Prophetic Words for 2018




It is with great expectation and joy that we bring you “God Said 2018”! The Lord has once again been faithful in giving us great words of encouragement, wisdom and clear warnings for South Africa and the nations. Over the nine years we have been gathering, we have seen the prophetic word of the Lord accurately coming to pass and impact people. The testimonies of the words over nations have been a wonderful blessing.


These prophetic words were received during the month of July 2017 as various prophets gathered to seek the Lord for the coming season and year. We gathered together with the desire to bring clear, significant and accurate prophetic direction and guidance. Our desire is that these prophetic words will help believers and the body of Christ prepare for the coming season and to bring people into a closer walk with Christ.


It is with this heart and prayer that we submit this word to you and we believe it will direct you to pray for South Africa and the nations according to the will of God. As we said in our previous books, we believe that though the words were received for 2018, they are by no means limited to the year 2018. The ultimate fulfilment of these words will be in the time purposed for them by the Lord.


Our prayer is that the words of this book will encourage, direct and protect you. May they draw you closer to the Living Christ who is the Spirit of Prophecy. May you be blessed as you step into this new season fully living for God as you read the word of the Lord in “God Said 2018.”


 “For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” Rev. 19: 10b NKJV


Prophets Round Table 2018






Greater Collaboration


There will be greater collaboration between churches and denominations. Individual identities will remain intact. This collaboration is being driven by the younger generation that does not have a taste for separation. It is something that will bring much growth in the church. Once again, many revivals will occur in the nation and there will be a break-out of wonders, demonstrations of the Lord’s power, and moves of the Holy Spirit. The southern Cape is going to be an important region for these revivals – George, Mossel Bay and the central southern Cape area. There will again be a hunger for revival within the nation. Those that criticised previous outpourings of the Spirit and squashed it in the past are going to suddenly realise that this is the Lord and they will make space for it.


Stronger ties will develop between churches, which will lead to working together and mutual dependency. Churches will share strengths to help one another bring about this coming together.


Goodwill will increase amongst church leadership in different denominations and congregations. Collaboration will take place amongst congregations. Antagonism and competition that seemed to be there in the past will dissipate and be replaced by a sense of community, belonging, and being part of one body.


Greater Maturity


The church in general in South Africa is in a very good place and the maturity in the church is growing exponentially. It’s a season of maturing the saints – a time of people taking on their callings. People will move on if their callings are not accommodated in a specific ministry, but relationships will be maintained. The saints will find their own voice, ministry, and expression in God, and their own journey with the Lord. They will not sit and wait, expecting the church to create that space for them. This is maturity.


Offenses that have built up in the church over many years will dissipate. Maturing believers will help younger and older believers overcome their offenses. There is a great calling on the body of Christ in South Africa, not just for South Africa but for the world. Much of the Body of Christ in South Africa is called to a world vision, not just a local vision.


Becoming A United Voice


There is a great challenge ahead for the church in general and the Lord is calling the church to recheck and strengthen its foundations and to remember the simplicity that is in Christ – what really matters in our walk with God. When the time comes, the church will be drawn into a place of unity in a new way that has never happened before in the nation of South Africa. The Lord will cause churches that used to be critical of one another because of their differences to come together. The critical accusations will be silenced because of the need for the church to be a united voice. This is a great call from God to the church at this time. The days of being divided into independent groups and camps will have to come to an end because of what is coming in the future. The Lord wants to give the church a stronger voice, even within the leadership of the country. The church will need to address a great challenge from the Muslim side.


Family Focus


Pastors and leaders must start focusing and teaching more on family structure. The church is the voice and the body that is to set the example and the standard in this area. Pastors and leaders have compromised and were afraid to speak out on immoral issues. These corrupt practices are breaking down the structure of the family, and God is calling pastors and leaders to stand up and speak up. Declare the standard of the Word of the Lord. The church has become weak in this area, and this is why society has become weakened. There has to be a standard.


Restoration Between Believers


God is restoring a heart of compassion, not only for the lost, but also for fellow Christians. Broken relationships between people will be restored and the hurts of the past will be dissolved. God is saying, “My people are sick, and I want to heal them.”


A spirit of sharing will develop amongst Christians. Christians who are sincere will have no lack, but this sharing will not be for people coming just for the resources.


A Call to Reach the Lost


The influence of the Muslims will be addressed in this coming year. There is a high urgency to reach the lost, not just through acts of mercy but preaching the gospel. People in the church will be focused on the lost and they will reach out to them more.


There is greater understanding of the original call of Christianity in South Africa as a whole in this coming year. Practical Christianity will come to the forefront but without compromising the Word.


Churches will have to catch the heart for Africa. That is the original mission of why we are here: to have a heart for Africa.


The hunger in un-churched people will compel the church to reach the people where they are outside of normal church ministry functions.


New Buildings


There are churches trusting God to expand their buildings. God says He is making land available for them to build new buildings.


Deliverers coming from the Church


The Lord is bringing deliverers out of the church into the nation. Many who have been faithful in the church will be stepping out of the boundaries from local congregations onto a national platform, even in political areas in our nation, and become deliverers of God in those spheres. There is renewal of the gifts of the Spirit in the church. The body will rediscover the graces of the gifts and the manifestations of the gifts. As the body discovers these gifts, there will be great manifestations of signs and wonders in our nation. The signs and wonders will show the difference between the true and false. Signs and wonders will authenticate the true apostolic and prophetic ministry. We will hear many testimonies of supernatural financial breakthroughs in businesses and companies as God intervenes through a word or a specific action. Faithful saints will enter a season of great reward. There is a clear distinction coming in the season we are heading into between those that truly serve God and those who have been following the Lord but their hearts have not been with him. In this time the Lord is calling us to commit ourselves fully to Him. People who are fully committed to Him will experience a supernatural provision even in parched and dry places – even in an economy that seems stagnant. God is not bound by a stagnant economy. He is not bound by earthly realities, and He will prosper you in the midst of that storm.


The Lord will make us see many deliverers coming from the body of Christ. Deception by people who had used manipulation to access power or people will be exposed. The Lord says: “I have given the mysteries of my kingdom into your hands and this is a season where mysteries of the kingdom of God will be laid bare in the churches where people will be fed. They will experience the Lord and the mysteries of the kingdom in His body”. A sense of God’s greatness and the radiance of the glory of God will come over the authentic body of Jesus – those who really follow the Lord. It will manifest in signs and wonders, not just healing.


Becoming Self-regulatory


Contentious issues around harmful and unscriptural practices within churches will cause church organisations to develop a self-regulatory body in an attempt to divert government interference. Even the secular media will support this move.


International Ministries


Popular and influential international speakers and ministries coming to South Africa will increase. Some of these well-known ministries will open offices and church branches in South Africa.


A few foreign ministers will come to the Church in South Africa. Those that will come may think that they have come to impart something, but they will receive more from the church in South Africa. These foreign ministers will become revived and discover a very strong spiritual flow in the nation. The South African Christians love God and are very open spiritually.




Strong spiritual leaders of great integrity will get acceptance from the public. Many spiritual leaders will become much more vocal in the media about what is happening in the country. Even non-religious groups will acknowledge these leaders.


Moving into Society


A large number of people in ministry and in church structures will start to move out into secular positions and businesses, taking their Christian ethics and mandate into what they do. They will become very successful and influence society.


Celebrities in Church


Many South African celebrities will come from the church milieu and become famous for their accomplishments and their authentic Christian life.


Muslim Influence


The Muslim influence within business and their manipulation, control and financial gain in everyday products, like halaal certification, will be exposed, causing discontent and demand for remedial action. Muslims leaders will try to defend these practices against demands for change. Their intent will be exposed through their rhetoric. Regulators will be forced to ensure that future abuse of the public in these matters is prevented.


There is a united Muslim voice rising to a point where it will even challenge the church and cause the people in the nation to question the authority and standards of the church. This voice will even make the church appear to be evil in some areas because of its set way of doing things based on the word of God.




Challenges with regard to the gay and lesbian community will become quite prominent. In some main stream church groupings they will set up their own churches and congregations. This will create discord amongst the churches as to how to address this challenge and become a growing concern.


Exposing the False


Many people use the Lord’s name in justifying decisions that they make. There will be great exposure of many charlatans and tricksters in the Church. There have been unrighteous, fake preachers starting churches as a way to earn an income by tricking congregants out of finances. A few may have even started in the correct way but have changed their methods and resorted to tricks and scams. This exposure will come through newspapers, and government will intervene by instituting regulations for churches and spiritual activities. Much finance has been stashed away and taken out of the country.

The Teaching Ministry


There is a strong need for teaching in the church. There has been much preaching and activity and noise but a lack of knowledge and information. The teaching ministry will inform people of Biblical patterns.


The teaching ministry will bring the abuse of finances into order. There has been pulpit manipulation to fleece the flock and God is not pleased.


Outbreak of Revival


There is a huge vacuum between the indigenous black churches, Indian churches and white churches. A real revival will develop in the black indigenous churches and much good teaching will be given. People are excited and their hearts are revived. The white churches are just plodding along. There needs to be a revival inside the ‘white’ churches. They have become weary and tired, and they need to revive themselves again.


This revival will take place in many townships and informal settlements in big churches, with a revival of tent ministries due to lack of buildings and venues. Tents will serve this purpose.




A wall was seen with many African people walking on this wall with a foot in the church and a foot in witchcraft and the practices of sangomas. Decisions must be made to put both feet on the wall and walk an upright path, leaving no room for dabbling in the occult and unrighteous things. Christians need to know that they are free and that they are righteous in Christ. They have the authority of Jesus and witchcraft has no effect on them. This area needs to be addressed through teaching.


Idolatry and witchcraft are not only prevalent in the traditional African communities but also amongst the western population. The belief that a loved one is guarding over the family from the ashes on the mantelpiece, or communicating with the dead, also constitutes idol worship or witchcraft. Idolising our family or church needs to be addressed.


Biblical Revival


A revival of reading the Word is about to occur. Simplifying the gospel, preaching, teaching and reading of the Bible will take place. A revival of the written Word, the Rhema and the Logos, will be planted into hearts again.





Much effort is expended to mend relationships with family members who are unwilling or reluctant to co-operate in restoring the relationship. This distracts believers from putting time and energy in developing relationships with their spiritual family in the Body of Christ. A greater understanding of the significance of spiritual family, apart from the natural family, will occur. A greater degree of selflessness needs to develop, prompting actions taken from wisdom and not out of guilt. The Lord wants to release a revelation of His community and how we fit into it and function in it. This will not come naturally but we will be enabled to step into it by grace.


Crumbling of the Family


A crumbling and breakdown of the family unit is taking place and the Lord’s heart grieves for what is happening. It’s a warning that people need to reconsider their actions and move away from their selfishness.




The abuse of women and children is a great concern in our society. A prominent woman in government will take a stand for their protection. A strong movement will take place, which will bring about stricter legislation for stronger punishment of offenders. The people will stand up and demand this, saying ‘enough is enough.’


There is an acceleration of abuse of women and children. The cries of women and children have fallen on deaf ears. A warning will come in the form of a shocking crime against women and children in South Africa that will receive national attention. Many will feel they had a part to play in the horrendous crime.


It starts with the church. The church needs to clean up their family relationships. There are pastors abusing their own families. A picture was seen of a man with his hand raised, hitting his wife in the bedroom. She is not allowed to cry out because others in the house will hear. Women are bearing the abuse silently and it needs to be exposed. Pastors and spiritual leaders need to know that the Lord sees what they are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms – abusing their wives. Children are being abused by these fathers that are in the church preaching from the pulpit, but not living the life they preach. Judgement is coming on this behaviour. God is calling again for the real and the authentic. You cannot preach with a forked tongue and the same water cannot come from a good stream and a bad stream. Judge yourself or God will judge you.




In the next few years, there will be much harsher punishment for sexual offenders. There will be a revising of the judicial system in these matters of offence.




God is saying: “restoration, restoration”. Restoration of families is essential for the prosperity of the nation; the family is comparable with the state of the finances of the land. Families are scattered and a bonding of families is needed.


God’s heart is for restoring families, marriages, and relationships with children and children with parents for the next season. There is a need for training on restoring familes.




