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2014 – New Exitement

A certain church will be known for their effective prayers when it comes to praying for storms and tornados to subside. This church will endure much scoffing and mocking but their “power over the elements” cannot be denied.

God will pour our His presence on various meetings like a soft and gentle rain; softening hardened hearts. People will attribute it to many things like their own prayer teams, or leader’s anointing but it will just be because God wants to. Like soft rains over a long period where the ground gets penetrated and permeated; so will God reach through these hardened hearts and cause a hunger in people which only He can satisfy. I see congregations that have “lost their first love” to return to Him and a new excitement to rise in the body.

There will be a call for leaders, from various denominations and backgrounds, to get together and discuss various topics. These leaders will be high calibre leaders with much influence in their respective callings. These discussions will cause a cross pollination to take place and an increase in anointing for each leader.