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2012 – Expansion in the Banking Sector in Africa.

One of the big Nigerian banks are going to do a play in South Africa.  Expansion is going to take place in the banking sector in Africa.  Some of the cellphone companies might launch unique internet banking solutions in the other African countries that has never been seen before in those countries. This will open up a whole new market for how Africans do their banking. This might be a South African cell phone company that will spearhead this process. This new facility in African countries will revolutionize banking in those countries as cell phone technology revolutionized communication when it was first introduced.

Weaknesses are going to appear in ABSA bank in the middle of 2012. This will be the first signs. It seems that ABSA will have a difficult future.

There will be a bank that will change the surety they use. Their surety will only be fixed to gold and agriculture. This will be a stable and unusual bank system that gives people assurance that their money and bank is safe.

See a picture of a bank branch. A sword came and cut the branch in half. Branches will shrink and many staff will be laid off. Greater focus will be placed on electronic services and electronic banking.