and knowledge. Mainstream schools will take inspiration from the home school system are open to learn new ways that have shown great results in homeschooling. Practical teaching and training will see a lot of cooperation across schools.

Intercession Needed

There is a factual reason South Africa currently has a very bad reputation. There are people trying to change this but too often, the infrastructure and the levels of authority from the top down are so unorganized that it is rather difficult to find a proper procedure to facilitate the necessary change. The whole education system and our children in it need an enormous amount of intercession. We need to pray for those gifted teachers who are often tempted to leave and are going into business because of better working conditions. There are also far too few male teachers, which is causing the education system to be quite imbalanced. Some male teachers are only in this position because they cannot make it anywhere else but they actually do not have a heart for education. Pray for more male role models in the education system, teachers of integrity and wisdom.

Investment into education

There will be a lot more investment from the business world into education. Businesses will be helping to build schools, particular in rural communities. The strategy of current government seems to keep many people uneducated so that they cannot rise up in society but this is going to change in the days ahead.
Diplomatic missions are getting involved in the schooling system of South Africa. Embassies and consulates of different nations will be funding school events. God has given people from outside South Africa great compassion for South African children. In the years ahead we will see embassies pay for and host school events. Ambassadors will be involved in school functions, which will be beneficial to the school system. There is a grace period coming where we will see a lot of influx of foreign investment into education in South Africa, which comes rather unexpected. Those foreign aids will also happen in universities making bursaries available to people wanting to study.

New Innovative Ways

A strong wave of innovation ways of bringing education to children will be seen, especially on primary and high school level and in some sectors of tertiary level. There will be innovative technology using media devices and interactive equipment, which will be brought to schools in a huge way, increasing the effectiveness of the education system.


The powerbase in all schools have changed and power has gone to the children and the parents. Leaders in the schools, teachers, principals and the education department are going to pull back this power from the parents and the children because the school needs to be in charge of the education system, not the parents and the children who have been allowed to have too much authority. A healthy balance of authority needs to come back.

Returning to God

In certain communities, a strong sense of religion and Christianity is coming back to schools. Teachers will rise up saying that in the past, when Christianity was taught in schools, there were much better results in the education process. Let us bring faith back to help the children and create a stable learning environment. There will be motions to bring back the Lord’s Prayer and help schools to establish Christian values. Much activity will happen in this regard on university campuses where a strong movement of Christians will rise up. They will face a lot of opposition and will need a lot of prayer.


There is a focus especially from parents and parent bodies on security. There is a call for more security in order to ensure their children’s safety in the school system. We need to pray against troublemakers in the schools. Outside parties are in some instances manipulating children to create conflict for other students. The church needs to stand in prayer against these attempts to bully certain children and to create uprisings. We need to stop these things in the spirit from happening.

Teacher Tutoring

There will be some focus on teacher tutoring. Professionals in specializing in effective teaching methods will start to train teachers. The teachers themselves will come together to get equipped to improve the way they educate children in class. They are interested in bettering their teaching skills, and this form of tutoring will be assisting and training them.

Even the unions will bring in specialists in order to tutor teachers. This is specifically helpful in rural areas where the government appointed some teachers regardless of their skills and qualifications that are in big need of tutoring and training.

Some trainers will be coming in from places like the United States; they will be mentors and lecturers well established in their areas of expertise. They will be meeting with teachers and other trainers in order to bring in training and help.

There will be a big focus on in job training coming into the next season. Part time education and training on tertiary level will be developed for working students. Great leniency for those that are studying while working full time will be shown.

There is going to be a shift towards practical training in the school syllabus, especially from grade 10 to 12. Students will get more opportunities to be exposed to practical training in order to gain on the job experience and develop practical skills well before entering the job market.

The Department of Education and the unions will have a very difficult relationship in the coming two years, which will only change when the window dressing period in the education system ends.

Universities under siege

Traditional universities are still going to be under a lot of pressure in the next year, unrealistic demand from political and student actions will cause great stress. The irresponsible demands from these groups will be unmasked and cause the government to take a different stance against these groupings.

The hold of the old guard in education will also be unmasked and there will be a lot of demands for change. It is important not to get swallowed up by the fight among factions and the old guard, great wisdom is needed to deal with the issues and keep issues separately.


A Good Season

A vision was seen of fertile soil being tilled. There will be good rains and moist soil. We believe this coming year there will be a good crop across the board with all sorts of produce.

In a vision a big watermelon being cut was seen. There will be a season of abundance coming for agriculture. The drought will be coming to a very abrupt end. It will be much easier to produce in the coming season. While the last two years have been very tough for farmers, the next year will be much easier when it comes to the production of crops.

A Return to the Soil

Farming will be revived in areas where big scale farming took place many years ago. Those areas will see a revival of agriculture. Farmers will move back and resurrect farms which were deserted a decade or more ago because of the challenges they faced. A product is being produced in the country which will be in demand in other countries. This product will be made from a very special breed of animal particularly being bred in the country.

A Young breed of Farmers

We discern many farms changing their borders and boundaries as ownership of farms are changing. Many old farmers are handing over to their own children and relatives such as nephews, which will result in a completely new young breed of farmers. Many of the older generation are actually packing up and moving off the farm, going to live in little towns. They are not moving to the big cities, but just living in smaller towns in order to give the young people some space to carry on with the farm.

A new breed of farmers will be very business savvy. They will not just be skilled in agriculture but running their business very successfully from their offices as well.

In the African and Coloured communities there will be a new trend towards communal living, where five or six families will live together on a farm sharing the work.

In the old days, the farmers were coming together at the co-op and buying their vegetables, meat products and other groceries there. Communities will again develop their own farmer’s markets as supermarket alternatives. They will even little restaurants and coffee shops there, drawing a lot of people. In this way, the people in rural areas will have gathering places from where they can build in the spirit of community. These places will draw young and old farmers. Even sheds on farms will be doubling up as meeting places. Products like honey, milk and cheese will be sold straight from their farms and people will enjoy going and tasting the fresh products and buy jam and chutney and all that the farmers offer at a very good price.

Ministry on Farms

We will see farmers pushing the tractors to the side and bringing people together on their farm, inviting a preacher to minister to the people. Similar to the Angus Buchan events these gatherings will take place big and small farms alike. Farmers are coming together and having services and revivals on the farm. Similar to the movements of the 1920’s and 1930’s which was called “the saw dust trail”. God is raising up people to travel from farm to farm and actually stir up farmers and people on the farms to bring revival again in the rural areas.

Advances in Farming Equipment

A new type of tractor is being developed for farming. Farmers are coming together to admire it.

