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2012 – Dragon Blowing Fire

God has told me to look at the clouds and this is what I saw; A saw a dragon that has blown fire towards America with the flames already far away from the dragon and the flames have already hit America. Now it seems as though the dragon has had time to inhale again and is almost ready to breathe fire again.

It is strain coming from the East that is strangling America, that is causing America to not have the resources that they need because the money is going out to China.

There are unholy and ungodly alliances between the two that we don’t know about, secret alliances and I believe that God is going to expose them and stamp them out. Not all of them, one or two while the dragon takes its breath because I feel like China has actually run out of air.

They’ve got to re-evaluate what they do, because I see an uprising in the people that are saying we are hungry, we are poor, we are working and we are working for a bowl of rice. I actually see a nation that is starving physically of food physically starving and they work very hard. They are not being rewarded for their output.  I just see a lot of people folding their hands and saying “No we won’t” and it is going to cause this rift between the East and the West.

There was a previous administration in China that had a plan and a strategy, towards the USA specifically, that they have executed. But there is coming a change in the administration and its policies and thus they are planning on changing their strategy before moving again.

China is nowhere near the big threat to the world that everyone is making it out to be.