There is concern for security around families. A season is coming that will be tough, but after that there will be a time that the people will start freely roaming the streets again, visiting neighbours or friends across the road. Until that time changes, be careful what you do, where you go. Be very vigilant about the criminal element


Financial shortages


Children are deprived from doing activities like sports and culture due to the strain on family finances. This exposes the children to drugs and criminal activities. Parents need to take responsibility for the children’s activities and not leave them to their own devices.


Attention needs to be placed on savings plans for families’ finances in this season. Adults and children need to be educated in wise financial management and planning for the future.


God our Father


The Lord says He is the Father to the fatherless. There are broken homes that do not have fathers, and God says He is the provider even in times of need. Many people in a broken situation are calling out to the Lord, but feel that He is distant. The Lord is saying He hears your call. He is a father, and He will provide. He is there, and He is not distant. In this coming season, many people who come from broken homes will excel in the public eye. People will see that even within those difficulties, God’s faithfulness prevails.


Right Priorities


The Lord is addressing greed in the hearts of parents and we need to start revising our goals and our motives, prioritising God’s purpose for family.




The effect of pornography, sexism and violence propagated through social media and games will gain media attention. Published cases of abuse and crimes by minors will cause society and government to address these influences on the development of children in South Africa.


Regulations to prevent these negative influences from reaching minors will be considered and cause great upheaval in the media because of its so-called infringement on the freedom of speech. The regulation will take time to develop, with many parties being consulted in the process. Initially, the result will be continuous postponement to put the new measures into law, but eventually the measures will become law and positively affect the children of South Africa.


Many schools will implement their own regulations around the use of mobile devices and blocking access to certain websites. This practise will gain traction amongst many institutions and be widely promulgated. Parents and teacher associations will promote these actions to protect children against bad influences in media.







Positioning in servanthood is needed to start effectively mentoring the nation. There is a call to the privileged, in terms of skill-level, to find mechanisms to teach people that work with them. This is not just about the formal educational system, but about informal education. There are people in the work place that need to be trained and better equipped in on-the-job skills that the privileged in their proximity are able to teach them. The small, informal local skills training matters. Everyone is called to help educate the nation in some or other small way. It is important to disseminate skills – we cannot just leave this to professional educators.


Revamping Of Text Books


Some of the school text books presently being used in the junior schools are going to change. Due to the constant changes and adjustments to curriculum, teachers are struggling to keep up with what the Department of Education demands of them. Regulations in the department need to be changed. The inconsistent application of these rules should be addressed. Due to these problems, many good teachers are leaving the education environment for other jobs or relocating to other countries.


Wrongly positioned


Many people are struggling in the jobs they chose because they are not qualified for what they are doing. They merely work to survive financially. This leads to inefficiency and frustration from those they serve. Inferior teachers have been employed by high-ranking officials. This practice will be exposed and measures will be put into place to test these teachers and improve their skills.


Financial assistance


In the rural areas, books and materials are not available due to lack of finances. The private sector and international companies will step in to help provide what is needed. People will be appointed to make sure that finances are being appropriated in the right areas and that goods are being received.


Feeding schemes


There is an element of corruption in school feeding schemes that will be exposed. During the term of the next coalition government, teachers’ unions will be removed and weakened. This change will cause a militant stance in these unions and cause great conflict between unions and the government.




A powerful human rights and humanism spirit is arising in universities. This movement will get stronger and stronger as the Christian witness in universities will appear to get weaker. A strong partnership will form between the human rights movement and Muslims. The drive for free education will gain traction if we do not pray. University students striving for free education and wearing Palestinian scarves are noticeably evident. This Muslim influence will become very prominent in the days ahead. We need much prayer for students and universities. We will see many demonstrations for free education, and there is a strong partnership between EFF and this militant Muslim voice. God will awaken students, and evangelism and an authentic Christian voice will come forth in universities. Students will rise against this Muslim view with boldness and strength. These students will need much wisdom and protection in the days ahead.


A Focus on Quality


Strong emphasis will once again be put on education and the need for quality and not just quantity education. Political agendas will continue but lose traction as lower-level educational leaders and personnel will demand quality education, transparency and a focus on the learners and not on factions in politics.


Accreditation requirements for educational institutions will be revamped and more clearly defined. Reclassification of educational institutions and education levels will take place. All institutions will have to abide by these classifications and subject themselves to accreditation and regular inspections. Many private institutions and businesses will buy into this new model of educational institutions and contribute considerably to advance it.


These new classifications will open up new kinds of educational institutions that will make education cheaper and help uplift even the poorest in society. There will be a new political will for advancing education and curbing corruption within education. Government will institute incentives for big businesses to start up their own in-house training facilities with financial support and sponsorships for the poorest of the work force for their upliftment and education.



Rural Schools


Great attention will be placed on rural schools. A model will be developed that will speed up the building of effective schools with standardised buildings and layout that gets quick approval, cuts red tape and reduces the cost of building.


School inspections will also get more attention, especially in rural areas and troublesome schools.




Security will be beefed up at schools, especially from the inside against bullying, drugs and alcohol abuse. Parents that have skills to assist schools, for example in upgrading classrooms, will come forward and help build tables and chairs, and improve the classrooms.


Simplifying the System


A very high and big wall was seen. It felt insurmountable. The challenge facing schools and the education department feels insurmountable. Even the department has lost its sense of direction and hope, and drastic change will have to take place. People will be coming with hammers and beating down this wall. There are people that are pragmatic in their way of addressing problems; the Lord is sending people with specific skill sets into the department to change the current strategy and make it simpler. Education will be simplified, which will help teachers to teach the children.


Technical skills development


There is a cry for improving technical skills development. Schools will start focusing on how to increase the technical skills of people so that they are well trained in these skills when they eventually reach the workforce. There is an option for online and part-time tertiary training that will increase as the struggle at universities continues.


New teachers who have been exposed to technology are entering the system and are able to do the work. They are able to work with computers and teach children specific skills to access information, especially in the rural areas. There are people that are not teachers at the moment, but they do have skills and a heart to train and teach children. They will be doing this teaching in their own time and using their own vehicles, helping in specific areas where there is lack.


Teacher Unions


A standoff between teachers’ unions and government will occur. The unions have manipulated government. Teachers have been kept in positions that they should never have occupied. These teachers have been receiving a monthly salary, but not doing their job. Sub-standard and lazy teachers will be exposed in news headlines.


Teachers’ unions will try to force government’s hand, but parents and communities will stand up, push back and demand the sacking of teachers and principals. A purging of corrupt and inept school principals and school teachers will take place. Violence will occur at schools because of this, creating great concern for the safety of children.


The government will bring in new legislation to curb the powers of the unions. This will create conflict, even within the ANC, the SACP and some of the smaller alliance partners. These issues will be used for political gain in the coming elections.





Election 2019 – God’s succession plan


The Lord says that His succession plan is on track in spite of what the people think or the wiles of those fighting for power – their plans will not come to fruition. There has been much ranting and raving in this regard. Expensive animal sacrifices such as expensive Nguni cattle have been bought to make specific sacrifices. This is all a ploy for power in the next elections in an effort to try to stave off certain interim shifts and events. The Lord says that all of this activity will come to absolutely nothing. He has already dealt with it.


Many accusations of people and political parties will be made in the run-up to the next elections that are better left unspoken. Much of it is intimidation and plain hot air, which will dissipate after the elections.


Maintaining of power base


The government faces many challenges, but many of those in power are not really concerned with the challenges of the nation. They are more concerned with maintaining their own power base. It seems as if the spirit of dictatorship that is over much of Africa has crept over the borders of South Africa. Leaders who have this midnset think they’re going to get away with it, but that’s not going to happen. The people are going to rise up. There will be far more political division and resultant electoral choices that will surface in the next two years as politicians try to make their mark. This will be rather disturbing and look like instability at face value.


New Alliances


Different political parties are making alliances with unusual groups. They divorce and then join another group, which leads to many unstable alliances. There is a scramble to prepare for the next election. There will be an early election. Another government reshuffle will occur soon before the election, and it will cause a complete uproar.




The resident leaders, unbeknownst to us, have a unique way of disciplining problem politicians. A vision was seen of Bathabile Dlamini, who caused all the problems with SASSA. She is being disciplined behind the scenes. The ruling party cannot be seen to be harsh on their own people. These issues are being dealt with on a high level. Politicians that have irregular issues while fulfilling their duties will be disciplined and the negative issues will be dealt with.


Political change


An implosion, a caving in and collapse of the government will occur. A crumbling is taking place and there is a big push to move Zuma out, but there is much resistance. He still has support among many people and the efforts to oust him will cause discord, riots, burning of buildings and upheaval. People will earnestly be praying and seeking the Lord. Churches will be on their knees because it will be a very crucial time to not replace one bad leader with another.


The outcome of the elections will be a shock to the nation because it will be unexpected.


A very difficult time lies ahead for Pretoria and prayer is necessary for the people and city. This crisis will escalate in the streets as well, with much discord between factions. Intercession will be necessary during that time. People need to be very vigilant in their travels and plans around specific areas of the city.




A vision was seen of a building collapsing up to the foundation: the current ANC hierarchy will collapse, and the alliance partners with them. They will withdraw and let the building collapse. Scaffolding has been keeping the building up; the alliance partners will withdraw at a crucial time, which will cause the ANC to implode. The structures will not hold. This is from God.


Disarray will prevail for a very short time, but then the government will collect itself and an earlier election will be called. It will be very important that people not be swayed by the feminist or any other movement, but be open to see what God’s heart is for the nation.


A faction of the ANC will break away; many of them will join with the DA. There are even talks at the moment concerning this. In some locations in the country, there will be civil war. Taxi violence will increase in the big cities. The whole transport system will be reformed, and this will cause taxis to revolt.


Islamic influence in government


An increase of the Muslim voice in South Africa will be heard in government.


Constitution honoured


The constitution of the nation will be lifted up on a flag pole and the constitution will be honoured. The people will honour the constitution. The Lord has put His hand on the constitution and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. God has positioned leaders that have not been noticed, but they will stand up like a banner and raise a flag, and the Lord and the constitution will be on that flag.


Jacob Zuma


The charges of corruption against Zuma will be directly enforced against him. He will be locked up in the back of a police van and it will be quick. One thing after the other will happen. It took years to build injustice and it will collapse in a day. It will be so quick and so sudden – the Zuma foundation is falling away. Zuma will have his day in court.


A tug of war and instability will occur within government. It will seem to bring leadership’s functions to a standstill. In the end, the process will have a positive effect.


Jacob Zuma will seem to turn against some of his staunchest allies and this will cause individuals, whom one did not expect, to change their stance towards him. A very quick implosion will take place in the Zuma faction that will cause those involved within this faction to scramble to belong to another group and try and justify themselves. Through this process many, many ministers and people in leadership will lose their positions and leave the political environment in humiliation.


The media will report of the properties of high-ranking department officials being auctioned off.


Those who want power for selfish gain will think that their dirty tactics will make their plans succeed, but it will have the opposite effect. Those who really have a heart to serve this nation and its people will remain steady, even amongst false accusations and allegations against them. The public will lose the taste for sensational media reports and not allow their impressions of individuals in leadership positions to be affected by the media anymore.


The Judiciary


The judicial system will show an iron fist. An attitude of absolutely no compromise will come forth from the judge’s benches, and great celebration will take place.


Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will help lead the whole dialogue regarding the land question in South Africa.




A flood of refugees from Africa will come to South Africa and this is going to cause problems.


Big forums for dialogue between business and media will occur, galvanising South Africans.


Buildings auctioned


In Johannesburg, the inner city land and buildings will be up for auction and people in business, even Christian individuals in business, will buy these buildings. Clinics and education centres will be established, and Johannesburg will be a pioneer city for this development.


Drug rehabilitation


There will be an increase of many drug rehabilitation programs. In the next few months, we will hear a lot more in the media regarding the increase of these programs.


The Remnant


There is a remnant group of people that have been in government over the years. Some of them have been working behind the scenes. They have positions of authority and in the midst of all that has been taking place, they have been upholding and advancing certain departments. The Lord wants us to pray for this remnant.


Underneath this huffing and puffing, the basic work done by the bureaucrats in government for the people of the nation must be encouraged. Encourage them to keep moving forward and not to lose hope. The Lord’s plan is in place – trust Him.


There will be further uncovering of the negative, but also an amazing uncovering of the golden work that these people, the remnant, have been doing. There is a call to prayer for these people that have been behind the scenes. These hidden people are similar to the hidden prophets in the book of Kings where God told Elijah that He still has others that he does not even know of.