There is also an issue coming up regarding some fertilizer. This commonly used fertilizer has been giving some problems and subsequently many farmers will be going back to organic fertilizer, using chicken and cattle manure. They will prefer to mix their soil with their own organic fertilizers in order to avoid those problems that will arise with the conventional product.

African Origin

The borders of Africa will become more protective against the dumping of agricultural produce in Africa. African produce will be preferred and promoted. A strong stance will be taken against genetically modified seeds and agricultural chemicals. A new interest in pure breeds of animals will occur in the farming industry. There will be many discussions about original races and the benefits that have been lost specifically about original African races and their benefit. Through geneticist, breeders some old, pure breeds will be rediscovered and brought back for the beneficial attributes of these animals. These discoveries will open up the way into the future of new crossbreeds that will be better adapted to the African environment and will bring better quality to the African table. It is like a pendulum swing going from lots of cross breeding back to pure breeds and almost an over emphasis on pure breeds, which is only a preparation for a new foundation from which new cross breeding can start taking place. Through new combinations, there will be a completely new spectrum of possibilities for produce on the table. Better quality will be the result, which will be of great benefit to the entire agricultural industry.

Agriculture and Government

There will be a new level of trust and respect between farmers and the government. There will be a change of agricultural minister who will be replaced with a person with more respect for farmers. Under the new minister’s leadership farmers are not going to have the fear of their farms been taken. The mindset of this man will be one of understanding the need to feed the nation and that by seizing farms there is the possibility of creating a situation like the food shortages in Zimbabwe. The new minister will have the foresight and education to prevent this.

Circular Farming

There will be community based circular farming, which will become a new way of farming. There is a circle looking like a cake that has been cut into quarters. It will be managed from the center, which will contain housing and training centers. With specific expertise the land will be used in quarters. Each quarter has a different kind of crop growing on it. Crops will be rotated to keep the ground fertile and rich. Many farms will focus on some kind of crop rotation making good use of new research in this area. The future will see these circular farms with the estate, community or even little towns in the middle and the different fields of crops surrounding them.

Crops Changing

Farmers will cooperate and advise each other on planting different kind of plants. They will start experimenting with different methods and plants. Certain areas of the forestry industry will need to be relooked and attention needs to be given to it. If this is not done, a shortage of produce will be experienced.

The recent drought had a huge influence on the choice of crops planted. Farmers are looking at new ways of ensuring successful crops and are pulling in scientist who are doing research in this field. Eventually the kinds of crops planted will be optimized for the specific terrain and climate so that farmers are going to use less land but produce more per square hectare.

Cross Border Endeavors

South African producers will start taking hands with producers in neighboring countries to the benefit of both. Agricultural businesses cooperate across borders and become very profitable. Agricultural produce will start to flow freely between the SADC countries. Food production will become a very attractive field again in the coming season. The younger generation will be motivated to go into this line of work and so a new generation of agriculturists will stand up.

Drought Stricken Pockets

There will be pockets of dry areas where the current drought will linger a little bit longer but it will eventually fade away. There are people who have wells that are up to 300 meters deep and they are considering selling their farms because of water shortage. God is saying they should not sell but too hold on a bit longer because the underground water levels in those areas will rise again.

Tourism on Farms

Eco-tourism is picking up. There will be resurgence in the love for nature and the outdoors. People have the desire to be out in the nature, and because of that, a new level of adventure farming will be developed. People will be farming with livestock, sheep, cattle, having crops like maize on their farm, will also branch out and build guesthouses and holiday homes on their property. These will be rented out for people to come from the city in order to be refreshed in the countryside. Often enough the city has become claustrophobic and people just want to go back to the land. Many people will be visiting farms and seek to experience some farm life and do farm related activities like riding on a wagon.

This will result in a greater esteem for farmers, especially as people are exposed to commercial farmers who feed the nation.

There will be an increased appreciation for the Winelands in South Africa. The wine growers have a major impact in the economy in South Africa, they are often bragged about.

Equipping in Agriculture

Training that is a lot more formal will happen in agriculture. This will result in an increase of proper qualifications in farming which will change the farming community and the agriculture culture in our nation.

Fire Danger

In the northern regions of the country extreme heat and fires are a recurring threat. Measures will have to be put into place to prevent fires from causing much destruction in that area.

Fish Farms

Farmers have done fish farming in the past, which was not always successful. People will be starting out little dams and small-scale fish farms on their farms. They will add a new dimension from producing to packaging and selling the product straight off the farm. In the past fish farms often supplied to a bigger chain, but in the coming season they have decided to sell their own produce in their own farm shops.

Food Security

The coming phase will see a lot of questioning on many levels, from farm level up to government, from land ownership to choice of crops in order to increase the viability of farming efforts. Farmers will be evaluated in view of the nation’s actual needs. Topics of discussion will be how much land will be allocated to the commercial farmer and how to re-kindle subsistence farming in existing rural communities. Some blue prints done in the past dealing with food security will have to be re-looked; these plans do exist but were not executed. They will have to be adjusted and put into practical application. Pride in agricultural and rural work will be restored. A new sense of stewardship of the land instead of exploitation of the ground will be instilled. Farmers need to re-evaluate their way of doing things and not simply keep on doing business the same old way generations before them have been doing it. Farmers will re-evaluate what to plant and how they plant. The coming season will see much trimming down of ineffective ways and things that work. It is a season of evaluation and necessary adjustment.

Re-canting of some issues will happen on governmental level in order to ensure food security. Many of the axe’s which were hanging like threats over farmer’s heads, especially regarding land claims, will be eased off. Food security will take centre stage, not just in our nation but internationally, and South Africa’s role in the SADEC countries will become a determining factor to help ensure food security for other nations around us as well.

Game Farming

Game farming will gain greater recognition and exposure in the nation. Pride is taken in game farming which is a very prestigious branch of farming. A lot of people that says that the prospects in game farming have reached a limit while in fact game farmers have just begun exploring opportunities within this nation and the continent. One of our great export products into the continent of Africa will be the teaching of managerial skills. People with expertise in working with game will begin from next year onwards to share their knowledge with other African nations seeking to improve and restore tourism to their nations. South Africans are very skilled and experienced in this field and there will be many opportunities in the area of “intellectual export” and the teaching of field specific skills.


Gardening will become increasingly popular. Even small available patches of land will be cultivated. Land that was lying dormant and did not bring any yield will be planted on again and bring good harvests which will astonish many.

Horse Breeding

Horse breeding is facing some severe challenges because of inbreeding. New blood is coming in, horses are being brought in from unusual places and they will start new lineages. Some of the genetic problems concern horses born crippled and with further physical problems. They are not performing well and do not have staying power, often not ready to race. In South Africa, a lot of effort and money is being put into this. Eventually this big investment will pay out and South African horses will be popular and internationally sought after. South Africa, especially the Natal area, will be an internationally renowned place for excellent horse breeds.

