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2013 – South African corruption

Corruption will be exposed to unbearable levels, people will be so saturated with news of corruption that it will cause two things: some people will get aggressive and in others a new need for morality will come forth even among non-Christians. In 2013 attention will be put the lawlessness of our individual lives. Christians need to stop making excuses for breaking the law or why a rule is not applicable on us but on others, such as speeding, traffic laws, tax laws, etc… What was acceptable until now will not be acceptable. During 2013 new strict traffic laws will take effect. Godly people will not become blind to corruption but will easily wade through the corruption to do what they are responsible for. The focus on corruption stifle your activity and productivity, draining your energy. Although the corruption will still be there and will seems to become more, Children of God will learn not to allow it to affect their productivity and distract them from what they should focus on.

In government and in the ANC, a dividing line will be drawn. A grouping in the ANC will start up a new movement of being responsible, ethical and opposing corruption. This new movement or faction in the ANC will be strong, although it will be a small grouping. It will have a great affect and win support amongst the public. Business and industry will likewise mobilize itself in creating well-branded associations that stands for anti-corruption practices and ethical behaviour. Voluntarily membership to such an association will show the public that a business or industry chooses to be held accountable for their actions, behaviour and practices. These associations will be similarly branded like the ‘Proudly South African’ mark. Many business people will join this cause in 2013.