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2012 – Private Education Initiatives

The private education initiatives and private education organisations and centers have to, in the very least, triple during 2012. This will not be frowned upon by government. Included in these private initiatives will be schools, private tuition, extra classes, specific remedial schools, courses etc. Many people have been well trained but do not have adequate business skills. They have had the vision but lack business soft skills. They are going to be challenged again to get this off the ground. The market for this is very big.

Encourage true educators in this time. They are going to work harder than they have ever worked before but this will be energized by the Grace of God. They are few, but the Lord will give them powerful ways of being able to do 3, 4 or even 5 times more than they have ever done. They need to be told about this so that they don’t start feeling sorry for themselves.