New Crop Regions

Crops will be planted and land will be developed in areas of South Africa that have never had any crops. New types of crops that have not been productive before in SA will increase; the production of artichokes is starting in SA. Drop irrigation in arid areas of SA will become prevalent and Israeli technology will be used. Unearthing of great underground water resources will open up arid areas for farming. Responsible, ecologically sensitive farming will take place that will get international attention. The quality of produce will be excellent in these new and formerly arid areas and it will be exported internationally.

Organic Farming

A lot more finance is being pumped into the organic farming industry of South Africa.

Renewal of Passion

The northern parts of the country have literally been very dusty. In a vision a wind was seem that came and blew all the dust off. There is a renewal of passion happening in the hearts of the farmers themselves. Farming communities, which have been in decline, will receive new inspiration from the Lord. Where previously communities and farmers did not come together to do things collectively anymore will be inspired to meet up again and encourage one another. These farming communities will be strengthened and even see their children coming back from the foreign nations they had moved to. As they are returning there will be a new fire as people start to regain hope and vision in the agricultural industry.

Restoration of Honor

The Lord is going to redeem and restore the honor of farmers. God is going to use the media to speak out and bring true statistics and figures correcting some misconceptions about farming. A lot views will shift when the truth will become known.

A change will happen to the way farming is perceived in the country. Farming will be made to look much more attractive than it has been before. There will be even huge billboards and other initiatives to improve the image of agriculture and promote a positive mindset towards farming. Some adverts will make farming look cool and encourage more young people to go into farming than ever before. A lot of energy is being put into these positive image campaigns and they will be fruitful.

Simplified Solutions

A bug will be attacking some trees. It will not be after the fruit but harm the tree itself. People will try to combat it using different pesticides in order to save the trees. In the end there will be a rather simple solution known in the past that will be used again to clear the bugs on those trees. This might refer to plantation trees like the banana tree.

The Church and the Farming Community

Farmers are taking hands with the church. There is a season coming where they need more advice and guidance from God. Churches and farmers will encourage and uplift one another. People are coming to church with potatoes or tomatoes; bring fruits and part of their crops onto God’s house in exchanges for guidance and prayer from the communities.

The Farmhouse

A new franchise is coming up in SA similar to the Food Lovers Market. They will specialize exclusively in organic fruit and vegetables and other products coming directly from the farm. The farmhouse will serve a niche market and offer a new spectrum of products. Not unlike little farm stalls in beautiful areas selling fresh produce this will be a franchise across the nation offering a reliable quality of organic products directly from the farm.

The Right Balance

God is warning farmers to keep an eye on maintaining a healthy balance planning the crops they plant as to not over stimulate the market in one area and create a lack in another area. Farmers are responsible to watch the market and maintain a stable supply of goods.

Trade Deal Going Sour

An Angola trade deal involving chicken farming is possibly failing. Angolan chicken farmers raising up against this deal, which they fear, will be harmful to their existence. Those doors are being closed and there will be a lot more chicken farming happening locally.

Weather Patterns & Flooding

Strange weather patterns will occur in the next season, unusual rain patterns will occur, an unusual cold period will occur in the summer, and we will see unusually hot weather in autumn and spring. There will be big downpours over a short period and then sunshine will occur. Prevention against erosion due to flooding is very important in this season. Great floods and heavy amounts of rain can be expected in otherwise arid areas of South Africa. Similar to the Laingsburg flood of 1981, this season will bring some floods. Low-lying areas in Johannesburg will be severely affected.

A low-lying town, likely in the Cape, is going to be flooded. The surrounding river will be swelling up flooding the whole town. This tragedy can be reduced if people pray and prepare.


A Call to effective Prayer

There is a call for a season of effective prayer. Corporate prayer and intercession in diverse teams will take place. Teams praying together will be key to the effectiveness of the prayers. The intercession movement is still too independent. Some groups are not sure of what they should be praying for while other groups are praying inaccurately. Many prophetic intercession groups do understand what to pray for but not always how to go about it. The Lord wants these groups to start moving together so that accuracy can come into their prayers. They will be bringing changes into specific areas by praying prayers that shift the heavenly realm. Many tragedies and negative happenings can be stopped in the heavenly realm before they ever come to manifest on earth. Great responsibility lies on the intercession movement joining with prophetic prayer teams. Together these moves will bring about a huge change, ushering in God’s blessings and preventing negative plans of the enemy. The intercession movement is currently incredibly dry and dusty. Often during the last season intercessors lost insight into what is going on while prophetic movements discerning spiritual realities were not geared to push those things through. Cooperation between the movements and gifts are necessary in order to bring about real spiritual break through.

A Church in the Media

A church group is going to be in the newspaper getting a lot of attention again. This church is doing very radical things which are going to be exposed in the newspapers causing negative publicity for all the pastors in those churches who will be very busy doing damage control.

A Clear divide

A clear divide between the true apostles and apostolic ministries and those merely posing as such will start to take place. Some strong apostolic networks, which only stood because of human effort, human power and human ability but without a real mandate of God, will dismantle because of scandals, because of disobedience and because of their leadership dying off. Some of these apostolic networks will cease to exist because their leaders will be moving on to greener pastures, seeking an international career because of the financial benefits and influence available to them there. This will cause parts of the apostolic movement to die instead of growing. Those in the ministry out of their own effort and their own will instead of being called by God into it will dissipate and the true apostolic will start coming forward.

A Falling away

A certain sector of the church will be falling away because of backsliding and compromise. This sector, especially of the seeker friendly churches, is becoming much weaker and turns out to be irrelevant to the nation. The true church will be rising up in these last days and in this hour. During the coming year there will be much focus on the church in our nation and certain voices will become more prominent.

A Leader Passes

There is an elder statesman going to pass on who is very well known for his stand for the church.

A Place of Honor

There has been a major move in the secular world to remove the church from any position of influence. God has changed the hearts of many people to see the need for the body of Christ, and to understand the need for the church. The church will have a special place of honor in certain areas where they have not been welcome in the past and where they were previously denied to voice their opinion. God is bringing a national acknowledgement for the Body of Jesus. People will start to notice that the Kingdom of Jesus is actually a great Kingdom and not an insignificant grouping. The members of God, the Body of Jesus, just living their faith in a practical way in their own families, their own home, and their own communities, following the Lord and obeying the call of God will have an enormous impact on society. There will be a fresh resolve, people want to live in the calling of God, and they don’t just want to survive. Destiny and purpose will be restored.