Riot warning


Buildings will be burnt and shops looted during riots that will take place because of government being in turmoil. There is also a strong call for land reform. People who want to disown white land and also steal government land will come to the forefront and cause panic, stress and worry among the people in South Africa. There will be a call on the church to step forward to protect and harbour the displaced people. Churches will have to have an emergency plan or area to accommodate people in this time of crisis.


The media will play a significant role in the riots through propaganda and influencing people against the government. This strategy will be exposed and people will see the reality of what is going on. It is like a strong storm that’s coming, but the next moment it will quiet down and it will be over.


Speaker of Parliament – Baleka Mbete


The speaker of parliament, Baleka Mbete, will be in legal battles and stand down as the speaker. There was a season of covering up. A hidden agenda will be exposed and disqualify her for the seat as the speaker of parliament. She will be exposed and there is nothing else that she can do but resign from her position.


The Minister in the Presidency – Geoff Radebe


Geoff Radebe, the minister in the presidency, has been covering up matters, for instance files that have been hidden. At a stage, to save his own career, he will bring things into the light. To save himself from this coming landslide that will incriminate many party leaders, he will have to hide for his life for a long season.




The Mbeki regime and his statesmanship will be honoured in the next season. There is pressure on him to speak out a lot more about what has happened behind the scenes, which will cause a shaking within the existing governmental structures in the ANC. They will not be able to cover up anymore. It’s like popcorn that has overflowed the pot – it blows the lid off and everything is going to come out very quickly and be dealt with.


Scandal in the ANC Women’s League


A scandal will be exposed within the ANC Women’s League that will make people question their leadership. The Women’s League will lose its support and even be booed off stage at political rallies.




Shocking murders and assassinations amongst ANC councillors and officials will cause great strife amongst political parties. Investigations will reveal that these deaths were planned from within the party and not from the opposition. Even death threats and attacks against clergymen will be exposed.


A government building was seen burning with accusations of deliberate arson and a cover up.


Frank Chikane


Frank Chikane’s voice will come to the fore again. He is a man that stands in righteousness and for what God wants to do in this nation. The Lord will call him back to the podium to speak with the voice that thunders. God has given him a prominent voice. He will be a voice that shifts the nation because he has the true desire of the Lord in his heart. The love the Lord has for this nation overwhelms him as he paces up and down at night. When he speaks, it will widen a crack; it will make those walls shatter, exposing things that people have tried to keep hidden for a long time.


New party


A vision was seen of Cyril Ramaphosa raising a South African flag. He will come to the fore very strongly. It will not be in an ANC capacity, but in a new party – a combination of the DA and the ANC. There is going to be a congruency of values; there is a Christian value within both parties that the Lord is drawing together. In the past, the division was along party lines, but the Lord will bring the Christian values back. Values will align in the hearts of men and on those values there will be unification. Similar to Donald Trump, God will lift Cyril in this process because of his stance for the Lord and the values of the kingdom.


Within this transition we need to pray for our military generals. Zuma will try to hold on to power through military strength. We will have to pray for the generals in the army and in the air force. The military will be involved in much of the action coming. Pray for these military leaders to have God’s wisdom and not be swept away by emotions. Until Zuma steps down from power, he’s still the head of the army and the armed forces. The armed forces will be deployed.


Russian influence


The Russians are very influential at this time in South Africa. They are active behind the scenes, influencing the government and military in South Africa.





Fake news


The new buzz word in the media is “fake news”. The media is being scrutinised for both good and bad. There is an overemphasis on this, making it very difficult for the populace to authenticate what is true and what is not. Media with incorrect bias will be exposed. Over time, the nation will learn to verify the different sources using, amongst others, social media. The slant of mainstream media will no longer be believed as a matter of course when the nation matures in learning to discern the credibility of media reports – Donald Trump (USA President) is to be thanked for this change because his campaign has exposed much of mainstream media’s agendas.


Political control


Zuma will try to control the public through the media. There is a stronghold in the media to influence the thinking of the people, especially through television. It’s a communistic approach of ‘you will do as I say; this is what you’re going to say, and this is what you’re going to put out there to influence the people.’ It will come to the point where people will be fired from their positions if they don’t want to submit.


We will not believe anything that we read in newspapers as it will be regarded as fake news. A new paper will be established by youngsters coming together to tell people the truth. It will be very controversial and they will encounter much opposition.


People will fast from media. They will switch off their television sets during the news and switch off their social media feeds. A vision was seen of newspapers lying on the side of the road and not being sold.


The media is entrenched in all areas of South African society. There is an unusual unity amongst the media people not found in other groups. They are hard at work to expose all the negativity and unrighteous and unjust treatment in housing, politics and business.


Exposures continuing


Compromising pictures of leaders will be splashed across the newspaper. There will be no slowing down of these exposures. The media are everywhere, looking at everything and they will find out what is going on in the background and what people are up to in secret.




The structure of Multi-Choice will change. Their packages will change because they’re losing viewership.




A strengthening of the SABC will take place, with a new board and a new CEO. The SABC will gain much credibility and rise out of its current situation.


Prayer for journalists


A gentleman journalist from amaBhungane media house will receive death threats because of the exposure of the Gupta corruption. Prayers for him are needed.


ANN7 and The New Age


The New Age newspaper and ANN7 have been used as propaganda machines for the government in an attempt to discredit criticism against the ANC and deceive the public. The time will come when ANN7 will be removed from the airwaves and they will withdraw from South Africa.


Digital Upgrade


The conversion from analogue to digital signals will progress rapidly in the next year because of leadership changes in the SABC and the communications industry. Business will recognise the potential of this switchover and realise that the first one to get its products onto the market will be successful. The competition will cause competitive pricing, which will bring great relief to the South African public and will cause an exponential growth in IT and telecommunications services, even in remote rural areas.






There is a season coming where poets will be prominent. There will be poetry in many forms, including music. This poetry will not be like the material taught at school – it will be really exciting, with a true African flavour. Nuggets of this nation will be on display whether in the rural areas, the townships or in the suburbs. Poets have long been waiting for this season.


Dreams Fulfilled


A time is coming in the next years where the dreams and visions that many of artists and actors in the film and entertainment industry, even the dreams of those that have passed on, are going to come to fruition.


Increased use of the Arts


There will be an increase of the use of the arts, which will speak to the core of the nation and carry greater inspiring and accurate messages than the news media will carry. The major visions that people had for South Africa and gave up on are something God wants to bring about.


The South African Film Industry


An upsurge in quality and great momentum will occur in the South African film industry, causing exponential growth in the next year.


The industry will focus increasingly on serving the different language and cultural markets in the country with tailor-made movies. Many more African language movies will be produced and will receive local and international acclaim.


These movies will be sold overseas. The product will be of high quality and will gain great interest on the international market.


An increasing number of documentaries about the positive aspects of the nation will be produced. Exposure and recognition will be given to the great work of charities, old age homes and feeding schemes. These documentaries will be distributed internationally. Nations will see the good things South Africa has to offer.


Finances, politics and entertainment


Artists currently struggle financially, giving up on their art careers and choosing other occupations to make a living. A vision of a depleted purse was seen. Every area of arts and entertainment is running on minute budgets. Funds that were allocated towards the performing arts, like ballet and opera, were misappropriated; therefore, there is not enough money left to promote them.


Patrons do not have money to attend shows. Sponsors are rare. Once again, the private sector will have to step in and help financially. They will also bring international performers to South Africa to bridge the gap.


Many performances and shows were used to push political points, alienating the paying public. Artists will start to perform because of their love to entertain again.


Ballroom dancing


The world of dance, specifically ballroom, will boom. We will have champion ballroom dancers in South Africa who will receive international attention.


New songs


Many new songs in music and from films were seen that are culturally orientated, and not copied but original and authentic. These songs and films will become known worldwide, and artists will be invited for seasons to perform in other countries.


Investment coming


The great demand for culture, arts and entertainment, and not just the most popular forms of art, will increase amongst the population, although government will not necessarily increase its support for the arts in the country.


The financial viability within the arts and entertainment sector will cause many more companies to invest in the arts. New music festivals, art shows and exhibitions will flourish. Big business will sponsor many of these events. Many new events will receive international attention and become annual occurrences that will start to draw international tourists, like the Comrades would attract international guests.


Arts and television


An arts and culture channel focusing mainly on these subjects and broadcasting live culture and arts events will be created on television.


Arts and Cultural Heritage


A new initiative to introduce the public to the cultural heritages of the different people groups in South Africa will become well known and cause a new pride in the heritages of the local tribes. The younger generation will start to revisit their heritage and incorporate it into their lives and their expression in music, clothing, and arts. This will be the start of a whole new South African identity and pride that will come forth amongst the younger generation, signalling greater hope for the future. A great spirit of innovation and convergence of different media and technologies will take place, creating amazing new styles and forms of art.





Business strategy


The whole design of the white monopoly capital debacle and propaganda was to bring the economy to its knees for an easy takeover. This has been thwarted because common sense prevailed. Business people need to put more hope in what they can achieve in this nation. Businesses need to have a strategy for this season and not just plod through. Those that don’t get fazed by what’s happening around them will be highly successful, irrespective of their composition or how they do their business. The important thing is get on with business on a daily basis.


Investment returning


The financial markets are quiet, but there is a stream of investment returning to the country. There is an interest in South African markets and investments. The upward curve will grow slowly as people expect the demise on the political scene. The political scene has far less effect on these business people than what everyone thinks. They look at true investments and value. In this nation, there is much still to be invested in. Many investors will capitalise on the political chaos, expecting to get bargains. People should not sell their businesses or climb out of business in a reactionary way because they are fearful – they need to really hear from the Lord.


Investment outside of the country is waiting. South Africa will have a solid relationship in the years ahead with the United States, and South Africa will be raised up as one of the leading lion nations of Africa in the years to come.


Investment will be returning to the mining industry. Currently, everyone is in a ‘hands-off’ position, but the prices of gold and platinum will be restored. The dip that has come is reaching bottom; it won’t go deeper and commodity prices in terms of gold and precious metals will be restored.


A word has gone out to be careful and not to invest in South Africa but to look abroad to invest money. This season is coming to an end and people will have to be careful not to leave their money in other countries because there will be a greater yield in our own country by 2018.


The Lord will put a stop to the outflow of money from this country. Many businessmen will be coming from overseas and there will be interest in South Africa as a main hub, with Cape Town specifically as a major investment area.


Financial investment is mostly going into buildings, such as blocks of flats and small homes. Builders’ perspective of homes has changed. Everything has become smaller and although many properties will remain empty and unoccupied for a while, they will settle into themselves over the next two or three years, and then we will again have an accommodation shortage.




A good season


There will be a good rain season again in this coming season. Farmers need to understand that the maize price, for instance, will remain at a lower level. It will be very similar to what it has been in the past year. Abundance comes with its own challenges and they cannot forsake their planning just because of the abundance. Farmers will again plant crops during the regular planting season.


In agriculture, everything will start to stabilize. There will be a normal to above average rainfall in the next season.


Pests and plagues


Farmers need to be aware of pests and certain insect infestations. There could be plagues such as locusts in parts of the Karoo. Farmers need to make provision for that and have the right pesticides.




The livestock industry is in a very good place, but it’s also just for the next two to three years. Apply long-term considerations in planning and investigate collaboration. The keyword at this stage is collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Doing your own thing is not going to cut it anymore. This collaboration will not destroy individual identity and independence.


New technology in agriculture


More farmers will start to focus on using new technology in smart watering and irrigation principles, like those pioneered by Israel and the Netherlands, which will become more common in South Africa. Ingenious alterations on some of these systems will be done by locals that will make the installation and usage of such irrigational systems even cheaper and more cost effective.


Because of these new ways of irrigation, very dry areas like the Northern Cape will open up for agriculture. New kinds of crops that had not been seen in South Africa before will emerge in these areas. These new crops will be exported at very high prices.


Over the next 15 years, the western coast of South Africa (right up to the border of Namibia) will become a new economic development area with towns growing bigger, and new businesses, factories and mines opening up. This growth will necessitate the need to develop a good harbour for export, and better roads. Many of these new towns and developments will start with a new approach to town planning, renewable energy and water usage that will become an example to the rest of the country.




Cotton will be popular again. Many areas stopped producing cotton over the years, probably due to financial reasons, but producers can consider it again and they will find it profitable. There are areas such as the Springbokvlakte that used to produce much cotton – some farmers are going to risk it and start growing it again. There are other dryer, warmer areas in the country that can produce really good cotton.


