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2012 – Business to Stabilize SA

Business in South Africa will be used to stabilize the SA ship. Politically we are going to go through some turmoil whilst business will let sanity prevail. Business will create the boundaries within which the political system can function. The political system is very aware of this in spite of all the noises they make. This is something the Lord has put in place for the next  season of approximately 5 years. The political system will not try to fiddle with the business realm because they know they are treading on very delicate ground. Apart from anything else, they think that the business realm is their provider.

The way in which we do things, the mindsets behind the actions are very important. We cannot go into Africa with our “Boere maniere” (Afrikaner mindsets and ways). This needs to be communicated to the business realm – they have to be told that a new mindset is extremely important. It has to be expressed on a continual basis. They are not to walk in with old resources and mindsets. A lot of proclamation has to come to the business sector with regards to this. This should not be tackled with a pick-axe but rather a jackhammer as they are so stubborn and set in their ways. This has to continue until they are in a submissive state. Most of them are not in a position or attitude of submission to one another and far from it towards anybody else.