A Surge of Evangelism

There will be a surge of evangelism over the whole nation. Tents are being pitched and halls used again. There are evangelistic meetings in classrooms and through evangelism; many people are being led to the Lord. This new enthusiasm about evangelism will be reaching those who are not born again and do not really know the gospel. This surge of evangelism is like a net scooping all these people up. There will be revival at universities and high schools. Instead of hearing about fights and stabbing in schools, we will hear about revival breaking out in schools. The Lord is going to revive young people when these evangelists go forth and obey God. Churches will be supporting them. Churches will assist them in renting tents, equipment, and providing a space for the meetings. They will be invited to minister at churches to revive their youth and to reach the youth of those cities. Pastors will be praying for this to happen, a lot of prayer has already been invested into the coming evangelism movement.

A Warning to the Government

There is a warning to government to not reject the Bride of Christ. The Lord has positioned church groups in seats of government and enabled them to provide advice to government, similar to Esther of the bible. If people in government open their ears to these churches many things will fall in place through the godly wisdom provided. This is a warning to open ears and not reject the church of SA.

Believers in Unity

People who were divided before because of certain issues will start to join hands and begin to do powerful things. Among churches, there is a collective coming together across borders. In the past there was a lot of disunity and competition between churches. We are going to see churches “falling in love” again with each other.

Businessmen & Ministry

Businessmen are no longer seen as the pocket book and financial provider for the church. Instead, business people are going to be seen in a ministry capacity. They are going to preach the gospel, they are going to lay hands on the sick, they will prophecy, and they will minister. Their giving will be Holy Spirit led and not directed by visible needs. They are going to become very influential and successful and will be able to give to bigger institutions instead of just helping specific individuals. The tolerance toward sin and righteousness in the church has become a problem many have gotten used expect or even demand from churches. Now we will see churches take a new stand against sin. People will refer to the bible as the measure and not be tolerating unscriptural behavior much longer. If God does not like it, we are not to do it, will be the new mind set of the church. This will be backed by teaching the scripture on how to obey the Lord.

Changing the Trend

Some trends are being changed. Certain advertisements and media productions like television shows will cause resistance. People will speak out against offensive programs and openly say that this contradicts their belief and is against their faith. In the past Muslims had a much more outspoken standpoint about things offending them. Christians are going to start standing up and resisting offensive programs promoting a sinful lifestyle. This will eventually result in some negative programs on SABC and other media being taken off the air. People will hear about it and respect it.

Congregants Advancing

The church in South Africa has grown over the past few years and it has become more mature. Churches are secure in who they are and will enjoy a lot of collaborating with other groups in the future. This will not necessarily have to be channeled into formal organizations. Congregants of different churches will be informally working together on specific projects and doing conferences together. There is a development in the hearts of the children of God where new, positive relationships between the children of God are being formed. The Father calling us not to underestimate what He is busy doing. Be not limited in your mindset, there will be new things coming in from the outside which will be coming from the heart of God. The church will need discernment to understand that which is from the Lord. When these new things are planted into the church, they will bring forth new life.

Entering your true Calling

Many leaders will understand their correct callings. Too often leaders had to adapt an “I can do it all” mentality, being available to do a variety of things needed in their situation. Now they are going to fall into their genuine calling causing them to become more authentic in what they do. They are going to bear much more fruit than what they have before, resulting in a lot more personal happiness and fulfillment as well.

God is building

God is building what He has started. He is still very busy with the church of South Africa. The people of SA are very spiritually open; they don’t run away from God or from the church. We are seeing a strong move towards the church. People are coming back to God, and subsequently going back to the church. They are looking for answers in the church, trying to find help them in their times of distress. This will bring a lot of unity between different population groups; people are going to be united because they became united under the banner of Christ.
God is shaking things up

A vision was seen of the map of South Africa. It looked like earthquake centers happening all around and God said it is not negative but this is a positive shaking. He is shaking the people to get into the calling of their lives! As the people step into their personal calling, they will start to influence regions. Church members will impact entire districts, prophetic people and pastors will have a tangible impact in provinces, and there are people God has anointed to have international impact. In 2017, the anointing of God on people will become very prevalent.

Heart of God

The heart of God revealed to the people will change the relationships between different races in South Africa; no political party will be the instigator of this change. The significance of the Body of Christ will become visible in the communities of South Africa. This will not be a political ambition facilitating this process.

The amount of Christian gatherings and Christian events will increase exponentially without needing any media attention; this will be a sign of the changing hearts of people. The gatherings will not be religious entertainment but instead a passion and seriousness will be revealed that will bring true and lasting transformation into people’s lives.

The bowls of intercession over SA are almost full. A great push and urgency for intercession will come forth in South Africa, the greatest push since the first democratic elections in SA; this will cause the bowls of intersection before God to be filled. God is ready to pour out the prayers of His people over the nation for the fulfillment of His promises. God wants to commend and encourage the intercessors for their dedicated labor over many decades. Prophetic words from as far as 150 years ago regarding SA will be re-awakened; people will remind God of His promises and the moves of God in the past. Many people from many nations across the world will put their attention in intercession on SA. God is readying SA for a spiritual birth that will bless the whole continent and the whole world. Take courage and do not lose hope, the time for the fulfillments of His promises are near. Do not give up now, the contractions have already started, keep on pushing, do not let the pain stop you, work through the pain and the fulfillment of your promises will make all your efforts and suffering worthwhile.


A vision was seen of supernatural grace being poured out over specific hotspots where revival, in a sense of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, will happen and even grow to have an international impact.

Increase in Anointing

The anointing of the churches is increasing. There is an anointing on God’s people and ministers that has been disregarded in the past. People were disrespecting God’s holy anointing on their pastor; but now there is a change coming. People will stand again in awe when a man of God and women of God move in the church. They will be able to discern this anointing and the church will become a holy place again.

Igniting the Streets

It seems like God is igniting his fire on the streets and the everyday places again. Where people do not know Him, the Lord will send an igniter on the way. We are seeing sparks flying; causing people to fall in love with God again. Jesus is walking in the streets and churches. Wait on Him and realize that people are in the streets because they are seeking Him. The churches need to look outside their own building and go down into the streets to see Jesus and what He wants to do in the streets Himself. Churches are becoming an anchor facilitating this move of God.

Leadership Changes

In the past 5 years there was a lot of focus on moral failure of leaders. When leaders failed the church went into turmoil, but the Body has matured into understanding that people will fail and that we are to rebuild the Kingdom of God where it suffered damage because of that.

Many churches have gone through changes in leadership, which has been detrimental for some people. God is saying: “grow up, forgive and move on; fulfill the calling I have given you, fulfill the purpose I have given you.”

Leaving the Ministry

Some pastors are leaving the ministry. There are pastors who were either self-appointed or otherwise not really called and ordained to do ministry. They were pastor in name but not in deed and God is sifting them and fazing them out.


