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2014 – SA Economic outlook

I sense that the economy, like last year, is going to stay on a very stable course; I don’t sense any fiddling with it. The general direction is going to be kept. I do feel there is a levelling off and equality between the different people groups within the nation and that will become more visible. I also feel that excesses will be addressed in all groups and all people. That means that some people will have to prepare themselves for the tightening of their belts, whilst the lower income groups and poor will receive marginally more. I feel some initiative is going to come into the unemployed sector that is going to help remedy the unemployment situation. The percentages will not be huge but at least it is being addressed. This situation has deteriorated but now there is going to be forward motion through practical intervention. It will speak to the heart of the nation and over time bring a quietness and stillness into the nation. Economically there
will be a lot of opportunity – the opportunities need to be broader based. I see a lot more cooperative movement. The economy is not going to funnel to the individual as easily as in the past, yet it will still flow into areas of joint cooperation in terms of finances and skills. Lone rangers will have an increasingly difficult time and will have to learn to share their wealth and expertise resulting in greater equality and much greater reward.