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2014 – The Global church: Finances

Finances: The river of finance will have a steady flow through 2014. There wont be abundance or lack but enough. It is time for the church leaders to show wisdom in how they spend money and for what. Things that seem important in the past will take the lowest rank. Spending will sometimes shift dramatically or cause some departments to close down, or be incorporated into other departments. Although this will happen there won’t be a lot of lay-offs, but a refocusing on how money is spent and why.

The financial supply that is available in the church environment will be available for everybody ( those with good intentions and those with bad). Only when the seeds have grown and fully matured will the discernment come to see what is from God and what is not. Don’t be discouraged when you see both those with good intentions and bad intentions flourishing in the church environment because God will deal with each in the end.