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2012 – Equilibrium needs to be Found

There is going to be a lot of ‘tug of war’ continuing between the media and the government in 2012. This will continue until a new equilibrium is found. The media is going to learn a measure of humility. Different medias will come together to either create a new body or to bring the current media bodies together to create stronger relationships with one another, to work together and create an environment of transparency and accountability.

The public is going to reach a saturation point regarding the content of media (on television etc.). They will start voicing their discontent and disagreement with subject matter as it does not represent who the people are or believe in.

There will be a debacle around a well known newspaper that the government will want to close down because of mismanagement and corruption. But the main motivation behind this will be politically driven.

The power of the social networks and media will be seen in 2012. More and more people will voice their feelings and opinions. Information will be communicated in the social media that will contradict the traditional media (i.e. newspapers, television, radio etc.).

Social media television will come to the fore in 2012. It will become the alternative independent source to the current media as it’s agenda will differ from the established media agenda. Individuals will produce content solely for this social media television platform. Because of its social network format it will become the quickest and easiest way of receiving news and information. Many people will stop watching the news on television as the alternative information on the social media network will be more reliable.

Other subscription TV is coming to South Africa. This new player in television will be a big company from another country (possibly India) that will deliver television channels connected with broadband data packages. This service will be strongly linked with the expansion of broadband data access and pricing in South Africa. This pricing and package will be very competitive and cause a stir in the market.