There are networks that will fade away slowly their time is over. God is actually inspiring the formation of new networks. There is not a new vision or new method, but they carry a real weight of God. These networks are about preparing a platform for a heavier word, heavier stature and a heavier anointing from God.

The Apostolic and Prophetic in Motion

God is taking the Church into a new season where the apostolic and prophetic gifts will be moving together. The church will develop a deeper understanding of these gifts. Many who have called themselves apostles and have given themselves certain titles will be sifted out. The Lord is bringing those that He has pruned, those who have been approved by Him over the course of many years, to the forefront. They do not necessarily carry a title, but the Lord will set them apart and give them His title. Through cooperation of the true apostolic and prophetic ministries, the church is going to rise up in the nation and will gain a new respect. Through these gifts, the church is going to become a very prominent voice to government, and a prominent voice in this nation. There will be an increase of teaching and understanding of the influence of the Church in the different areas (“seven mountains”) of society. Anointed people will rise up in government, in education, in the various branches of media. They are going to become influential voices in their respective fields.

Focus on the Entire Age Spectrum

Previously there has been a strong focus on the youth, but the Lord is saying that He has many mature adults who will bring a great impact. There is a strong flow amongst the youth and God is going to use the youth, but the Lord is saying there are many more people in the church who He wants to use for His glory. There are young families taking in children, families reaching out to orphanages and shelters, making differences in the lives of people there. The focus to do outreach and community projects must not be on youth and full time ministers only. The whole body is called to fulfill Gods calling. There will be a new sense of community between the generations, doing the work of the Lord together.

The Year of Servers

A vision was seen of a banner flying over the church in SA saying “year of servers”. It’s not always happening in a tangible and obvious way but serving will happen in a supportive role within relationships. There will be much more support from counselors, helping people to make much more sound decisions than they ever made in the past. The church will create forums to assist people in making better life decisions. The wellbeing of the people under their care will be the main concern in the corporate body. People want to see their brother and sisters succeed and assist them to. It is a season of excellent advice coming forth in the Body of Christ and it will culminate in great exploits.

The Younger Generation

God has a passion for the younger generation, even younger than the youth groups we have at church. The Lord appreciates the prayers of preschool children who are praying with a pure heart. They are serving God with a pure heart, which is sometimes missed by the church. Too often the church is putting those wonderful people of God away in a class somewhere with a teacher while we should invite them more into the services giving them the opportunity to serve and to express themselves. The older generation is going to catch a fresh fire again when they see the passion of the smaller children.

Traveling Churches

A tent was seen in a vision that was being erected in an area and church services took place in the tent, which was afterwards taken down again. Travelling churches will be going to remote areas, where people coming from different churches will come together to make this happen. They will succeed in providing church services to people living in remote areas.

World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches is coming to a close. They will be changing their name and will try to revive and re-invent themselves as something else, which it is not going to work; their work has come to an end.

Worship reaching a new level

Worship practices will change as the Holy Spirit will guide people into a new level of worship, we will experience something that was not done before.


Striving for Position

There has been a strive for position and importance amongst the SADEC nations. In the coming season there will be a greater unity amongst the various nations working towards the development of a plan which serves to stimulate the economies of the SADEC nations.

Immoral Living

A vision was seen of a rod striking the northern borders of South Africa. While the rod was striking, the words were heard: “the people are living immorally”. There has and continues to be a great amount of sexual assaults and child abuse in many of the African nations, The Lord is severely judging that lifestyle. The evil acts of the people involved will be exposed. Policy changes in regards to various forms of assault will become clearer which will make the prosecution of perpetrators easier. Many offenders will be sentenced.

Assassination Attempts

We will see many assassination attempts on the lives of the current leaders on the SADEC leadership. These attempts will come from their own people and not outsiders. Many leaders have illegally held onto power in many of these nations. Unfortunately, many of these leaders have manipulated, lied and deceived their own people in an attempt to hold onto power, which now will be exposed. Much conflict on national level concerning various Southern African leaders will be experienced. A purging will be happening in these nations, people have been forced to accept policies benefitting only the leaders.


Greater connectivity will develop between various churches within different SADEC countries. These connections are going to form a big net to catch the blessings God wants to bestow on the SADEC countries. These networks will enable different kinds of organizations to connect with the churches within the SADEC countries. This net will literally be needed to gather all the blessings God wants to give the SADEC countries, co-operation between countries will be necessary to receive those blessings.

Food Security

When praying for the SADEC nations a vision of huge wheat fields was seen. Food security for the various nations constituting SADEC will become a great priority in the next few years. The main focus will be to secure enough food for every individual nation. This will take center stage and will be pursued by the leaders of the SADEC nations.

Intercession for SADEC

There needs to be prayer for SADEC as a whole as some serious conflicts will be arising to the point that a break up, similar to BREXIT, will be discussed amongst some of the leaders.

God is saying that this would not be a wise move. A vision was seen of a dog returning to its vomit and we feel that the Lord is saying: “Those who break the community will be reversing the progress that has taken place in their nations. They will move back into greater poverty, human trafficking and slavery and will be undoing many of the positive reforms which have already happened for these nations.” Please pray for the SADEC leaders and nations.

The SADEC Missionary Community

The Lord wants to encourage the SADEC missionary community not to lose heart but to keep up the good work. Keep up the efforts of discipleship even though the results are often not clearly visible. God has put you in a position to disciple the nation; therefore do not look to circumstances but follow the Lord’s leading. If the Lord puts new areas on your heart, pioneer those new areas. You are part of the safety buffer that God has created for the world. God is using His people as a safety zone for those around them. He is sending in missionaries as a spiritual army. They are fighting a spiritual fight to manifest His kingdom here on earth. These missionaries will have great, almost unprecedented, influence with the various governments of these nations. The leaders of nations are changing and presidents come and go, but these missionary communities will remain a stable anchor, true to the cause. They are a reliable beacon that can be followed.

Islam and SADEC

The nation of Morocco will push to become part of SADEC, through this strategy Islam will try to increase its influence and reach into Southern Africa. This will result in negative ramifications. The SADEC leaders will have to be wise and take a strong and united stand to oppose the advance of Islam. Some of the nations in the SADEC region have formed an alliance with Israel; their motive has actually been for the Lord and His people and God has seen this. These nations are going to be the most prominent in the time to come. Their economies will experience great transformation; this alliance with Israel is going to result in tremendous fruit for their regions.

Many SADEC countries have Muslim extremist cells, which will be exposed, and fall like dominoes. They will be linked to different countries that have been co-working to cover them up. ISIS infiltration has happened and will be exposed and cleared out one by one in different countries.

