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2012 – Stronger tie between South Africa and African Countries

God is bringing a much stronger tie between South Africa and the rest of its neighboring countries and the rest of the African countries. More focus will be placed on the fact that South Africa needs to do business with the African countries than with countries abroad.  This pertains to import. Regulations regarding taxes and duties between the African countries and South Africa as well as trade relations will be revisited.  Establishing of South African businesses in other African countries will increase because of the business environment in South Africa becoming more and more uncomfortable.

More and more mines in South Africa will start to move into the other African countries, scale down their activities in South Africa and even close down their mines.

More and more SA business will see themselves as part of Africa and function accordingly.

There are visionaries and apostolic people that are starting to understand Gods purposes for South Africa and Africa and are pioneering a new way.

God has been introducing His vision into Africa. Proverbs 28:18 ” Where there is no vision (no redemptive revelation of God) the people perish. but he that keeps the law of God (which include that of man), blessed (happy, fortunate and enviable) is he.”

Many of Gods children, pioneers especially, started realizing Gods plan and purposes for Africa. This made them understand that, despite the visible things that are happening, God is busy with a secret work. It’s important that the children of God get informed about what God is saying, what His plan is and what His secret work is. The visionaries need to start sharing Gods vision for business, community and the church.

The vision that God has for business cannot be separated from ministry anymore. An understanding needs to be developed that the children of God need to live past the boundaries of their church walls and businesses. We cannot separate business from community. We cannot separate community from business. We cannot separate church from community or community from church. The three are intertwined with one another.

The gifts in the Bible are not just applicable in your church life but in all aspects of life.

An emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding amongst the saints about these aspects and creating an educational tool to impart into the children of God. The visionaries and pioneers need to drive this process.

Many people have received received the seed of Gods vision. They think, because they have received the seed of the vision they already have a tree. But the tree first has to germinate and grow. For that to happen there needs to be a watering that takes place. God has placed this seed, that needs to grow, in the hearts of the people. He wants to release His cleansing water over the people to wash and purify their minds and hearts. This process will water the seed.

There are two aspects of the water process:

  1. The water causes a cleansing of the mind (the way we see things and what we believe).
  2. Cleansing of the heart.

1 Corinthians 15:36 “You foolish man! Every time you plant seed, you sow something that does not come to life [germinating, springing up, and growing] unless it dies first.”

John 12:24 “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains [just one grain; it never becomes more but lives] by itself alone. But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest.”

There is a vision that God planted into our hearts but we first of all need to die to ourselves and our mindsets and the way we think the vision should play out. This is what needs to happen during this season of cleansing and watering. We will be challenged by the conditions of our hearts. By killing off our own ideas in our hearts, the seed of Gods vision will start to germinate. For some it will feel like their vision is dying. This will be part of the process that God is taking them through.

A lot of international business expertise will start coming to South Africa from 2012 to equip businesses and enterprises. At the same time South African businesses and enterprise will start seeing the need to mentor and equip other African countries’ business people. There will be an increasing number of South Africans that will start to consult businesses in other African countries.

During the difficult economic climate more and more Africans will start to look towards themselves for solutions and answers and not so much to the first world countries anymore. Great entrepreneurial grace will be released over South Africa and other African countries in 2012. Because of this special grace that will be released over Africa and South Africa, many like minded people will come to Africa from Europe and other first world countries to combine their passion and ideas with the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa.

There are people in first world countries with great entrepreneurial passion but because of the places they stay in, there is no space for them to live this passion. For this reason they will be drawn to Africa to practice their passion with the Africans.

Simple, cheap and functional solutions to things like energy, food supply, industry, technology and infrastructure will develop and grow successfully on this continent. This is the start of a new growth in Africa that, in the near future, will enable Africa to start exporting it’s own technology to the rest of the world.

Some of the small business (including the clothing industry) in the South African industry will start to receive international recognition that they don’t even get recognition for in South Africa. Because of this they will start to get noticed in South Africa. These small businesses will start becoming viable competition for the bigger brands.