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2014 – South Africa Election and government

Election and government: Some provinces in South Africa will shine in 2014. There is coming a change for the better in Limpopo province and a project to rebuild what was torn down the past few years will take effect. Kwa-Zulu Natal will become a hotpot again before the 2014 elections. There will be a lot of tension and violence with a lot of accusations between political parties. North West province will explode with scandals of corruption and waste of money and power play, similar to that of Limpopo two years ago. The turnaround will go much smoother than it has been in Limpopo and many heads will roll. The ANC will show itself merciless against some of its members. A lot of propaganda will fly around before the elections. The people will however not make their choices according to the propaganda. I see them looking at it and listening to the propaganda and they get motivated by it, but the motivation quickly subside, and their driving factor will be the feeling they have about their daily lives.