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2012 – Sport Programs

Implementing sporting programmes in the schools will happen a lot more than has been done before. The love for sport is going to come from the children, start from primary school. In 2012 many schools that had no sporting programme will have one. Simple things such as athletics, running and netball will flourish.

2012 is an important year for developing children in sport. This is not for the worship of man but for the development of a generation in skills. God says less hot air and more building of substance.

Pray for the people with the skills to develop children in sport, for the people that will stand up and train them. There was a whole group of equippers that were trained in the 1980’s and 90’s that have disappeared off the radar screen. We must pray for them to return.

Individuals in sports are going to stand up and start making a difference in community projects. Where everybody was looking at the government to implement projects, eyes are going to start opening up realising that we can do it ourselves. Local community members who are either sports fans or who were involved in sports to some degree or other will start to getting involved. They will volunteer to teach the children these skills. They won’t even be famous, but there will be an action among the community that says: “we can do it; we don’t have to look at government.” This will flow over to other parts of the community and broader society.

South Africans will increasingly realise that they can’t look to government to get things done, but would rather stand up and start making a difference themselves.