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2014 – USA – Problem with Foreigners Taking Advantage

They have a big problem with foreigners coming in to the USA. There will be new rules and legislation being placed around America, like a belt, encircling them and tightening up the borders and stopping the influx of people who come and take the resources that are there. They are extremely generous people, they just want to give and share and because of that they have been taken advantage of; they are closing the doors on those who have taken advantage of them.

They will stamp a white paper and when that stamp is on the white paper it is going to stop the influx and stealing of resources. These visitors are not grateful and do not leave a good footprint. They come in to take and to steal. Because of the generosity of the Americans hearts the Lord does not want that for them.

I feel that there is still a very large Christian population that trusts the Lord for a turnabout. God has heard their cry. More of them are for God than those who are against God and because of that He has heard their cry and is going to bring a turnabout.