Small business sector


The small business sector will begin to receive much support. There will be training and new ideas, with real investment in the small business sector being supported from the government.


Resurgence in economy

The South African economy will flourish again. God has His hand on this nation and the economy. The wealth of our country is protected. The South African Rand will strengthen significantly against the US Dollar.


Protection of mines


Active protection of the mining industry will be implemented. The strategy of the enemy to collapse the mining industry for the benefit of a few greedy men and women will not be successful.


Mining exploration resurge


Exploration in terms of shale and gas, and shale gas fracking, particularly in the Karoo and the Northern Cape, will grow. Significant exploratory talks in this regard will take place, and this exploration will also add to the growth of the South African economy.


Mining and government


The current mining challenges and mining charter has changed the attitudes of people and leaders in the mining industry. In the past they wanted to work with government, but now they will openly oppose government; this will cause investment to return to the country as leaders in the mining industry will not take the actions of government lying down. A communist movement in this industry will be revealed. A strategy to nationalise mining at the heart of the mining charter will be revealed, causing it to be struck down. This action will give a foothold for investment to return to the country because the exposure of the strategy will also start talks of appointing a new minister of mining and mineral resources.


Credit ratings


Credit ratings in the nation will go through some fluctuation before it will pick up again, but by the end of 2018, we will be in a better position than we are now.


Despite the country’s credit rating, an upsurge in manufacturing in big metropoles will take place. Some smaller factories will be bought up by bigger manufacturers and expansion will start. An upswing in employment will take place in this sector.


Going green


There is a worldwide call to go green and South Africans will be made more aware of recycling methods; newer recycling methods will increase the yield from recycling.


There are better battery operated cars and even motorcycles being developed that will enter the market in South Africa.


Increased farming


Game farms will still increase, as will cattle farming. Farmers will enlarge their flocks and start up new flocks where they got rid of them in the previous season. Even farms that have been dormant for a few years will start to work again.


Wine industry


The wine industry will receive a major boost with exports.




Our poultry and meat standards are still very high and we will again see an increase in exports.


Clothing industry


The clothing and textile industry has a good quality and standard in South Africa and higher exports will be seen in this industry.


During the economic instability of the past season, many international investors took a back seat or retreated from activities in South Africa. This seemed bad for business, but it opened up the space for locals to step in, and this trend will continue in the next season. Local businessmen who struggled in the past to find their place in certain sectors of business because of big international companies will not just find their space, but become really successful.


Business ethics


Ethics will become a buzz word in discussions in the media, business and government. Legality and acceptability will no longer be the only measuring stick; morality and ethics will become an important ingredient in society. A reawakening of this concept will take place in the mind-set of people, and will become a very important aspect in requirements for job applications and election of people to positions. Educational institutions will also start developing ethical guidelines and teach it to their learners.


Estate agencies


Estate agents are struggling to sell properties because the banks have made the rules for home loans very strict. There will not be any relief in 2018 until there is a change in the economy. It is likened to an old dinosaur.




There is life in the tourist industry and potential for expansion. People are sitting on “jewels” but have got so used to their environment that they don’t see it as something very special. They need to reassess their tourist potential.


A popular international event (like the Soccer World Cup that was held in South Africa in 2010) is going to take place in South Africa. This event will draw international attention to South Africa and make the world take note of what the country has to offer. The government will be very wise in its marketing for this event, much wiser than before and will make use of marketing strategies internationally to reach the people of the world.




A shaking


A shaking will take place in the church globally; many new adjustments have to be made to church services and how they are managed. Church services have become sophisticated, but God is left out of the meetings. God needs to be allowed back into church services.


Stirrings of revival


A revival will break out unexpectedly in an unusual place, akin to the Indonesian revival. There will be a spiritual stirring that everyone will gravitate towards, like the Toronto revival. This revival will occur in 2018, and people will visit the place of this revival.


A revival is going to occur in a Scandinavian country, possibly Norway, in 2018. A man has been praying, crying and lamenting for this to happen for many years. He has understood God’s calling on the nation, the significance of what they have gone through, and how God has blessed and prospered their nation out of seemingly nothing. He has so wanted to share this but he doesn’t think he has the influence or leadership ability to do it, so he intercedes and prays. He is praying to the Lord to bring His fire. The Lord wants to honour him, more than anything else, for his lifetime of prayer and show him that He has heard him.


A revival will break out in the nation of Australia that will catch the attention of the world.


A New Bible Translation


A new Bible translation will be released. A group of people are sitting around a table, hard at work translating. They are reviewing the original text and scripts, trying to translate it as authentically as possible. It is in simple language that is easy to understand. Many slang words will be in this Bible to make it readable and easier for modern people to understand. Many people are gravitating to the digital Bible as it has become very user friendly. There will be new ways to obtain this digital Bible in a small machine used independently.


The Body Across Nations


The Body of Christ is not only represented in what we call the Church, but has far wider implications and reach. There is grace on movements in the Body of Christ to come together and collaborate. People will be brought together regionally, within nations, across nations and globally. Prophets will gather. Apostles and prophets will gather, as will many other people who have different functions in the Body of Christ. This will be a gathering of various streams of ministry, and not just limited to the five-fold ministries as depicted in Ephesians chapter 4. This gathering will produce much fruit in the nations. Radical things will happen. The Glory of God will manifest. The power and healing of the Lord will even be seen happening in nations across the world. Sporadic healing and displays of the Lord’s power will be seen in unreached nations due to the unique collaboration between various ministry streams. One will not try to dominate the other. Ministry leaders will understand the partnership that the Lord has built into them to represent different aspects of who He is. There will be a move away from denominationalism. Space will open up for people to function together even though they disagree quite radically doctrinally. This first wave of harmonious action that is worked by the Holy Spirit on a global scale will be of the “no eye has seen and no ear has heard” character that the Bible speaks of.


A sense of belonging to one body and contending together for each other’s nations will increase.


Errors Magnified


The enemy is going to take advantage of many things that will take place in the church, trying to magnify error to cause people to throw stones at the church. The goal is to discredit the church entirely, but the Lord will strengthen leaders and cause the church to stand firm. This discreditation will be prominent in the news media and the church will need to stand against it.


Reaching the people


The church is reaching out even more than it has already done in terms of going to where the people are. The words “gospel to the poor” were seen. The church is going to continue bringing the truths of God, the ways of God and the operations of the Spirit to people who know nothing at all, such as the uneducated, and bring it to a point where people will be able to plug in to God. A picture was seen of a leader taking off his fancy clothes and walking around in his plain clothes. The church will get to where the people are and not just put on a show, but be really practical in how they do things so that they can be effective.


The Chinese church


The Chinese church and Chinese Christians will become increasingly visible to the rest of the world. Gradually, more Chinese will be seen at conferences and other Christian gatherings. The Chinese church will start to challenge the Western Church in their beliefs and habits, inspiring believers to live a more dedicated life for God’s Kingdom. God is strengthening the connection of the global Body of Christ to the Chinese church.


Underground Muslim movement


A strong underground movement of Muslims is rising to counteract the voice of the church. This threat of Muslims will bring a great unity and a galvanization, particularly in the apostolic prophetic ministry, as apostolic prophets begin to understand their governmental role in the house of God and their political role in the nation. The term ‘ecclesia’ will become very common in the days ahead. The ecclesia will be a governmental people.


Cleansing of the prophetic


There is a very sharp increase of the false prophetic, particularly in terms of witchcraft and divination. This voice will continue to rise, which will deceive many leaders in the church. Many leaders will link and join hands with the false prophetic, resulting in increased deception. The scripture says that in the last days even the elect will be deceived. On the other hand, God will purge the true apostolic and prophetic. God is speaking to leaders about personal sin and accountability. There is a powerful sense of God even purging the prophetic. The scripture in 1 Kings 22: 23 speaks of a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophet. God will expose this lying spirit, and He will work on His prophets to allow Him to purge this within.


The apostolic and prophetic


The voice of the apostolic and prophetic will become dominant in the days ahead, with a new trust relationship developing between apostle and prophet. In this new move of the apostolic and prophetic, much of what was built in the past will no longer be relevant. There will not be a complete removal of the old, but an ‘adding to’ as God breaks the global church out of the old mould. New moves of God will take the church forward in the nation, and the church will become influential in the seven mountains of society.


Harvest preparation


A basket is being enlarged. It is like a fishing basket, and many people are coming into it. There is a harvest coming, as the scripture says, but the church is not ready for it. God’s heart is to save people; intercessors need to pray for the harvest as the labourers are few.


The spirit of the Anti-Christ revealed


The systematic influence of the Anti-Christ spirit within the global church system will be increasingly visible. God is fulfilling his promises over His church even if it is unseen by many.


A blossoming season


A beautiful fruit tree full of blossoms was seen. The Lord is saying, “What we have been seeing up to now is a tree getting ready to blossom.” The church has only now reached a place where its impact will be global and is only now coming to a place where it will have a global impact in touching communities on a scale that has not been done before. This impact will not only be through outreaches, but through faith-based communities touching regions and areas for the Lord. We only see the blossoming at the moment, but later in the coming years we will see the fruit of it.


In John 15:16 Jesus says, “Ye did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that ye should go and bear fruit” (ASV). The last move of God on the earth will be fruit that will last until the Lord comes. The focus should be on developing this fruitfulness, not just going to work but leaving a lasting investment in people – that which can be grasped and received.


Restoration of churches


A vision was seen of the cross of Jesus taking a prominent place within Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches. Great emphasis will be placed again on Jesus and the message of His cross. This new focus will confront the religious spirits in these congregations.


Christian church buildings that were taken over by Muslims and turned into mosques will be restored to their original state. Churches will also be planted in areas where it is least expected, like deserts, forests, factories and workplaces. These churches will be popping up everywhere and anywhere.






A season of refreshing


A wind is blowing over Lesotho. The season of refreshing that has started will continue. New economic growth in the nation is coming. The Lord is releasing businesses into the nation that will stir the economy and stir up the people.


The leader that the Lord has called has had dreams in his heart and words from the Lord on his heart of how to change the nation and bring healing to the economy. In this season, those words will come into fulfilment. There have been visions that the Lord has released to him. The Lord is going to give him the grace to speak and carry across vision to the nation to lift up the economy. The economy of Lesotho will undergo great changes. Many will look at the economy and wonder how it happened.


A young leader


A young leader is being raised up to take Lesotho forward who will be a future prime minister. This man has a great vision for the nation.


The church and the government


The Church and the government will come together. As God raises the prophetic in the nation, there will be an alliance and strong relationship between the prophets and government. Lesotho will rise from the ashes.


The pace of the church and political pace will run together. You will know the country is prospering and doing well when the church is prospering and doing well.


Many new people will be called into the ministry. The church is going to see a revival and that speaks of a revival in the political sphere.


Christians will start to stand up in a greater way in Lesotho. Through spiritual counsel, believers will influence government. More people sent by God from South Africa and other countries will start entering Lesotho and bring their expertise. The opening up of economic opportunities will bring more international companies to the country.


Lesotho’s call


Lesotho has a specific and unique calling. The mineral resources in Lesotho will give the country great favour in Europe, similar to the favour South Africa has because of its resources. The favour of God will be on the nation in terms of business and in what it has to offer. The Europeans will suddenly take cognisance of this nation.


A picture of an eagle resting on a mountain top was seen, influencing all the spheres of business in Lesotho. There is a call for Lesotho to get even closer to God.


God is placing an open door before the nation. There is a sense of great responsibility for the nation at this point. Leaders need to make decisions that are born of the wisdom of God.



Christian prayer gathering


A stadium will be filled with people praying and leaders of the church will join hands. There will be a strong unity amongst church leaders. They will understand that God has called them to build the nation and to link arms with government. Leaders of great integrity will be raised up in this coming day in Lesotho.




New prosperity is coming to Lesotho. They will find gems and treasure in the ground that have not been discovered before. It will be in a remote area in the north of Lesotho. A new town will be raised up that will become the second capital because many will gravitate towards this town.


There is some mystery in the ground, hidden things that the Lord wants to reveal. These minerals and products will bring economic wealth and health.


The number of first-world shopping centres will start to increase in Lesotho and become more popular and economically viable.


Development collaboration


The Lord wants to see people collaborating. Lesotho will not be able to develop by itself. The country’s ability to hold hands with other people that are knowledgeable in certain areas will open up these areas for development.


