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2012 – Community Farming

Somewhere during 2012 there will be a scare regarding food supply and agriculture (national or international) that will cause the government to change their strategy over agriculture and food supply. The government will also stop the import of certain products. This will cause a lot of controversy (for instance the import of cheap milk that threatens the South African milk industry). Their motivation for taking these steps will be to promote the South African industry rather than importing these products cheaply.

The South African government will also start looking across their borders to other African countries and support, work together with these countries in agriculture and importing and exporting these products within the African context.

Community farming will become bigger and more viable.  On the outskirts of townships and rural areas there will be pieces of community ground that doesn’t belong to one person but to the whole community. Individual community members receive allotments on this communal ground on which they can grow their own crops and farm. Government will buy pieces of land and give to the community to make use of it in this manner. Land will not be re-appropriated by giving it to one individual but it will be given to a community and property will be used as mentioned above. Sewage will be used in the farming process in stead of using expensive chemicals.  Farmers markets will become more popular in 2012. These markets will not be exclusively for the organic niche market. Small towns will also start up farmers market where locals can come and sell their produce. This will start a small scale economy that makes it affordable for even the lower income people to buy their everyday produce. Some products (like tomatoes and lettuce) will become so commonly available that the big supermarkets will be challenged in their sales of these products. Because of the growth of these small markets and small producers there will be people that move out of the big cities back to the rural areas where they can live off the ground again.

Regarding the fishing industry in South Africa: The government is going to become stricter with regulating fishing. In 2012 certain types of fish that were allowed to be caught in the past will not be allowed anymore. And certain areas where fisherman were allowed to catch fish will be off limits now. The government will be pro active in this regard because of the international situation. Poaching of fish in South African waters will become a big problem and receive a lot of attention in 2012.

Chicken will become a very affordable and successful product. There will be an expansion of chicken farming in South Africa.