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2012 – Agriculture Overlooked

Agriculture is a very humble vocation. It is most often overlooked and it’s importance totally underestimated. In 2012 a start to the understanding of the position of agriculture will be discerned. There will be a reversal of roles. Many people think that mining (for instance) has the ability to unlock economy. Within the African context the establishment of good farming units will unlock the potential ability to mine in certain areas. It is a reordering of things.

First of all there will be the production of food in an area which will draw the people to feed and this will address the ability to mine. It is important that the humble attitude is maintained – working fields humbly and continue pushing through certain barriers with a productive capability.

Cabinet is in a quandary about the state of agriculture in SA versus the land grabbing. They know if they push this to far they are going to leave a hungry nation and that will deplete their ability at the polls to stay in power. This may be a bigger threat to them staying in power than meeting the demands for land transfer. In 2012 a tipping point will come in which they will not overly pursue the demands for land anymore but rather pursue the countries ability to produce food thus ensuring stability. This is probably the issue that concerns them more than any other factor in the country.

Farmers need to go through a period of storage of produce for leaner years and they must stay in the production cycle, not necessarily trying to convert the produce into cash because you and your animals cannot eat money.