There is a stable season coming to the nation. The Lord wants government, the church and the people to make the correct choices. The correct choice is not closing up, but opening up and knowing exactly who to take hands with.


People positioned


There is a gentleman that the Lord is raising up that will have the ear of someone with great influence in Lesotho, possibly the king. This voice will bring great wealth and great insight into the nation if the nation listens. An upsurge in the influence of the royal family within the nation will occur.


Spiritual Resistance


There is strong spiritual resistance that will come against the leadership at this time because of God’s plan to really move certain things out of place so that the nation can move forward.


A stronghold of witchcraft over the nation has kept the nation from rising into the full potential that it is called to. In the next while, God will move to break this stronghold. A new Lesotho, a new nation, will be raised up with a new identity and purpose.





The Church


The church has been called at this time to stand in prayer like never before for the nation but specifically for the government. The enemy wants to take them out, but the Lord wants to empower them so they can work together and move forward.


The church will step up to a new level in impacting the nation and influencing the people around them.


An unusual unity


An unusual unity will occur amongst the leaders and the nation at large. People that were divided and had conflict with each other before will have softened hearts. Like in Ezekiel, God will take out the stony heart and give them a heart of flesh. God will change the hearts of some people who have been hardened in their hearts and had hatred towards other leaders, with some raising swords against each other. The news will report on two political parties co-operating that would not normally work together. Youth will come together. Older leaders will sit together and proclaim their unity in front of the nation. People will be surprised. It will not be a false unity for the sake of political advancement but a true unity born from the Spirit of God from in the hearts of the leaders.




There will be a revival of the airways. It is not clear if Lesotho Airways will be restored or if a new airline will start up. The airport will be revived and restored to its former glory and be even greater.


There will be restructuring of the transportation system. Through the wisdom of God, leaders will be introducing something new in the area of transportation. The current transport system will be upgraded to overcome the current challenges.


Young men


The Father is going to raise up young men and women like Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. God is already training them. Some of them are not yet in the political arena or any official government position. They are young men of wisdom and standing for what is right, not just on a moral level but also on a spiritual level. They truly walk with God. They will begin to rise and join hands with the older generation of leaders. Some of them will rise into positions of government. New wisdom from God and revival will come to the government.


Exports and imports


Lesotho will start to look inward more than outward. A decrease in foreign aid will start to take place. For some it will look as if it is a bad thing, but the Lord will cause them to realise the treasure that He has placed within them. Even the current prime minister will publicly acknowledge this.


Raising up of women


The women in Lesotho are crying, but a leader within the government of Lesotho will arise and bring a women’s movement. This leader will be rallying them like Deborah from the Bible to bring revival in their respective areas in the nation.


God will raise leaders, gifts, companies and skills that will uplift women to new levels across the nation. The Lord will cause women from every district to rise up and realise who they are and the potential that the Father has put in them. But it will not be a women’s movement that is against men (i.e. feminist).


Revival of the youth


A strong revival will occur amongst the youth, and youth rallies will become more prevalent. At the moment there is real hatred towards the hypocrisy in leaders, and the young people see through this. An authentic, genuine desire for God will occur, and while there is an attack on the youth in many areas, there will be worldwide revival with the youth.


Focus on the Kingdom of God


The focus of the Kingdom of God with miracles, signs and wonders will become a reality. An understanding of the Kingdom of God will replace the traditional understanding of the local church. The church is founded on the foundational doctrines of the faith. This doctrine is one aspect of the Kingdom of God. The local church will gain greater understanding of their function regarding spreading the Kingdom of God on the earth. The focus of leaders will change from building their local church to building the kingdom of God.


Business and the church


Relationship and partnership between business and leaders will be built in the church and the Kingdom of God. There will be a new move of God among Kingdom people in business and a new understanding of how to build the Kingdom in the marketplace, as well as an understanding of how to finance kingdom projects.Teaching on tithes and giving will change. Business people will develop a new understanding of their function and calling in terms of financing the Kingdom of God.


New ideas


There will be a new season and planting of new ideas for the development of Lesotho. People are looking to see how they can do things differently. There will be consultation with people from foreigners to give them more ideas as to how they can improve.


A hidden wisdom that has been covered by the enemy over the years will be uncovered. Fresh ideas and a new way of working will come from these leaders in government and also outside of the government of Lesotho.


Wrong influences on leaders


A prominent couple was seen. The lady in this couple has influence over the man. She feeds the man ideas and he is swayed by what she says. It can cause confusion in him as he listens to her. He will ultimately take back his authority as he has been placed in this position for a reason and he will know what to do.


Border crossings


A border crossing into South Africa that has not been used much in the past will be developed and become busier. Roads in South Africa leading to these border posts will be upgraded.


The Lesotho judiciary


An attempt to control and manipulate the judicial system will come from a political source. This will become a talking point in the nation. Certain people in the judicial system will be removed and new people will be put in place. The public will demand greater accountability in the appointment of judges and people in the judicial system to ensure its integrity.




The nation will prosper more in the year to come. Rain was seen. Agriculture will increase to the point where Lesotho can start exporting. These exports will not be to South Africa but will go overseas. A crop that failed before will start to prosper and increase.


More businesses will open. Current businesses that are dead will be revived and be modernized. Changes in the country will make the country more attractive for business. Lesotho will catch up with the modern world.


Clamping down on criminal elements


The government will start to clamp down on criminal elements. Safety in Lesotho will improve and the increase of tourism will assist the nation to prosper.


Nexus of corruption exposed


A network of corruption will be exposed from a previous presidential leader. The person involved has created a small group of people around him that manipulate behind the scenes. They will work against the current leader. It will seem that many promises he made seem to be slow to be implemented. Some of these figureheads will be exposed and this network of corruption working against transformation will be crushed.


Many cases of corruption will be exposed to the public in the next season.





A Warning


A fire will burn over the land. This is a warning for the country to prepare as it will be a large fire that will burn for a long time and not be easily put out. Disaster management has to get ready and prepare for this fire. After the fire, the soil will be more productive and people will start farming in areas where they did not farm before.




The people still rely on their traditions and old ways, as it is still strongly imbedded in them. There needs to be a renewing of their minds.




Many missionaries will enter the country, with support from the congregations that sent them. They will make a difference in the country.




The economy will grow. Where there has been tremendous corruption, transformation will occur, particularly in agriculture. Reformation will occur within the agriculture sector.


Swaziland will have a connection with Israel. Israel will work with Swaziland on agriculture, which will bring reformation. The GDP will grow considerably during the next few years because of this connection.




More Aids deaths than before will occur. Breakthroughs in medicine will emerge. Medical tourism will develop in Swaziland. Medical practitioners will investigate the different diseases that break out in the country and develop treatments. An increased negativity towards the health sector will occur in the people of Swaziland. Clinics, hospitals and healthcare have been neglected.


Spirit of witchcraft


The spirit of witchcraft over the nation will be addressed. Intercessors are called to stand against it.


Northern border


The north-eastern border of the country will be strengthened to counter the influx of criminal elements in that region.


The Royal House


The uneasiness in the population of Swaziland will continue. The conflict that arises between the control of the royal house, government structures and democracy will still remain centre stage in public discussions.


A public uprising will take place against the control and manipulation from the royal house that will even receive foreign media attention.


A strong political faction will rise and become militant, getting its inspiration from political parties like the EFF in South Africa, trying to subvert the authority and power of the royal house in Swaziland.


The axe is at the root and the Lord is judging the royal house. The king and his family will go through severe difficulties as the nation will detach themselves from the royal house.


A picture was seen of the palace almost abandoned. The people have lost their connection with the king because of the extravagance in which he lives in and the way he acts. He has lost the heart of his own people.


The misspending of public money by the royal house will be made known. This will cause an outcry in the nation.


It will be a difficult season economically as the royal house will go through a period of judgement and pruning which will have an impact on the nation. This will benefit the strengthening of government.


There will be strong governmental leaders that will rise up. The leaders have been there but they have been weak and have not fulfilled their role. They were constantly manipulated and overridden. This inefficient leadership is ending. The new leadership will have healthy boundaries when it comes to economics and finances. They will not be willing to participate in corruption.


The younger generation will start to demand services in Swaziland that they can now only get outside of Swaziland. Where they used to go to South Africa to get decent education on tertiary level, they will now start demanding the same quality of education within their own country, knowing the amount of money that has been misspent and how it could have been appropriated for areas like education.


Uprising of Young People: The younger generation will start challenging the authority of the king in an increasing manner, especially because of the dictatorial way in which the king rules and reigns. Over time, this resistance will develop under the radar and at some stage begin to boil over. The king will have to constantly deal with these uprisings. There is an easy solution for this: He has to change the way he is running the country from his present style. He has an old African way and should change to a more modern way of running the nation. The solution is very simple, but the king does not see it.


A nation of orphans


Swaziland is a nation of orphans. The heart of the Lord is for the orphan and the broken. In the coming year, there will be many testimonies of how God had reached the orphans in Swaziland. He will be raising them up and using them.


Vision for education


There are individuals with a vision of starting a high-calibre university or tertiary institution. They have the capacity, the ability and the vision to make this happen in Swaziland and it will happen.


Weather patterns


Strange and even dangerous weather patterns will manifest in Swaziland. The shield of God will be over the nation and through prayer the nation will be protected.


A youth movement


The Lord is raising up a generation of people that will look to Jesus. A man will gather the youth within the nation. This person is strengthened by God and will lead the young men and women in the nation, causing a youth movement across the nation. This kind of movement is really needed in the country. There will be a spiritual awakening that will spread across the nation. Strategic conferences will be held that will have great influence and will be organised and put together in Swaziland. Leaders from South Africa and other nations will go to these strategic conferences to speak and make an impact in the church and restore the authority of the church in the nation.





A Nation settled


A settling is coming over the nation of Mozambique. The country has relied heavily on NGOs from outside of Mozambique that had set up operations within the country to help feed people. This will change.


Farming revival


Farming acitivities will be revived and food security will increase. God has seen the suffering of the many families who have lost homes, farms, and possessions through recent flooding. The sediment that has been left on farmlands will cause the crops to grow inordinately large, which will bring food security.


A great shift will take place in the nation, which will bring improvement. The agricultural component is very large and it is going to develop slowly but not dramatically.


Farms will be taken over and new crops will be planted. A revival in farming will take place to the point where there will be too much produce and they will need to export. The export seems to be maize.


Growth in agriculture and infrastructure will occur, which will create employment.


Hopelessness changing


The hopelessness that has hung over the nation for decades will start turning. There will be glimmers of hope for the people in Mozambique. At first it will be just glimmers here and there, but later it will add up to a complete change in the way the nation is run.


The people will turn to the Lord because they have nowhere else to turn. It is a turn of desperation but it’s also a complete turn in hope. God will mature them far sooner than anyone expected.


A new alignment


The nation will contemplate their language preferences to align themselves with the larger people groups around them.


The nation will start desiring trade. They will be one of the leaders in removing borders between themselves and surrounding nations.


A strategic voice


God will raise up a strategic, clever thinker. God will give this person a voice to bring sound strategy. He is not going to be a politician. This person will have the authority that will cause the people to want to make him president.


Renamo-held areas


There are Renamo-held areas that keep erupting into war. God will address these areas. The northern parts of Mozambique are suffering. The Lord says, “They have suffered enough. They have killed My missionaries (that we don’t even know about). They’ve destroyed families. They’ve destroyed homes. They’ve destroyed areas. And now I am going to deal with this spirit.”


Talk of war between Frelemo and Renamo will come to nothing.




A door has been closed to the church because of the Roman Catholic influence in the nation. But Heidi Baker and her missionary organisation will have more influence because of the miracles and signs and wonders that are taking place. There will be an open door for Christianity to influence the nation. Missionaries with long-term generational plans of reaching the nation will be surprised at the maturity of the local saints in just five years.


Growth and development


New buildings were seen on the coastline. New hotels and foreign investment will bring a big focus on tourism which will uplift the nation. Places that have been deserted before will be revived. People will rebuild and improve buildings that are currently standing empty.


New investments and developments will bring wealth back into the country. Change will occur and result in the country’s leaders becoming greedy. Pray that the Lord will send people that will stand with and influence the people that are in power so that they can bring the Lord’s influence for the betterment of the people and the country.


