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2014 – Africa

Africa: Foreign aid and money coming through NGO’s into Africa will decrease. Much more thought will go into what money is given to whom,for what and how effective the aid is. The need to address the abuse of money will increase. African governments will be forced to take action against corruption. At the same time more attention and focus will be placed on foreign investment rather that foreign aid. Because of this a lot of investment from European and other countries will increase in African countries. Economic growth will become one of the most important factors in the elections and in government spending. Eastern Africa Will experience an economic surge because of the discovery of oil and other commodities. Then trade amongst the eastern African countries will increase. The transport between these countries will also increase. The needs that were always met through import will now be met by countries themselves. Neighboring countries will share in the wealth of each others resources. This will cause big parts of Africa to become independent from imports and foreign products. Through these changes economic growth will be boosted and put Africa on a path of prosperity. The dependency on foreign investments will decrease. God is starting this process through the unlocking of certain resources in the eastern side of Africa. A lot of activity and trade will start to happen between the nations from eastern Africa down to the southern nations of Africa. Instead of putting goods and products on ships and sending it to China and other places, trade will increase between neighboring countries and boost the African economy. This is a process that will take place for the next ten to twenty years. The DRC, Central African Republic, Uganda and Rwanda will experience further instability and fighting that will spill over their borders. Mediation will continue through 2014. A problematic faction in some of these conflicts will be dealt a serious blow. Sudan and South Sudan: A stalemate will occur between these two countries bringing no solutions to their problems. South Sudan will open its borders towards other neighbors and develop other trade routes independent from Sudan. Libya: Despite resistance and factional friction, there will be a steady progress made in rebuilding the nations and getting the economy on track. Government will take action to assure that natural resources will not be dominated by international companies or groups but that it will bring value back to the people. The Muslim government will have an understanding for functioning in a non Muslim world. Libya will become an example for other Muslim countries of how they can operate. Although there will still be little wars and civil strive, God is going to do something good in Libya. Mali: A drive to make Muslim extremism the predominant belief in Mali will take place. Timbuktu will be at the center again of these fights. To the surprise of the rebels and the extremist the surrounding countries will stand up against them again and stop the advance. The northern parts will experience the most turmoil. Kenya will experience lot of disharmony in 2014. Dissatisfaction amongst the people will increase and government will do blame shifting (blaming the colonial time) for issues. Tribal tensions will be stirred up by some to try and consolidate their power in the country. Witchcraft will take place to try and reach these means. Some bad things will happen to remind people of previous dictators and what people went through because of these dictators’ actions. This will spur on a new move for change in liberation amongst the people that will spread to other countries. It will even be called the African spring. Mozambique: The spirit of civil war will try to stand up in Mozambique again; this will cause old wounds to be remembered and old division to appear again. Good friendships of the past ten years will be broken up because of people choosing old divisions again. Good relationships in politics will be severed because of old divisions reappearing. God does not want this. Prayer is needed and Godly input. The influence of Christian leaders will help to bring it back to a place of peace.


2012 – Investment from Brazil into Africa

In 2012 there will be huge increases of investment from Brasil into Africa. Brasil seems to be a country that slumbers, but in reality is amazingly awake. This makes them look to invest in places that are slumbering. They have the ability to see potential in places. They will be specifically involved in South Africa, Mozambique and Angola and at a later stage in the DRC. This flood of investment will be very very good and should be warmly accepted. The only warning is that their modus operandi is completely different to ours. Their way of working is not negative but rather extremely positive in the African context. We must follow their lead and not try to bully them because “we’ve lived in Africa and this is how it works”.

We must follow their lead because they have a very specific gifting from God with regards to ways of operation with people that is productive.