Media and SADEC

Different types of media will expand within these countries and social media will play a big role. Sponsorship for Television will happen and God will open up opportunities to spread His word through the media. The American influence will over time be less prevalent as the Lord will be using local African flavors. God has imparted much groundbreaking technology into these nations, which will inspire the rest of the world, especially of the way media is being used in spiritual ministries glorifying God.


In the coming years there will be a change of identity coming for the Angolan nation and people. The nation, which has kept the war identity of the past, will learn to let go of the past. They will experience a national renewal of identity.

Angola has its own oil production. There will be a lot of discoveries and advances happening in the oil industry to the benefit of the nation. Incoming wealth will create space for the nation to redefine itself from a place of tragedy towards a place with opportunities to prosper. It is almost as if the nation did not develop further from its Portuguese roots into an own identity. The houses and streets stayed the same, and just deteriorated. There will be a renewal happening within the nation of Angola. In the coming year things will start to change drastically. People will want to go to Angola because of the beautiful landscape and they will feel safe in Angola because of the changes, which will be brought in.

The hold of those who control the government and the economy will be challenged this coming year. Although those in power will not be removed in this year, their hold on the country will start to weaken. Opposition will become more vocal and bold and be more fearless to stand up and speak against the status quo. Attempts to suppress the opposition will get lots of attention in the city and cause the parties in question to back off from their harsh measures. There will be a great outcry because of the great divide between the rich and poor and the cost of living. Great economic growth will however take place in the years to come. Angola will become involved in unrests happening in Mozambique.


A lot more minerals will be discovered in Botswana there. There are many jewels to be found above and below the ground, the discovery of which will cause a boom in the mining industry.

The government of Botswana will start to develop a much stronger voice; where in the past the government was often rather soft spoken and lenient it will start taking a much stronger stance against organizations and countries that have abused their goodwill. The government will demand accountability from these countries and groupings as well as from foreign investors. There will be a higher emphasis on requirements and regulations. The government will increase control of how companies adhere to these regulations, companies coming in from abroad will receive increased scrutiny on how they function, manage and run their businesses.

Great water resources will be revealed in Botswana for the benefit of the country. This will open up a completely new economy and be a blessing not just in agriculture but also to the industries in Botswana. Scarcely populated and formerly insignificant areas in Botswana will become a hub because of the discovery of water resources.

Conflict will arise in government because of misuse of funds and political factions will accuse one another. This will cause instability in politics and might seem like a regime change. Those that have been in charge for a long time will be overthrown, but that will not happen soon.


The DRC is about to go into an election this year and there is a strong provincial leader named Moise Katumbi who is going to contend in the elections. The region he comes from is the strongest and most productive. There have been many assassination attempts against him because he is the one that the people are wanting as their future president and they will have to contend for him in the spirit.*

God wants to do a new thing in the DRC raising up the nation to provide mineral wealth for the whole of Africa and to be a blessing even to the rest of the world.

The DRC is still in a state of limbo and this condition will continue for the next season. God is using this time to purge and purify the country. He is using the isolation of this country to ensure that the bad influences from within the nations will not spread to other countries. God wants this country to incubate its own solutions; therefore, the attempts of outside solutions will have no effect. The DRC will lag in its movement and development in comparison to the rest of the SADEC countries; it will be last country to come into the fold. However, once the DRC gets a breakthrough the contribution of this nation to the rest of SADEC and other African areas will be huge. The growth, expansion and development in the DRC will be very quick. During this time and season there will be a lot of spiritual influence and conflicts that God is busy dealing with. Eventually, the solution for the DRC will be so powerful that they will have a great effect on other African nations in the future. It will take some more time for the DRC to come to the front.

* We are aware of the corruption and embezzlement charges against him. The Lord has specifically spoken concerning this man and thus we include the prophecy.


There is a very big, dark cloud over Lesotho dissipating in the sun. God is addressing the hopelessness of the people and a depressive system will end. There is a focus on leadership in Lesotho. A big change is coming in the system of governance in Lesotho, people will take own initiative instead of waiting for influences from the outside. The spirit that held the minds of the people captive and passive like a dark cloud over their heads will be addressed. The Lord will be giving leaders great wisdom to take the right steps in order to change that structure.

There is an emphasis on government. In a vision, a beautiful building was being built. As the building was coming up the person, overseeing the building site stopped the process and demands that part of it should be demolished again because it did not fit in with the design. God is saying that He is in a process with the current government of Lesotho, He is busy building it and He has a specific design planned for the government which He want to see established in Lesotho. During this process, which is going to take some time, certain demolition is going to take place. It is not about destruction, however, He needs a particular standards and His design must come forth in the year that is coming. There will be a demolition leaving some people unhappy, there will be verbal conflict but that will not be able to stop the change that need to take place so that the building, which is the government, will take on the design God intended.

A vision was seen of the military of Lesotho standing while their old uniform was taken away and a new uniform was given to them. God is saying that the military of Lesotho is going to receive a special kind of assistance from another nation. It will be provided with specials arms, special equipment, and special training in order to further strengthen them and to improve their skills. The military will be completely redressed.


Madagascar is almost like a military and naval base for Africa. There are buildings coming up, and there will be many upcoming training exercises for the southern Africa area. We see a lot of movement; many people will be moving to the island, which will be almost like the Pearl Harbor of Africa. Madagascar is like a base where a lot happens. People can move from there too different areas. It is large islands, with a very rich, strong and stable economy, which will see a lot of immigration happen because of new opportunities. There will be more focus on developing a stronger Christian base there. Currently Madagascar is a very strong Muslim country. Along with the movement of all the new opportunities happening on that island, lot of Christians are going in and bringing a lot of change with them.

Madagascar will receive external funds for the development of infrastructure; investors will have their own specific goals for their projects. I see military arms been stored there, almost like a military treasure chest for other countries. The Lord will turn this around for the good; He will reach out to the country because of the cries of the children of Madagascar. Because of these cries experts will come back, people who went elsewhere to study and gain expertise did not yet return because the Lord kept them back. God did not allow them to come back because the hearts of the people were hardened in the country. However, because of the cry of the children, these people will go back again, and God will turn many evil plans around for the good of the people.


Malawi has great potential alongside with great challenges; it’s not a country for the faint hearted. There is a call for economic and church pioneers. Once pioneers have started to open certain areas and obtained strengths and insights in their field, they need to reach out to those who will come and establish things after them, so that these people can start moving in. Those that plan to move to this country need to plan far better than they would normally do. They need to be meticulous about the groups of people they are working with and what they will require of those people in order to successfully establish something in that nation. Strategic marketing plans are vital to draw the people who need to join in these ventures. The Lord has to reveal precisely if an organization should do projects in Malawi. If they are not specifically called, they will end up being just another irrelevant NGO. Malawi is saturated with NGOs, some of which achieve nothing at all while others are indeed successful. Often enough, NGO projects are just a way to get money out of people. People must not be quick to get involved in new ventures but first make sure they are sufficiently prepared. Generally, involvement in that nation needs a lot of initial pioneer work and a great deal of planning is going along with it.

