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2012 – School Curriculum

I see people being brought in that will be questioning much more as to what is being taught, because I see a book and I see pages that are torn out, so there are things that are missing and that is what is being taught, that is what is in  education at the moment.

I see people being brought in and them questioning what is being taught.  I see a book and I see pages that are torn out and making things right.

There are some educational materials/topics (like the evolution theory) that the enemy will try to establish but it will land only for a short time and then be scrapped from the table and we should not be too concerned about it. The kids and the teachers will actually reject it. Even if government or other external sources tries to bring this false “knowledge,” – God says that He is keeping His hand on education, because He is raising the next generation.

I also see that there is a lot of turmoil within education especially in the rural communities but I see that it will be corrected, brought to order and things are going to come back into place.

There is going to be a lot more home-schooling because people are frustrated with the educational system’s ineffectiveness. Because of the frustration the “home-scholars” are learning how to use the available resources more effectively to their advantage and I see how this effectiveness is then being transferred to the public school environment.