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2014 – The Dictatorial Spirit in Africa

Africa has this constant emergence of a dictatorial spirit, but I feel it is waning; its power is decreasing. Many dictators are window dressing, or trying to window dress, their dictatorship as a democracy, but they are standing on a very slippery slope. I see the Lord says: “You will let my people go”. It is no longer “let my people go”; it is “you will let my people go”. Over time we will see the winds of change coming over Africa, although not immediately visible. There has been a change in the last decade that will continue. We need to look where we were ten years ago compared to the present, so that we don’t get discouraged. I feel the Lord wants to keep sending people that will push forward this mandate for the people of this continent. He wants them to realise who He made them to be. This continent has to take its position within the world system and world economy as it really is meant to be. God has moved it out of the rape and pillage age, yet it is still stuck in the rape and pillage age. I feel God is putting His hand in and moving them out of this so that they can come to a place where they add value to their products. It is a continent that must start gathering significance and purpose beyond survival.