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2012 – Church in Europe

God is doing a secret work. There is a much greater need and searching for God than there has been for a while. There is a hunger for more in life than they have experienced. There will still be small groups but at conferences with foreign speakers the gatherings will see hundreds and thousands of people. Only then will you realize what God is doing. It is also a season in which Europe is much more open to receive foreigners to come and equip, share, minister and impart into the European believers.

There are individuals and people that propagate themselves as the fathers of the church but they haven’t got the heart of fathers. Many are propagating themselves as the apostles of the church. Some of them tried to force the ‘apostolic mandate’ (or what they believe it to be) onto other people in the body of Christ by telling them how (they think) things should function and by doing that they are actually controlling and manipulating people.

In 2012 God is going to start dealing with this situation by exposing the self-proclaimed apostles through what is happening behind the scenes. A dismantling of many apostolic networks will start taking place and only the true apostolic will remain that will portray the true apostolic heart as it supposed to be.