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2014 – SA Church moves ahead

The South African church is on a good course and is moving ahead. I see the heart for missions in South Africa, which has always been good, growing to an even greater extent. This support is within the South African church at large, whether they are formal or informal groups. Churches will grow in swells and leaps and bounds. They endeavour to stay true to what the Lord has put in their heart and what their mission is. There must, however, be a warning about letting narrow mindedness creep back in again and especially as evident in intellectualism. We have been through that phase and don’t need to go back to it. The Lord wants South Africa to carry on with the opening up to new things (relationship, doctrines, experiences, revelation). At times the church feels that they have to open up to such a degree that they are in danger of being violated. I sense that this is not violation; it is good growth and is really good for the maturing of the church. This is also really good for the world church as they need an example to look to so that they too can grow.