Portugal and Mozambique


A connection in terms of a revival between Portugal and Mozambique was seen. A new trust relationship with the next leader of Mozambique will develop.


Portugal will become increasingly involved in the nation again. This connection will be beneficial to Mozambique and to Europe. The Lord will use Mozambique to be a blessing to Europe and address many of the issues in terms of agriculture and food shortages in other nations.


Growth in infrastructure


A vision was seen of a large increase in infrastructure, such as the building of new tar roads. A season of upgrading will take place around the harbours and ports. Many ships will lie in dock. The Lord is repositioning Mozambique to play a different role in the area of trade.


Maputo will receive much investment and significant change will take place in the city.

Many new industries will be coming to Mozambique.


No longer despised


Mozambique has been despised for many years. God is repositioning Mozambique to be honoured.


An unseen move


There are many undercurrents in the nation. There has been a great move in the Spirit that has not been seen by man but has been done by God in the hearts of leaders and the hearts of the people. Many other movements are taking place, apart from the ministry of Heidi Baker. We will hear many testimonies of what God has been doing in the nation.




Some of the greatest alleviation of poverty stories that we will hear will come from Mozambique. Overnight, people who have lived in extreme poverty will live a better lifestyle and have access to better care and schools.


Smuggling route


A smuggling route in rhino horns through Mozambique into other countries will be exposed. The route will be closed.



Leaders in Mozambique are looking to other countries to improve their own agriculture. They will benchmark with other countries to improve their economy.


Rural vs urbanization


Unsafe rural areas will cause greater urbanisation. Opposition groups opposing government will have their strongholds in the rural areas.


Urban areas will develop with a completely different mindset and atmosphere from what is happening in the rural areas. This development will cause a drastic change of thinking in the majority of the population and will cause political change to take place in an accelerated measure amongst the people. Those with power in the rural areas will lose touch with the mindsets of the people and lose their influence.


Mining opportunities


Many more mining opportunities will open up in the country. Great wealth will be discovered in the land that will point to the vast potential of the country. International attention will be placed on the country because of these discoveries.





Game reserve under attack


A prominent game reserve that provides a large income for the country will come under attack. The game will be targeted by poachers. Government is warned to increase its security. If proper measures are put in place, it will be a victory for the country and many will be arrested.


Over-population of animals, mainly elephants, was seen in the reserves. Due to a lack of feed and water, these animals will be culled. This will preserve the resources which are left.


Mines closing down


There will be mines in the country that will close down. This will bring tough times and the government will have to make provision for the people who lose their jobs. Those in power need to prepare and plan for what is coming.


Unusual prosperity


Unusual supernatural prosperity will come to Botswana. To the natural eye, it doesn’t look that way. But behind the scenes, in the business field, there are many people with very good business plans and ideas.


A picture of an orchard was seen with much fruit and a large crop. It is a time of fruitfulness for the nation.


Botswana university


There is a person that has a vision to build a university in Botswana. It will start small but it will become known throughout the whole of Africa because of its excellence. This vision is from the Lord. And the person with the vision is encouraged to do it.


Technological education


A different kind of person is arising in Botswana in terms of education. There will be a great resurgence in terms of technology. Men and women with great education in technology will arise. Botswana will be raised up as a nation to be watched in this field.




There has been an Aids epidemic in the nation. The current president will place great emphasis on the building of hospitals. Many South African nurses will volunteer and be welcomed in the nation, which will promote growth in the medical field and hospitals.


Sub-Saharan relationships


The finance minister of Botswana will connect with South Africa. This will seem like a problem but it will be beneficial for South Africa and Botswana.


A change will occur in the relationship between Botswana and Zimbabwe. A new leader will arise in Zimbabwe. Leaders of the two countries will get together and facilitate the growth of their nations.


Reshuffling in government


A reshuffle will take place in the government. Leaders will be moving from one position to another. This will cause a period of unease with the public but will be good for the nation.


A new political party


A new political group will form. There is a call to prayer regarding this development.


A safe haven


Botswana is a safe haven. It is becoming a centre where businesses can invest. If you haven’t invested in Botswana it’s almost too late. Although it is still possible to invest in Botswana, the time frame for investing profitably is shrinking.




Travel, importing and exporting between Botswana and South Africa will increase. The borders will become busier because of investment and business.


Government vs international business


Government problems with international companies (like Chinese companies) doing a bad job while supposedly investing in the country will cause those in authority to shut down certain of these operations. Investigations will take place into the abuse and bad work of these companies. The government will institute new regulations to manage this problem. These new measures will become an example for other African countries in how to handle the abusive behaviour of international companies and investors.


Agricultural revolution


A revolution is taking place in the agricultural sector. New methods of cultivation and the discovery of water resources will cause Botswana to bloom. Greater food security will take place. Botswana will even start exporting some of its produce to countries like South Africa and Namibia.





Leadership change


A change of leadership will take place. The people need to choose their next leader very carefully otherwise things could regress into conflict as it was before with many tribal issues.


New tourism ideas


The tourism minister will refresh the area with new ideas. Ships will stop at the main port because it will be a tourist attraction. The port will be completely revamped and revitalised into a waterfront.


Namibians have been proud about the barrenness in the land, their wide open spaces and their love for wild life. Tourists will have respite from the barrenness of the Namibian desert at waterfront shops.


Desalination of water


Namibia will increasingly make use of new technologies for desalination of water as well as ground water for productivity.


Infrastructure development


Infrastructure will be developed, specifically for the transport of goods through the country and to and from other African countries. This development will open up stronger and greater economic sectors in Namibia to support the import and export of goods through harbours, through the interior of the country and into other countries. Activity at border posts will increase more than ever before with the influx of people and goods. Namibia will become a place of stability and security for the import and export of goods and for people movement.


Greater development of airports in Namibia will take place. A strong international hub will be created. Many more flights will go through this airport to many parts of Africa and other parts of the world.





A hidden purpose

There is a drive among some of the leaders to become internationally known. The Lord’s hand is over this nation and He is keeping this nation hidden for a season for its own safety and for His purposes. The more they try to get international recognition, the more frustrated they will become. God is not going to lift His hand. They will go through inner political turmoil. This will come and go. People will rise up against any dictatorial systems.


Wake up Zambia


The Lord has a heart for this nation. One of the important callings on the nation is developing the prophetic voice. This development is in its infancy. The Lord requires the people to wake up and rise up. There is much preaching but not enough equipping of the nation for its true purposes. There are many young prophets in the nation that are destined to minister all over the world. They are able to see and hear very accurately, but nobody is equipping them. This is a wake-up call to the remnant of people that are prepared to start equipping believers within the nation. Once this develops, the voice of Zambia will be heard. It will not be heard on the political front. It will not be heard on the great feats they do for SADEC or any of the nations around them. The Lord is keeping them hidden until their prophetic voice is ready.


Zambia is a gem in Africa. It is green and lush, and forestry will be expanded.




Many areas are being developed, which will lead to an increase in tourism. There is an increase in interest for people to make Zambia their home. Many people such as teachers and doctors are moving there for work opportunities. New industry and growth are attractions that will bring further investment into Zambia.


Bad Political Decisions


Bad political decisions made over a long period of time by government leaders are now weighing heavily on the nation. The current government does not seem to have solutions to the problems due to infighting, jealousy, manoeuvring and manipulation amongst politicians. This unhealthy situation needs to be addressed.




The economy has slowed down because of the bad political situation. This has caused many businesses to plan improperly and lose focus. Business leaders need to become wise and honest in their business decisions and not resort to dishonest means.


The Zambian church


The church is strong at the moment. Apostolic revival is needed, not just in name but in doing the work of an apostle, like Paul said: equipping the saints, and planting proper churches. This does not mean having multitudes of churches but rather a people that understand God and know what revival is about.


A new wave of revival is coming to Zambia. The people need to get ready for it. The equipping and training is for the next revival that God is sending. It will be in 2019.


God is going to change the face of the church in Zambia. Father will release new strategies and new ways of doing things in the church.


There is an upgrade of new ways emerging in the church to address the status of the nation and improve things within the nation. A great change in how the church operates will occur. God will do a unique thing to and through the church in the nation that will be an example to other nations in Africa.


A new church and business relationship is being built in Zambia. This will be a new way of working together – a unique way of collaborating between the church and business in the nation. This collaboration will cause the church and the business sector to grow.


A well-loved national leader passes


A well-loved national leader in Zambia will pass away. The nation will go into mourning. This will cause the nation to return to its original grassroots call. It has tried to live up to other African nations and tried to copy what others were doing. The economy became totally dependent on copper and exports instead of building into the people. There will be a season of strong focus on building the people of Zambia to reach their full potential so the nation can fulfil its calling and mandate.


Renewed economic focus


A renewed focus on specific areas in the Zambian economy will become prevalent. There is a big energy shortage in the country that hampers economic growth. The current leaders do not have the strategy to solve this problem. But in the coming year, a new strategy will emerge that will help to lift the economy by reducing energy generation costs. Energy companies will be erecting solar and renewable energy plants. The nation will be uplifted from a place of extreme poverty. Although the nation and the economy have been growing at a good rate, there has been extreme poverty. If they will take their eyes off other nations and focus on what God has for them as a nation, they will prosper.


Witchcraft in politics


Consultation between government and witchdoctors has taken place and this has led to bad decisions made by the government of the present day. The new president of Zambia is a true man of God. The influence of witchcraft is coming against him but he is standing strong. Several ministers in government are moving out and new ones are being raised up to support him. These will be men of integrity and wisdom.


Zambia will become known as a nation after God. There is a strong revival and a turning back to God.


SA companies in Zambia


Many South African companies are investing in the infrastructure and roads of Zambia. A corridor of roads from South Africa to Zambia will be upgraded.


Zambian Transportation


The national carrier was known as Zambia ‘scare-ways.’ The airways will be built up with new jets and planes. The aviation industry will be developed. It will no longer be called scare-ways, but will become a quality airline.


Zambian mining industry


An upsurge in profits will be evident in the mining industry in the season to come. In the past, this upsurge caused an increase in corruption in government and more money being misspent. This time, a greater emphasis will be placed on what the money is spent on and where the money is going to. The abuse of income received from the mining sector by government will become public knowledge. Ordinary people on the street will start to voice their concerns and dissatisfaction with government corruption. This will force government to take greater responsibility in how the money is spent.




Although there will be an upsurge in profits in the mining industry, the greatest growth will be seen in agriculture. Strong competition amongst different companies and people in the agricultural sector will build a flourishing industry. A greater focus will be placed on feeding the local population first before exporting agricultural goods to other countries. This industry will focus more on social development and influencing the environment and the people of the area in which they are functioning. This development will cause an increase in living standards throughout the nation.







Tanzania seems to be stationary and not progressing. The country has many minerals in the ground, but there is greed – hands are pulling the riches out of the ground, grabbing and stealing the wealth. Special airstrips have been built to take the wealth out of the country without it being seen by the people.


The mineral wealth needs to go to the people and not be stolen. The wealth is not reaching the people. Poverty has a stranglehold. People have returned to witchcraft, throwing bones in their desperation to get food and crops to grow.


God is bringing judgement into this situation. He has given them a grace period to sort it out, but they have not yet done so.


Rural church


The true church is manifesting itself in the rural areas of the country, working in partnership with NGOs and feeding the people. The big city churches, however, seem distracted by programs and events and are not caring for the people.


Stock exchange


Somebody is trying to open a stock exchange and get finances in through making companies go public and selling shares. This is not going to take off yet. The infrastructure and knowledge to do that is not yet in place. But they are working towards it. It will bring some financial relief but it is not the relief that is needed.


Spiritual drought


Tanzania is in a season of drought. This drought is spiritually initiated. There are, however, small patches of immense greenery where much growth is taking place.


The breakthrough in growth and the breaking of the spiritual drought will manifest in the agricultural industry first before spreading to other areas, such as business and education. This drought-breaking testimony will be heard throughout the nation.




Missionaries who come in with an agricultural mandate are going to flourish in this nation. The Lord wants to change the agricultural face of Tanzania. They will supernaturally harvest good crops in areas where everybody else is harvesting little. These missionaries are sent in to bring environmental change and not just to do church work per se.


Missionaries who have established bases in the nation are being pushed out. The Lord is dressed in a legal robe and He will be an advocate for those who have been pushed out of the country.


