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2014 – USA Intercessors honoured

The Lord wants to honour a really strong group of the intercessory movement within the United States of America. I feel He wants to start bringing it into the public arena, even though they are quite prepared to keep working behind closed doors without recognition. This is not a small movement – I am talking about thousands upon thousands of people in America. They tap into what the Lord wants and speak those words of life. This is not done just for their own nation but for all the nations around the world. I see they endeavour to hear the Lords voice and to speak exactly as He says into those revealed areas. I see those things are going to start manifesting a lot faster than they ever thought it would. The Lord is honouring prayers over decades, not just prayers of several years; prayers that this goodness of the Lord will flood the earth. They have been pushing into the spirit about the goodness of God. The Lord wants to honour them for the really good, hidden work and to motivate them.