A vision was seen of people standing around a lake; everybody is fishing from the same lake. God is speaking about the economy and how the economy is viewed at. We hear God saying that there is more than one source in the country that people should to tap into. Malawians must begin to look at other ways in order to tap into the other resources of the country. There are many opportunities but people have been mostly focusing on the same things, this need to change.

There is a threat on the borders as if some rebel groups want to infiltrate it. The intercessors for Malawi must start praying and interceding, which will form a spiritual barrier keeping most of the rebels out. God’s hand is there and He is keeping them out of the country.

A group of destitute young girls huddling together was seen in a vision. These teenagers had nowhere to go. There is a lot of human trafficking happening throughout Malawi, which will be revealed. The huge amount of human trafficking happening will be exposed and there will be an intervention by the United Nations because of the atrocities happening to those girls.

Many nations are destroyed by corruption, but in Malawi, the Lord himself is putting His finger on this issue. Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world does not care what is happening to Malawi, but the Lord has not given up on the nation. God still has a strategy for the country, even if they have given up themselves. God is will expose illegal trade of animal products and curios being illegally shipped to Asia, specifically Korea. These stolen and illegally obtained poached products will be stopped. This will also cause the United Nations to step in.

There is great trouble brewing in the nation. Hunger and poverty will cause great political unrest. There will be expressions of dissatisfaction and the government will try to clamp down on unrests. Media will expose these actions even internationally. The international community to make necessary changes will place great pressure on the government.
Much prayer is needed for this country. The instability in the country will be used by Islam to get a greater hold in the country and of the government. Many of these strategies will be done in secret. Pray that these strategies will be made public and pray that the people will take a stance against it.

There needs to come a mindset of nature conservation. Deforestation needs urgent attention; the government will have to, with international assistance, take drastic steps to safe the land from erosion, which will cause it to become barren.


Mauritius has to become a little bit more creative. It is a nation geared in a great part towards tourism. Other sources of income have to be developed in order to keep their economy going.

Good economic growth will take place in Mauritius; the country will become an example for other African countries of to modernize an economy in order to make it more successful. The poverty in Mauritius stands in stark contrast with the lavish luxury holiday resorts. This will get a lot of media attention and put pressure on the government to better the life of the poor and deal with crime.

There will be a great storm over the island that will cause a lot of damage and affect the country.


Internal strife and divisions are happening within the country. Troops from neighboring countries, especially from South Africa, will be called in to help with this situation.

There is a warning for tourist planning visiting Mozambique to use caution as there may be attacks on them. It looks like many people in the nation are becoming desperate.

Mozambique will again become a friend of South Africa. There has been some kind of division and mistrust and the Lord is going to mend those bridges. There will be a security surge in Mozambique as the government and different organizations are going to look very seriously at how to improve security levels.

Mozambique will be borrowing farming expertise from South Africa in order to enhance their farming community in Mozambique. Because of this, their agriculture is going to improve and develop in a very new and exciting way.

There will also be a big increase of teaching English in the schools as a result of many requests by the people who have the desire to be able to communicate on an international level.

Many people are self-employed using their many creative skills. Often they are overlooked because they are not yet formally registered, they are not unemployed but working for themselves.

God is bringing a significant changing of mentality. There has been a beggar mentality over Mozambique, leaving them to feel small and neglected, but God is giving them a new image. He is showing them the value that they have in the southern regions of SADEC, causing their self-esteem to improve.

Witchcraft will be addressed and resisted in the nation starting from the President down. Someone will come and throw bones in front of the President and he will not pay them any respect but instead will be taking witchcraft down. Witchcraft will experience a big defeat in Mozambique.

Political tension and threats of civil war will continue in the country. Assistance and mediation from outside the country will be required to avert violence and civil war. A lot of prayer is needed to ensure Mozambique does not return to a pre-2000 condition. The political elite in Mozambique are on their way out, a lot of death will occur amongst the older generation who will be replaced by a younger generation. A strong communist party will take shape and influence the younger generation.


Change and a new leader will be coming to Namibia. A lot of focus was generally placed on the mines but this will change. There is a new type of farming coming. A vision was seen of a hot air balloon taking off. There will be a larger chunk of the economy going into tourism. The tourism marked will experience a total revival. Namibia will see hunters landing at the airport with their big bags and hunting rifles. There will be many different kinds of adventure experiences drawing tourists to Namibia. In that way, the focus will be shifting a lot from a one-sided focus on mining to other successful ventures.

There is a new leading coming in the farming community. Old farmers changing their roles and are falling in step with the new rules and regulations being put into place for farmers and farming in Namibia.

The southern African countries are going to be using each other strengths. Namibia with its large coastal area will be used to assist and support other nations with shipping.

There is a specific flavor of culture in Namibia, which the world needs to know about. This part of the Namibian culture has always been protected and treasured and will be gaining more exposure to the world. This will make Namibia a name on lips in Europe, America and Australia; people will know about Namibia. This will promote the country in a big way.

The people of Namibia are gemstones; the true value of Namibia is the people. People from many nations and will come and get to know Namibia because of the different groups of people of Namibia.

God has placed Namibia in a central spot in SADEC. Namibia will be playing a central and important role in assisting displaced people especially. They will be accepting and taking displaced people into their country, which is part of the heart of God who is looking for a nation that opens itself up for others.

A mayor of a prominent town or city will be exposed and expelled; this will cause major change in that town or city. The new mayor will work across political lines for the benefit of the community.

Rail development will draw a lot of new foreign investment into the country. Mines opening up will bring economic benefit; the advantages of these new mines will be seen in the country.


There is an increase in tourism to the Seychelles; it will become an even more popular destination with many tourists coming in from many nations.

God is saying that he is not happy with the stark differences between the very rich people and the poor people in the Seychelles. Foreign investment will be coming into the country giving employment to many of the poorer native people. Investors have plans to uplift the economy and the people. These will be tourism related investments on a bigger scale than before.


The leader of Tanzania will undergo a drastic personality change, similar to Saul of the Old Testament who, when the Spirit came on him, became a new man. We believe that God has given the leader of Tanzania a new heart. There will be a tangible change in this leader. His way of operating will change, he will do things not previously done in the nation, there will even be controversy arising against this leader. The currency that is been used in the nation will begin to gain strength and with that there will be momentum in the economy, which will slowly begin to grow.

