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2014 – The Bible Belt Changing and Revival Coming

Bible belt. This part of the USA will change. It was always the southern part of America. God has earmarked another area that is going to become very powerful in the Spirit. There is going to be a mini revival in this new area. It is  a long straight stretch of cities and towns. The whole area will become the “new” Bible belt. People will come from other nations to see what God is doing there. It is something different.

It will not be the same as past revivals. Not a Spirit revival but a revival of the Word, the Bible. People will learn to quote scripture, speak scripture. Something very unique is going to happen that has never been before. There is nothing new under the sun but this will be a real revival of the Word. There will be Bible schools that are going to start teaching the word. Church leaders have run away from the Bible school element of church and they will once again go back to having Bible Schools.