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2014 – Germany – Chicken Crisis and Growth of Own Produce

In Germany, chickens are dying on the premises. The German people will not eat chicken anymore. They will find something else to eat, almost as a compromise. Germany is very self- contained. They are trying to provide what they need for themselves and not look to the other European Nations. Germany has to support its own nation. They have to feed their own people; they have done it before they can do it again.

There has been a secret gathering and discussion. The EU have decided that they are not going to import from here and there anymore. They are going to try and grow their own produce, prepare their own proteins and their own animals but they are having a problem doing it. It is not going well but they are determined to stick to it. Laboratory technicians and the people making these decisions are making quality decisions about what they are going to produce, how they are going to look after the animals and the poultry and what they need to feed the nation. I just saw this small group saying that they cannot import everything into the EU.