This nation is like a hidden gem that is being polished in secret and will suddenly be coming to the front in the coming years. This will come rather as a surprise to the other SADEC nations who will begin to see wonderful progress in this nation. Tanzania offers many investment opportunities. People who are doing their research taking a closer look at what is happening in the country will realize that there are a lot of investment opportunities which will yield good fruit in a few years if they will invest now. God is saying Tanzania it is a hidden treasure that is been prepared for glory later.

Agriculture is very strong in Tanzania; a lot of produce is coming from this nation, which will be exported. New methods are being used in the fishing industry in the country; this will also contribute to new exports.


There will be an issue regarding land, and the other SADEC nations addressing this issue on land.

Zambia is a very fruitful nation. It has many networks, a strong infrastructure, and good buildings. A lot more tourism and businesses will be moving into this country bringing in a lot of growth and progress. Many people will be travelling to Zambia to hunt game.

A younger leader is coming into power in Zambia.

There is potential and promises for growth and stability in Zambia in the future, but the promises of those in power will not be met in the next two years. Gradually there will be more transparency in the government and leaders will be held accountable. This transparency will cause positive activities to start happening, and promises, though delayed, will be fulfilled. Diversity in the economy will be seen. Agriculture will get a lot of attention and a lot of investment will take place in agriculture. In a short space of time, Zambia will become known for its agricultural exports. There will be a lot of media attention regarding freedom of speech and the freedom of media in Zambia, which will bring lots of conflict, but also some international attention. Public gatherings discussing whether the media is free enough speaking their mind speak; will put lots of pressure on government to change policies regarding that.


A real change coming in Zimbabwe, which has been expected, but in the next year something very dramatic is going to happen in the land. It will be similar to what happened in Romania with the dictator Ceausescu and his wife, how they were suddenly just opposed and shot. Something of this kind of nature is going to happen in Zimbabwe, which will really shake the nation.

Zimbabwean workers in South Africa carry much of the SA economy. They are standing in much favor because of the quality of work they deliver. God is going to give back to Zimbabwe because of the South African Diaspora. Many of them will be able to return to their own land, entering into a completely new era. A deposing of Mugabe and his wife will come together with the deposing of Jacob Zuma. The same kind of witchcraft powers are upholding them both and will be disposed of. Zimbabwe will be rising as a new nation and coming into a tremendous unity and cooperation with South Africa in the months and years ahead. South Africa and Zimbabwe will be influencing each other.

We will see people walking the same way they have walked into South Africa actually walking out of South Africa, there are tracks made, as they will start to walk back to their own country. A great amount of Zimbabweans will return to Zimbabwe. When the restoration of the country starts, the economy will grow and stabilize rapidly.

A vision of a ruptured heart was seen. God says about Zimbabwe: “The heart of the nation has ruptured, but I will give you a new heart.” God is about to do something miraculous in Zimbabwe. He is going to take dry bones and literally rise them up. The glory of the nation will be restored to a great place. Zimbabwe will even become a place where a lot of tourist will travel like never before, it will be a traveling destination that people love, that is the kind of glory the Lord is bringing back into the nation.

A vision was seen, a picture of a young girl who had been abused and raped. God is saying to the nation: “This is what the nation of Zimbabwe is like, but I will restore the virginity of this nation.” There is going to be a change to such an extent that even the climate of the nation will change a lot to become very favorable for the land itself. The amazing change of climate will be published in the news where it will be discussed how climate has changed over the nation of Zimbabwe. Some people in the nation will ask if this could be a sign of God, and will ask to understand what God is saying.

Political instability and conflict will escalate to a great change. There will be great threats of civil war and extreme violence but the threats will not come into fulfillment. Although there will be oppression, arrests and intimidation with some individuals losing their lives in the process, the heart of the people will resist hatred. National pride and unity will conquer.

A new pride of being a Zimbabwean will arise amongst the people. Political parties will no longer divide people; the needs of the people will bring them together across cultural and political lines. The drought in Zimbabwe will be broken.

There will be immense growth and rapid development. Nations will stand amazed at the rapid change happening in this country, which nobody predicted. When this breakthrough happens in Zimbabwe, a complete unlocking is going to take place in the SADEC region and surrounding countries. Gates that were locked for a long time will be opened up and a flow will start taking place economically; life will start flowing, as it has not been seen for a very long time in the SADEC regions. Therefore, the breakthrough in Zimbabwe is crucial for what God wants to do in the rest of the SADEC countries. God is waiting patiently. The changes in Zimbabwe will jump start economic development in countries around it that have not seen economic development for quite some time.

There will be a national shut down of the government coming very shortly as the nation collapses. There will be a great retaliation on tribal level as people fight for control and the ZANU PF party will collapse in itself overnight. As the regime tries to hold onto power there is a threat of an Islamic movement coming into power in the nation and taking control through finance. There is a strong Christian base that has and interceded and because of all the prayers of the people they will see that this collapse will only be transitional for a few days and then the nation will quickly rise again.

The economic restoration will be so quick that Zimbabwe will start to use their own currency, again instead of the US Dollar. Their own currency will be restored swiftly. The nations are waiting to help Zimbabwe and are ready to give their support as soon as the necessary change is coming. This change will come overnight and will be the starting signal for the nations to come and support Zimbabwe again. There will be a national overnight shut down from one day to the other, which will result in a feeling that winter ended and spring has come abruptly. The people of Zimbabwe will go to sleep in fear and wake up to a different nation, with all the nations of the world embracing them as people. The IFF many other groups are already prepared in their hearts and minds to intervene and help the nation.

The Lord is giving a warning about racial divides in Zimbabwe. It is crucial that racism on every side and across different racial groups will be dealt with before the coming breakthrough. Arrogance towards other racial groups needs to be dealt with. Mutual acceptance and respect is necessary before the transition can take place. This will put the nation on a good foundation making sure the attitude and mentalities of the past cannot be carried over into the base of the new Zimbabwe. There are many of the white population in Zimbabwe refusing to let go of their hurt and anger against their fellow Zimbabweans, allowing racism in their heart. God is sending out a warning and saying that they must deal with this attitude, otherwise it will become a deadly cancer in their own hearts. In the new foundation of Zimbabwe, there is no space for racism from any side.

Some developments that happened in Zimbabwe during the past fifteen years will be carried over into the new season. This will affront some people’s hearts but in the end, it will be beneficial to the country. Some people will have to humble themselves and bring themselves into positions of servant hood instead of a position of authority, pride and arrogance.

There will be tribunal hearings of those whose land was illegally confiscated. People who lost land illegally will be paid compensations. The Lord has His eye on the many people sitting on the sideline who have lost land in Zimbabwe. Even other nations will get involved, ready to bring restitution.

One of the things that will happen when God is bringing restoration to the nation is a huge drop in the crime rate. People will feel safer and the quality of life will increase.