There is legislation that has restricted the Gospel. The government has stepped into areas where they want to restrict the preaching of the Gospel by foreigners. The Lord is putting His finger on the nation. God is addressing issues within the leadership of the nation who have become a hindrance to the preaching of the Gospel. A turning away from that legislation will have to take place.


Terrorist warning


There is a terrorist attack pending in the capital city that will shock the nation. A vision of a big bomb exploding and buildings collapsing was seen. Intercession is necessary to seek God and to prevent this from taking place.


Unity between regions


The different regions and areas in Tanzania seem disconnected from one another. Unity in the country seems lacking. Some regions have much violence and crime while others seem complacent. Government has given no attention to certain areas and left them to themselves.


The Lord wants to unify the country and make the regions connect with one another again. This will be accomplished by government taking hold of various issues they have been lax with. Change is coming in the government and focus will start to be placed on every single area of the country. This will bring greater unity.


Christian-Muslim conflict


There will be conflict between Christians and Muslims in the country. A drive to push Muslim extremism out of the country, which was lacking previously, will occur.


Christians have become complacent and satisfied with doing church life. They do not realise the authority they have in the spirit to influence and change the environment around them and impact the country. God will address this complacency. Christians will discover the influence they can have through prayer, intercession and their actions. They can determine the future of the country and what takes place in their environment and region. God is calling them out of a church mindset into a community-living mindset to impact society.


Impacting the region


An increasing number of Tanzanians will stop expecting help from foreign aid. They will become effective missionaries themselves within the nation and the surrounding countries. An increasing number of missionaries will go from Tanzania into difficult areas like the DRC, Rwanda, Uganda and places of conflict. God is calling Tanzanians as a people with the heart of God for others, with wisdom, insight and understanding. A great teaching anointing rests on many Tanzanian Christians and God wants to release them to equip others. They have been well equipped and received enough input. It is time for them to go out and give.




A prominent bridge that connects two areas is seen to collapse in the middle. This collapse is done deliberately as an attack on the city.


There is much infighting and division in the nation and the government needs to step up its policing and quash uprisings.


The leader is a tyrant and many around him hate him. It seems that they are planning a coup.


An increase of Muslim activity will take place in Tanzania. Somalia and Muslim terrorist groups are building a base in Tanzania as a stronghold to attack Kenya. This attack is because of Kenya’s advancement and relationship with Israel. If the church does not arise in Tanzania, Muslim activity in the nation will increase, and a Muslim stronghold will take over the country. There is significant Muslim activity within the present government. The Lord is judging the current government. The Lord is addressing illegal activity and things done behind the scenes in the government.


God is calling intercessors all over Africa to intercede for the children in Tanzania. Human trafficking is taking place, but it seems that the people are not concerned about the children.


A vision was seen of crops failing. The nation will enter into a time of desperation, but the people will turn to the Lord. The nations around Tanzania love the nation and the people of Tanzania. They will come together and assist the nation and bring great relief.


Natural disasters in the form of earthquakes will happen in the region of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.





Infighting continues


The words ‘war, war, war’ were seen. There is much fighting amongst the rebel groups. God wants to address the animal spirit connected to the idea of the survival of the fittest. It’s all fight and kill or be killed. There is a call to intercessors to pray for the DRC because of the conflict.


The DRC will become known in the next few years for its political infighting and instability. The election will continuously be delayed.


Turn back to God


There is a call to the DRC to turn back to God. God is busy turning the heart of a specific rebel leader who was constantly fighting; his heart is changing and he will begin to fight for the people and not against the people.


Spiritual abuse


Many churches and religious groups are represented throughout the DRC. Many cults have risen up. A vision was seen of people marching through the cities, wearing specific uniforms with a cross and various other symbols, and carrying idols and figurines. There are different spiritual movements in the country and legislation is needed to prevent the misuse and abuse of the people through these cults. Truth needs to be restored to the people.


Pastors and churches were seen to be plundering peoples finances. The people are impoverished and because of the culture of greed, these pastors are enriching themselves.




This nation is probably the richest nation on the continent, as far as resources go. Unlocking these resources is almost impossible due the state of the nation. There is a spirit of greed, lust and war. Businesses that want to invest in the DRC should be warned. Only get involved if the Lord says so. Do not go there merely for the potential profit – you will be taken out. Rules and regulations will fluctuate on a daily basis, forever changing. This is a dangerous environment. Many endeavours will fail dismally because cognisance was not taken of the spiritual nature of the nation. Tangible results will take many years to develop, if at all.




Many missionaries are going into the country with a great number reaching the furthest areas. A large rally and gathering for prayer will take place.




Much of the nation’s finances are pumped into the military, causing shortages in other areas and resulting in poverty.


South African funds are being used to build the military. Zuma and Kabila have a secure connection. Kabila’s office as president will be protected because he doesn’t want to give up his power base. Citizens will rise in mass demonstrations against the government. Many of the people are supporting the conflict. A terrible war will break out in the nation, particularly in the capital city.


People are arming themselves. There has been silent preparation and genocide taking place. Upfront, everyone says ‘peace, peace,’ but behind the scenes there has been a great arming and weaponizing within specific people groups and the military. The current leader will hold on to power as long as he can. An uprising will occur during the elections. Mass mobilization of people in the city will happen. Two very strong opposing parties will clash in the streets of the city. International intervention will be necessary. A picture was seen of UNTAG vehicles in the streets.


Pockets of safety


God will create small pockets of safety in the DRC for people to flee to. The southern province of Katanga will be relatively untouched by the wars that will continue in other areas. These safe areas will seem to be a separate country within a country. Missionary areas with many tents and houses with solar panels were seen.




The faction of Kabila will start crumbling. Kabila relies on foreign support and especially powerful leaders from other countries. As this support starts to wane, Kabila will start losing his influence and his power base will be dismantled.


Within this group, strange diseases and occurrences of people’s lives coming to a sudden and abrupt end will take place that will cause many people to gossip and many to fear what is happening. They will suspect witchcraft being involved.


Many smaller rebel factions will arise during this season in the Congo, making it almost impossible for Kabila to rule and reign any further because these different factions will fight against him and sometimes fight with one another.


These rebel factions will, at some stage, make peace with one another. They will come together at negotiating tables and unify with one purpose in mind: to change the government of the DRC.


Great upheaval will continue for a considerable time. But it will end. It will seem as though judgement has come to the house of Kabila.







There is an increase in tourism but the island is not equipped to host the increase because the infrastructure is not able to handle it. There is a call for the government of the island to increase and expand infrastructure development.


Réunion will become a tourist destination. There will be a supernatural invitation to foreigners to come to this nation and start developing it. The government will not design this or have to figure out how to pay for it. People will go there and start building. There will be a freedom in the coming season for foreigners to invest in the nation. There is much natural beauty that has to be displayed.


International investors


Greater attention will be placed by international investors in building luxury accommodation, apartments and holiday destinations within the nation. A very well-known international company will invest in building massive lodges.


An investment company will upgrade the waterfront and beachfront areas. It has always been a tourist destination, but has experienced a bleak period. The outdated and ill-kept holiday resorts and hotels will be upgraded, which will revive the tourism industry.


International connections


A connection between Richard Branson, the Virgin Group, and Réunion Island was seen.

An international gathering will take place on Réunion that will put the island on the map.


Much more marketing and publicity for Réunion Island will be seen across the world in countries in Europe and other first world countries, promoting Réunion as a holiday destination.


New flight routes


New flight routs will start from Réunion to different parts of the world, encouraging people to travel directly from their country to Réunion Island.


A filming location


Réunion will become a very popular location for filming because of its beautiful environment and natural beauty and resources, such as lush, green areas with beautiful orchids growing wild.


Tropical fruits


The pineapple industry will be successful. More tropical fruit will be planted.


Fishing industry


The island relies heavily on the fishing industry, but they are not looking after this resource. Restrictions need to be put in place so they can preserve the fishing industry.




The government has become elite in the people’s eyes and out of reach for the average person.


The government is small but it will become smaller still. Efficiency and productivity will increase, leading to a reduction in bureaucracy. A new spirit of thinking is developing in France. The government of the Réunion Islands will be one of the first territories to take on this new spirit – a more concise way of doing things. The government will become less political and more business-like.


Government and private companies are planning on developing Réunion with infrastructure for international conferences and conventions. This development will bring a further boost to tourism. The country is an investment destination, especially in tourism.


The church


The church in Réunion will become more prominent because of many international speakers that will minister in the nation. These speakers will go for a holiday but they will do missionary work on the sidelines. Many signs, wonders and miracles will happen and the lost and sick will be healed; this manifestation will bring a freshness that will draw the attention of neighbouring countries.


There is a vibrant community of believers amongst the islanders. The Lord will use these believers to influence French citizens in France, bringing them back to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the separation between the island and France, the islanders have not been strongly influenced by the current trends in Europe. Instead, a strong unity in love has developed amongst the believers. The church in Réunion Islands and the church leaders will have a greater impact in France.




A vision was seen of wind blowing and buildings being damaged. A devastating monsoon or hurricane will destroy a large portion of the island. This storm or hurricane will bring economic poverty. They will have to rebuild hotels and facilities in many sectors. Prayer is needed in this regard.






Terror attacks


Many more terrorist attacks will occur in London. Great conflict between the Muslim community, the Muslim mayor of London, and other Muslim mayors and communities will develop. A strong Muslim voice will continue to be heard. Torching and burning of synagogues will take place, with purging or attempted purging of the Jewish community in London.


The churches that were mosques will become churches again.


Pockets of revival throughout the UK are appearing and the Christian voice is being made known but will experience persecution. There is hatred of the media against Christianity in the UK, but God will have His way.




Prime Minister May with her current government is experiencing a very turbulent time, but she will stand her ground. There is much uncertainty in the country because of Brexit.


Brexit has become a huge crisis, but it is not as big as everybody thought it would be. Brexit will be very good for the UK. Fears about financial markets moving out of the UK are unfounded. A strengthening of financial markets, the economy, and diversification will occur. Brexit will be successful and the UK will again form a new identity.


A greater rift between the UK and the rest of Europe will develop, but the EU will not be tough on the UK due to Brexit, even though they make a lot of noise. They still need the UK and will maintain the partnership. The integrity of the UK is very important.


A good relationship will exist between the UK and the USA; it will be like the days of old when they were true partners. In the UK, there is a ‘popular’ voice against Donald Trump, but this is not the heart of the nation. Conservatives who have the interest of the nation at heart support him.


The banking system


New recruits are emerging in the banking system from different nations, not just English people; a picture was seen of people in smart suits, speaking foreign languages.


The fashion industry


Business is taking on a different face. The way business was done before with big conglomerates owning industries, such as the fasion and,shoe industry, will even out. More people will be entering the fashion industry. Up to now, the big conglomerates have squashed out the small players.


A New Mayor for London


A new mayor will be elected for the city of London.


Influx of Foreigners


The government must be aware and on guard and put systems in place to protect the country against foreign influence on monopolies in properties.


Stricter travel restrictions for the UK will be established for some countries, while others won’t be influenced. People will be at risk of being deported from the country for certain criminal records or drug-related incidents.


Morals and Values


Morals and values will be instilled from leaders down to the lowest levels of schools; new policies will be put in place, bringing the people back to their roots again.


Spiritual Input


Nations such as the USA and even South Africa will be called upon to bring spiritual input to the UK again.


A spiritual revival


People will experience the power of God in a spiritual revival in Wales. Healing will take place on the street corners and in bars. People will be slain in the spirit in these places in reaction to the sharing of the gospel. These manifestations will rock the country. Conferences will be held where people catch this fire, seeing the ways and mysteries in which the Kingdom works. The Lord has often chosen the Welsh nation to bring about new experiential aspects of Himself.


Prayer event


The big O2 arena in London will be packed with Christians from many nationalities and foreigners for an international conference.


A New King


A ceremony was seen which looked like a coronation. The changing of the crown will be very soon. It will put focus back on the nation itself and rekindle the love of the people for their nation. The focus of the nation will be captured again with the crown and the royal family.





US media


A change in media policy is coming in the United States in terms of reporting on the president. There will be a change in how the media will be given news from the White House itself. It will no longer be in the form of an open conference anymore, but will be controlled because of manipulation by the media.


Draining the political swamp


Donald Trump has made a promise that he will ‘drain the swamp’ of political bureaucrats and politicians. Many are mocking him because they think his promise is ridiculous and will never come to pass. They will be surprised toward the end of his term at how he has drained the swamp. He will bring back freedom in the nation for people and businesses to make decisions for themselves without the clutter of bureaucracy. Unproductive bureaucrats fill seats and cost the nation millions – they will be flushed out.


