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2012 – Churches to Shrink due to Economic Constraints

Departments at churches are going to shrink due to economic constraints and for functional reasons. Big worship teams will also shrink out of necessity and also because of something God is doing.

Pastors start looking to doing business. Thus not just full time pastoring anymore. God is moving many pastors into business because He is preparing them for a whole new way of functioning.

If the church does not become training centered and community centered in 2012 it will lose its effectiveness.

More churches are going to start to work together to share resources. Rural congregations will start to receive training that usually were only available in the big city churches in the past.

Seeing more dilapidated churches in 2012. The reason for this is: congregations closing down and some churches not using their facilities as much as they did in the past.

A greater spiritual hunger in, especially, the rural community than before even though churches will be closing down.

People will start looking at other technologies. Churches will start to change their strategies. Churches will start television programs. Internet radio stations will become a viable option to reach people in a cheap and effective way. More internet resources will be used in 2012 to reach people. A lot of individuals will get their spiritual sustenance through these new medias than having to be at a church service every Sunday or having to go to a church facility for teaching.