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2014 – Australia Government & Ecomony

There will be division within the Australian government and as a result there will be resignations that will follow, which will leave some people feeling a little bewildered, however ultimately it will be necessary for these people to leave.

Economically Australia will become more effective and there will be a very powerful teaming with New Zealand, creating a power house as it were.

Two years ago the Lord showed me the country of Australia with gold veins spreading throughout and that speaks of high gold reserves. I see these again on a larger scale, which speaks of more output and a stronger economy.

2014 – Libya

Libya: Despite resistance and factional friction, there will be a steady progress made in rebuilding the nations and getting the economy on track. Government will take action to assure that natural resources will not be dominated by international companies or groups but that it will bring value back to the people. The Muslim government will have an understanding for functioning in a non Muslim world. Libya will become an example for other Muslim countries of how they can operate. Although there will still be little wars and civil strive, God is going to do something good in Libya.

2012 – Business Mentors

South Africa is going into a season of “the battle of mind-sets. “ There will be many who will come and try to push down their different opinions of mind-sets saying that Business is supposed to be done in this way or that. There will be a lot of confusion on what truth is and what is not – but it is a good season.

There was a lot of ways that people thought to be the right way to do business. God is saying that this will not work – It hasn’t worked before. God will bring in mentors and establish the right way to do business. Government will actually fund the bringing in of people to “minister” to the business arena and establish the business ideas.

2012 – Advisers in Government

The advisers that are supposed to move into government have hardened their hearts, and they don’t want to move into the position to serve because they feel unappreciated and overlooked. We need to pray for these advisers to have a change of heart otherwise God is not going to open the doors for them to step into their rightful positions.

We need to pray for the people in government whose hearts are upright.

2012 – The Prophetic to Hold Back

There will still be a lot of frustration before order will come. God is allowing for this chaos to reign so that people will get more-and-more fed-up.

For a season there will be more Sangomas coming in for “spiritual advice” but will only add to the confusion.

The prophetic needs to stand at a distance, keep quiet and stay out of it, until the Lord says to start getting involved because the confusion needs to mature.

2012 – Three Groupings

There are three groups; there is the old school, then there is this interim group (which is mingled a little bit of the old school and the wanderers) and then there is this totally new fresh group that is being raised up.

At the moment we are busy with the old school group that is slightly mingled. The old school group is the ones that are just saying you know what we can’t do anymore. They have just thrown their hands up and they have almost retired from everything. There is some of them that are still involved and they are mingling with this middle group – that has no direction, they have no vision, nothing to fight for.