The nation is being strengthened gradually. The economy will grow and be strengthened, especially in the central areas of the USA.


A change of attitude


A change of attitude towards the current government will take place, especially in the liberal section of the population. Many liberal commentators and even governors will start to defend the president. The party lines between Republicans and Democrats will blur even more. The strong division between the two parties will start to fade as people join in agreement on certain issues voiced in society.




People in the US that are enemies of the country are planning a terrorist attack. But the reaction of the president to this attack will surprise people. Because of his reaction, somehow certain people who were looking at him from a negative perspective will suddenly change their perspective and realise he is for them, not against them.


Shocking revelations of terrorist cells and extremist Muslim communities in far off rural areas where nobody expected them to be will be exposed. This will cause government to take serious action against some of these communities. Other rural communities will stand up and become vocal about similar problems, which will cause conflict.


Donald Trump


The USA is rising again to be one of the greatest powers of the world. God is defending Donald Trump with supernatural protection around him in these initial months. Within one or two years of his inauguration, these problems and tensions will dissipate, and the trust of the people will grow towards him.


Some of the promises that were made by Donald Trump, like the opening of factories that have closed, will not come to pass.


There has been much humiliation for the president but he has really stood up and taken it on the chin. The Lord is honouring him. He boldly declared his faith and trust in God and surrounded himself with many men of God.


USA vs North Korea


 An attack on North Korea will take place should North Korea attack South Korea. The USA will be defending and be active in war in the East in the future. God is using the USA to align the global political arena; the hand of God is upon the USA as a nation. Because of their protection of and the alliance with Israel, the USA will arise again to become one of the world powers as in the days of old.


There is a time coming where Trump will attack adversaries and put action to his many warnings. Nations will learn that if he said something, he will do it. This will ease tensions in the world because a strong leader who does what he says is once again on the world stage.


USA economy


The American economy is becoming surprisingly stable and property sales will start to increase. The national focus will be off retail purchases, and consumers will become more serious about where they spend their money. Many Americans will return to a simple life, living off the land, and planting their own vegetables and fruit trees.




Hollywood has lost its power and its hold on the minds of the people. People have become bored with the offerings on TV. YouTube will become more popular. People will go back to a simple life as the glitz and glitter of Hollywood has lost its glow.


A new TV industry and format, separate from Hollywood, will start up in another part of the country and will win favour and awards. This industry will speak to the hearts of a big portion of the population that will prefer these TV shows and movies above those of Hollywood.




A vision was seen of warships arming. There will be military tension in the world and the US will play a major role in it. Trump will keep his word by backing nations he promised to support, specifically South Korea and nations in the Middle East. There are treaties that were signed in the past with nations like Iran that will fall apart. It will require a show of strength, and the next couple of months will be crucial.


The favour of God


The word ‘charity’ is written all over America. God’s favour rests on America in 2018. People will start to prosper; even people that were poor will experience God’s favour. Although there will be war and conflict outside the country, it will not influence the people in America so much. The rains will come, they will have good crops, and everything will be working for the good in the next season for America.


Mining and Manufacturing


An upswing in mining and manufacturing will take place in the US and revitalise small towns and run-down areas. Renewal in the motor industry will start to pay off. Tesla Motors in particular will overcome its difficulties and criticism against it and will become the example of the new standard of motorcars available from the American industry. This new standard will force other American motor manufacturers to raise their standards. European motor manufacturers will become concerned as American cars will start to lead in the international market.







Hard things were seen for Canada. God’s judgment rests on Canada because of policies and laws being legislated regarding sexual perversion and immorality in the nation, such as laws favouring sexual bestiality. Many natural disasters in Canada will take place because of these laws. God is bringing judgment because the nation has turned away from God.


One of the policies regarding immigration of Muslims to Canada will cause tremendous conflict and tension. The Canadians themselves are going to rise up. In Europe, the Germans and the French have risen against this mass immigration, and French citizens in Canada will rebel in a similar way.


Liberal agenda collapse


A seemingly very successful liberal government program will collapse and cause a public outcry. Weaknesses in government will be exposed by this collapse and many other projects will be scrutinised. The liberal agenda will lose support because of these events and many will question the financial expenditure on projects and who really benefits from them.


Canadian oilfields


Some kind of calamity or disaster will happen within the oilfields of Canada that will bring the whole industry and what happens in that area back into the limelight, and cause people to question the technology.


Weather patterns


There will be strange weather patterns over the country, with cyclonic storms. This is a warning to prepare and be ready for what is coming.





Revisiting Socialism


President Macron has some unusual ideas; he is reconsidering the whole political system of France. Socialism is currently very popular with the people because they are receiving much, but it is costing the country money and bringing negative elements into the country.


Tax relief


A relaxing of tax laws and tax percentages will take place. Taxes will be raised in some areas and lowered in others.


The people are not sure how to view Macron because of his unusual and very new ideas. He is not a-political at all, but approaches governance from a businessman’s perspective. He will strengthen the economy with his ideas. Macron is reaching out to small groups, sharing his ideas and values and in so doing, is gathering a following.




Terrorism is still a very big threat. There is still much activity in underground movements, but terrorist groups will be exposed. Arrests will take place and planned attacks will be exposed and stopped.





Terror attack


A terrorist attack will happen in a major city on an unprecedented level that has not happened in any German city before. The outcry will be so extreme and so vigorous that it will force the government to reconsider the immigration policy in Germany, which will be changed and extended into the European Union.


Change in leadership


The current political party (the CDU) will have a change in leadership. Angela Merkel will run for president again, but other people in the ranks will emerge as her season is ending. A position within the European Union will be created for her. Her seat of power will increase through this new position.


Renewal of purpose


A renewal of purpose in the nation is emerging. The German people are reminded of the strong heritage they have in their national monuments and buildings. This heritage gives the people a strong sense of identity and pride and carries them through difficult times.


A picture was seen of a cherry tree blossoming. The blossoms were very beautiful. In this time the Lord is restoring the purpose of the German nation to be a blessing to the nations. They are called to be a blessing to His people and a blessing to the gospel. Many Christians in Germany are praying, and they will see the fruit of those prayers manifest.


Opportunity for evangelism


The refugee crisis has brought about a huge opportunity for evangelism. The Lord has suddenly called many evangelists from across the world to start ministries in Germany. There will be mass conversions to Christ among the refugees. What the enemy planned as a takeover of Europe, God is turning around. Their hunger for the gospel is insatiable.


The Gospel will be a lifestyle, and equipping refugees for ministry work will be much faster than seen in most of the western church. These refugees are hungry to mature. Equipping them will be a challenge to the church in Germany as well as in other European nations. Many refugees will be sent back to their Muslim nations where their testimony will create an explosion and uproar. Many will be beheaded and martyred, but they will not care because they have been convicted and convinced of the goodness of Christ. Huge movements of evangelism crusades into the Muslim countries will start again.


Medical breakthrough


Germany is working on something good that is hidden from the public. It will be a specific medical breakthrough that will be a blessing to the world.


Assassination fail


An assassination attempt on Angela Merkel will fail.


German economy


The economy is still very strong and will continue to grow. The motor industry will experience a slowing down in sales with a period of decline, but eventually it will start to pick up again.


There is a campaign to bring back the Deutsch Mark.


Chrislam judged


The Lord is judging specific church groups who have positioned themselves wrongly in this last season. These church groups have aligned themselves with the Islamic movement, proclaiming that Allah and God are the same Lord. The judgement of the Lord is on them. A spear was seen hitting a Lutheran church building.


Far right movement


A very strong resurgence of the far right will be seen.


Squatter villages


Squatter areas in small villages are causing people to become very unhappy with immigrants putting up tents and little zinc houses. The German people are not pleased and there is an outcry in the villages that are affected by squatting.







The EU is concerned about the rebellious stance that Poland is taking regarding immigration policies. By taking a threatening stance against Poland, the leadership of the EU wants to prevent other countries from following Poland’s example. They want to make an example of Poland to warn other countries, especially Balkan countries, against wanting more autonomy in decision making. This tactic from the EU will not work. Although the Balkan countries are cautious not to upset the EU, they will still push their agendas in opposition of EU regulations for the sake of what their people require.




The EU has lost its effectiveness because of bureaucracy. This is a point for prayer as the ‘draining of the swamp’ needs to take place.


There needs to be an alignment of leadership. The leadership structures have become cumbersome and ineffective. The EU needs to be streamlined and mobilised effectively.


The EU is doing stocktaking to rethink its strategy, purposes and efficiency. An empty chair was seen and it seems like there is no leader for that chair.


Clamping down on Christianity

Christianity will be clamped down within the European countries, especially when Turkey joins the EU. The voice of the church will be heard powerfully during that time.





The new leadership in South Korea is re-visiting government positions and agreements. A new political stance will open up new opportunities and change the negative perception that some nations have of South Korea.


Japan, the old rival of Korea, will develop a stronger relationship with Korea and start working together for the stability of the region. A new level of integrity in business will emerge. It will seem as if the Japanese culture of integrity will rub off on the Koreans.


The new South Korean leader will be very open to meet with his North-Korean counterpart. The state leader of North Korea, Kim Yong-Un, will visit South Korea. South Korea will open a door for this historic event by removing propaganda methods and strategies to better the relations between the North and themselves.


The goal of the Lord is the restoration of families; many families were broken by the division between the nations but family members will be seeing each other again after many years. A vision was seen of grandfathers weeping as they see their grandchildren for the first time. There will be a great restoration of families in this season. It might only be for a very short season and then tensions between these nations will flare up again.


A meeting between the North Korean president and Russian president Putin was seen. They will discuss and agree on many things.





Outside forces are trying to bring political change in some of the Balkan countries by making use of issues on the surface of politics, news and media. Some government officials were bribed and coerced to propagate the plans of these groups within their government and country.


The Balkan States are developing their own unique identity and persona apart from the rest of Europe. Where they were constant victims of aggression between European countries and Russia in the past, they are now taking a stance and have their own voice. These countries will unite further in the future to strengthen their cause.


In these countries, very strong mafia-like organisations are trying to take over industry and business. They criss-cross all the states and make it very difficult for growth to take place. There will be an increase of this activity to the point of becoming unmanageable, but then the rug will be taken out from under them. Suspicion within the mafia-like groups will arise and they will destroy each other almost overnight.


There is much interest in religious practices, churches and church buildings. However, there is not much training or teaching; there is little equipping of the saints.


War from Russia’s side was discerned. Russia as a great big bear will try to attack her cubs. Russia sees these Balkan States as her cubs and her cubs are retaliating. Conflict will arise between Russia and Slovenia. There will be tremendous media coverage in the days ahead concerning these two nations as Russia will escalate its conflict with this nation.






Muslim influence will become very prominent in the days ahead. Pray for students and universities.


A very difficult time lies ahead for the city of Pretoria and prayer is necessary for the people and city of Pretoria. This crisis will escalate in the streets because there will be discord between factions.


There is a call to prayer for the hidden remnant working within the South African government. They have been working faithfully behind the scenes for the benefit of the country.


Within this transition that will take place in South Africa, prayer is needed for the military generals. Zuma will try to hold on to power through military strength. Pray for the generals in the army and in the air force; the military will be involved in many of the actions in the time to come. Pray for the military leaders to have God’s wisdom and not be swept away by emotions.


A gentleman journalist from amaBhungane media house will receive death threats because of the exposure of the Gupta corruption. Prayers for him are needed.


The church has been called at this time to stand in prayer like never before for the nation of Lesotho, specifically for the government. The enemy wants to destroy, but the Lord wants to empower so the nation can work together and move forward.


Strange and even dangerous weather patterns will manifest in Swaziland. The shield of God will be over the nation and through prayer, the nation will be protected.


A terrorist attack is pending in the capital city of Tanzania that will shock the nation. A vision of a big bomb exploding and buildings collapsing was seen. Intercession is necessary; seek God to prevent this attack from taking place.


A vision was seen of wind blowing and buildings being damaged in the Réunion Islands. Pray about this.


A new political group will be formed in Botswana. There is a call to prayer regarding this situation.


The European Union has lost its effectiveness because of bureaucracy. Pray that the ‘draining of the swamp’ will take place.


2018 will be known for manmade disasters, illnesses and diseases.


Volcano activity in Italy was seen.