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2012 – Lord Really has His Hand on America

We are not done with the USA. The Lord really has His hand on that nation. They will go through a difficult stage in which a lot of things will be stamped out, but we will see a resurgence of this nation. Their vibrancy will return and will be especially evident in their love towards God. There are few nations that have such a combined passion for the Lord. They’ve had this from their inception as a nation and that constitution will not be moved to one side. God will see that these constitutional things are established as they come through many witnesses over many centuries. This move will come toward the latter part of 2012. There will be a lot of reason to doubt and to falter but we need to hold on to what the Lord has said about the USA. We must also speak positively about that nation because that nation is important to the stability in the world. A lot has been spoken of the earthquake in the California area. This has a duality in terms of economy and structure. The feeling is that a lot of this western part of USA going down south and including Texas will have a whole new way of thinking and doing things.